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Moringa And Parkinson’s Disease

Meet Moringa: The Next Big Superfood

Healing Parkinsons and Diabetes with Moringa – Eric Guttmann interviews Fernando Diaz
By Michelle Schoffro Cook

Weve all heard that food is the best medicine, and when it comes to Moringa oleifera, known as moringa or the Miracle Tree, the adage has never been more accurate. This little-known plant packs a serious nutritional punch. Its fast-growing, nourishing, and native to parts of the world where malnutrition is a serious threat. Because its bursting with protein, potassium, calcium, and vitamins, this powerhouse superfood could help end hunger worldwide. Moringa was used medicinally in ancientIndia, Egypt, Greece, and Rome, and modern studies praise the plants ability to fight inflammation, heart disease, insulin resistance, Alzheimers disease, Parkinsons disease, and many other conditions.

May Improve Stomach Health

Soursop leaves may help maintain good gastrointestinal health.

Evidence suggests that excessive alcohol consumption may lead to gastritis, gastric ulcer, and even gastric carcinoma. Research shows that graviola leaf extracts may help in fighting these conditions as they exert gastroprotective activity.

Soursop tea Photo Credit: Shutterstock

May Improve Overall Health

Soursop tea may also be helpful in fighting many other diseases including cough, nausea, and parasitic infections. However, if you are suffering from any medical conditions, or taking any medications, do consult with your doctor before including this tea in your diet.

A cup of soursop tea is enough to drive away dangerous diseases and boost your immunity levels up high.

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Important Supplements That May Help

Once you stop putting toxins into your body and eat clean, the trillions of cells in your body will be able to start living normally again. Eating the right foods and taking the necessary supplements will now begin to boost your brain health and healing.

Here are some supplements that will speed up the reversal of PD symptoms:

  • Magnesium: First and foremost on the list is magnesium. Low intake of this mineral magnesium, enables the deposition of excess calcium, heavy metals and toxins in the brain that leads to Parkinsons and Alzheimers diseases. When there is adequate presence of magnesium, heavy metals cannot be absorbed in the small intestines. Magnesium plays a vital role in protecting neurons from the lethal effects of aluminium and mercury poisoning.
  • B vitamins: A deficiency in vitamins B9 and B12 can cause brain problems that will initially manifest as depression, anxiety or even psychosis. The other B vitamins are useful for protecting against age-related brain wasting, and possibly prevent memory loss.
  • Glutathione: Glutathione is the mother of all antioxidants and is powerful in neutralizing free radicals damage and greatly reduce oxidative stress that destroy neurons.
  • Grape seed extract: Has super antioxidant effect that reduces DNA fragmentation in the brain. It is able to cross into the brain to protect brain cells from free radical damage.

What’s Hot In Pd Will Drinking Tea Help My Parkinsons Disease


Tea is an ancient, centuries-old beverage that is consumed by virtually all of the worlds population. Tea is composed of polyphenols, methylxanthine, caffeine, fats, amino acids and other substances. Tea has been thought to reduce cancer risk, prevent heart disease and even aid in weight loss. The flavonoids, caffeine and theanine have been tested in animal models of Parkinsons disease and have shown protection against cell loss in similar areas of the brain that are affected in the human Parkinsons patient. In this months Whats Hot in PD?, we will examine what is known about tea and Parkinsons disease.

A recent meta-analysis of all studies on tea and Parkinsons risk revealed that across 1,418 cases and 4,250 control patients, there was a protective effect of tea drinking on Parkinsons disease risk. Interestingly, whether you drink one or more cups a day did not impact the risk

Louis Tan, one of the authors of the Singapore Chinese Health study, reported differential effects of black versus green tea. People in his study who drank at most one cup of black tea a day decreased their risk of developing Parkinsons disease. Caffeine also reduced the risk of Parkinsons disease. This study lends support to the mounting evidence supporting a caffeine Parkinsons-related benefit. Interestingly, most black teas have more caffeine than green teas .

