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Vitamin K2 And Parkinson’s Disease

Measurement Of Ros Generation

Who needs to take Vitamin K2? Q& A with microbiologist Kiran Krishnan

A reactive oxygen species assay kit was used to detect the intracellular generation of ROS. The cells were incubated in serum-free media with 10 mol/L 2,7-dichlorofluorescin diacetate at 37 °C for 20 min. Next, the cells were washed three times with serum-free medium. Samples were analyzed at an excitation wavelength of 488 nm and an emission wavelength of 522 nm using a flow cytometer .

Parkinsons Patients Might Find Hope In Study That Unravels Effects Of Vitamin K2 On Fruit Flies

May 14, 2012

Rangaswamy Nathan Meganathan

A team of researchers that included two Northern Illinois University scientists has used vitamin K2 to successfully undo the effect of one of the genetic defects that leads to Parkinsons disease.

The research study, conducted on fruit flies, is published in the latest edition of the prestigious journal Science on its Science Express website .

The team included NIU Department of Biological Sciences professor and noted vitamin K expert Rangaswamy Nathan Meganathan, as well as his former student, Janaka N. Edirisinghe, who completed his Ph.D. in December. The two collaborated with 10 other scientists from two Belgian institutions, the VIB Center for Biology of Disease and the Center for Human Genetics and Leuven Research Institute for Neurodegenerative Diseases at the University of Leuven.

Study leader Patrik Verstreken, a neuroscientist associated with the Belgian centers, said the discovery gives hope to Parkinsons patients.

It appears from our research that administering vitamin K2 could possibly help patients with Parkinsons. However, more work needs to be done to understand this better, Verstreken said.

Vitamin K2plays a role in the energy production of defective mitochondria, the researchers said. If cells were likened to small factories, then mitochondria would be the power plants responsible for supplying the energy for their operations. They generate this energy by transporting electrons.

Vitamin D And Parkinsons Disease Is There A Link

Recent research suggests a possible relationship between vitamin D and Parkinsons disease. A postmortem study of the patient with Parkinsons disease has found vitamin D receptors at higher concentrations in the region of the brain linked to Parkinsons disease. The study suggested that the presence of these receptors indicates that vitamin D may be able to protect the brain cells that are lost in Parkinsons disease.

There are also some studies that have shown that low levels of vitamin D may increase the risk of developing Parkinsons disease. A study that involved 388 Parkinsons patients and 283 control subjects has found a significantly lower amount of vitamin D in the blood of patients when it was compared with that of controls one. The study suggested that thousands of Parkinsons patients in North America alone may be vitamin D deficient.

Similar findings were also observed in another study where 25 Parkinsons patients and 25 healthy volunteers were evaluated for their vitamin D levels. The study found that Parkinsons patients carry significantly lower levels of vitamin D in their blood compared to healthy individuals. The study further concluded that such a deficiency has a strong impact on the motor and cognitive symptoms of the patients.

These studies suggest that vitamin D deficiency may increase the chances of developing Parkinsons disease and elevating its levels might provide protection against it.

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Here’s Everything You Need To Know About This Bone

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However, most K2D3 products are using the generic form of K2, resulting in a less powerful supplement. So, how can you be sure you’re getting this dynamic duo at its full potential?

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High Profile Studies Of Vitamin K2 Provide Hope For Parkinsons Patients

Vitamin K2 and Parkinson

December 29, 2014by Katie Jodscheidt, NASM-CPT, FNS

Parkinsons disease is a common neurodegenerative disorder affecting the central nervous system. This devastating disease affects part of the brain associated with critical functions, such as vision, hearing and movement . With an absence of definitive markers for Parkinsons, diagnosis is made on a clinical basis. With 60,000 new cases every year in the U.S. there are nearly one million Americans living with PD, costing an astounding $25 billion per year . The most obvious symptoms of PD are shaking, rigidity and slow movement, exemplified by the famous PD patient, actor Michael J. Fox . The symptoms are a result of the death of a specific type of cell in the aforementioned midbrain that produces dopamine, resulting in lower levels of this neurotransmitter that is crucial for regulation of movement and other functions.

For many patients there are no definitive causes or risk factors for Parkinsons disease, most likely being triggered by a combination of genetic and environmental factors . On the other hand, some PD cases are attributed to mutations in specific genes . These mutations have adverse effects on the function of the proteins in which they code for, resulting in significant biological defects. One such Parkinsons gene is PINK1 . PINK1 functions in powerhouse of the cell, the mitochondria, and is involved with neuron differentiation .


