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Exercise Class For Parkinson’s Disease

What Does A Parkinson’s

Parkinson’s Home Exercise Class, Brain Teasers and More!

Its important to practice Parkinsons specific exercises rather than general exercise training to improve movement because of the type of brain stimulation each type of exercise produces.

Your brain has the ability to help you move better. It learns from all stimulation applied to it, including exercise, and has an enormous capacity to re-wire the neural connections for improved movement. You may not have noticed, but, getting off a low chair, rolling in bed and picking up a cup of water all require infinite amounts of fine-tuning as your brain prepares, conducts and evaluates the task. Your brain is receiving constant feedback about the environment so that it can move with the appropriate amount of speed, power and accuracy to be effective and efficient.

Dopamine deficiency can lead to the continuing reduction of movement, speed and power. Instead of getting up from the chair first time round, it may mean that you have to use your arms to push up, or rock back and forth a bit to get enough momentum to stand up. It is the chronic reduction in a movement that makes big movements like walking and small movements like writing so challenging.

Parkinsons specific exercise will teach you how to move with amplitude, power and speed in everyday tasks so that you can get back to doing the things you enjoy doing. By increasing your overall activity level, Parkinsons specific exercise may also slow down the symptom progression of your Parkinsons.

Exercise frequency

Are There Any Risks Of Exercising With Parkinsons Disease

Some symptoms, like Parkinsons tremors, may seem worse during exercise. But exercise generally improves tremors and other symptoms in the long run.

Reduce challenges by stretching before and after exercise. Use good form to prevent injury. And avoid slippery floors, poor lighting and tripping hazards. If you have pain, stop and rest.

Pushing yourself too hard during exercise can lead to injury. Start slowly and increase intensity and duration over time. Keep a log to track your exercise choices and how you feel. Eventually, youll learn what works best for you.

Find An Exercise Class

What’s your motivation to keep moving?

As evidence mounts about the benefits of exercise, so have the number of options for individuals to find high-quality exercise programs to meet specific needs. From chair-based programs to high intensity boot camps, search by your region to find options most convenient for you.

Before starting any new exercise program, we suggest that you:

  • Check with your physician to discuss limitations or concerns.
  • Ask the instructor about his/her training and experience.
  • Ask if you can join a class before you commit to enroll.
  • Be open to trying something new – and change it up when it gets routine!

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Should I Talk To My Healthcare Provider Before I Start Exercising If I Have Parksinson’s Disease

Talk to your neurologist and your primary care provider before starting a new exercise regimen. They can:

  • Counsel you on how intense your exercises can be.
  • Recommend exercises appropriate for your individual health.
  • Refer you to a physical therapist to create a personal exercise program.
  • Warn about exercises to avoid based on your particular challenges or limitations.

Which Types Of Exercise Are Best For Parkinsons

Thin Ice: Goal of yoga class for people with Parkinsons ...

It is important to state upfront that there is no one best type of exercise for people with PD. It is most important to choose an exercise regimen that you enjoy, and will continue to do.

However, beyond doing exercise that you will stick with, there are some additional concepts to consider when designing an exercise program for someone with PD.

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New Types Of Exercise For Parkinsons

Researchers are continually studying different types of exercise for PD and APDA works to keep you informed about these new findings.

Moving For Better Balance

Publisher: Jamestown New York YMCA, May 1, 2013

Cost: Free

These two instructional videos — part I is 10 minutes and part II is 5 minutes — are taught by a Jamestown New York YMCA staff member using the “Moving for Better Balance” approach, an evidence-based fall prevention program.

Publisher: Michael Weiss

Cost: Free

This 30-minute video is a personal account by Michael Weiss, a person with Parkinson’s. In it he shares stretches, breathing, and physical exercises he has compiled for himself. Exercise demonstration begins 8-minutes into the video and include toe lifts, leg swing, leg lift, knee circles, hip circles, squats, arm stretches, arm twists, shoulder stretches, chair push-ups, bicycle legs, toe touches, chopping wood, conducting, dancing, and facial exercises.

