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Weighted Cups For Parkinson’s

Hear The Stories Of Just A Few Of The Many People It Has Already Helped

Weighted Utensils – Home Health Solutions

Will handSteady work for you?

Some people use the cups just some of the time such as when their symptoms are worse or when theyre travelling. Whilst others find them so helpful that they use them all the time!

Here are a few case studies of people just like you, who were suffering with finding normal cups difficult to use, but are now able to drink easily again…

Dr Brown 9oz Straw Cup

If youre looking for a new straw cup, you may as well consider one made by a company thats been dedicated to making them for years.

With nearly 400k like on , Dr Browns has been voted the best bottle for many years in the past decade. Its not unusual given their first bottles in 1996 were designed and patented by a real doctor making this one of the best weighted straw sippy cups you can buy.

Its spill proof, travel safe, comes with easy-to-grip handles, and can be placed in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

As well, it comes with its own straw cleaning tool. Allowing you to make sure no bacteria is growing on those hard to reach places. Similarly, as all baby products should be, its 100% BPA-free.

  • Easy to clean and spill proof
  • Design rated highly by hundreds

The Story Behind My Search For A Solution

I was inspired to create a solution for drinking difficulties when one of my closet family members started having a hand tremor. This made holding a cup tricky.

So I started thinking up ideas whist in London at the Royal College of Art doing a product design masters course.

It became clear that normal cups can be hard to use due to the handle being fixed in a single position. So, I created the concept of enabling the handle to rotate smoothly about 360 degrees.

A variety of people tested this, and the results were staggering. Not only did it help people with tremor in unique new ways, but also people with limited range of motion, muscle weakness and wrist and finger pain.

I then developed, tested and refined the design with 35 health experts and 72 people with health conditions.

Finally, all the hard work paid off!

We made carefully crafted changes to the design of drinking cups to bring back the joy of drinking in new ways that would be impossible to achieve any other way.

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Special Supplies Adaptive Utensils

Best non-weighted

This five-piece utensil set is not weighted, but the design includes a wide, nonslip, ribbed handle to improve ease of grip. The set contains a fork, knife, curved knife, dinner spoon, and soup spoon.

The handles are made from food-grade safe silicone, while the utensils come in dishwasher-safe stainless steel. The utensil set is available in a choice of colors.

The company claims that these utensils may also be suitable for those with arthritis or low grip strength.

Special Supplies Adaptive Utensils are available to purchase online for about $15.

Parkinsons Weighted Insulated Drinking Cup & Spill

Weighted Insulated Mug :: cup with handle for Parkinsons

Everybody should enjoy their favorite beverages. In the case of someone with Parkisons disease, shaky hands or hand tremors make it likely to spill the drinks when using regular drinking cups. Our Parkinsons weighted insulated drinking cup and spill-proof lids feature a steel weight at the base of the drinking cup to reduce hand tremors and allow the users to enjoy their beverages.

The weighted insulated cup comes with your choice of a drinking spout lid or a closeable no-spill lid. Either cover helps to prevent spills. The Parkinsons insulated mug holds eight-fluid ounces of hot or cold beverages.

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Adaptive Utensils Universal Cuffs

Best removable cuff

These polyester cuffs wrap around a persons existing eating utensils, creating a handle. An individual can then place their hand through the handle to securely hold their cutlery.

It is possible to adjust the Velcro straps to prevent slipping, with the company claiming that the product will fit most hand sizes.

The pack includes three cuffs one for a cup and two for utensils.

Adaptive Utensils Universal Cuffs are available to purchase online.

Heres How The Rotatable Handle Works To Eliminate Your Frustration With Cups

The scientific breakthrough in handSteady® is the Rotatable Handle, which smoothly rotates 360° thanks to two ball bearings inside a low friction mechanism in the handle. This makes drinking easier in unique ways.

Whilst the Rotatable Handle can seem counter intuitive at first, it doesnt take long before it feels completely natural to use.

Heres how to use the Rotatable Handle in 3 easy steps:

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What Is Making Drinkingeasier Worth To You

When you consider the cost of spilling drinks in terms of cleaning furniture, clothes and carpets, and the importance of the activity of drinking in daily living…

… you may consider the value of drinking to be priceless.

So, even though the cost to make handSteady is subsantial, weve worked hard to make it available for as low as possible so as many people can benefit from it.

Its now available for just $20 plus shipping.

This equates to less than only $1.70 per month over a year, or less than $0.85 per month over 2 years, to be FREE of difficulties with cups that may have been making your life so unpleasant for so long.

Weighted Utensils Cup And More For Patients With Parkinsons Disease

Using Liftware: Berta (Severe Tremor)

Conditions that cause tremors can make it difficult for people to eat independently. Parkinsons disease is a progressive nervous system disorder that affects movement. A common symptom is tremors, which can make it hard for people with the disease to eat without the food falling off of their fork or spoon. Other conditions like Essential Tremor or a stroke can also cause tremors. Weighted utensils and other aids can help reduce tremors making it easier for people with these conditions to eat independently.