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Cell Culture And Treatment

BV2 cells, a mouse microglial cell line , were cultured in Dulbecco’s modified Eagle’s medium containing 10% fetal bovine serum with 100 g/mL penicillin and 100 g/mL streptomycin . BV2 cells were treated with rotenone at a concentration of 1 mol/L with MK-4 at concentrations of 0.5, 1, 5, 10, or 20 mol/L for 24 h. The cells were washed with culture media and then cultured for another 24 h to produce the conditioned media .

Vitamin K2 As Electron Carrier Molecule Holds Potential As Novel Therapeutic Strategy In Parkinsons Disease

4th International Conference on Clinical & Experimental Ophthalmology

Melissa Vos

Scientific Tracks Abstracts: J Clin Exp Ophthalmol

Abstract :
Biography :

In 2008, Melissa Vos started his Ph.D. in the Laboratory of Patrik Verstreken to find modifiers of the Parkinson?s related gene pink1. During recent years and incollaboration with Dr. Vanessa Morais, he have gained much experience in mitochondrial biology and experimental procedures. Following my Ph.D. graduationand our recent published paper where we find that vitamin K2can improve phenotypes in Parkinson models in flies, he is eager to test if vitamin K2 exerts a positiveeffect in Parkinson?s patients.

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A Neurobiomedicine Functional Restoration Prescription Treatment Program

Vitamin D in Israel

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Dr. James F. Farley, DC, BA, BS, MS, BCIM, FAAIM, FAIS

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If Youre Considering A Vitamin K2 Supplement

Theres no way to test for vitamin K2 deficiency. But by assessing your diet and lifestyle as mentioned above you can get an idea of whether or not you may be lacking in this critical nutrient. The next best thing to dietary vitamin K2 is a vitamin K2 supplement. MK-7 is the form youll want to look for in supplements, because in a supplement form the MK-4 products are actually synthetic. They are not derived from natural food products containing MK-4. The MK-7 long-chain, natural bacterial-derived vitamin K2 is from a fermentation process, which offers a number of health advantages:

  • It stays in your body longer
  • It has a longer half-life, which means you can just take it once a day in very convenient dosing

Finally, remember to always take your vitamin K supplement with fat since it is fat-soluble and wont be absorbed without it.

Subcellular Fractionation Assay For Nuclear Extraction

BV2 cells were lysed in a fractionation buffer containing 320 mmol/L sucrose, 3 mmol/L CaCl2, 2 mmol/L MgAc, 0.1 mmol/L EDTA, 1 mmol/L DTT, 0.5 mmol/L PMSF and 0.5% NP-40 for 20 min on ice. The cells were centrifuged at 600×g for 15 min at 4 °C, and then the supernatant was collected as the cytoplasmic fraction. The pellet was washed once with the fractionation buffer without NP-40, and then lysed in a nuclear lysis buffer containing 20 mmol/L HEPES , 25% glycerol, 1.5 mmol/L MgCl2, 280 mmol/L KCl, 0.2 mmol/L EDTA, 1 mmol/L DTT, 0.5 mmol/L PMSF, and 0.3% NP-40.

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Foods And Fad Diets To Avoid With Parkinsons

While eating a Mediterranean diet can help with Parkinsons, you need to make sure you are also avoiding the foods and fad diets that are detrimental to your health and may exacerbate your Parkinsons symptoms.

Below is a list of some foods you should avoid eating or limit the amount you eat for Parkinsons:

  • Hard to chew foods

Which Symptoms Can Be Treated With Vitamin D Supplementation What Do Clinical Trials Suggest

Manufacture Bulk Price Vitamin K2 Mk7 Powder For Parkinson

Research studies are in the exploratory phase of finding out how vitamin D can help people with Parkinsons disease. The evidence collected so far indicates that its consumption may potentially help to control the non-motor symptoms.

A study included 182 Parkinsons patients and 185 healthy individuals found that patients with Parkinsons had significantly lower levels of vitamin D and these patients were experiencing more falls and sleep problems. They were also suffering from depression and anxiety. The study suggested that vitamin D supplementation could be a potential therapeutic option for non-motor symptoms of Parkinsons disease.

In another study, higher levels of vitamin D was associated with better cognition and better mood.