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Keep On Moving Exercises To Do At Home

Publisher: Keep It On

Four short videos designed to be challenging and engaging, including physical amplitude, arms and legs working and thinking together, brain exercise, daily-life moves / dance-like exercise. Repeat them as often as you need to improve your individual outcomes.

Coming soon – breath and voice exercise.

How To Start Exercising If Youre Living With Parkinsons

PWR! Moves Class – Exercise for people with Parkinson’s disease

Safety is key. The first thing you need to do is talk with your neurologist and primary care doctor to make sure that the exercise regimen that you embark upon is safe for you.

Next, ask for a referral for physical therapy. A physical therapist will be able to figure out what movement challenges you may have and design a program to help you improve. There are certain physical therapists with additional training in Parkinsons. Your physical therapist will work with you for your allotted sessions, and then can help you plan your ongoing exercise regimen that is tailored to you. You can contact the APDA National Rehabilitation Resource Center for Parkinsons Disease for help finding resources in your area.

Additionally, physical therapy can help counteract the tendency for people with PD to reduce the size of their movements. The Lee Silverman Voice Technique has designed a program called LSVT-BIG which trains participants to make big movements. You can search for an LSVT-trained professional near you.

Anyone starting out on an exercise program could benefit from APDAs Be Active & Beyond exercise guide which includes clear photos with simple instructions that are easy to follow, with exercises that address all levels of fitness.

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If You Are Interested In Participating In One Of Our Online Classes Then You Will Need To Register To Register For Pfnca Wellness Programs Please Click Here

10:00 a.m. EST PFNCA Exercise for Parkinsons Kim Brooks

11:00 a.m. EST PFNCA Exercise for Parkinsons Sandy Downing

12:00 p.m. EST PFNCA Boxing for Parkinsons John Sahakian

2:00 p.m. EST PFNCA Exercise for Parkinsons Shahana Ailus Made possible with support from Lorien Encore.

3:00 p.m. EST PFNCA Communication Club Susan Wranik. Made possible with support from Kensington Senior Living. Tuesday 9:30 a.m. EST PFNCA Dance for Parkinsons Kirsten Bodensteiner. Made possible with support from Virginian Outpatient Therapy 10:00 a.m. EST PFNCA Exercise for Parkinsons Kim Brooks

11:30 a.m. EST PFNCA Yoga for Parkinsons Kim Brooks. Made possible with support from Forest Hills of DC.

12:00 p.m. EST PFNCA Boxing for Parkinsons Kathy Teselko

1:30 p.m. EST PFNCA Balance and Cardio for Parkinsons Terrie Daniels. Made possible with support from Brooke Grove Retirement Village.

2:00 p.m. EST PFNCA Communication Club Susan Wranik. Made possible with support from The Kensington Reston.3:00 p.m. EST PFNCA Exercise for Parkinsons Christy Erwin.

10:00 a.m. EST PFNCA Exercise for Parkinsons Kim Brooks11:30 a.m. EST PFNCA Yoga-Chi Kim Brooks.12:00 p.m. EST PFNCA Boxing for Parkinsons John Sahakian

1:30 p.m. EST PFNCA Balance and Cardio for Parkinsons Terrie Daniels. Made possible with support from Brooke Grove Retirement Village.

2:30 p.m. EST PFNCA Communication Club Dorinda Malcolm

Exercise Class For People With Parkinson’s Disease

Monday, May 2, 2022 at 12:15 p.m.

Froedtert Specialty Clinics

Please call before attending any community events.It is likely that they will be postponed or canceled as a result of the coronavirus. You can find CDC coronavirus information at AARP has additional resources at

Join the therapists from the Froedtert & MCW Neurologic Rehabilitation Program for a six-week exercise course designed for those with Parkinsons disease.

– Class size limited to eight participants.- To be eligible, you will need to complete a waiver signed by your – physician prior to attending class.- If you need help performing standing exercises, please bring a care partner to class. When you register, let us know if a partner will attend with you.

This program is made possible by the Charles D. Jacobus Family Foundation.

