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Judy Woodruff Parkinson’s Disease

Broadcast The Impeachment Hearing

WATCH: A personal note on novel coronavirus from Judy Woodruff


As a viewer like you and a contributor not only to our local PBS station but to three public radio stations, I encourage PBS to broadcast gavel-to-gavel coverage of the upcoming impeachment hearing for the reasons as cogently expressed in the full-page ad published in todays New York Times . Regardless of ones position on the matter, access to the information to be developed serves the very purpose for which public broadcasting was established and which is presented absent bias and spin.

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Afghanistan Coverage August 16 2021


I watch the newshour most nights and respect the coverage. I was very disappointed at the biased reporting on Afghanistan, particularly from the woman reporting from the country. It was irrational, with little value except the emotional aftermath of a weak government collapsing. I expect reporting that looks at more than one perspective on the issue!

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Sustainability Programme About A Number Of African Farmer Tribes


KWSU aired a documentary Friday August 3rd. sometime between10:00pm and midnight. There were a goodly number of different tribes featured. They all lived in an area of approximately 300 square kilometers somewhere in Africa. They also had a plethora of crops / seeds at their disposal. Longevity appeared to be common, too … thanks, hal

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Education Week 8/28 On


The on-air correspondent for 8/28/2018 piece on the 4-day school week. is a story-whisperer. You should let her write, but not narrate pieces. I’d use her name but she speaks so softly that all of us in the room — young and old — missed it. Someone needs to teach her to project before letting her talk on-air. Thanks for your consideration.

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Is My Local Pbs Station Financially Tied To The Nra

David Rhodes, Christiane Amanpour, Judy Woodruff, Meryl ...


Today I received an usual email message from the President of our local PBS station. After speaking about youth speaking up there was in incongruous leap to this statement: “Lets also hold back accusations and vilification of those who support legal and responsible firearm ownership.” In my decades of experience supporting PBS in California, Hawaii and Colorado, this sort of specific addressing of any political topic is unprecedented…much less a thinly veiled siding on a political topic! It struck me as so inappropriate, unusual and unprofessional for the President to be simultaneously speaking in support of the 1st amendment and suggesting how I should curtail my own self expression, that I searched her name on Google and the first page led me to see our PBS station is partnering with the Outdoor Industry Association which seems to serve, among other things, the interests of gun manufacturers and sellers.

Here is what I received…deeply concerned and wanting to know if all PBS stations carry these same financial ties or just my local station:

I hope that we can embrace the responsibilities that come with the right to peaceful assembly, free speech and a free press, the responsibility for truthfulness and respect for our fellow citizens. It is not a terrible thing to take a stand, it keeps us from becoming sheeple we just need to disagree constructively.


Kim Johnson President & General Manager

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Coverage Of The Assult On Trump


Of all the news organizations I am most disappointed in PBS. You are not anywhere near balanced. Your hate of Trump is readily seen in your reporting. My belief in PBS as fallen to zero. Get right and at least be balanced. Get rid of the old guys and get people that can actual report facts and let the audience provide the evaluation.Your reporters are junior grade. Have a Republican report on Trump as well as your not very bright reporters. McNeil and Learer would be disappointed in where you have taken PBS

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Judy Woodruff Calling Republicans “rural Without A College Education”


I watched almost all of the PBS News Hour election special, and was disgusted by the obvious liberal bias of your news anchor Judy Woodruff. At about 1 am last night Judy Woodruff made a statement about republicans being “rural, and without a college education.” I am an independent but my family is all college educated republicans and the assault on them was unjust and uncalled for. Ever since David Gregory got fired as moderator of Meet the Press, I have relied on PBS for what I felt was the last unbiased news. It makes me sad that the last reliable news station in this country has been corrupted by anchors like Judy Woodruff who would rather report their opinions over facts. I will no longer be watching PBS News Hour, and no longer recommend it to others who are tired of the far left and far right news. I’m sure this email wont even be read but it’s important enough that I have to try. My last remaining source of unbiased news media is foreign news like german Deutsche Welle. Even though many of the topics on Deutsche Welle are impertinent to me as an American, the lead anchor Brent Goff is always on point. His interviews are full of poignant unbiased questions and he never puts forward his opinions, only facts. I hope some day PBS News Hour can find an anchor like Brent Goff who can return your news station into the hub of information it once was. Thank you for reading.

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Judy Woodward And Yamiche Bias


Time to fire Judy W. and Yamiche! They have a sickening bias. The News Hour certainly has degraded since previous times. The bias illustrated is equal to CBS,ABC and NBC. PBS is funded by the public and I would expect neutral reporting. I often change channels during Yamiche’s reporting. She is a lousy presenter and much too bias.

