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Upright Walker For Parkinson’s

Wheelchairs: Choosing The Right One

The LifeWalker Upright Changing Lives

As PD advances, a wheelchair may become a necessity. It is important to know what to look for when picking the chair and who on your comprehensive care team can help you make this decision.Here are a few tips to guide you through the process:

  • Schedule an appointment with your occupational or physical therapist to find out which chair best meets your needs.
  • Check with your insurance company to learn about covered services in your plan. Not all wheelchairs will be covered.
  • Try to pick a lightweight wheelchair, as they are easier to lift in and out of the car. Depending on your needs and your caregiver situation, you might want a wheelchair with more features for the home and a lighter, even foldable, wheelchair for travel.
  • Choose a reclining chair back, which is helpful if making posture changes, have low blood pressure or need to rest during the day.

Laser And Audio Cueing Module

If you have gait freezing or gait ignition failure such as in Parkinsons Disease and other Parkinsonian conditions as well as in other Neurological Disorders such as cerebrovascular disease, the U-Step can be supplied with an optional Laser Visual Cueing System.

The laser projects a line onto the ground in front of the user acting as a visual cue to help trigger the first walking step, break freezing episodes, and increase stride length. The U-Step 2 also includes an audio cue. This version also provides an audio beep to assist with walking, with 15 speeds ranging from 59 to 130 beats per minute.

Please note that in the UK, we supply green lasers.

Review Of Seven Best Walkers For Parkinsons Patients

Do you want to buy a walker for you/ elderly Parkinsons patients? Finding the best one from its alternatives with various features is not easy. Thats why we are here to help you. You may also see the top best wheelchair reviews in my blog. Please check here the following reviews of the best walkers for Parkinsons to make a smart decision for a successful purchase.

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Over 31235 People With Parkinson’saround The World Are Using The U

There are now over 31,235 people with Parkinson’s disease who are OVERJOYED with their U-Step, including a former Heavy-Weight Boxing Champion and a former US President!

Here is what some of them have to say:

I just got the U-Step and I love it already! I was able to go 40 feet the first day trying it. Due to same side arm and leg weakness I have to place all weight on one side of a walker. This walker does not tip over no matter how you lean on it or balance your weight. If you tire out, the seat is easy to turn and drop into even while it is far enough forward to be out of the way when walking. I can’t wait to test it on sidewalks, curbs and carpet.— Betty K.

“Great! Anyone with walking difficulties should have one. I use the U-Step to get my husband turned around, to sit down and to get in and out of bed. Doctors and nurses have been impressed with it. My husband demonstrated it at a Parkinson’s group meeting. We are very thankful for this walker. My husband wouldn’t be able to walk without it.— K. Aumann

“Wow! Totally made for balance issues. It alone allows me to walk without help. I trust this walker! Bottom-weighting is the secret. I use it inside the house only to keep the house clean. Reverse brake system is awesome. Seat is wide and stable.”— LA, California, USA

Sound & Laser Cue Module

UpWalker Upright Rolling Walker : stand up walking aid for ...

This attachment for the U-step walker 2 has been clinically proven to reduce freezing and falls seen by people living with Parkinsons.

Once the red button from the module is pressed, a bright laser line is projected onto the floor which helps to normalise walking by increasing your stride.

A sound cue feature is also available with the module which provides a beat sound pattern to help in maintaining a consistent walking speed.

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New Lightweight Compact Mobility Solution Designed For Daily Living

Rediscover walking ease, comfort and freedom.
  • The UPWalker Lite is a smaller, lighter, lower-priced version of the original UPWalker, especially well-suited for indoor use.
  • Designed to maneuver in tighter spaces and for users who might be challenged by a heavier walker.
  • Weighing just 15.5 pounds, the UPWalker Lite is easy to lift and transport.
  • Increases mobility and independence for the elderly and mobility challenged.
  • Enables users to stand upright and look ahead with better support, greater dignity and confidence to remain more active.
  • Clinical study of LifeWalker technology showed improved posture, safer, more stable feeling, and reduced pain in legs, back, hands and wrists.
  • Includes a beverage holder, backrest and personal item bag.

Upright Rollator Walker Red



  • For providing mobility support while maintaining an upright position


  • Armrest Height: 41 to 46
  • Seat Width: 17.5
  • Seat Heat From Floor: 21.5″
  • Total weight: 20 pounds
  • Shoulder bag weight capacity: 11 pounds
  • Maximum user weight: 300 pounds


  • The upright rollator may be wiped down with a damp cloth and mild cleaner
  • Dry immediately with a lint-free cloth
  • Do not clean with abrasive cleaning agents

Whats Included:

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When Should An Elderly Person Or Patients Get A Walker

If you or your loved elderly cant support your/his body weight, then a walker is a smart decision for you. Walkers come with adjustable heights that you can fix as per your required height.

