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Jet Fuel And Parkinson’s

Jet Fuel Exposure Left Many Vietnam Vets Suffering From Long

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During the Vietnam War, exposure to JP-4 jet fuel was widespread, as jet fuel was frequently combined with the powerful herbicide Agent Orange to destroy crops throughout the war. Agent Orange is now widely known to have long-term adverse effects on those exposed to it. On top of that, JP-4 jet fuel exposure can cause serious health problems, and many Vietnam veterans suffer due to exposure to the substance, along with the herbicide it was combined with.

Jet Fuel Exposure & Your Va Disability Claim

Again, U.S. air force personnel are the main exposed group when it comes to JP-4. While the specific human health effects of jet fuel depend on the exposure levels, long and short-term exposure can have significant impacts on human health. If you experienced high level or long-term exposure to JP-4 jet fuel, you may be entitled for VA disability compensation for your illness. Contact the team at Hill & Ponton today for a free case evaluation.

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Va Disability Compensation For Veterans With Parkinsons

What are Veterans Affairs disability compensation benefits?

VA disability compensation benefits are monthly, tax-free, benefits that are paid to U.S. military veterans with disabilities that are connected to their active duty military service. These benefits are administered and paid by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs .

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Risk Outweighs Military Claims Of National Security

Red Hill is a Ticking Time Bomb.

In a strongly worded proposed decision and order, on December 27, 2021, David Day, the Hawaii State Department of Health Red Hill case Hearing Officer and Deputy Attorney General announced in a 33-page proposed decision and order that the imminent peril caused to the drinking water by the U.S. Navys leaking jet fuel tanks in the island of Oahu outweighs the militarys claims that the tanks are key to national security.

On November 28, approximately 19,000 gallons of jet fuel and water leaked from the massive 20 underground fuel storage tanks at Red Hill and contaminated two wells providing drinking water for over 93,000 persons on the U.S. Navys water system. Each of the fuel tanks holds 12.5 million gallons of jet fuel and the tank complex sits only 100 feet above Honolulus main aquifer.

Many persons, both military and civilian, on the Navys water system went to emergency rooms with rashes, vomiting and diarrhea. Pets that drank the contaminated water were also sick. The military eventually provided temporary housing in Waikiki hotels for over 4000 military families. Other military families and all the civilian families stayed in their homes, or rented temporary housing at their own expense, used bottled drinking water and showered at nearby gyms and workout facilities.

One day later on December 7, 2021, the Navy informed the DOH of its intent to contest the Emergency Order.

Spanberger Presses Va To Address Effects Of Jet Fuel Among American Veterans Introduces Bipartisan Bill To Ensure Central Virginia Veterans Suffering From Related Diseases Receive Va Benefits They Deserve

GAT Jet Fuel Superburn Body Building Supplement

Legislation is Named After Louisa County Veteran Living with Parkinsons Following U.S. Air Force Service & Jet Fuel Exposure

WASHINGTON, D.C. U.S. Representative Abigail Spanberger is leading a bipartisan effort to ensure veterans suffering from neurological diseases due to their exposure to jet fuel receive the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs support and benefits they deserve.

Studies show that long-term exposure to jet fuel among veterans can be a significant factor in developing neurological diseases, such as Parkinsons disease. However, the VA does not currently recognize the service connection.

Spanbergers William Collins Jet Fuel Exposure Recognition Act would provide veterans additional opportunities to claim this service connection, by requiring the VA to conduct additional medical exams for veterans who served at least two years in a military occupation involving consistent exposure to jet fuel. Spanbergers bipartisan bill would also press the VA to compile additional research on the negative health impacts of jet fuel exposure, which will then be used to inform the findings of these examinations.

The legislation is named after William G. Collins a U.S. Air Force veteran and Louisa County resident living with Parkinsons. The VA does not recognize Mr. Collins condition as having a service connection.

Specifically, the William Collins Exposure Act would:

Spanberger introduced the bipartisan bill alongside U.S. Representative Don Bacon .