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Tunnel Season 2 Not Carried On Station

Political columnist Michael Gerson on coping with ‘insidious’ depression

Voicemail Received from VTFeedback:

The Tunnel season 2 is being advertised on Vermont Public Television, New Hampshire Public Television and New Yorks Mountain Lake Public Television, but nobody is carrying it. Whats up with that? Why do you advertise shows that nobodys carrying, even on their websites?

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Stabilization Fund For New Funding For Section 501 3 Entity Lifevista Joy Community Aloha Hawaii For Ethnic Minority Chinese


Dear Sir/Mdm, I am the subscriber to your news letter & happy to know of Stabilization Fund for new funding for Section 501 3 Entity LifeVista Joy Community Aloha Hawaii serving Seniors for ethnic minority Chinese ?

The funding to CPB will be directed to local public media entities that are continuously responding to the pandemics impact by providing essential educational, informational, and public safety services. Stations in all 50 states are informing their local communities about the latest coronavirus vaccine and economic developments, increasing access to distance learning with innovative educational resources, and helping protect communities by transmitting emergency alerts and sharing public health and safety information during natural disasters and throughout the pandemic.

As the nation continues to recover from the pandemic, the stabilization funding from Congress will support these valued public media services and sustain the broad reach and access that keeps public media resources available online, over-the-air and in communities across the country.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank You Shalom Alice Lee

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Talk Show Host Replacement


With the recent openings on the schedule I wanted to introduce myself. I’m Patrick Gilligan. I’m considered by some to be the best interviewer in the country. I’ve interviewed many celebrities on my radio and tv shows: Larry King, Tony Robbins, Les Brown, John McEnroe , Paul Harvey, Ed McMahon, etc. Think Charlie Rose, but younger, better looking and a better interviewer. I’m an author: Patrick Gilligan Says Be Your Own Boss! and a blogger: I’ve alos been a guest on numerous talk shows and news casts around the country.

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Travels To The Edge With Art Wolfe


I’m watching “Travels to the Edge – with Art Wolfe” right now and I’m very disappointed because he is riding an elephant. My husband and I went to Thailand a few years ago and riding elephants is strictly forbidden there. It’s very cruel because the frames that they put on them are made out of metal. There are three men riding on the elephant. How could Art Wolfe not know that it is not okay to ride on an elephant?

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Proposal: A Public Option Social Media Platform Operated By The Corporation For Public Broadcasting

The Power of Film!


Revelations concerning widespread abuse by many commercially available social media platforms are deeply troubling. These huge platforms have become purveyors of false advertising, both political and commercial, have participated in providing insidious foreign influence and become vehicles for rampant cyber-bullying as well as child pornography. Public trust has been violated in numerous ways, including the sale of private information, the reliance on a lack of user understanding regarding privacy settings and a paucity of legislative and self-regulation in the industry. We have all observed a failure to monitor policy and practice until finally compelled by public and political pressures. Most alarming is the willful use of the First Amendment as a shield to ignore or avoid actions that will eliminate abuse and regain public trust with ethical behavior.

There is an approach that would effectively address many of the aforementioned unacceptable realities. That approach would be a Public Option Social Media Platform. A nonprofit platform that would offer all of the original family and friend communication services that are not problematic. There would be no advertising and no ability to disseminate false, dangerous or destructive news sources.

There would certainly be many challenges to the development of an appropriate Public Option Social Media Platform but perhaps the time has come in this country for serious consideration.

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Peabody Awards Winners: ‘small Axe’ ‘the Cave’ ’20/20′ Among Final Honorees As Full List Revealed

Asked how she handles her broadcasts coverage of Trump when he tells an obvious untruth, Woodruff said, Our view is that lying is not a term at all that we can use lightly. When you use lying, you are saying they said it with intention to misrepresent.NewsHour is more comfortable saying a Trump statement cannot be born out by the facts, she told TV critics, and juxtaposing his remark with what is accurate.

Keeping track of Trumps creative moldings of the rough clay of truth has become routine in much news coverage these days but is not something NewsHour dwells on, Woodruff indicated in so many words. We cant stop the broadcast every few minutes, she explained.

The first time I had to say, on the air, that the president had said something we needed to point out was not accurate, I got a lump in my throat. That is not something journalists are accustomed to doing, she admitted. We have to be careful he is still the president.

Increasingly reporters in Washington feel it is important to stand up for the role of free press, and each other, she suggested. We are seeing some solidarity that hasnt always been there in the past, she said, reminding of a recent White House press briefing in which press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders called on a reporter who deferred to the previous correspondents question that Sanders had ducked.