However, a walker is a smart decision if you need partial weight support for performing daily chores. So, solve the mobility issue with any of the walkers from this list that best suits your needs.

Exercise for Parkinsons Disease with a Walker

Lifewalker Upright Walker Vs Conventional Rollator Walker And Predicate Device

UPWalker – Upright Walker – Updated 2-minute video 2018
The safety and scientific validity of this study is the responsibility of the study sponsor and investigators. Listing a study does not mean it has been evaluated by the U.S. Federal Government. Read our disclaimer for details.
First Posted : November 18, 2016Results First Posted : September 6, 2019Last Update Posted : September 6, 2019
  • Study Details
Condition or disease
Device: LifeWalker UprightDevice: Predicate DeviceDevice: Standard RollatorNot Applicable

The LifeWalker Upright is a walker that has been designed to address fall risk, slouching, and user confidence and comfort. The LifeWalker has adjustable armrests and handles that enable users to stand tall and look ahead, providing support and stability that is designed differently than conventional walkers. The LifeWalker Upright’s design allows the user to walk within the walker. This allows people to walk inside the walker as opposed to behind the walker.

The purpose of this project is to evaluate if the LifeWalker Upright walker is improves walking and reports of pain compared to a conventional rollator and predicate walker device

Layout table for study information

Study Type :
No washout period between different arms
LifeWalker Upright Walker Versus Conventional Rollator Walker and Predicate Device
Study Start Date :

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When Should You Use A Rollator

A rollator is best for users who can walk but just need a little help with balance and stability. Rollators allow you to walk at a quicker pace and help with a normal gait. The user should be able to steer the rollator and operate the hand brakes as needed. Most rollators have a seat, allowing you to take a rest as needed.

Signature Life Elite Travel Walker

This walker is becoming increasingly popular among patients. So what makes this walker so special it is because of its lightweight, portability, ease of use, high-quality frame, and price.

The walker has a high-quality frame and is strong enough to support a weight of up to 400 pounds. At the same time, the frame is lightweight and can be folded very easily. You can store it in overhead plane compartments or in the front seat of your car. A premium organizer and storage pouch provides easy-to-reach compartments.

It provides a smooth walking experience because of its easy-to-operate barking system and swivel wheels. The walker is equipped with large locking swivel wheels and rear easy-glide feet that allow the user to maneuver through a variety of terrains with ease.

The walker also has a front pouch and organizer basket that allows you to carry with you your belongings, water, or food items wherever you go.

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Best Walkers For Parkinsons Patients

Parkinsons disease patients often face postural instability and difficulty in walking. The chances of falling and getting hurt increase as the disease reaches its advanced stage. To avoid any comfortable situation, patients are strongly advised to use walkers for indoor and outdoor use. Using the right walker helps them to walk independently without the fear of falls.

There are plenty of walkers available on the market and most often it becomes a difficult decision to choose the right one.

Heres a list of the 7 best walkers that will help you to choose the one that suits the best for your loved one suffering from Parkinsons disease or other mobility issues.

Balanced Center Of Gravity Design

UpWalker Upright Rolling Walker : stand up walking aid for ...

The UPWalker is designed to position the user mass in the center of the unit, front to back and side to side with user weight directed downward inside the wheels, thereby stabilizing the user when walking or standing. Patented design features of the UPWalker increase stability by positioning the users weight inside the wheels instead of on top of the wheels, reducing fall risk. Imitation products position the user mass toward the front of the unit, with hands close to the front wheels creating a forward tip over hazard.

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Choosing Your Walking Frame

Before buying a walking frame, think about where you will want to use it. For example, will it fit through doorways when you’re at home?

Four-wheeled walking frames tend to offer more support than three-wheeled ones because they are wider and are usually made of heavier materials. This makes them particularly good for taller or heavier people, and also people who tend to fall over more often or who experience involuntary movements or tremor. But heavier frames may be more difficult to use, and to lift in and out of cars.

Sometimes a walking frame may get away from the person using it and cause them to fall. There are different types of brakes available. Make sure they are easy for you to use, as some can be difficult if you experience rigidity or weakness in your hands.

Make sure your walking frame is at the right height for you. The Disabled Living Foundation guidelines say that the hand grips should be at wrist height when the elbow is slightly bent.

Can A Rollator Walker Help With Balance Issues

All adults with balance issues can see benefits by participating in regular fitness exercises as prescribed by experts. Also, using a rollator walker means you dont lose the freedom to go wherever you want to go. All-terrain rollators are the way to go!

Using a rollator walker as part of a daily routine can help a person to maintain their independence despite having issues with their balance. It can be quite intimidating to maintain movement with the looming threat of stumbling or falling so the ability to hold onto sturdy handles and use handbrakes as needed will help a person to stay upright even when feeling unsteady on their feet.

