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Parkinson Support Center Of Kentuckiana

Parkinson Support Center Of Kentuckiana A Part Of Norton Neuroscience Institute Resource Center

Navigating Parkinson’s and Breast Cancer

Parkinson Support Center of Kentuckiana, a Part of Norton Neuroscience Institute Resource Center, offers a dedicated patient navigator and a collection of specialized Parkinsons disease support resources. From one-on-one consultations with a navigator to patient support groups to exercise classes specifically for those with Parkinsons, we work to create a community designed to support the whole person.

The Parkinson Support Center of Kentuckiana was founded in 1999 with the vision of helping people with Parkinsons disease and their care partners and families embrace the future with hope. In 2020, the Parkinson Support Center joined Norton Neuroscience Institute Resource Centers to grow its resources for patients in our community. Another goal of the center is to raise funds and share stories from the Parkinsons community in an effort to find a cure for the disease.

Founders of the Parkinson Support Center of Kentuckiana include Gayle and Chet Zoeller Charles Doyle and Jane Lucas Jack and Shirley Baach Montgomery Shircliffe Becky and Joe Richardson Robert and Joan Goodknight and Judy Spencer.

How Parkinsons Disease Could Affect Your Ability To Work And Do Household Chores

Some Sleep Disorders That Afflict People with Parkinsons disease And How to Deal With ThemIf you are suffering from Parkinsons disease , there are sleep disorders that you are likely to suffer from and identifying them will help you know how to deal with them. Some of these disorders are accompanied by varying degrees of discomfort but they are mainly manageable and with the help of your doctor you can lessen their effects.While you could have created a routine time when to go to bed, the onset of PD might mean that youll go to bed at your regular time and take too long to fall asleep. Moreover, if you are suffering from stiffness because of the disease, it might harder for you to be comfortable in bed so that even when you eventually fall asleep youll find yourself losing sleep after just a short while.The causes of insomnia are varied and could even be caused by the medication that you are using and it is therefore important to discuss it with your doctor. If you have been sleeping a lot during the day, this might also contribute to lack of sleep at night and a person with PD should limit the number of hours they sleep during the day. Moreover, what you drink as bedtime approaches could contribute to sleeplessness and you must avoid taking coffee close to your bedtime.

What Should You Do When Diagnosed With Parkinsons

Because of the way it affects both the patient and those around him or her, getting diagnosed with Parkinsons disease can be truly traumatizing especially when the patient was not expecting such a diagnosis and has little knowledge of the disease. In fact most newly diagnosed patients are tempted to hide the disease from close family members thinking that such an action could be too shocking. What actions do you need to take when you learn that youve got PD?Let people close to you know the truthHiding your condition from people around you could only be counterproductive. It might not be possible to hide your condition from your spouse, for instance. How can you when you have to take medication and actually depend on your spouse for caretaking? Your employer and colleagues should also be put in the picture. Depending on the stage your disease is at, you might find yourself needing o take more time off from work. When they know about your condition, people close to you will treat you with greater understanding.

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Assistive Technology Can Benefit People With Parkinsons

The new Cressman Parkinsons and Movement Disorders Center was established to enhance care and research efforts for Parkinsons patients. Treatments offered include deep brain stimulation, an established surgical form of neuromodulation therapy that works to blunt Parkinsons symptoms like tremor, rigidity, and stiffness through electrical impulses delivered directly to specific brain regions.

Made possible through a gift from Elizabeth Pahk Cressman, MD, PhD, the center will expand NNI patient care and broaden Parkinsons research by recruiting specialists and promoting work into better technologies and treatments.

The Norton Healthcare Foundation has provided millions of dollars in funding to Norton Neuroscience Institute over the last decade, but this space really shows how those dollars are making a difference in care for our community, said Lynnie Meyer, senior vice president and chief development officer for the Norton Healthcare Foundation.

The technology and spaces created using grant dollars have helped make this a premier neuroscience facility, not just locally but regionally. The support of this community has made that possible.

The new Cressman Neurological Rehabilitation space is equipped with leading-edge rehabilitation technologies including a virtual reality balance assessment system, robotic therapy, and a driving simulator to help patients recover or develop skills needed for independent living.

Norton Neuroscience Institute And Parkinson Support Center Of Kentuckiana Have Joined Forces To Bolster Care For Individuals In Our Community Living With Parkinsons Disease

Parkinson Support Center of Kentuckiana Inc Reviews and Ratings ...

Norton Neuroscience Institute and Parkinson Support Center of Kentuckiana have joined forces to bolster care for individuals in our community living with Parkinsons disease.

Parkinson Support Center of Kentuckiana will become part of the Norton Neuroscience Institute Resource Center. The resource center offers free education, therapies, support and programs for patients facing various neurological conditions, including Parkinsons disease. The Norton Healthcare Foundation will assist the center with fundraising to ensure patients needs are met.

Our goal is to help individuals with Parkinsons enjoy the highest possible quality of life, said Justin T. Phillips, M.D., medical director of Parkinsons and Movement Disorders for Norton Neuroscience Institute. This is a tremendous opportunity to pool our resources and increase patients access to clinical trials, specialized rehabilitation services and complementary therapies to the benefit of patients throughout the region.