Woodruff, who has covered 12 presidential elections, was named solo anchor of PBS flagship nightly news program in March.

Son Jeffrey With Spina Bifida Since Young

Judy gave birth to Jeffrey just five hours after she appeared on TV. When he was born, he was diagnosed with a moderate case of spina bifida.

In 1998, Jeffrey became disabled and brain-damaged after surgery, due to which she had to reduce her workload in CNN.

The Family: Judy Woodruff with her husband, two sons and a daughter

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Her son is now 36 years of age and is physically and mentally impaired due to his disease. However, Judy finds positivity amongst pain and sadness. She said, in a keynote speech at NINR Science of Caregiving Summit:

We decided the only way to get through this was to be optimistic, to assume the best, to stay cheerful and to stay busy and I know all of this, in the end, has made a difference for Jeff…We didnt dwell on the bad stuff we were always looking ahead.

This undoubtedly has helped Judy and her husband to stay clear of all the sadness and negativity. They strive but try to find peace with what they have got for themselves and their children.

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Last Night’s Program On The Insurrection


Years ago I used to support my public broadcasting channel I knew it was fair and nonbias. Now since Trump came into his presidency, the news and discussions are as bias and filled with lies as the main stream media. There is no regard for the conservatives and their opinions left. All is geared toward the liberals and their goals. America and most people are concerned about truth but they have been fed so many lies and so much misinformation that NO news station is concerned with truth except Fox News has some truth in it mostly in the late evening. Science has become a god and lies and immorality are accepted as part of this way of life. Actually science has NOT been followed directly but is influenced by the left who want to please those who hate our conservative values. There is NO more truth nor justice in any of you everything is tainted with hatred for God and hatred for the values we share. May the light shine again and may truth be valued not perverted by you.

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News Reporting Of Election 2020 Candidates For President

Judy’s Story – My Parkinson’s Diagnosis


I noticed your coverage totally omits Bernie Sanders from consideration of his candidacy for President of the USA. I consider this to be a grave infraction of your duty to function as a “Public” Broadcasting System as PBS is to be. You are evidently quite biased or partisan in your coverage. This is a disservice to the public and betrays your mission. It also makes you liable and vulnerable to being seen as just another propagandist news outlet, similar to FOX. There is a reason Sanders is so popular right now, and you must take this seriously, or you are guilty of misleading the public with a false impression. Please do your job as a public entity for the News. I am quite offended by your lack of coverage of Bernie Sanders.

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Democratic Convention: Freedom On Dispay


I was saddened to watch PBS last night, well after the Demo convention started. And all I saw was your tallking heads. Reminds me of watching a basketball game and having talking total nonsense, and making it very obvious they are not even watching the game. That what I saw last evening. Your talking heads are as dumb as the rest of us, but paid more. I find them uninteresting, aged and tired. We need to have a public broadcast system that just shows the news, and does not bend the forces of the monied class. You always state that the BBC is your model. However that media is also nonsense. Just a continued exhibit of the loving, ruling class. Big houses/Small brains. Try to do better. Do not comment on the event. Broadcast event. Do not replay 40 year old BBC content. Broadcast contemporary plays. Broadway is dead now. Use some of your cash to get one stage up and running. We do not need a cast of thousands. Many very good content can be result with just few actors. A stream such as Britbox is just ruining your reason for dumping ancient BBC junk down the PBS tube. How about live broadcasts from the Supreme Court. Congressional Hearings. Reports from the CDC. I judge that PBS has moved into the junk status, a grand idea, but not a grand outcome. Just show the convention. We can make up our own minds.

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Shields And Brooks On Trump Panic Avoidance


Why haven’t these people figured out that Donald Trump is a consummate liar? When Donald Trump says he didn’t reveal the danger of the COVID-19 disease, because he didn’t want the public to panic, he is really lying in an attempt to cover up his need to keep people coming to his rallies and providing the adulation that he needs. Saying he doesn’t want the public to panic is about as phony and excuse as one can make, from a person that is fully of phony excuses. Wake up and smell the coffee!

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Broadcast Coverage Of Iran

Voicemail received from PA June 30, 2017Feedback:

Hi, Id like you to incorporate into your stories when you talk about Iran stating that America has been shameful because its trying to protect its citizens from incoming terrorists and wants to vet our people better. Whats really shameful is when Iran has its missiles ready on the launch pad, sends them up as trials to see if they work and has them in death to Israel. Now thats shameful. Trying to protect your people is one thing. Trying to attack other people and call for their annihilation thats whats called not just shameful but evil. So thanks very much I look forward to hearing that incorporated into your broadcasts, bye-bye.

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