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What To Expect From A Support Group

Parkinson’s Disease & Medication – What’s New

Some in-person groups are small, others are large. Some groups meet during the day, while others gather in the evening or even on the weekend. Some in-person groups meet in a community-based setting, like a YMCA, a library, or a church basement, while others may hold meetings in a hospital conference room, a clinic, or a rehabilitation center.

Meanwhile, online support groups also vary in size and in demographics. Some groups have been around a long time, with members who have formed friendships over the years, while others may be relatively new groups with people who are still getting to know each other.

One thing all support groups have in common in this: They want to help people affected by Parkinsons disease.

Best Way To Find A Local Support Group

You might also try looking for a support group thats close to home so its easy for you to get involved. Search the PMD Alliances online database of support groups divided by state. You could also ask your doctor for recommendations.

Although every support group for people with Parkinsons disease is designed to help you find the support you need to keep on living your life, every support group is also unique.

Parkinson’s Support Group Albuquerque

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Parkinson’s Support Group

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Giving The Couch A Break

You might ask, Perky, what will I get out of forcing myself off my couch, and going to talk about how miserable my life is in front of a group of strangers? Well Debbie Downer, you could have benefits such as:

  • Get advice about your PD and various treatment options others having tried.
  • You will realize that you are not alone, which will help with isolation and loneliness.
  • You will give your couch a break it needs it from all the Netflix youve been watching.
  • A chance to talk honest and openly about Parkinsons without fear of judgment.
  • Make a new friend expand your Wolfpack.
  • Learn what resources are available in your area.
  • Most importantly, feeling a sense of empowerment and control.

In the end, its not what type of group you go to. Just find support in ways that youre comfortable with. Remember, were always stronger together.

Starting A Support Group

Oregonians with Parkinson

Some tips to help you start your own support group:

Choose the group’s target audience.Is it just for people with Parkinson’s, or are care partners and family members invited as well? If you live in a larger city, you can consider gearing the meeting toward a more specific group, such as people with young-onset Parkinson’s disease.Churches, community centers, libraries and other spaces with meeting rooms are great choices. Because members may want to share personal stories, more public spaces like coffee shops and restaurants may not be ideal. You can also decide if your group should meet monthly, twice a month or even weekly.

Figure out a format for the meetings. Will there be one “leader” who facilitates discussions or will members take turns hosting the meeting? From time to time, try to schedule guest speakers such as area neurologists and allied care professionals, like physical therapists and nutritionists. If there are exercise groups for people with Parkinson’s in your area, invite them to give a demonstration and share their services. Of course, leave plenty of time for simply chatting about life with Parkinson’s disease, too.

Spread the word. Ask your doctor if you can share flyers in the office, and let your local hospitals know about the group, too. Bring flyers to libraries, coffee shops and other community spaces. If you’re tech-savvy, start a Facebook group or page, or make a basic website. These are also good ways to keep in touch with members.

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What Is A Parkinsons Support Group

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When you hear the words, Parkinsons disease support group, do you think of a windowless room in a community building, with carpeted floors and smell of stale coffee? A group of people sitting in a circle and one by one they introduce themselves and how long they have been struggling with the common ailment, Parkinsons disease . With a Styrofoam cup full of coffee in one hand and a donut in the other, the room shares their pain and the group in a whole feels stronger by knowing that they are not alone.

Parkinsons Movement Disorder And Alliance

Key Specs

  • Membership fee: Free
  • Structure:In-person support groups, virtual Zoom support groups, chat forums/message boards
  • Details: Offers both in-person and virtual support groups, educational videos and resources, and support is available for care partners
  • Things to do: A survey needs to be completed first before you can participate in the online community

The Parkinsons Movement Disorder and Alliance is a nonprofit organization that focuses on characteristics like empathy, creativity, resiliency, and shared learning.

It also has a wealth of support and educational services. Aside from online programming and Zoom support groups, this organization also offers various in-person support groups located throughout the country.

Additionally, the organization features numerous educational programs like “Lunch with Docs,” in which individuals can meet with a movement disorder specialist virtually over lunch from the comfort of their own home.

There are free workshops across the country called In Sync for supporting and teaching people interested in developing their skills as a support group leader.