Selected References

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Moringa Benefits For Men Plus Side Effects

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Moringa also known as Moringa oleifera, the miracle, and drumstick tree is a tree valued for its nutritious leaves and purported medicinal properties.

Native to Northwestern India, nearly every part of the plant has long been used in herbal medicine to treat more than 300 conditions .

That said, most of the benefits linked to moringa are limited to test-tube and animal studies and may therefore not translate to humans.

Nonetheless, of the plants many studied and promising health benefits, several may be specific to men.

Here are 4 potential benefits of moringa for men, as well as information on its safety and side effects.

2 ).

Test-tube studies have demonstrated that the glucosinolates from the plants seeds may inhibit the growth of human prostate cancer cells .

Its also speculated that moringa could help prevent benign prostate hyperplasia . This condition typically becomes more common as men age and is characterized by enlargement of the prostate, which can make urination difficult .

In one study, mice received moringa leaf extract before being administered testosterone daily for 4 weeks to induce BPH. The extract was found to significantly reduce prostate weight .

Moringa Pods Help To Lower Blood Pressure

Extracts from parts of the moringa tree help to improve your cardio health because they can lower your risk of hypertension.

Extracts from moringa pods contain 2 important compounds that have anti-hypertension properties.

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Risks And Side Effects

What are the side effects of taking moringa? Because its completely natural and free from chemical additives , when taken by mouth or used on the skin it seems to be very well-tolerated.

Moringa side effects are still possible and may include:

  • lower blood pressure
  • cell mutations when high amounts of seeds are consumed
  • interference with fertility

Leaves, fruit, oil and seeds from the moringa tree have been consumed safely for centuries, but today there are various forms of supplements or extracts sold, so its important to buy the purest kind you can find and to read ingredient labels carefully.

During pregnancy or when breastfeeding, its best to avoid moringa extract, root or high doses of supplements since not enough research has been done to show its safe. Its possible that chemicals within the plants root, bark and flowers can lead to contractions of the uterus, which can cause complications during pregnancy.

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How to Make Moringa Tea Moringa Tea Benefits

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Parkinsons disease, a chronic, degenerative disorder of the nervous system, results from dopamine-producing brain cell deficiency. Rather than spend time and money on allopathic treatments that can often do more harm than good, there are natural remedies you can take that may effectively combat Parkinson’s. In particular, herbs and spices for Parkinson’s disease are among the most researched.

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May Aid In Weight Loss

Obesity can play a key role in increasing your risk of metabolic diseases.

A 2019 study published in the Nutrients journal has tried to analyze if soursop leaf tea can help in weight loss. The extracts of graviola leaves were given to obese mice for 12 weeks. Results showed that soursop tea can help in reducing body weight.

Start small by having one small cup a day and see how effective it is for you.

Moringa Powder Is Good For Your Heart Health

Putting a teaspoon of moringa powder in hot water to make a moringa herbal tea is a great way to keep your heart healthy. Drinking moringa tea helps protect your cardiovascular health because it can lower blood pressure, improve heart function and reduce cholesterol levels.

The American Journal of Hypertension reports that moringa seed extracts help to protect against cardiac diseases due to improved heart function. Moringa extracts improved the function of the left ventricle which is often associated with heart failure and heart attack.

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Inflammation And Parkinsons Disease

Figure 1. A self-propelled degeneration cycle in PD. In PDs pathological conditions, microglia are activated and release anti-inflammatory cytokines to repair the tissues, protecting neurons against apoptosis or death. However, the continuous stimulation of pathological factors increases the number of toxic phenotypes of microglia, releasing a large number of inflammatory cytokines, such as TNF-, IL-1, iNOS, IL-6, and ROS, which contribute to neuronal damage. Besides, the impaired or dead DA neurons can directly induce microglial activation, increasing ROS and pro-inflammatory cytokines. Thus, the activation of microglia and DA neuronal damage form a self-propelled degeneration cycle in PD. PD, Parkinsons disease DA, dopaminergic ROS, reactive oxygen species iNOS, inducible nitric oxide synthase IL-6, interleukin-6 TNF-, tumor necrosis factor- IL-1, interleukin-1.

