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Gift Ideas For Parkinson Patients

Hyde Lane Sherpa Heated Blanket

The Gift of Movement : Improving Brain Surgeries for Parkinson’s Disease Patients

Parkinsons can cause some people to become more sensitive to the cold, which means a heated blanket can come in handyno matter what time of the year. This 100% polyester electric throw from Hyde Lane is thick and soft, which makes it the perfect snuggle buddy. And with a power cord over six feet, you can position yourself comfortably without worrying about unplugging at any point. It also has three different heating levels that help relieve body aches and pains, making it easier to relax and hopefully, fall asleep.

For The Love Of Books

If your loved one enjoys reading, a Kindle or another e-reader could be the answer to your gift-giving question. Fine motor skills such as turning pages can be challenging for some people with Parkinsons. And a touch screen could be the solution. You could add a gift certificate to cover their first book purchase.

Personal care tasks, such as taking care of nails, become more difficult as the disease progresses. Your loved one might be delighted with a voucher for a professional manicure. A basic treatment is not overly pricey and often includes a hand massage. You could splurge and add a pedicure to make them feel truly pampered.

An alternative to a professional manicure is a do-it-yourself nail painting that an older grandchild could give to a grandparent. People with Parkinsons might be grateful for an electric manicure set if they can still take care of their nails.

Lets admit it: Some tasks would be easier with help, but youd like to maintain your modesty a little longer. Have you considered a bidet toilet attachment? I discovered this device a few months ago and thought, Why not?

Ez Lite Cruiser Light

Thiss an affiliate link, and while it may not cost you anything extra, if you make a purchase through this link, Ill earn a small commission.

This expensive yet very modern power wheelchair could be a valuable Christmas gift for your loved one having Parkinsons in late stage and unable to move.

This motorized electric wheelchair has all the great features that you can think of. Ergonomically designed, lightweight and compact the EZ Lite Cruiser wheelchair offers excellent travel for your loved one who is at the late stage of Parkinsons disease or suffering from a severe motor disability.

The wheelchair has 2 front and 2 rear wheels that allow the chair to navigate on all surfaces such as grass, gravel, and even snow.

The chair is equipped with two 250-watt motors for a powerful ride. The overall frame of the chair is made up of high-quality aluminum alloy, gives maximum stability and can support the weight of 250 kg.

The wheelchair features a universal locker controller that allows the user to navigate and drive the wheelchair with one click.

The seat of the chair is very comfortable and durable. It can be folded and unfolded very quickly.

The chair is powered with a lithium battery that lasts for at least 10 hours. It takes 5-6 h for the battery to fully charged.

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Last Minute Gift Ideas For Parkinson’s Patients This Holiday Season

After a diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease, life clearly changes. Christmas might be a good time to give a loved one with Parkinson’s a gift that can make life just a little bit easier.

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For people who want to give the perfect gift, knowing where to start gift-wise for those with Parkinsons disease is just another way to spread the cheer this holiday season. Sometimes even, the best gift that someone can truly give is themselves.

Before listing the various types of gifts that those who have Parkinsons might enjoy, we also want to note that giving time and compassion is another valuable gift for anyone! If they have a favorite restaurant or enjoy walking in a park, it can go a long way, even if this gift isn’t exactly a material one. Some people might find that leaving their home with Parkinsons is no longer possible when they are alone, although they are able to go with friends and family members who are able to take them out.

The Ultimate Wellness Package

Gift Ideas for People with Parkinson

This is the ultimate gift to promote mindfulness and overall wellness. The gift set includes a wonderful variety of products to bring delight and calm to a hectic day. They’ll enjoy nourishing botanical tea and all-natural honey served in a double-walled ceramic mug. They can pair the tea with Éclat’s dark and white chocolate bar blended with green tea and roasted brown rice. For relaxation, the clever Mindfulness Cards provide daily practices to stay centered and a lovely candle releases a calming scent of matcha tea and bergamot. Four hydrating skin care products nourish lips, hands, and body. Bedtime is made blissful with the Breathe eye pillow filled with lavender and flaxseed, and a humorous book titled This Book Will Put You to Sleep.

  • Paddywax Glazed Ceramic Candle, 20 hour burn time, 3.5 oz
  • Éclat Green Tea & Roasted Rice Chocolate Parallel Bar, 2.2 oz
  • This Book Will Put You to Sleep, hardcover, 5″ w x 8″ h
  • Moonlit Skincare Sweet Dreams Overnight Lip Balm, 0.19 oz jar
  • Chronicle Books Mindfulness Cards, 3.75″ w x 5.5″ h, 50 practice cards
  • La Chatelaine Lavender Hand Cream, 1 oz
  • Tea Forté Herbal Retreat Tea Collection Box, 1.13 oz gift box, 10 caffeine-free tea infusers
  • Fellow Monty Latte Cup, 11 oz
  • Jacobsen Honey Sticks, 10 pack, each stick 0.18 oz

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For Those Who Love Massages

A massage is a delight for persons with Parkinsons disease. They will be more than grateful for this unique and thoughtful gift.

