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Self Stabilizing Spoon For Parkinson’s Sufferers

Special Supplies Adaptive Utensils :

GYENNO Spoon Smart Self-Stabilizing Spoon for Hand Tremor and Parkinsons Sufferers
  • Supportive Utensils This set of adaptive kitchen utensils for adults are wider with a weighted design to support those with hand tremors, Parkinsons, or arthritis.
  • Wide, Non-Slip Grip Each of our weighted good grip adaptive utensils features a wider ribbed handle with raised, textured grips to improve dexterity and control.
  • Stainless-Steel Durability Along with a food-grade safe silicone handle, each kitchen fork, spoon and knife is made with dishwasher safe stainless steel.
  • Matching 4-Piece Set Every order comes with five unique eating utensils, including a fork, knife, dinner spoon and soup spoon to cover a wide range of meal choices.
  • Multiple Colors Available Easy to clean and ultra-durable, these adaptive eating utensils also come with black or gray silicone handles to better match your kitchen.

It can be frustrating to see your loved one making an effort to eat, but it is difficult to hold the spoons because of the shaky hands. This Special supplies adaptive utensils set is easier to use than your classic metal, ceramic or elegantly designed utensils, these forks, spoons and knives have an ultra-wide handle with silicone edges which makes it easier to grip and grip.

It is ideal for the elderly, the young and all those who need a little more support at the table, restore the necessary confidence with utensils specially designed for the needs of adaptation.


What Makes The Liftware Steady Spoon Different From A Regular Spoon

People with hand tremors find it very difficult to eat with a regular spoon and this is because of its following 3 main problems.

1. The spoon is flimsy, not sturdy

2. It is not good enough to hold the food

3. It is uncomfortable

The Liftware Steady Spoon, on the other hand, has none of these problems. Here are some of the unique features that make it a revolutionary spoon for people with hand tremors.

Gyroscopic Spoons For Pd Patients

Gyroscopic spoons seem to be hottest thing that every Parkinsons patient is looking out. I would not blame them because everyone including .

Now according to Wikipedia, a gyroscope is a spinning wheel in which the spin axis is free to assume any orientation by itself.

On careful research though, we found out that not every PD patient will benefit from using them.

In the next section, we tell you of how to test whether the gyro spoon will be of benefit to you.

How to know whether the gyro spoon will be of benefit to your PD patient

If your tremors have an amplitude greater than 7cm, then the spoon might not be of help for you and you will need to feed the patient by holding the normal spoon for them.

Since that is out of the way, let us delve into the gyro spoons.

The liftware steady starter kit comes with a spoon, folk and soup spoon.

The liftware spoon reduces hand tremors by 70% and is thus a little bit worse as compared to the gyenno spoon.The handle has motion sensors so that it can detect the direction of your mouth and ease movement towards that side.

Most people think that the lifware spoon will stop their tremors but it is not designed for that. When you eat with this spoon, you will still find yourself trembling but those tremors are absorbed by the liftware handle and as such, you are still able to eat really well.

  • Motion sensors help you move food to right place without the embarrassment of it falling off.
  • Premium priced

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Gyenno Steady Spoon 47 X 14 X 12 Inches White

  • Fully charged battery can run three meals a day the maximum use of time is 180 minutes). it has replaceable battery designed and the notification light shows using/battery status.
  • Gyenno portable tableware includes two parts: a stabilizing handle and a utensil attachment. switch on and off automatically, automatically turn to sleeping mode when you stop using.
  • Gyenno tremor spoon has ergonomic design which adapted to the general hands use habit, total weight 130g, easy to hold and to prevent from slippery.
  • Gyenno steady spoon electronically stabilizes so the attached utensil shakes 85% less than your hand. worry less about spilling and focus on enjoying your meal.
  • Gyenno essential tremor aids made of tritan, medical grade silicone, anti-abcterial, in the case of the use of such materials, can rest assured to eat. tritan is approved by the u. s. food and drug administration fda no. 729)

A Spoon Has Made It To Market Designed To Help People With Parkinsons Regain Independence

GYENNO Parkinson Spoon for Hand Tremor, Steady Spoon with Self ...