Behavioral Analysis By Ram Training


Prior to surgery, all rats acquired the RAM task and were making 89 correct choices in their first 4 arms selections . Intracerebroventricular infusion of colchicine produced significant impairments in the RAM performance after 3 days of surgery compared to sham control group. The correct choices out of 10 daily trials, was decreased to 3. and the latency time was increased to about 200 seconds . There was a significant effect after ICV infusion of colchicine Moreover treatment with colchicine exhibited less accurate performance than the sham control group. Pretreatment with MO leaves extract for 14 days improved RAM performance significantly 3days after surgery by increasing the correct choices and decreasing the latency time by around 30%. . The result is shown in Table 1.

Table 1:Effect of Moringa oleifera in behavioral parameters induced by infusion of colchicine .


*P < 0.001 Compared to Sham control ## P < 0.01, # P < 0.001 Compared to colchicine infused rats

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May Help Manage Diabetes

Graviola leaves and their extracts may help regulate blood sugar levels.

Research published in 2018 mentions that soursop extracts helped to lower blood glucose levels in diabetic rats.

Traditional medicine mentions using medicinal plant products like lettuce, moringa, and soursop leaves for diabetes. A research participant mentioned that soursop drink is effective in lowering blood sugar levels but too much of it can cause your sugar levels to fall drastically.

Is Moringa An Anti

There are no human clinical trials looking at the anti-inflammatory properties of Moringa. My PubMed search for clinical studies of the anti-inflammatory effects of Moringa did show a study in cross-bred Xhosa lop-eared castrated goats. If I ever have a cross-bred Xhosa lop-eared castrated goat join my practice, I will be sure to check that study. Seriously, who comes up with studies like that?

While there are no human clinical trials, there are a number of in vitro, in vivo, and ex vivo studies of interest.

Studies done in vitro show that Moringa leaves significantly decrease gene expression and production of inflammatory markers in macrophage white cells .

Another study identified a chitin-binding protein from M. oleifera seeds and showed that it exhibits anti-inflammatory and anti-nociceptive properties .

Moringa also contains kaempferol, which is emerging as an antioxidant/anti-inflammatory of interest in the medical literature .

An ex vivo study showed that Moringa inhibited oxidative modification of human plasma cells .

Bottom Line

Laboratory studies confirm the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of Moringa, but this has yet to be replicated in human clinical trials.

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May Alleviate Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to get or keep an erection thats firm enough for sex.

The condition often occurs when theres a problem with blood flow, which may result from high blood pressure, high levels of fat in the blood, or certain conditions like diabetes .

Moringa leaves contain beneficial plant compounds called polyphenols, which may enhance blood flow by increasing nitric oxide production and decreasing blood pressure.

Whats more, studies in rats have shown that extract from the plants leaves and seeds inhibit key enzymes linked to ED that increase blood pressure and decrease nitric oxide production .

One study also demonstrated that a moringa seed extract relaxed the smooth muscle in the penis of healthy rats, allowing for more blood flow to the area. The extract also alleviated ED in rats with diabetes .

However, to date, no study on the topic has been conducted in humans. Therefore, it remains unknown if moringas beneficial effects on ED in animals translate to humans.


Moringa seed and leaf extracts have been shown to improve penile blood flow in healthy rats and alleviate ED in those with diabetes. In the absence of human studies, its unknown whether the plant could help manage ED in men.

19 ).

While these results are promising, studies in humans are needed before conclusions can be made on the effectiveness of moringa for improving male fertility.