Presented By

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Who Can Attend This Class How Do I Join

This class is specifically designed for people with Parkinson’s Disease who are still walking with or without the use of a walker or cane. The goal is to maintain and increase your function.

This class was designed by a physical therapist from SSM Health, and the elements in the class are based on current research in the Parkinsons field.

Flexible Training Options For People With Parkinson’s


I know what it is like to live with the difficulties of Parkinson’s and the keys to fighting its effects. My training program is not just a fitness program adapted for Parkinson’s. I combine my 25 years experience in fitness training, extensive knowledge on PD and skills as a life coach to provides exercise options for those with PD wanting to turn their lives around. With the variation of PD symptoms, sometimes on a daily basis, exercise programs need to be adaptable. In light of this I offer the following options:

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So What Type Of Exercise Is Best

There are many different forms of exercise, but what type is right for you? Every individual is different! Its important to remember that although a combination of aerobic, resistance and balance exercises have the best overall effect, you may need to modify each element to your suit your unique circumstance.

Aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise is described as continual movement to assist in the improvement of cardiorespiratory function. This includes walking, cycling, swimming and even dancing! Exercising to music specifically has seen some fantastic results in managing Parkinsons symptoms. Dance for Parkinsons Australia run specialised dance classes across Australia, providing a social environment so share stimulating activity.

Resistance exercise

Maintaining strength is not only important to keep our muscles healthy, it also helps with daily activities like getting off the toilet and getting out of the car. Resistance exercises can be performed using your body weight, light hand weights, resistance bands, various machines found in a gym setting or even using common household items like cans of food. Moving your muscle under a greater resistance promotes an increase in muscle mass. You may like to participate in group setting, a home program, or a combination of both.

Flexibility exercise
Balance exercise
Exercise for Neuroplasticity

Shirley Ryan Abilitylab Adaptive Sports & Fitness Center


Anyone interested in participating in a specialized exercise program or becoming a Shirley Ryan Abilitylab fitness center member must have a medical form on file completed by their physician. You can or contact the Adaptive Sports and Fitness Center directly: 541 North Fairbanks, Chicago, IL 60611 | 312-238-5001 |

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Live Large With Parkinson’s At The Countryside Y

Publisher: Countryside YMCA

Cost: Free

These two 25-minute exercise classes are designed for people with Parkinson’s. The exercises may be done seated or standing, supported by a chair. These videos were created in March/April 2020.

Purchase Info: or email

Cost: $28 for DVD or download $15/year streaming

Videos are designed for people with PD to use as an adjunct to LSVT BIG treatment delivered by an LSVT BIG certified clinician. The videos can also be used during the month of therapy and after therapy as a motivation to practice and keep moving. Volume 1 contains standard exercises while standing. Volume 2 contains exercises adapted to seated and supine positions, plus a chapter for caregivers. Available in English, German and Japanese.

Publisher: Ohana Pacific Rehab Services and Hawaii Parkinson Association, 2009

Purchase Info: Ohana Pacific Rehab Services, 808-262-1118, online

Cost: $24.50 for DVD $19.50 for book $40 for DVD and book

This program focuses on exercises, flexibility, and pragmatic solutions for walking, moving, falling, and getting up off the floor. Adaptive equipment is reviewed. Demonstrators have PD. Three levels of exercise shown. Designed by a physical therapist.

Years Ago I Thought I’d Be In A Wheelchair

Move with Shelly 3 Exercise Class for People with Parkinson’s Disease

I was diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease in 2012 at age 40. Although I was a fitness trainer and had been a positive force for change in other people’s lives, after 5 years of living with the disease, I had given up hope. Afterall it was only ever going to get worse. Thankfully in early 2017, I was introduced to boxing! Putting those boxing gloves on and stepping into the ring for the first time, changed my life! I went from virtually no exercise since my diagnosis, to boxing everyday. Within a few weeks my wife noted that I seemed to have a lot more energy than before… and she was right. This was the start of a journey that saw many of my symptoms start to recede.