There, people can learn skills and build confidence in designing and leading their own support group for Parkinsons disease or other movement disorders. Leadership experts and healthcare professionals also provide guidance through informational presentations.

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Parkinson Association Of The Carolinas Virtual Support Group

On the first Wednesday of every month at 2:00 PM, we invite everyone from our community to join us for Virtual Support Groups for FREE via Zoom! Whether you are a person with Parkinsons disease, a family member or friend, a caregiver, community member, or industry leader, we want to help you to be proactive about your mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing.

You can also find documents, videos, blogs, tips, and much more toward the bottom of this page.

Columbia Parkinson’s Support Group

Parkinson’s UK| Moderate Intensity Aerobics – Lisa Cahalan

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Parkinson’s Support Group MichiganOt practitioners help disabled children full take part in school activities, they help injured people convalesce…

Parkinson’s Support Group Bay AreaTheres still some work for researchers to do in front theyll have it off how much help nigh…

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Other Places To Find Support

Support groups aren’t for everyone. If they don’t appeal to you, there’s no need to force it. If you were involved in community, religious or hobby-based organizations in your life before Parkinson’s, keep up those ties and friendships. In addition, educating yourself about Parkinson’s, and getting involved with local or national Parkinson’s organizations, can be ways to meet people who share some experiences with you without joining a support group.

Find Support in the Parkinsons Buddy Network

Create connections and find community online in the Parkinsons Buddy Network. Were building an online support system, one buddy at a time.

Dailystrength Parkinsons Disease Support Group

Key Specs

  • Details: Easy-to-use interface, small and intimate support group, and provides access to doctors
  • Things to consider: It’s not a very active group

The DailyStrength Parkinsons Disease Support Group is a free and welcoming online support community with more than 400 members and 3,000 posts.

The mission of the group is centered around empowering and inspiring each other to overcome PD-related and life challenges.

Overall, the DailyStrength website is easy to navigate, and registration is straightforward and quick. Posts are informational, practical, and thoughtful. This is, perhaps, a good place to start for people looking for a smaller, more intimate online support group that is not overwhelming or associated with a national organization.

Even though the site is not moderated, to keep the support group safe and positive, DailyStrength has a set of guidelines that the members are asked to follow.

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Local Government Seniors Achievement Award

INSPIRATIONAL PENRITH SENIORS CELEBRATEDWITH 2022 LOCAL ACHIEVEMENT AWARDSStuart Ayres MP, Member for Penrith presented four seniors with Local Achievement Awards as part of the 2022 NSW Seniors Festival.Award winners received their accolade at the Penrith CBD Corporations seniors morning tea held at the Penrith RSL Club.Frank, Jennifer, Terry and Valentina showcase the qualities of seniors who make our local area such a diverse, active and inspirational place to live, Stuart Ayres said.I congratulate and thank them for their generous contributions, remarkable skills and extensive knowledge which continues to benefit our community.The award winners were carefully selected from a high calibre of nominees and highlight the diverse ways seniors support their families, communities and society more broadly.Recipients for the Penrith Local Achievement Awards are: Frank Portelli – service to the Penrith community through the RSL & Rotary Jennifer Hotop service to the Penrith Regional Gallery Terry King – service to the Nepean Blue Mountains Parkinson’s Support Group – Valentina Nadj – volunteer service to York Public School.The Local Achievement Awards are among an array of events taking place across the state as part of the 2022 NSW Seniors Festival.

Support Comes In Different Shapes And Sizes

Good turnout for Fynbos

The first Saturday of each month, after our Parkinson’s fitness class, we all shuffle to a local restaurant for lunch. We call it lunch mates. As I am woofing down my cheeseburger, sweet potato fries and a chocolate milkshake, I look around the room. Everyone in the group was deep in conversation. Some were chatting about what medicine they take to control their symptoms, while others talked about their plans for the upcoming weekend. I also was aware of the caring partners who were talking to each other and sharing their personal challenges.

It became clear to me that support happens on many different levels. Some of us might prefer the structure of a traditional support group. Its safe. Its predictable, and it doesnt take much effort to participate. But others may like to go to a Parkinsons fitness class, nudge their neighbor and ask them about the Movement Disorder Specialist they see.