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How Does It Work

The cup does a great job when it comes to drinking. It has a large, easy-grip handle that is rotatable . The rotatable feature allows the cup to be at self-level whilst in use, no matter what angle the cup is held at. The handle helps avoid drinking efforts that the user usually faces while drinking with a normal cup, like twisting the wrist, raising the elbow, or leaning the head back a spar.

The cup comes with a slip lid, which prevents the liquid from spilling and keeps drinks hotter for a longer time. Not only that, it has a drinking hole that controls the flow of liquid to the user.

The lid can easily be inserted by simply pushing onto the cup in the desired position and can be removed by pushing up.

Indian Designer Invents Spill

Inspired by an uncle diagnosed with Parkinsons, Indian product designer Mileha Soneji has created several simple products to help people with the condition.

Between 7 and 10 million people worldwide are living with Parkinsons — a progressive disease that attacks the nervous system and causes tremors, impaired balance and stiffness, among other symptoms.

Soneji, who comes from the city of Pune in India, watched as her uncle — once a fun-loving and energetic figure in her life — deteriorated in health after his diagnosis.

“He used to be the center of attention at all the family reunions, then he started to hide behind others, Soneji told HuffPost France. He hid from the pity he saw in peoples eyes.

Soneji took time to interview her uncle and observed him to better appreciate the difficulties he faces on a daily basis. During one of their conversations, he confessed that he had stopped drinking tea or coffee in public out of embarrassment.

Technology isnt always the solution.

– Mileha Soneji

Thats when the designer thought up the spill-proof cup. Her invention is curved inward at the top to deflect the liquid back inside the cup in the event of a tremor. It also has a larger-than-normal handle.

The key here is that it is not tagged as a Parkinsons patient product. It looks like a cup that could be used by you, me, any clumsy person, Soneji said in a TED Talk in February 2015. And that makes it much more comforting for them to use, to blend in.”

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Elder Store Weighted Eating Utensils

These weighted utensils sold by Elderstore are some of the heaviest and longest available. Weighing around 8 ounces each, and coming in at 8-9 long.

Theyve been specifically designed and weighted to reduce tremors whilst eating, perfect for those with Parkinsons. Additionally, the handles are contoured with finger grooves to pick up and grasp easily. Unfortunately, they arent non-slip.

Theyre made from stainless steel, a popular choice for manufacturers of weighted utensils, and with their handle, are completely dishwasher safe.

You can choose a 4-piece or 5-piece set, with the 4-piece containing a knife, fork, teaspoon, and soup spoon. The 5-piece comes with an extra tablespoon.

  • Some of the heaviest weighted utensils available
  • Stainless steel with countered finger grooves in handle
  • 4 of 5-piece set to choose from

Introducing Handsteady: The New Way To Drink Easier

Insulated Cup with Anti Splash Lid :: covered lid helps ...

This revolutionary product for difficulties caused by tremor, pain, muscle weakness, limited dexterity and other challenges is called handSteady, and it’s a non-spill cup with a rotatable handle and hidden lid.

handSteady’s rotatable handle enables the cup to stay upright, steady and tilt easily without needing to bend your wrist or raise your elbow.

You simply start using handSteady& reg cups, and within a day or so you’re likely to notice that you no longer have the difficulties with cups that may have been part of your life for so long.

handSteady includes 6 innovative features…

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Is Plastic Or Steel Better

Generally speaking, its always better to go for a steel cup over plastic.

Steel provides better insulation, is one of the safest materials to use, tends to facilitate less bacteria growth, and is more durable. On the other hand, it can provide a sort of metallic taste if not cleaned properly before first use.

Plastic is cheaper, but also comes at a lower quality. If cleaned roughly or left in harsh environments, toxins in the plastic may leach out, lining the cup and waiting to enter the stomach of whoever drinks from it next. It can also form a bad smell much faster.

Overall, with the manufacturing economies as they are today, the price difference between steel and plastic is quite low. Making a steel straw cup a top runner for many people.

Do You Find Normal Cups Difficult To Use Due To Tremor Pain Limited Dexterity Weakness Or Other Health Related Challenges

How would you like to stop spilling your drink?

What if you could restore your confidence when drinking?

Imagine socialising with friends over coffee feeling completely relaxed without worrying about spilling your drink.

Finally, theres a better way to stop spilling your drinks that could:

  • Reduce your anxiety when drinking, especially when socialising
  • Save you time and money cleaning stained clothes, carpets and furniture

And in this article, youll find out all about it.

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Healthgoodsin 2 Handled Ceramic Mug

The mug is made of ceramic and has one handle on each side of the cup which makes it ideal for patients with hand tremors and gripping problems. The ceramic handles are well insulated from the body of the cup and lets you use both of your hands for a steadier hold.

This makes a significant impact on your drinking experience and encourages enjoying your beverage without any help from your caregiver.