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Under Emergency Situations The Policy Decision To Protect Human Lives And The Environment Out

In a blow to the Navys national security argument, Hearing Officer Day wrote that the functional utility of the Red Hill facility to the Navy is unimportant for purposes of this proceeding and that the importance of the Red Hill Facility as fuel storage for the U.S. military has been considered, but it carries no substantial weight in this proceeding. In other words, when there is an emergency situation, the Legislature under HRS 342L-9 has made the policy decision to protect human lives and the environment over any functional utility of Underground Storage Tanks .

Toxicity Of Jet Fuel Exposure

It is likely that fuel refinements will advance in the future and be an important factor in emission reductions. A newer synthetic jet fuel under development to replace JP-8 in the future, was evaluated for toxicity in the required range of tests used to develop occupational exposure limits . The highest exposure level of 2000mg/m3 produced multifocal inflammatory cell infiltrations in rat lungs, whereas no genotoxicity or acute inhalation effects were observed, and the sensory irritation assay indicated that the refined synthetic fuel was less irritating than JP-8 . Evidence of cancer risk is, however, normally evaluated in two-year inhalation studies in rats.

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Do You Qualify For Higher Benefits

If you are suffering from a degenerative disease due to exposure to jet fuel or Agent Orange, you may be eligible to receive much higher benefits than you are currently getting. Our team of attorneys is ready and able to help you make a strong case to the VA that they should raise your disability rating. A higher rating means that you can better support yourself and your family, even if your condition is making it impossible for you to work. At Berry Law Firm, we know how important an accurate disability rating can be for veterans, and we want to do everything we can to help you get yours.

Alzheimers Disease And Dementia

Stanford Hospital’s Jaimie Henderson, MD, on Parkinson’s Disease

While there seems to be at least a small genetic component of Alzheimers Disease and other dementias, there has been a great deal of research that shows occupational exposure to certain chemicals can cause, worsen, or accelerate dementia. Solvent exposure, such as that to benzene and toluene, has been shown to correlate with an increased risk of Alzheimers Disease, and recently, there has been much research that is implicating exposure to metals such as lead have also been implicated in dementia.

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Disaster Crisis And Emergency

In his extensive report Day emphasized that Everything about this evidence spoke three words: disaster, crisis, emergency.

The report revealed that evidence, in conjunction with the other record evidence, established that the water contamination was widespread and not unique to any one person and the water coming from their taps into their homes was not just mildly contaminated but poisoned with fuel.

The report identified that the Navy did not provide sufficient warning and that people discovered for themselves that the water was poisoned based upon strong odors of fuel emanating from the water, or when they or their pets got sick. The interior of peoples homes smelled like gas stations.

Men, women, and children became seriously physically ill. Pets also became ill, requiring medical attention, and at least one was potentially killed by the poisoning.

Hearing Officer Day wrote that the November 2021 jet fuel release affected many thousands of Oahu residents. People have suffered and continue to suffer mental and emotional distress and anguish as the lack of potable drinking water impacted and continues to have impact upon virtually every important aspect of their lives which have been totally upended.

The History Of Fuel Releases Is Damning And Beyond The Navys Ability To Control

Day wrote that The history of releases, notwithstanding the Navys best efforts to prevent them, is damning. The November 2021 release is simply another datapoint along the Red Hill Facilitys track record establishing that the problems with the Red Hill Facility, as it is currently situated, are beyond the Navys ability to control. In just this year, there were at least two releases before the November 2021 Release.

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List Of Contaminated Sites In Nsw And Sa

TCE was not just used in the Navy.

Peter Dolan from the South Australian Environment Protection Authority said that decades ago its use was widespread in car making and metal working across Australia.

“We think hundreds to possibly thousands of sites used this material,” Mr Dolan told 7.30.

“The most common thing we’ve found is people disposed of used TCE by pouring it onto the ground.

“So we would expect many thousands of litres were disposed of this way.”

Back then the dumping of industrial chemicals on the ground or down drains was legal and common, but the consequences of those poor practices are now being felt.