The Parkinson Support Center was founded in 1999 with the vision of helping people with Parkinsons and their care partners and families to embrace the future with hope. The resources, exercise and activity programs, and events offered by the support center will continue under Norton Neuroscience Institute. Classes are open to anyone affected by Parkinsons disease.

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About The Apda Kentucky Chapter

The APDA Kentucky Chapter works tirelessly every day to support and empower those in our community who are impacted by Parkinsons disease . We promote hope and optimism through innovative services, programs, education, and support, while also funding vital research. We are here to help you and your loved ones every step of the way.

Parkinson Support Center Of Kentuckiana Company Overview

  • WebSite:parkinsoncenter.org
  • Revenue:< $5M
  • Industry:Edu., Gov’t. & Nonprofit

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Birth Defects And Genetic Diseases

  • Parkinson Support Center of Kentuckiana Inc.

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    Parkinson Support Center Of Kentuckiana

    The Face of Parkinson’s

    Parkinson Support Center of Kentuckiana provides access to support groups and education opportunities for those in our community living with Parkinson’s, as well as keeping class participants hydrated during their workouts with the best tasting water in the nation Louisville pure tap®.

    Exercise is vital for people with Parkinsons to help maintain balance, posture, mobility and reduce stiffness, said Allie Hanson, community engagement coordinator with Parkinson Support Center. “As you age, being hydrated is so important. But when you have a chronic progressive disease, staying hydrated is even more important and we want to promote the quality of our local water.”

    Learn more about Parkinson Support Center of Kentuckiana at www.ParkinsonCenter.org.

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    Denim And Diamonds Gala Celebration

    Its time to break out your denim and bling for the 2022 Denim & Diamonds Gala Celebration. Your participation will benefit the Parkinson Support Center of Kentuckiana, a Part of Norton Neuroscience Institute Resource Center, through the Norton Healthcare Foundation.

    This annual Kentucky-themed event features food from Louisvilles finest chefs, live music, specialty cocktails, a photo booth, and live and silent auctions.

    Parkinson Support Center Of Kentuckiana Inc

    We offer information and support after diagnosis.

    Ruling yearinfo

    315 Townepark Circle Ste 100

    Louisville, KY 40243 USA

    Email contact available with a Pro subscription

    This organization is required to file an IRS Form 990 or 990-EZ.

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    Parkinson Support Center Of Kentuckiana To Join Norton Neuroscience Institute Resource Center

    • All existing PSCKY programs will remain open to all constituents. It is not a requirement that you are affiliated within the Norton network.
    • Norton Healthcare has established a restricted fund for PSCKY. PSCKY staff with the assistance of the Norton development team will continue to support fundraisers such as Denim & Diamonds, Pints for Parkinson’s and TKO Parkinsons with a commitment that 100% of the funding will go the restricted Parkinson’s Support Fund.
    • Our current director, Erika Branch will not serve in the role of executive director but in the newly created Program Coordinator, Parkinsons Support position. This is a dual position. Program Coordinator – within the Neuroscience Institute, managing existing Parkinson’s programs from the Parkinson Support Center and eventually Nortons PD programs. Parkinson’s Support – working within the Norton Healthcare Foundation office to lead the fundraising efforts for Parkinsons Disease.
    • We will maintain existing relationships with communities served, hospitals, etc.
    • An advisory committee of Parkinson Support Center stakeholders, constituents and community partners has been established. The committee shall meet quarterly to consult with Norton Healthcare program and development staff for recommendations regarding the Program and application of the Fund.

    The Norton Neuroscience Institute Resource Center

    Parkinson Support Center of Kentuckiana Inc Reviews and Ratings ...

    Yvette Cabrera-Rojas is the current director of the Norton Neuroscience Institute Resource Center, which serves patients with a variety of neurological conditions such as Parkinsonâs disease, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimerâs, dementia, epilepsy, and ALS. She joined the Norton Neuroscience Institute in 2005 after being a co-founder of the non-profit Louisville Comprehensive Care MS Center. Previously, Rojas had spent 10 years as a caregiver for her father who had MS. She also has MS, and brings all of her organizational and life-experience, as patient and caregiver, to the NNI Resource Center.

    Educating patients, caregivers, and family about the wide range of programs to help treat and manage their disease is the mission of the NNI Resource Center. âThe more the patient and their support group know about the range of options, the better the outcomes,â says Rojas. âOur programs are designed for patients who do not want to be defined by their disease, but for patients who want to focus on what they can do, not what they canât do.â

    The programs are physical and societal, from transportation to exercise classes in tai-chi, yoga, water aerobics, and even golf for Parkinsonâs patients. âOvercoming barriers is what we do,â says Rojas.