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Parkinson’s Support Group Topics

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Topics You Might Discuss

A support group may discuss a variety of topics centered around living with Parkinsons disease, including accepting your diagnosis and finding ways to live your best life, as well as issues that may be important to caregivers. That might include:

  • challenges you have encountered and how to handle them
  • adaptations youve had to make in your daily life, such as with housework or grooming
  • how you deal with feelings of loneliness or grief
  • your experiences with depression and anxiety
  • issues related to sexuality and relationships with spouses or partners
  • relationships with adult children or other relatives
  • side effects from medications how they have affected you
  • new research into treatments
  • talking to a loved one about the progression of symptoms

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If You Are A Discussion Moderator

If youre a moderator or a facilitator for a support group for people with Parkinsons disease, or family members or caregivers for people with Parkinsons disease, you play a very important role in helping the group to be a success. You can start by setting an agenda for each meeting so everyone knows what to expect.

A few other tips for getting the conversation flowing:

  • Start with opening questions that help people to settle in and get comfortable.
  • Make sure everyone knows the ground rules and expectations.
  • Give everyone the opportunity to speak and to be heard.
  • Encourage members to listen when others are speaking.
  • Be respectful if some people choose not to share.
  • Use a handheld microphone in case some people are soft-spoken.
  • Develop some strategies to handle situations in which a few people monopolize discussions.
  • Ask group members to brainstorm topics for future discussions or suggestions for guest speakers.

You also might check out resources from organizations like the Parkinsons Foundation that can help you plan your meetings, encourage participation, and foster the connections that are so vitally important to support group members.

Parkinson’s Support Group Uk

Keep Moving with APDA: What Does the Science say About Walking & Parkinson’s Disease?

Tech companies, keen to keep us on their platform for as long as possible, help this power to scrutinize the action of others with their default settings. I have warm religion and have had a good aliveness and have tremendous household and friends supporting me. Parkinsons equal support groups are suited for both people with parkinsons and their carers. On a showery nox in oct, a residential area room was filled with patients and their pregnant others for an educational and networking assembly of the capital district parkinsons disease support group (cdparkinsons. It is unknown whether deep brown in reality protects a someone from acquiring the disease, or whether some other factor found among deep brown drinkers, such as a thrill-seeking personality, is responsible for.

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Ridgecrest Parkinson’s Support Group To Meet

  • News release

The Parkinson’s disease support group invites everyone suffering from or providing care to anyone with Parkinson’s to attend regular meetings.

Parkinson’s is an incurable and debilitating neurological ailment affecting more than 10 million individuals worldwide.

Although each patient exhibits a unique set of symptoms, the most common are those that result in movement disorders and include tremors or shakes in the upper extremities, trouble with walking gait with an increase in the danger of falling, trouble maintaining speech volume, forgetting to swallow resulting in drooling of the mouth, loss of the sense of smell and loss of appetite.

The group meets the second Thursday of each month from 2:30 to 4 p.m. at Grace Lutheran Church to share experiences and new information in an informal and friendly setting.

Individuals seeking more information is encouraged to call Rosie Holtrop at 760-375-2076.

Christmas In July At The Peachtree Inn Penrith

Thankyou to everyone in our Group for attending our “Christmas in July” lunch today. We had a fabulous time, and we thank PNSW CEO Jo-Anne Reeves for joining us. There were some lovely Christmas outfits and accessories, giving the occasion a splash of flair.

From our committee, Viv, Terry, Robyn and Glenn.


We are resuming our face-to-face events in January. All the regular events dance, voice, Carers and Monthly Meetings will follow the previous years schedule. Please check this homepage closer to time for details. Contact Viv on 0404836921 for further information.

Our Support Group is extremely aware of the on-going presence of COVID-19 in our Community.

So our Committee has decided to be very cautious about in-person events for the rest of 2021.

Therefore, our Monthly Meeting at the Penrith RSL Club, our Dance Classes, Carer lunches and the Choir/Voice Exercise Classes will re-commence in January 2022.

Please watch this space for updates.

This event is outdoors and presents a lesser risk for spreading COVID-19.

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