An estimated seven to 10 million people worldwide are affected by Parkinsons disease. The disease can manifest in the form of involuntary movement that can be debilitating. A few years ago, stabilization technology was implemented in silverware and the results were amazing. This technology allows Parkinsons patients to gain more independence by feeding themselves while living with uncontrollable limb movement. Multiple companies now make a Parkinsons spoon that helps thousands of people who are suffering from this disease.

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Parkinson Spoon For Hand Tremor Gyenno Steady Spoon With Self Stabilizing Smart Lift Kit For Parkinsons Patients Silverware Kit Cutlery For Elderly

  • ADAPTS TO YOUR HAND TREMOR GYENNO steady spoon electronically stabilizes so the attached utensil shakes 85% less than your hand. USAGE RANGE: If your hand vibration amplitude is within 7cm/2.8inch, GYENNO SPOON can help you at the best. Otherwise, the effect will not be obvious.
  • PACKAGE GYENNO portable tableware includes: a stabilizing handle, a spoon attachment, a fork attachment, a charging box, a charging cable and a user manual with multi languages.
  • EXCELLENT QUALITY & SUITABLE SIZE GYENNO tremor spoon has ergonomic design which adapted to the general hands use habit, total weight 130g, easy to hold and to prevent from slippery.
  • SUSTAINABLE Fully charged battery can run three meals a day The maximum use of time is 180 minutes). It has replaceable battery designed and the Notification Light shows using/battery status.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE At GYENNO, we have strongly confidence on our products. Every GYENNO product includes an 6-month, worry-free Guarantee.If you have any problem or suggestion, please contact us freely, we will provide friendly support for you in 24 hr.

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Adaptive Eating Utensils By Celley

This spoon uses ergonomic features and weight distribution with support grip handles to offset hand tremors.

The custom-designed product is not electronically powered and does not come with attachments. Each set includes a fork, knife, teaspoon, and soup spoon. The stainless steel products are dishwasher safe.

Standout feature: The products design shapes to its users fingers for a more stabilized, wide, and textured grip.

Price: $22.85

These spoons are ergonomically designed, weighted, stainless steel pieces that help stabilize hand tremors.

Sets include a fork, knife, soup spoon, and teaspoon, each weighing 7 oz.

The products are latex-free and dishwasher safe.

Standout feature: Easy-to-hold handles ensure a better eating experience for those with a weak or limited grip strength.

Price: $44.99

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Adapts To Your Hand Tremor

Liftware Steady electronically stabilizes so the attached utensil shakes 70%* less than your hand. Worry less about spilling and focus on enjoying your meal.

*As shown in this peer-reviewed and published clinical study.

Watch Kathleen, Satoko, and Berta use Liftware Steady to accommodate their different levels of tremor.

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Adaptive Eating Utensils By Celley For Parkinsons Arthritis Ms Elderly Hand Tremors Handicapped

Self-Stabilizing Spoon For Parkinson’s Sufferers | Arduino Project


  • Each utensil weighs around 3 ounces and may be too heavy for very weak patients
  • Although perfectly suitable for people of all ages, this adaptive silverware set is custom designed for the elderly, individuals with limited muscle control, trembling hands or arthritis
  • Contains an essential 4pc kitchen table set , each equipped with weight support grip handles conducive to easier and more manageable eating for the handicapped, arthritic stricken or neurologically challenged
  • Adaptive utensil set is made with durable, high quality stainless steel that is dishwasher safe and is ergonomically designed for quick, easy cleaning and long-term use
  • Eating aid suitable for use in your own home, nursing homes, hospitals and home care

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Other Techniques For Minimizing Tremor

Do what you can to de-stress. I know you’re probably feeling more stress than ever right now with the frustration and possibly embarrassment, but getting more riled up only makes the tremor worse.