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    Parkinson’s Disease Buddy Program

    “PD Buddies” in the Parkinsons Disease Buddy Program meet for two to three hours each month over the course of the academic year. The buddies determine their own activities based on mutual interests and preferences. Buddies have met for bowling, meals, arts events and walks in the park. The program is a collaboration of UofL Physicians Parkinsons Disease and Movement Disorders, University of Louisville School of Medicine, Parkinson Support Center of Kentuckiana, and Denise Cumberland of the UofL College of Education and Human Development.

    The program aims to:

    • Educate medical students on Parkinsons and neurological disease
    • Help students understand the day-to-day challenges of living with Parkinsons disease and chronic neurological disorders, and to improve their knowledge and empathy skills
    • Introduce students to research and career opportunities in neurology and movement disorders
    • Encourage community outreach in medical students by means of out-of-classroom learning
    • Provide people with Parkinsons the opportunity to interact and share their perspective while educating the medical community
    • Improve sociability for people with Parkinson’s

    Louisville Businessman Pushes On After Uncommon Parkinson’s Diagnosis

    LOUISVILLE, Ky. – April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month, and it is just that, awareness, that a Louisville doctor believes contributes to the number of cases increasing.

    Around 60,000 Americans will be diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease this year according to Parkinson.org. A study published by the National School of Medicine shows the number of cases has doubled since 1990 to 2015 and will likely be doubled again by 2040.

    “There is a pretty big increase in just the last couple of decades in Parkinson’s Disease when we look at it epidemiologically,” said Dr. Justin T. Phillips, Medical Director of Movement Disorders at Norton Healthcare Neuroscience Institute.

    Dr. Phillips said there is not one cause of the disease but instead multiple factors. He said age is the biggest contributor and with an aging population, that could explain the increase, but he believes we are also seeing an increase in younger people being diagnosed with Parkinson’s.

    “When we look at Parkinson’s as a whole, probably five to up to ten percent of people with Parkinson’s have young onset Parkinson’s, so under the age of 50,” Phillips said. “It’s not exceedingly uncommon but when you look at the population as a whole, it’s relatively uncommon to have Parkinson’s at a young age.”

    That was the case for Jason Smith. The Louisville native and Director of Operations for Against the Grain Brewery was diagnosed with the disease eight years ago at the ago of 40.

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    Parkinsons Disease And Movement Disorders Patient Support

    The Norton Neuroscience Institute Cressman Parkinsons & Movement Disorders Center is dedicated to offering diagnoses and advanced treatments for people with Parkinsons disease and related movement disorders. Along with clinical care, support resources and education at every step, patients and their family members play an important role in the holistic care we provide.

    With treatment and support for the whole patient, not just the disease, Norton Neuroscience Institute is the choice of more patients for their neurological care than any other provider in Louisville or Southern Indiana.

    Alzheimer’s Association: Shelby County Caregiver Support Group

    Parkinson’s and Music Therapy, – provided by the Parkinson Support Center & Norton Healthcare.

    Support groups create a safe, confidential, supportive environment or community and a chance for participants to develop informal mutual support and social relationships. They also educate and inform participants about dementia and help participants develop methods and skills to solve problems.

    This group is led by Andrianna Marshall and meets the 1st Friday of the month at 2 p.m. EST. To register, call their 24/7 Helpline at 1-800-272-3900.

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    Parkinsons Disease Support Group

    3rd Wednesday of each month, 1:30 – 3 p.m.

    Led by Katherine Autin , Parkinsons Disease Expert and Board Certified Patient Advocate, Parkinsons patients, their families and caregivers learn how to navigate the complicated journey through up-to-the-minute research and strategies to live your best life. Free and open to the public, but registration is required. to reserve your spot.

    Brought to you by Wesley Manor Assisted Living Center, 502 East Manslick Road, Louisville, KY 40219

    Questions? Contact Kathrine Autin, 502-314-8307 or

    Support Norton Neuroscience Institute Parkinsons Support Services

    Parkinson Support Center of Kentuckiana, a Part of Norton Neuroscience Institute Resource Center, is supported by the Norton Healthcare Foundation. Through donations, volunteerism and community support, the foundation is able to provide funding for support groups, exercise programs, equipment, new technologies, clinical research and health education for patients, families, medical staff and the community.

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    Parkinson Support Center Of Kentuckiana Job Openings And Hourly Range

    Hourly pay ranges for the same job title may differ based on the location and the responsibilities, skills, experience, and other requirements for a specific job. To search for jobs in other locations, fill in the title and locations to begin your search.

    Moments Of Sleepiness During The Day

    Parkinson Support Center of Kentuckiana

    Some people with PD experience moments of drowsiness during the day. This is usually accompanied by feelings of tiredness and you could find yourself falling into momentary sleep as you read a book or watch TV.Again, it is possible that the medication you are taking is contributing to this and you should seek the advice of your doctor. It could also mean that you never got adequate sleep the night before. One way to ensure that you do not limit your ability to get adequate sleep at night is by ensuring that you avoid unnecessary distractions in the bedroom. You should therefore avoid reading books in bed or even watching TV. In a nutshell, make sure that your bedroom is used strictly for sleeping.The factors that could cause sleep problems when you have PD are varied and, while you can do a lot to make your case manageable, it is always important to keep your doctor in the picture.

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