In response to 7.30’s enquiries, the New South Wales EPA revealed it was monitoring 18 industrial sites with varying levels of TCE contamination.

It is not clear how those sites became contaminated, but the NSW EPA said none of them currently posed a risk to public health.

Contaminated sites monitored by NSW EPA for TCE

Lawrence Dry Cleaners

In some Adelaide suburbs, TCE has seeped into the groundwater and is coming up into homes as a vapour.

Mr Dolan said it was long-term exposure that could cause health problems.

“It’s been linked to Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, kidney and liver cancer in particular. So there are things where your risk increases of those diseases, not that you’ll necessarily get them,” he said.

In 2014, TCE contamination forced the relocation of 30 public housing tenants from Clovelly Park, south of Adelaide.

Allenby Gardens

What Are The Effects Of Jet Fuel Exposure

Jet Fuel Exposure Syndrome Symptoms Explained!

Exposure to jet fuel can have devastating long-term effects. Below are a few of the diseases that are linked to jet fuel exposure. If you are a veteran suffering from one of these diseases and can connect your condition to your military service, you may be eligible to receive disability benefits from the VA.

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Agent Orange And Degenerative Diseases

Exposure to this toxic herbicide has been connected to multiple forms of cancer and other degenerative diseases in veterans. Lung cancer, prostate cancer, and lymphoma are among the most common forms of cancer linked to exposure to Agent Orange. These cancers can progressively worsen over time, often making it impossible for a veteran to maintain a job. If you are in treatment for cancer that has been linked to exposure to Agent Orange, you are highly likely to receive a high disability rating from the VA.

As is the case with jet fuel exposure, Agent Orange is also linked to Parkinsons disease. As another degenerative disease, the symptoms of Parkinsons often progress and worsen over the years, which can lead to the VAs rating of a veterans disability status becoming inaccurate over time. While the VA will reevaluate and raise a disability rating based on worsening symptoms in many cases, they sometimes will still rate inaccurately. In these situations, it is best to get the help of an attorney who can help you navigate the appeals process.

Agent Orange Exposure Was Extremely Common For Soldiers In Vietnam

If you served in Vietnam between January 9th, 1962, and May 7th, 1975, the VA considers you eligible to receive benefits for service-related exposure to Agent Orange. In addition, the VA will also presume Agent Orange exposure in any veterans who served around the Korean demilitarized zone between April 1st, 1968 and August 31st, 1971. If you were in any way involved with piloting or maintaining the aircraft that sprayed Agent Orange herbicide, you could also have presumed exposure to Agent Orange acknowledged by the VA.

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Summary Of Exposure Studies

Occupational exposure to increased levels of nanosized particles , increased levels of PAH including known human carcinogens , and black carbon were reported in the literature. Levels of exposure reported in these studies are summarized in Table . One study reported that personnel monitors measured higher levels compared to stationary equipment , and it was shown that ground support equipment, such as diesel-powered electrical generators and heaters and auxiliary power units contribute significantly to emissions.

Three important main factors were identified which significant influenced occupational exposure: proximity to emission sources, where levels were generally higher in close proximity and down-wind to aircraft, fluctuations in emission levels, characterized by exposure peak events such as landing- or take-off, and job type, where outdoor ground-affiliated work types are at highest risk of exposure. As such, airport personnel can likely be grouped in low , medium and high exposure groups.

The majority of studies on the contribution of airport emissions to air pollution in the surrounding environment are physical/chemical studies of particle numbers, mass and related air pollutants, which are reviewed elsewhere as previously described.

After The Vietnam War Many Soldiers Faced Exposure To Other Forms Of Jet Fuel

How I Turned My Parkinsons Disease Diagnosis into Fine Art | Patrick Murphy | TEDxTemecula

Jet fuel exposure continued to be a common issue for those serving in the military long after the Vietnam War. Other forms of jet fuel came into play after the use of JP-4 fuel in Vietnam, which were also toxic and could cause long-term health problems. If you are a Veteran and came into contact with jet fuel, you may be suffering from symptoms of jet fuel exposure, even years after your service. Fortunately, jet fuel exposure can make you eligible to receive disability benefits from the VA. These benefits can help you get the financial resources you need to take care of yourself and your family, even if your condition keeps you from working.