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Kneerover Economy Knee Scooter

Let me introduce you to the KneeRover economy knee scooter for your consideration. It can be a smart option if you have gone under knee surgery or elderly Parkinsons patients. Its built-in dual braking technology ensures instant, effortless control.

In addition, its supportive leg feature makes it a perfect alternative to any crutches. However, its 7.5 rubber wheels, along with an adjustable handbrake locking system, ensure stability.

You can use this scooter at three mph per hour for safety control. This lightweight steerable scooter comes with a 300lbs weight capacity that is ideal for adult users.

However, the adjustable handlebars are structured with quick-release technology to ensure easy portability. In addition, the adjustable knee pads make them suitable for both kids and adult users.

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It’s The Only Walker In The Worldwith A Unique Patented Design That Keeps You Safe And Secure

UPWalker Walking Aid – Upright Walker

The U-Step is the ONLY walker in the world to have this patented u-shaped base.

This is important because it gives you MUCH more support than other walkers and supports you in every direction.

It’s NOT like pushing a regular walker.

Instead, the U-Step surrounds you and moves with you. It’s like having the strong arms of a loved one around you, supporting you and keeping you safe and stable.

It also makes walking MUCH easier. Some people can safely walk 3 to 4 times faster with their U-Step than with any other walker.

You can search high and low, but no other walker in the world has this special design. The U-Step is the ONLY one.

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Comfort And Safety Tips

  • Always apply the brakes when the wheelchair is not moving.
  • Adjust the footplates to the correct height so you can sit comfortably and move them out of the way when you are getting in or out of the chair.
  • A cushion can be used in a wheelchair to prevent excess pressure if you feel uncomfortable after sitting for over half an hour.

Assistance In Walking Upright

Proper posture is essential to ones health. It is especially true that poor posture, over an extended period of time, can cause back problems or impede the ability to walk. In certain cases it may even lead to an increased risk of falling. UPRIGHT provides a warning signal when your posture worsens, allowing you to correct your posture and resume walking upright. UPRIGHT an innovative tool for Parkinsons posture treatment & training. Read More..

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Doctor Recommended For People With Parkinson’s: Increases Mobility Prevents Falls And Gives You Back Your Independence

Dear Friend,

If you or someone you know or love has Parkinson’s disease… and has problems with mobility, or if you fall regularly, or even if you’re just afraid of falling…

Then this letter is going to be one of the most important messages you will ever read.

Here’s why…

According to government studies, people with Parkinsons disease have DOUBLE the risk of falling compared to everyone else in their age group.

In fact…

You Are In Control Of The Walkerthe Walker Isn’t In Control Of You

Buy UPWalker Neuro Upright Rolling Walker

With most walkers you have to squeeze the handle in order to to work the brake.

But with the U-Step it’s the opposite. The brake is on UNTIL you lightly squeeze the handle. This means the U-Step stays firmly in place until you are ready to walk.

Then, whenever you want to stop, just let go of the brake handle and the U-Step stops immediately.

This gives you much more support especially when you’re standing up or sitting down.

There’s more…

With other walkers you need both hands to brake. But with the U-Step you only need one hand. This makes it much easier to use.

The U-Step is the only walker that has this one of a kind, easy-to-use reverse braking system.

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Walker Vs Rollator: How To Choose The Best Walking Aid For You

If you grow tired when walking longer distances, have a condition that impairs your balance, gait, or leg strength, or are recovering from a lower limb injury or surgery, you may need a mobility aid to help you get around.

But how do you choose the right mobility aid? When the terms walker and rollator are used interchangeably, how do you know which device you need? If you need an aid to help you stay independent, how do you make the right choice?

Were here to help!

Types Of Walking Sticks

Wooden sticks these have a set height and usually a curved handle.

Metal sticks these can be extendable , folding, collapsible, and three- or four-footed. They can have moulded or curved handles.

Elbow crutches some people find using two elbow crutches gives more support than a pair of traditional walking sticks, but crutches may not suit everyone.

Walking sticks with folding seats these are larger and heavier than most other walking sticks, so may not be appropriate for everyday use. They might be useful for shopping or in social situations where where you want to take lots of breaks.

Lasercane these are designed to help people with Parkinsons who experience freezing. The Lasercane projects a red laser beam onto the ground in front of your feet when walking. This cues you to step over the light when your feet freeze.

Some people find a Lasercane very effective, but it can be difficult to see the laser beam in bright environments, such as outdoors on a sunny day.

Nordic poles these thinner, longer, lightweight poles are used for Nordic walking. In this style of walking, the specially designed poles help you move forwards. They often have replaceable tips to suit different surfaces, such as pavements or soft ground.

For more information about Nordic walking, contact British Nordic Walking or Nordic Walking UK.

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