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Far Infrared And Parkinson’s

+ Are There Parts Of My Head That Should Have More Light

How Photobiomodulation with Near Infrared and Red LED’s Increase Energy with Justin Strahan

In Parkinsons, having light on the back of your head where your head meets the back of your neck seems to be helpful. So tip the Coronet back so that the Coronets pig-tail lead is shining right on the low part of your head.

It might be that the front of the Coronet then sits way up your forehead, this is fine.

How To Receive Pemf Therapy For Parkinsons At Home

Having access to PEMF therapy in your own home can be extremely helpful when handling symptoms from the later stages of Parkinsons disease. As you progress through the stages, everyday functions will become slightly harder to perform. When Parkinsons causes you to be unable to move around freely, having a convenient PEMF device can work wonders for your symptoms and can help you regain some of that lost function

HealthyLine PEMF devices are made to deliver natural therapies whenever you want and from the comfort of your own home. Combined with four other forms of natural therapies, the inherent healing factors of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy are complemented, enhancing your overall level of wellness.

Far Infrared therapy helps you to experience reduced minor muscle pain, joint pain, and stiffness. Negative ions help to relax you, improve your mood, and might even take away a headache or two. has the ability to encourage nerve regeneration, improve motor function, promotes better wound recovery, and can even improve your skin. Heated stone therapy helps to relax your muscles, relieve tension, and improve blood circulation which allows oxygen to travel more efficiently.

Ethics Approval And Consent To Participate

The study received human research ethics approval by the Griffith University Human Research Ethics Committee . All participants gave written informed consent prior to taking part in the study. All protocols were approved by the Griffith University Human Research Ethics Committee and were conducted in accordance with their regulations and guidelines.

Consent for publication.

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A Cure For Parkinsons Disease Tomorrow

The chances of suffering from one of the two most frequent neurodegenerative diseases, Parkinsons and Alzheimers, increase considerably after age 65. However, young adults can also be affected and the onset of Parkinsons disease occurs before age 50 in approximately 10% of cases*.

* Source: France Parkinson, 2013.

Deep brain stimulation has radically changed the everyday life of 100,000 Parkinsons patients worldwide. This surgical intervention, co-designed and tested in Grenoble by Professor Alim-Louis Benabid, founder of Clinatec, has enabled a spectacular reduction of symptoms. With 25 years of experience in deep-brain stimulation, Clinatec now wishes to progress further and explore the neuroprotective properties of infrared light. When applied to the precise spot in the brain where the diseases causes irreversible damage, near-infrared radiation could protect this highly sensitive organ. By protecting the neurons, this process could avoid the gradual degradation of the patients faculties and the major disabilities that follow.

Overview And Current Treatment Options For Alzheimer’s And Parkinson’s Disease

141 best Alzheimers Parkinsons Dementia images on Pinterest

Neurodegeneration refers to a progressive death of neurons, by either genetic environmental or currently unknown factors. It includes a range of disorders, with the two most common being Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Over time, as more and more neurons die, the signs and symptoms associated with each disorder worsen, making many routine day-day activities increasingly more difficult for patients . In the sections that follow, the different patterns of neurodegeneration, clinical syndromes and current treatments for each disease will be considered separately.

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Light Therapy And Parkinson’s

NIr therapy works by using infrared illumination to treat brain tissue affected by a lack of oxygen, toxic environments, and mitochondrial dysfunction. Mitochondria help to produce energy in cells and play a role in regulating cell function when working properly. NIr attempts to reduce cell damage and death by protecting the dopamine-producing neurons.2 NIr has been shown to reduce tissue inflammation and improve mitochondrial function.

It is not a targeted therapy because it works on the neural symptoms of many conditions by reducing the neurodegenerative process. Light therapy targets the brain and therefore it is likely to impact multiple facets of neural functioning. Studies have yielded results that show improvement in cognitive, emotional, and executive function.