In this post, well talk about the symptoms of exposure to jet fuel and the toxic herbicide it was often combined with, Agent Orange. Well also discuss how you can receive disability benefits for service-related exposure to these toxic substances. You shouldnt have to suffer from the long-term effects of jet fuel exposure without getting the help that you need. At Berry Law Firm, were committed to helping our fellow veterans get the support they deserve from the VA, including the many veterans who are suffering from the long-term effects of jet fuel exposure.

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Do You Need Financial Backup After Jet Fuel Exposure In The Military

If you served in the U.S. Air Force or other branches of the military where you worked around aircraft, extensive exposure to jet fuel couldve left you with lasting damage to your health.

You can get financial compensation for these health problemsand get your medical treatment paid forthrough veterans disability benefits.

Veterans disability benefits are designed to support you when serving your country caused illness or injury. Benefits give you the financial relief you need to live a life of greater stability and peace.

The only problem is that the US Department of Veterans Affairs often rejects claims. Or it gives you a disability rating that places the size of your benefit checks too low.

Getting VA benefits for jet fuel exposure involves confirming to them how you were exposed and how it affects you.

The VA benefits lawyers at Horenstein, Nicholson & Blumenthal can help you gather medical evidence and show why you need benefits.

We help people across Ohio, and after working with us to get your benefits, we want you to look back and think, Helping me, thats HNB.

The key to any veterans disability claim is showing the VA how your illness was connected to your service.

Veterans disability attorneys at HNB Law can help you document when and where your service put you dangerously close to jet fuel.

Your first question may be: Do I have a strong case?

We can help you determine that, too, by offering an initial evaluation of your situation FOR FREE.

Brain Has Trouble Deciphering Message

Generally, when people talk about hearing loss, says Guthrie, they tend to think in terms of actually not being able to hear a sound. With central auditory processing dysfunction, on the other hand, the sound comes through fine.

“They can hear sounds but the brain has a hard time deciphering the message,” says Guthrie.

Think about dyslexia, but for the ears.

“It’s a more insidious problem to have. We can manage hearing loss rather effectively with hearing aids,” says Guthrie, “but processing the soundallowing the brain to discriminatethat’s something different. We don’t yet have a good way to manage that.”

For the study, Guthrie, who is also an assistant professor at Loma Linda University Medical Center, used 80 rats. Twenty were exposed to 85 decibels of noise for six hours per day, a level considered safe by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Twenty more were exposed to low levels of JP-8 while an identical group received both the noise and the jet fuel. The final twenty served as a control.

After four weeks, none of the rats showed significant levels of hearing loss however, those exposed to the jet fuel did develop auditory brainstem dysfunctions, particularly those that received combined doses of jet fuel and noise.

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Federal Law Prohibits Service Member Suits

However, the Feres Doctrine bars individuals injured during military service from suing the federal government under the Federal Tort Claims Act. The only exception are cases involving medical malpractice, which allows them to file an internal claim with the Department of Defense for damages, said Dwight Stirling, an attorney who is chief executive officer of the Center for Law and Military Policy in Garden Grove.

The Feres Doctrine does not apply to the families of service members.

As such, dependents who allege to have been harmed by the water contamination at the George Air Force Base will have standing to file suit against the federal government, Stirling said. Unlike their service member spouses or parents, their suit will not be barred by the Feres Doctrine.

Stirling said he is unfamiliar with any previous cases in which dependents have successfully sued for injuries caused by on-base pollution. It would be a positive outcome if these dependents were able to do so, he said. Accordingly, a legal victory by the George Air Force Base dependents would be groundbreaking.

MAATA expects to file at least 100 more claims with the Air Force by the end of the month, Tichenor said, adding she hopes to collect enough participants to hire an attorney and file a class-action suit against the federal government,

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