Do your best to be gentle with yourself where you are and take some deep breaths when you’re feeling overwhelmed before you try again.

Forget what Miss Manners taught you and eat with your elbows on the table. That extra support and stability can go a long way to reducing tremors.

In addition to stabilizing spoons, take advantage of other adaptive tools like Scoop Plates designed for folks with coordination issues and No-Slip Placemats for keeping plates in place.

For more information check out the Parkinson’s Foundation Mealtime page and the Tremor Fact sheet from the NIH.

Bunmo Weighted Utensils For Tremors And Parkinsons Patients

  • Stainless steel utensil is 8″ long and has 4.5″ long handle with 1″- 0.75″ diameter, polypropylene grip is lightweight and durable, spoon is offset positioned for the left-handed
  • Angled spoon with good grip serves as independent daily living tool & kitchen aid to make eating easier for the elderly, disabled, & handicapped
  • Built-up polypropylene handle makes grasping and holding easier for those with decreased hand strength, weak grip, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other conditions that impair hand mobility and decrease wrist range of motion, dishwasher safe up to 180f
  • Bpa and phthalates free, non-latex
  • Offset spoons facilitate self-feeding & independent dining for those with reduced upper extremity control & decreased flexibility & strength in shoulder, arm, forearm, wrist & hand

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Liftware Steady Starter Kit For Hand Tremors

Besides Gyenno, Liftware is another company that offers excellent self-stabilizing spoons for people with Parkinsons or people with essential tremors.

The Steady spoon reduces shakes and trembling up to 70% so that your utensils remain steady during a meal.

The handle has built-in advanced sensors, a computer, and a motor to detect and counteract unconscious hand movements.

Most customers find using this Liftware assistive device easy and liberating because it prevents spilling food everywhere.

Moreover, Liftwares spoon is suitable for cereals, soups, and liquids. It can hold approximately 15 ml of content, the same as any ordinary tablespoon.

Another advantage of Liftware is that the battery is rechargeable and lasts about an hour when fully charge.

Unlike Gyennos device, Liftware comes with a charge, and it easy to plug the handle into the charger when youve finished eating.

Liftware Steady Starter Kit also comes with a traveling pouch and a hand strap so that you can carry it with you without getting your utensils dirty.

You can also purchase everyday spoon, fork, and spork attachments separately.

But, make sure that you dont get the handle wet because of the electronic components. The manufacturer recommends wiping it with antibacterial wipes.

You can wash the spoon/fork attachments in the dishwasher or clean them with warm water and a sponge.


A Spoon That Shakes To Counteract Hand Tremors

Top 10 Spoon For Parkinsons Patients of 2021
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The Liftware device, shown here as an early prototype and the final design, starts up automatically when its lifted from the table. Theres no on switch to fumble with. Ina Jaffe/NPRhide caption

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The Liftware device, shown here as an early prototype and the final design, starts up automatically when its lifted from the table. Theres no on switch to fumble with.

Eating a bowl of cereal in the morning seems like such a simple thing, but its close to impossible for some of the 1 million Americans who struggle with the tremors of Parkinsons disease.

There are also as many as 10 million Americans who have a disorder called essential tremor sometimes mistaken for Parkinsons which, when severe, also can make eating a struggle.

Thats obvious when Joe Bremhorst tries to eat a bowl of Cheerios. His essential tremor is so strong that the cereal bounces right out of his spoon and back into the bowl. No Cheerios make it as far as his mouth.

This is the problem that engineer Anupam Pathak wanted to solve. He couldnt cure Bremhorsts tremor. But he could develop a spoon that would cancel out its effects. He calls the spoon Liftware.

Theres no on switch the spoon starts up automatically when its lifted from the table. The chunky handle vibrates a little in the users hand.