Although ceramic is a heavier material and the cup weighs just under a pound, it comes with the advantages of ceramic free of BPA and latex and completely safe to your with your other kitchen appliances like the dishwasher and microwave and therefore lend you with that extra bit of convenience in the kitchen is cleaning the cup or heating your favorite beverage quickly.

Having said that, if your Parkinsons is at an advanced stage and you anticipate that the weight of the cup may be a problem, we recommend you go ahead with a dual handle plastic cup instead.


  • The volume of content that cup can hold is ample at 350 ml
  • Dual handles help in better hold and stability and reduces chances of spills
  • Available in 3 colors blue, grey, and pink to complement your personality
  • Safe to be used in the dishwasher for easy washing
  • Easy and quick to heat up beverages in the microwave


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How It Is Different

Adaptive Utensils by Vive – Best Silverware For Tremors, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Parkinson’s, Elderly

Solutions that are commercially available do not consider multiple physical disabilities. Usually, they are aimed at fixing one specific type of disability. They do not consider that the user might be involved in more that one disability. Also, available products are designed for medical equipment instead of daily use. Most important part of designing for disabilities is understanding the dignity factor: the need for help without giving up living norms. Understanding the users inability to perform like they use to, the features should be subtle and aesthetically pleasing while function for specific needs. Unfortunately, commercially available products are too childish, clumsy or abnormal for daily use.

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What Problems Do Parkinsons Patients Face

The most common and almost always the first symptom of Parkinsons is the uncontrollable and involuntary shaking and tremors of the hands and limbs. Understandably, this leads to problems in carrying out the simplest of household chores and even eating and drinking.

Many patients become frustrated when their intended hand movements misfire and involuntary tremors make it difficult to hold any object steady.

Other symptoms, which progressively appear in Parkinsons patients are slowed body movements, stiffness in the hands and legs, and difficulty in maintaining body balance, proper posture and standing straight.

Tremor In His Hand No More Spillages

Louise said, “handSteady was purchased for my grandfather who has tremor in his hand which is is very conscious of.”

Whilst he was not thrilled with the thought of using a different cup from everyone else, he is now thrilled with the ease of drinking this cup has provided him.”

“He loves it and is grateful there are no more spillages.

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Feature : The Hidden Lid

The Hidden Lid sits on the rim of the handSteady cup and is discreet to preserve your dignity.

The lid reduces spills… keeps drinks hotter for longer… reduces speed of liquid flow… has a straw and drink hole…

It is easy to insert and remove – just push onto your cup in the desired position to insert, then push up to remove.

Equipment For Eating And Drinking

Drinking Aid Mobility Disability Elderly Parkinsons Non ...

If you find it difficult to drink or to prepare and eat meals, it’s worth considering specialist items that could help.

If you have reduced grip, weakness or tremor, it can be difficult to handle cutlery. Several specially designed styles are available, including:

  • an all-in-one knife and fork or fork and spoon
  • special handles that are extra-large, easy-grip , extra-light, weighted or curved foam sleeves, which can be placed over existing cutlery handles to make them easier to hold
  • cutlery which can be bent to suit different grips
  • self-levelling spoons

If you experience stiffness and rigidity, you may find that extra large or curved-handled cutlery works best for you. If you have a tremor you may prefer the combined fork and spoon, for example.

You can usually buy specially designed cutlery in high street mobility shops.

If you have difficulty gripping things, a curved-handled or rocking action knife can be used for chopping food. The handle is D or L-shaped to help give you more control.

They come in various sizes and the handles are usually made from easy-grip material.

Plate guards clip onto the plate and provide an upright ring around it to stop food from falling off the edge. You can also push food up against the guard to get it onto your fork or spoon.

If it takes you longer to eat a meal or drink a drink, an insulated dish or mug can keep your food and drink hot or cold. They are often weighted, which can help keep the items stable.

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The Otvest Weighted Vest Provides Trunk Stability For Those With Parkinsons Disease Helping Reduce Tremors

Movement disorders can be debilitating, affecting all areas of everyday life. But the OTvest can help naturally treat movement disorders like Parkinson’s! The OTvest weighted vest is a simple, non-invasive intervention that can improve all aspects of everyday life.

The OTvest denim weighted vest can be used as a gentle intervention and natural treatment option for those who suffer from movement disorders such as Parkinsons disease, other degenerative nervous system or muscular conditions, those that lack body awareness or have cerebellar damage.


The OTvest adds deep pressure on the shoulder blades , upper back and upper chest of the wearer. This comfortable, deep pressure therapy can be applied any time of the day to improve trunk stability, giving the wearer better balance, improved body awareness and upper extremity function, and reduction of the tremors that are so often associated with movement disorders.


If you’re looking for a natural treatment option for Parkinson’s, the deep pressure touch therapy supplied by the OTvest weighted vest might be exactly what you need.


Those who have used the OTvest as a treatment for Parkinsons have written letters explaining how much the OTvest has benefitted their lives. Here are just a few:



Contact OTvest, LLC:

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