Photobiomodulation is the ability of light to modulate biological processes at a cellular level.4 The use of controlled exposure of red to infrared wavelengths of light have successfully improved healing, reduced inflammation and pain. It has done this by improving mitochondrial function and stimulating antioxidant pathways in the brain. Photobiomodualtion has been therapeutically effective to improve the recovery rate for other medical conditions, and has shown promise in the lab for people and animals with PD.

Strategic use of specific light applied at a targeted time of day for a specific length of time should be able to “attack” melatonin, and reduce it, thus restoring dopamine balance.5

Lots Of Other Factors At Play: Expert

Professor Lewis added the placebo effect was very real.

“The truth of the matter is there are lots of matters at play, yes people who are using these lights at home on their own are subject to an enormous placebo effect, there’s no doubt about that, which is why more well-constructed trials are ,” he said.

“There are other factors that can play on why patients might feel better, even in the period of the same day the way that the tablets work, the level of chemical in the brain, especially when the disease progresses, can fluctuate.

“Ninety per cent of Parkinson’s patients have poor sleep for lots of different reasons, and of course a bad nights sleep means a bad day the next day.”

As well as Parkinson’s disease, the trials will also look at the effect red light treatment is having on people with Alzheimer’s and cardiac disease.

Researchers will test blood, red bloods cells and measure gut microbiome to see what effect the lights are having.

Trials across each state are being conducted at different times.

The Queensland placebo trial has now concluded and results are being analysed. The South Australia and Sydney trails have recently started and results are expected to be known later this year.

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Research On Light Therapy From Mit

The following video previews recent research at MIT that explains why light therapy offers a promising opportunity to reverse dementia associated with a diagnosis of Alzheimers disease.

I hope many of you will try this therapy out and let me know the result. It is not a permanent fix to be sure, but neither is medicine. I am attracted to this option because it is noninvasive and inexpensive over the long term when you consider it can be used for a lifetime and by all members of the household.

+ Can I Leave The Coronet Plugged In To The Power

Near Infrared light for reversing Alzheimer’s

You can, but it is probably a good idea to turn it off at the wall, or disconnect the Coronet after you have used it.

If you turn off and want to immediately turn on the Coronet, make sure that you wait a few seconds so that the Coronet can discharge from its previous use.

Unplug, count to three, then replug.

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Nir For Parkinson’s Disease

Mainly due to the existence of effective toxin-based in vitro and in vivo models, there have been considerably more reports on the beneficial effects of NIr for Parkinson’s disease .2). The first studies to report neuroprotection by NIr after parkinsonian insult demonstrated that NIr treatment reduced cell death, increased ATP content and decreased levels of oxidative stress in rat striatal and cortical cells exposed to the parkinsonian toxins rotenone and MPP+ in vitro . In cultures of human neuroblastoma cells engineered to overexpress -synuclein, NIr increased mitochondrial function and reduced oxidative stress after MPP+ exposure . Further, in hybrid cells bearing mitochondrial DNA from Parkinson’s patients, mitochondrial movement along axons improved substantially after NIr treatment, with movement restored to near control levels .

Mitochondrial Dysfunction And Parkinsons Diseasenear

  • 1Department of Physiology, National University of Singapore, Singapore, Singapore
  • 2Division of Neurosurgery, Department of Surgery, University Surgical Cluster, National University Hospital, Singapore, Singapore
  • 3Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, Singapore
  • 4Department of Research, National Neuroscience Institute, Singapore, Singapore

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High Tech Health Saunas Designed For Optimal Health

As with all benefits of infrared sauna therapy, High Tech Health saunas are uniquely designed to maximize the benefits of infrared sauna therapy. In regards to brain health, it is very important to note that electromagnetic fields have consistently been proven to have adverse effects on the brain and on mood. A 1972 report from the Naval Medical Research Institute, citing over 2300 studies, documented 40 neuropsychiatric symptoms associated with occupational exposure to EMFs, most commonly including sleep disturbances, headaches, depression, anxiety, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, memory changes, nausea, and numbness/tingling . Since then there have been numerous studies confirming and expanding on these symptoms . See our page on the dangers of EMFs for more details and references.