Things You Can Do About Normal Hand Tremors

The Moringa Miracle for Health and Weight Loss

Here are a few things Ive recommended in the past to my patients. Many people are surprised how much they help the shakiness go away:

  • Cut back on caffeine: Try to drink less coffee, black tea and carbonated beverages, and steer clear of energy drinks completely.
  • Get more sleep at night: Getting a good nights sleep rejuvenates your body and restores the energy for your muscles.
  • Balance your blood sugar: Include plenty of healthy greens in your meals every day to stay in control of your blood sugar.
  • Drink something calming: If you feel like stress is the culprit of your shaky hands, enjoy a relaxing cup of peppermint, chamomile or valerian tea before bed. Aromatherapy with lavender or citrus fragrances can also be just what the doctor ordered.
  • Ask your doctor if you can switch medications: Its usually possible to switch to a different medicine or reduce the dosage a bit to get rid of shakiness.
  • Take care of your thyroid: Thyroid imbalances can cause shakiness . Good thyroid health depends on important nutrients such as iodine, zinc, iron and selenium.

Natural superfoods can be a big help with these goals. For example, if you need a hand controlling blood sugar levels, moringa can be a phenomenal solution. This exotic plant also fights inflammation, enhances mental performance and protects your thyroid.


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Make Your Own Superfood Smoothie

Eating healthy can be delicious too. Heres a superfood smoothie you can try to swap out for your regular sweet treat. Not only is it loaded with the best superfoods from this list, but it is made up of raw vegan food as well.


  • 1 T of moringa powder
  • 1 T of agave nectar
  • 1 T hemp seeds


Blend the frozen fruit and water for a minute or until smooth. Add the agave, hemp seeds, and moringa powder and blend once more. Serve over ice in a tall glass!

Add Powders And Seeds To Recipes

You might not have the time to learn brand new recipes, but this next action point couldnt be easier. Some of the best superfoods weve mentioned here come in powder or seed form. Sprinkling a little of them on top of your dish is as easy as pie. Its also an easy way to boost your nutritional intake on a raw vegan food diet.

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Top 7 Moringa Benefits

1. Provides Antioxidants and Anti-Inflammatory Compounds

Moringa oleifera seems to have similar abilities as certain conventional drugs, only it doesnt pose the same level of risk for experiencing side effects.

According to a report published in the Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention, it contains a mix of essential amino acids , carotenoid phytonutrients , antioxidants, such as quercetin, and natural antibacterial compounds that work in the same way as many anti-inflammatory drugs.

Studies have shown that these compounds are protective of the heart, natural circulatory stimulants, and possess antitumor, anti-epileptic, anti-ulcer, antispasmodic, antihypertensive and antidiabetic effects.

Moringa powder is high in several powerful anti-aging compounds that lower the effects of free radicals, oxidative stress and inflammation. These are associated with a reduced risk for chronic diseases, such as stomach, lung or colon cancer diabetes hypertension and age-related eye disorders.

2. Balances Hormones and Slows the Effects of Aging

A 2014 study published in the Journal of Food Science and Technology tested the effects of moringa along with amaranth leaves on levels of inflammation and oxidative stress in menopausal adult women. Researchers wanted to investigate if these superfoods could help slow the effects of aging by balancing hormones naturally.

3. Helps Improve Digestive Health

4. Balances Blood Sugar Levels, Helping Fight Diabetes

7. Good for the Environment

Nutritional Value Of Moringa

21739952_10155708852194439_6683058796754683964_n.jpg (539Ã ...

There are a large number of nutrients and vitamins present in moringa that are beneficial for us. The vitamins which are present in moringa plant are Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6, folates and ascorbic acid.

In nutrition content list of moringa inlcudes Calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, phosphorus and zinc are the essential minerals which are present in this plant. It also contains essential amino acids which help in the production of protein in our body.

Finally, it has 6.2 g of protein while cows milk only has 3.2 g of the same. Thus, as you can see, moringa provides more nutrition than any other plant or food item out there and can therefore be extremely beneficial for your health.

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