We recommend Renpho Neck and Back Massage Chair for the quality and it is equipped with soothing heat & seat vibration that applies the right amounts of pressure and heat into their neck and back. It helps their muscles to be relaxed and free from any tensions and pains. You can

Perfect Gift Ideas For Parkinson Patients In 2021

By: Sarah Rivera | Last Updated: December 26, 2020

Do you have a loved one with Parkinsons disease celebrating their special occasion? Consider getting them presents that make them comfortable and ease their mobility. Look for useful gifts like a heated blanket, E-reader, hiking stick, book holder, pillow, slipper socks, and cloth robe. For ease and convenience, you can consider cleaning and care services.

We know how difficult chronic diseases affect an individuals life either in the hospital or at home. Making these gifts will brighten their face and give them hope of more life despite their battle in hospital beds.

To make them happy, we have given some useful gift ideas that, if you consider, will impact their lives positively.

Read on and touch the lives of Parkinsons patients in a special way!

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Squatty Potty The Original Bathroom Toilet Stool Slim Teak

Constipation is one of the common non-movement symptoms of Parkinsons disease, which is why many with the condition could benefit from a toilet stool. The Squatty Potty Slim Teak lifts your feet while sitting on the toilet to mimic a natural squat. While the act of pooping is anything but glamorous, the Squatty Potty has a sleek design that will add to any bathroom decor. Its also easy to clean and tuck away.

Weighted utensils like this set from the BunMo Store can make it easier for those with Parkinson’s to keep their food on their utensils and make its path to the mouth much smoother. This stainless steel set weighs a minimum of seven ounces per piece, while still maintaining a standard silverware size and shape.

Levinsohn Textile Company Satin Charmeuse Silky Sheet Set Collection

Breakfast Ideas for Parkinson Patient With Swallowing Disorder

Parkinsons deeply affects peoples functionality and mobility. This can cause poor sleeping patterns because of the difficulty people have turning in bed. Dr. Nwabuobi says silk sheets can make readjusting at night easier for people with Parkinsons. While silk is nice, it can also be terribly expensive. But these satin silk sheets do the job just fine and are a steal in comparison. These sheets are lightweight, breathable, and soft to the touch. Available in red, black, grey, and ivory, these sheets will add a nice pop of color to the bedroom and make anyone excited to fall asleep.

Allbirds has a great selection of slip-on shoes for both men and women. Their Tree Loungers, made from eucalyptus tree fibers, are especially nice. In addition to being conveniently laceless, theyre also lightweight and breathable, making it even easier for people with Parkinsons to slip them on. With their low-density soles, the Tree Loungers mimic the shape of your feet and add little weight, ensuring your mobility isnt hindered. Considering tremors are a common symptom of the condition, putting on shoes can be a complicated and time consuming task. But these shoes make the process simpleand it doesnt hurt that they help the environment by emitting less carbon than petroleum-based foam shoes.

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Gifts For Parkinsons Patients Who Are Sensitive To Cold And Suffer From Anxiety

Weighted blankets are claimed to provide a sensation of being embraced. For Parkinsons patients, a weighted and comfortable blanket may reduce feelings of isolation and anxiety because of the blankets deep stimulation that causes a calming experience.

This is also one of great gifts for Parkinsons Patients who are having trouble with their sleeping.

. You may refer to the image below to find the right size and weight of the blanket.

Make A Donation To The Parkinsons Foundation

Donating to the Parkinsons Foundation in their name can be combined with any of the gifts above but is a meaningful gift all on its own. It only takes about 5 minutes and your money goes towards critical Parkinsons research for new treatments and improved care for those living with the condition. to go to the Tribute Donation page of their website.

Our goal is to help you find the best option for the senior in your life. Reach out to us by calling 771-6550 or click below to learn more about us and our mission.

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The Complete Mediterranean Cookbook

Most health conditions come with a few lifestyle changes. For Parkinsons, changing your diet is highly recommended. Dr. Nwabuobi advises patients to incorporate lots of vegetables, high fiber, nuts, legumes, and whole grains into their diet. Due to these elements, a Mediterranean diet is a good model for how to start. The Complete Mediterranean Cookbook comes with over 500 recipes that bring the best of Morocco, Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon, Greece, and more to your kitchen. Each recipe puts a new twist on the traditional Mediterranean diet and makes meals easy to cook, which is perfect for weeknight dining when energy is already low.

Writing Tools For Disabled

Gift Ideas For Parkinson Patients Sure To Make Their Life ...

PD patients also find that they are unable to write with ease because of the tremors. Weighted pens and pencils can be of great help since they help steady the patients hands such that they are able to write with ease and effectively and that is why we had to list them as one of the best gifts for parkinsons patients. The writing pens for disabled can be found here.

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Present Suggestions For A Senior Loved One With Parkinsons

Highly mindful use and also cautious monitoring by your doctor is vital must using these medications come to be necessary. Its likewise essential to keep in mind that individuals dealing with LBD may or may not experience gotten worse hallucinations and also misconceptions from medicine used for PD, such as levodopa. An individual can also experience disease-induced episodes of fear and have sleep/wake cycle disruption. Over the past 10 years that I have been functioning as a caregiver caring for people with the illness, I have actually seen just how negative the condition can get and also exactly how it makes the individuals frustrated. However they are always jolly when you offer them with a well assumed existing which is why today, I intend to talk about the very best presents for Parkinsons clients.