Effects Of Fir On Ckd

Brain Regeneration: Can Infrared Light Reverse Parkinsons and ...

Lin et al. showed that long-term FIR exposure increased access flow , reduced the incidence and relative incidence of AVF malfunction, and improved the unassisted patency of AVFs in HD patients.55 Because decreasing vascular Qa is an effective index for estimating thrombosis-related access dysfunctions,56 the improvement in the patency of AVFs was likely associated with a higher value of Qa. According to Kipshidze et al.,57 a non-ablative infrared laser restrained neointimal hyperplasia and reduced the proliferation of vascular smooth muscle cells after percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty in cholesterol-fed rabbits for 60 days. Because the growth of VSMCs increases the risk of vascular access stenosis in HD patients,58 inhibiting neointimal hyperplasia may be one mechanism through which FIR therapy improves vascular restenosis progression in patients with ESRD.

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Diy Helmets Sent Around Australia

The Dorset Community Shed started making its own light bucket helmets last year after hearing of peoples success using the lights.

Mervyn Chilcott said the shed has made 78 buckets since last April and has more on order.

We start off with a rubbish bin, cut the top off and line it with LED lights that we bring in from China, he said.

Theyve gone all over Tasmania and different parts of Australia and they are definitely making a difference in the quality of life.

They mightnt be curing Parkinsons, but theyre certainly giving quality of life to people with Parkinsons and other people with brain disorders.

Experts warn red light treatment should not be used without consulting with a health professional first.

And even though it will take time before the results are known, those using the lights said they will keep using them anyway.

With the work thats now being done on using light therapy, I think it will open up much broader opportunities and possibilities for the medical profession that havent yet been discovered, Mr Burr said.

Will Photobiomodulation Therapy Interfere With My Daily Life

No. You are welcome to receive the therapy while working, reading or doing anything really. Dr. Lim, the inventor, recommends that people with more serious health issues such as Alzheimers might be advised to do the therapy at night while going to sleep. The treatment duration lasts only 20 minutes.

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Can You Use Pemf For Parkinsons Disease

PEMF therapy has already shown promise in multiple studies for various bodily illnesses through the use of several tests. With Parkinsons disease, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy seems to be especially effective in helping patients deal with their symptoms. According to studies, PEMF therapy improvessymptoms including tremor, slowness of movement, and difficulty in walking.

PEMF has been approved for use by Parkinsons patients for depressive disorder when those patients have not shown a positive reaction to high levels of medication. Once administered, PEMF therapy has been shown to improve the motor symptoms and cognitive functions of Parkinsons patients. One study, which involved a stage three Parkinsons patient showed great improvement in both non-motor and motor symptoms. Parkinsons related issues, such as sleeplessness, mood swings, and bouts of pain, all got better with PEMF therapy.

Another study showed PEMFs effectiveness in Parkinsons patients with macrosomatognosia, a disorder where the patient perceives one or more parts of their body as being disproportionately large. After receiving PEMF therapy, the Parkinsons patients showed significant improvements in how they viewed themselves.

Acute Effects Of Body Warming On Heat Shock Proteins

Near Infrared Bulbs And Saunas Are A Source Of Photobiomodulation (PBM): Cumulative Dose Is Key

Transcription of HSP mRNA, an essential step before protein translation, is primarily regulated by Heat shock factor protein 1 as part of the Heat Shock Response . HSF-1 activation involves a complex series of regulatory events, including nuclear localization, oligomerization and acquisition of HSEDNA binding, ultimately resulting in the transcription of HSP mRNA in response to the thermal and physiological challenge . Sufficient mRNA transcription then leads to increased protein within the stressed cell.

Examination of extracellular changes in HSP70 during acute exercise-heat stress in humans has identified that the endogenous requirement for extracellular HSP70 release may be a core body temperature mean of > 38.5°C for 56 min, alongside moderate exercising intensities . Although changes may occur more rapidly if exercise intensities are higher . Both the change in and final core body temperature attained are relevant to extracellular HSP70 release and indicate achieving substantial elevations in thermal parameters is important when administering exercise-heat exposures to increase thermotolerance in whole-body models.