And that cancels out the tremor as the spoon moves from plate to mouth. In a clinical trial, the Liftware spoon canceled out more than 70 percent of a users tremor.

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Parkinson Spoon With Self Stabilizing Smart Lift Kitself

  • 1.Steady spoon electronically stabilizes so the attached utensil shakes 85% less than your hand. Worry less about spilling and focus on enjoying your meal.
  • 2.With easy-to-hold and non-slip ergonomic design,The spoon Weighs just 130g making it perfectly convenient for every meal. The lightweight design improves efficiency when eating. Say goodbye to cold dinners from now on
  • 3.Fully charged battery can run three meals a day . It has replaceable battery designed and the Notification Light shows using/battery status.
  • 4.Usage Range:If your hand vibration amplitude is within 7cm/2.8inch, Our spoon can help you at the best. Otherwise, the effect will not be obvious
  • 5.Applicable to the elderly with insufficient grip strength, suitable for disabled people with upper limbs and nervous system disorders. This is the ideal choice for those with weak grip and reduced hand movements.

The Best Parkinsons Spoons In 2021 With Reviews

At first glance, Parkinsons spoons might not very different than ordinary utensils. However, these stabilizing spoons are usually wider and heavier than normal kitchen utensils.

Its normal for these spoons to feel strange when you grasp them for the first time. Its going to take a little bit of time for you to get used to their shape and weight.

As such, try using these spoons for at least a few weeks before you decide that theyre not the right fit for you.

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What Are Weighted Utensils

Weighted utensils for tremors stabilize hand and arm control for Parkinsons patients or a related health condition.

Breakthroughs in treatment like the Parkinsons spoon highlights how it can improve the patients quality of life by providing them independence at mealtimes.

Today, it is now easier to receive expert care and find such adaptive technologies in the market!


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Do you have any questions about how the Parkinsons spoon works? Any tips? Share below.

Fat Hands And Water Hazards

This Spoon Can Cancel Out Parkinson’s Tremors

The spoon lasts three hours and needs the same amount of time to be charged. Charging is done from within the box, which is connected to a USB power source.We noted that the handle is not water-proof, however: Take note when washing at the basin, and be careful when drinking soup!

The charging connector is on the underside of the Gyenno spoon

Besides the capacity to stabilize stronger tremors, our users wished for a thinner handle. Also, the spoon and fork is only half the solution some users, such as stroke survivors, can only use one hand.

In Singapore, the Ministry of Silver Lining distributes the Gyenno spoon at SGD 499. The Cloud feature, which tracks the patterns of tremors, is currently not available in Singapore, so well have to watch out for future developments.

Special thanks to SPD and S3 for helping us conducting interviews.

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Adaptive Dining Products To Help Reduce Spills

Dining plates and bowls, plate guards, and two-handle mugs promote independence, self-confidence, and safer eating for those with Parkinsons disease. Built-up sides on plates and bowls help users to push food onto the fork or spoon as well as keeping the food contained. Suction bases on bowls and plates also help to prevent slipping.

Insulated Mug with Lid

For safer and easier drinking, this mug has a weighted base and two large handles to accommodate adult fingers. The lids spout also helps to prevent spills

This convenient dining kit includes a weighted utensil set designed to improve your grasp while feeding, as well as dining ware for reducing spills and messes

Designed to allow the user to push food against the raised side of the plate, this dish helps scoop food with only one hand if necessary

Promoting independence and self-confidence, this unique spill guard minimizes messy spills at meal time. It easily attaches to standard round plates for convenience

A polypropylene mug with an easy-to-grasp handle, used for either hot or cold liquids. The lid regulates flow for safer drinking

Stable dining surfaces can also help simplify mealtimes for those with shaky hands and weakness. The non-slip material can be cut-to-size and placed under a plate or bowl to keep it from moving on the table.

Simple changes and adaptations can make meals easier to prepare, eat, and clean up. Help your loved ones dine with ease and comfort using one of these adaptive utensils and tableware!

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