Similarly, one study involving 114 Parkinsons patients showed that vitamin D supplementation for 12 months inhibit the disease progression for a short period. But this effect was seen in patients that were carrying a certain genotype linked to vitamin D receptor gene.

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The Use Of Vitamine K2 In Parkinsons Disease Patients With Mitochondrial Dysfunction

Project Description:

Research Aims:

Using a placebo-controlled, parallel group study design, the following research questions will be addressed:

  • Do patients with mitochondrial PD have improved energy levels after one week of vitamin K2 supplementation as measured by 31P-MRSI?
  • Do both non-genetic PD patients and healthy controls show an increase in brain energy levels after one week of vitamin K2 supplementation
  • Do other neuroimaging- or omics-approaches predict individual treatment response to one week of vitamin K2 supplementation in non-genetic PD patients?

Measurement Of Vitamin K2

The technique used involved 2×48-well Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay VK2 human kits based on the biotin double antibody sandwich technology . The assay measures all varieties of VK2 within a range of 51000ng/ml. The VK2 kit includes a standard solution from which concentrations of 40, 80, 160, 320, 640ng/ml were prepared with serial dilutions for the standard curve. A 4-parameter logistic function was fitted for interpolation after assessment by the ELISA reader however, in healthy controls the upper limit of 1000ng/ml was often exceeded. Therefore, an inverse variance weighted extrapolation was performed. The intra-assay coefficient of variance is below 3%, the inter-assay CV is below 7%.

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Fad Diets To Avoid Or Be Skeptical Of:

â ï¸? Top 10 Symptoms of Vitamin B12 Deficiency That You MUST Know

There are many fad diets out there that someone with Parkinsons should be skeptical of such as the Caveman diet, Carnivore diet, Whole30 diet and many more. While these new diets claim to be the best thing since sliced bread many of them are unsustainable and not healthy for you in the long run.

Something else to watch out for are diets specific for Parkinsons. Thats right, you are reading a Parkinsons diet blog warning you of the dangers of Parkinsons specific diets. We do this because there is a lot of small studies out their claiming a specific food or nutrient will help with your Parkinsons while the truth is there really isnt any strong evidence for any of it. Worse yet, some of these foods or nutrients when taken in excess quantities can do more harm than good. The only real evidence-based diets that are shown to be good for Parkinsons are general healthy diets that work for everyone regardless of Parkinsons. The Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest diets out there, which is why we recommend it to those with Parkinsons.

*In the past this blog has recommended specific healthy nutrients or foods for Parkinsons, we have since updated the blog to better reflect scientific consensus

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S: Assignment Of Interventions


We have chosen persistent block randomization with stratification for this study. A group of patients will be assigned to a block of study arms and stratified by each configured strata. To ensure that the study is balanced, the block list search filters for strata. Each patient must fit into at least one strata. Age, gender, and disease duration were selected as stratification factors. The categorical characteristic gender has only a few expressions male,female, etc. and will be stratified directly. We will divide each stratification characteristic into any group. Equal weighting of the study arms within the randomization process will be realized. The randomization will be carried out automatically and independently from the study team by the Clinical Trial Management System after the registration of the subject .


All members of the investigational team will be blinded regarding the type of intervention. As the proposed study employs a double-blind design, neither the members of the study team nor study participants will know whether they receive verum or placebo. Study participants and the investigational team will be unblinded whenever serious health concerns arise.

Measurement Of The Mitochondrial Membrane Potential

For the measurement of the mitochondrial membrane potential , tetramethylrhodamine methyl ester was added to the cell culture medium for 15 min. To identify the presence of viable mitochondria, the cells were double stained with MitoTracker Green . The cells were then observed under an inverted IX71 microscope system . The fluorescence intensity of TMRM was analyzed using a multi-detection reader at an excitation of 549 nm and emission of 575 nm.

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Most doctors offices rely on outdated protocols that are 17-20 years behind the basic scientific research. The reason for this is lack of initiative by most doctors, and for medical legal reasons, they will not deviate from typical protocols even when they are outdated and produce terrible results for patients. The focus is not on the individual patient and their unique requirements, instead, the patient is literally pushed from office to office with the goal to just move the responsibility to another doctor or office . We do not treat any disease, instead we focus on your functional neuro-metabolic deficits. We will fight for you and your health! We will provide new possibilities and potential for greater healABILITY, greater depth of understanding, more compassionate listening, and ultimately, superior results aimed at restoring proper function. This, in turn, can have profound and positive improvements for the patients that qualify.

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