Since then it has been my passion to help those with Parkinsons learn the lessons Ive learnt. My goal is to help you keep your Parkinsons under control and living your life to the full. As a Director of Parkinson’s NSW I am focused on doing everything I can to help those living with Parkinson’s. To read more of my story .

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Tips For Getting Started

  • First, be safe. Before starting an exercise program, consult your neurologist and primary care doctor about concerns and recommendations.
  • Ask your doctor or members in your support group to refer to a physical therapist who knows about PD. Work together to identify your concerns and limitations. Target exercises to improve them. For most people, a structured exercise program will include aerobic exercise and resistance training .
  • Purchase a pedometer and figure out how many steps you take on average each day, then build up from there. Many smartphones or smartwatches have a built-in pedometer feature or an application that can be downloaded.
  • Exercise indoors and outdoors. Change your routine to stay interested and motivated.
  • Again, most importantly pick an exercise you enjoy.

Seek out local PD exercise classes. Across the country, dance classes and boxing groups designed specifically for people with PD are growing in popularity. Contact the Parkinsons Foundations toll-free Helpline at 1-800-4PD-INFO or to find one near you.

Page reviewed by Dr. Bhavana Patel, Movement Disorders Fellow at the University of Florida, a Parkinsons Foundation Center of Excellence.

Memorial Care Parkinson’s Exercise Class

Cost: Free

Duration: 30 minutes

See calendar. Participants may attend one session per day. For information, contact Theresa Stern by or phone .

Cost: Free

Classes rotate through a different type of exercise each week, including strength training, gentle exercise, PD exercise, circuit training, boxing, Intro to Dance, All About You Fitness, PWR! Sit n’ Stand, PWR! exercise, foam rolling, and Be Fit & Age Well

Class Time :

Cost: Free

Classes: Lively exercise set to music

Class Times :

  • Tuesday: 1pm
  • Thursday: 1pm

Note: Most exercises are performed seated. Suitable for all abilities. Log in 15 minutes before class starts. Check out a sample class here. For more information, call 683-1326, or .

Cost: Donations accepted

  • Monday: 10am , 1:30pm
  • Tuesday: 10am , 2pm
  • Wednesday: 1:30pm
  • Thursday: 8:30am , 10am , 12pm
  • Saturday: 11am

Cost: Free

Cost: $60/month

Class: Parkinson’s Exercise Program

Class Times :

Cost: Free – Thursday $10.99 – Monday and Tuesday

Classes: PWR!Moves, low impact cardio, strength, and flexibility

Class Times :

Led by Theresa Najjar, DPT, NCS. Free Thursday class requires a signed Adaptive PE Registration form, downloaded from the Thursday class web page and returned via .

Duration: 55 minutes

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Parkinson’s On The Move

Publisher: Parkinson’s On The Move

Cost: Free

Thirty-one archived workouts for those with Parkinson’s. Videos are sortable by level of difficulty, area of the body to focus on, and preferred position . Other pages on this website offer free recipes and articles about nutrition and PD.

Also available is the Parkinson’s On The Move Exercise Library. This collection of 58 short videos each focus on stretching or strengthening a specific part of the body.

Publisher: JCC Tampa Bay on the Cohn Campus

Cost: Free

Suzanne Chen leads 43-minutes of stretch and strengthening exercises for those with Parkinson’s. Equipment to follow along include an elastic band, light weights , a 8-9 inch soft ball , and a stable chair with no arms.

Publisher: JCC Greater Boston

Cost: Free

Eight YouTube exercise videos for those with Parkinson’s, including four focused on neuromuscular integration, two total body conditioning and one seated strength. Most videos are about 30 to 45 minutes.

Publisher: PD Warrior PTY LTD, Australia

Cost: Free

Similar to Rock Steady Boxing in the US, this Australian app is available from Google play or the App Store is designed for early stage Parkinson’s disease. It includes 10 PD Warrior core exercises for free with upgrades and additional bundles available via in app purchases to customize your workout. Each exercise is demonstrated by a physiotherapist.

Publisher Parkinson’s Foundation of the National Capital Area

Cost: Free

Publisher: Power For Parkinson’s

Cost: Free

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