Gifts For Parkinsons Patients Who Are Hygienic

Everyone needs dental care to prevent cavities and mouth disease, but for Parkinsons patients brushing their teeth can be burdensome. You can consider giving them a smart toothbrush as a thoughtful gift.

The AquaSonic electric toothbrushprovides complete oral care with two distinct modes: one for whitening and polishing their teeth and one for optimizing gum hygiene. You can be sure that this is safe as a gift because the American Dental Association gave a seal approval for this premium product meaning they recommend it as a safe smart toothbrush even for those with Parkinsons disease.

The box includes:

  • instruction and support contact manual

You can buy this for a price of .

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Can Parkinsons Go Into Remission

The nonamnestic presentations, usually characterized by executive dysfunction, are most prevalent. We present a case report of a Parkinsons disease patient diagnosed with nonamnestic mild cognitive impairment that showed complete remission of cognitive symptoms after one year.

It is necessary to commemorate everyday when you are a caretaker, whether in a large means or a little means. So, as we celebrate this holiday season, I hope I have actually given you some useful ideas for gifts for your enjoyed one. Caretakers, relative, and good friends can really feel muddle-headed when it comes time to obtain a present for an individual with PD . As a person with Young Start Parkinsons disease, I can tell you first-hand what some wonderful gifts would certainly be and why. I made use of to volunteer at a grown-up daycare at our neighborhood healthcare facility. A lot of the patients had PD and also we simply shivered together.

MessyFaceBibs May 10, 2018

Rock Steady Boxing Classes

New Hope for Parkinsons Disease Cure as Treatment Enters Human Trials | Gift Of Life

Boxing might not seem the best-suited exercise for someone with Parkinsons, but a program called Rock Steady is specially designed to meet the changing physical needs of people with this condition. Rock Steady classes improve balance, core strength, flexibility, and gait to help people with Parkinsons get around more easily in their daily lives. Rock Steady classes are held around the country.

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Gift Idea #: Television And Movie Subscriptions

Subscriptions, such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime are incredible helpful. On occasion, they have helped maintain my sanity. I absolutely love watching movies, something I inherited from my grandmother. Being bed/homebound on many occasions due to pain, weakness, or inability to drive, I have certainly made good use of these subscriptions even exceeded my limit recently when I was down with a virus for more than 8 weeks. For the first time in years, I learned that there is such a thing as a limit on usage! Not only are subscriptions good when you are alone and need entertainment, but they can turn into a family bonding experience as it does for me and my daughter.

Posey Happy Hands Overlay

When living with Parkinson’s it’s key to stay in shape both physically and mentally. Cardio and other exercises can help with the disease but this gift is beneficial for a number of reasons. Hand eye coordination is exercised, untying or threading the rope can help with mobility, and pulling velcro on and off maintains body memory. It’s a fun way to keep your hands and mind sharp.

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Titan Royal Ez Assistive Moving Chair

This moving chair is primarily designed for anyone who has a mobility problem. It could be a great help to your loved one who has Parkinsons disease. The chair serves the best not only at home but outside places like offices, restaurants, and hospitals. It provides a safe and comfortable drive for the person to be seated and reduces the chances of injuries to the caregiver. The chair moves easily forward without applying extra force and stops with Its locking casters that are activated with a foot. Its swivels feature allows the patient to be seated at the table and rotated towards the table.

The wheels are of high quality, can roll easily over on any floor without causing damage to the floor.

The seat of the chair is very comfortable and durable. Plus, the frame is very stable and can support a weight of up to 600 Ib.

Overall, this moving chair comes with some great features that provide the ultimate comfort to your loved one. It would really worth your money. .

A Set Of Weighted Utensils

Great Gifts for People with Parkinson

If you dont want to spend a lot and still want to have a good gift for your loved one suffering from Parkinsons disease, consider a set of weighted utensils.

Parkinsons patients usually have not enough grip to hold regular utensils. They need utensils that are heavy and hold firmly so that they dont have to worry about spilling the food.

Here is the best set of weighted utensils from Kinsman available on Amazon at a reasonable price. The set is very sturdy and is pleasant to look. It comes with 1 fork, 1 knife, 1 soup spoon, and 1 tablespoon.

With its sharp knife and stainless fork, the patient can effortlessly cut and eat any food piece whether its solid like meat or soft like cake, cheese, and pasta. The spoons are designed to avoid spills and drop at every meal. The set is made up of high-quality stainless steel, so it is durable, doesnt break easily and last for many years. Plus it can be cleaned easily with hands or in the dishwasher machine.

Overall, this weighted utensils set is much better than any normal utensil set and it is well worth the investment. Your loved one would be happy to have it as a gift. .

If you are interested to know about other weighted utensils sets, click here to read a review on the 5 best-weighted utensils sets.

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