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Are Medicines Or Supplements No Longer Working For You

If the answer is yes to this question, what treatment options remain? There is, of course, Deep Brain Stimulation available as an option, but I am well aware many of you prefer not to pursue this treatment option. It is my hope and prayer that photobiomodulation therapy will become a natural option that supports the therapeutic effect of medicines and supplements such that the dosage does not have to be increased or even can be reduced under close supervision of your doctor.

I thus recommend that you consider this therapy so we can discover together whether my prediction of success is right or wrong.Can claim a 10% discount if you use the Parkinsons Recovery discount code of healing4me.

  • Get 6 months of use to see if it offers symptomatic relief or not.
  • Risk is reduced 80% since you can return the device within the 6 month period after purchase for an 80% refund of the purchase price.
  • Everyone in the family can use the therapy.
  • The Vielight company obviously has confidence in their product which is a very encouraging sign. I have never heard of any company that offered a 6 month warranty. You can purchase any of the Vielight devices from the Vielight website:

    Be sure to enter the coupon code healing4meon the Vielight shopping cart to claim your Parkinsons Recovery 10% discount. Please also email me your experience with using it after a month of use.

    The Potential Of Light Therapy In Parkinson’s Disease

    Accepted for publication 10 December 2013

    18 February 2014Volume 2014:4Pages 114


    The current gold standard treatments for Parkinsons disease are very effective at attenuating the motor signs, at least initially. However, they do not reliably slow the progression of the disease neurons continue to die during the course of treatment. The discovery of new therapeutic approaches that offer neuroprotection against parkinsonian insult is therefore paramount. In this context, several recent studies in animal models of Parkinsons disease, as well as other models of disease , have reported that red to infrared light therapy can be neuroprotective. There is real potential for the development of light therapy as a treatment option for Parkinsons disease patients one that slows the ongoing neuronal death and progression of the disease.

    Overview of Parkinsons disease

    Current therapies for Parkinsons disease

    Dopamine drug therapy

    In general, these drug treatments have very good early symptomatic effects, but their longer-term neuroprotective or disease modifying effects are far from clear. For example, although drugs such as selegiline and rasagiline have been tested as putative neuroprotective agents in clinical trials, their ability to actually stop neuronal death and slow the pathology of the disease has yet to be demonstrated.26

    Surgical treatment

    Putative neuroprotective treatments

    What is light therapy and how does it offer neuroprotection?

    Cell survival

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    Aids Daytime Sleepiness And Other Sleep Disorders

    Humans rest and wake based on a daily cycle called the circadian rhythm. Both light and melatonin play a role in the regularity of the cycle. Many people with PD suffer from sleep disturbances. It is thought that NIr may play a role in improving healthy sleep patterns.3

    People with Parkinson’s often experience excessive daytime sleepiness, general fatigue, nighttime sleep disturbances, and depression all of which can affect healthy sleep and the circadian rhythm. According to research reported in the February 2017 JAMA Neurology Journal, light therapy significantly reduced daytime sleepiness, improved sleep quality, decreased overnight awakenings, improved daytime alertness and activity level, and improved motor symptoms in people with Parkinson’s.6

    Different kinds of light therapy have been used effectively for other sleep, psychiatric, and medical conditions for decades. NIr continues to be studied in the clinical setting in order to determine how it can best be applied in treating Parkinson’s and other medical conditions. Long-term, large scale controlled studies will help to better evaluate the efficacy of NIr as way to mitigate symptoms as well as possibly slow or limit or reverse disease progression.

    How Does Infrared Light Therapy Work And How Can It Help


    Red and near infrared light penetrates through the skull and onto the outer part of the brain. The light impulse is absorbed by the cell batteries, the mitochondria, and the cells get active and makes them active again. Thus, the activation of the mitochondria energises the neurons which then starts the flow of energy throughout the body again. This activation of the neural pathways has improvement on movements and mobilities of people with Parkinsons disease. Thus the direct effect of red and near infrared light reduces the severity of Parkinsons disease symptoms.

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