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Voice Amplifiers For Parkinson’s Patients

How To Find A Speech Therapist

NEWGOOD N311 bluetooth 4.1 voice amplifier Parkinsons, MS, Guillain-Barré syndrome, ALS throat

Tell your doctor If you are experiencing any changes in your speech or voice. Ask for a referral and a prescription for a speech evaluation and treatment. If you have not noticed changes in your speech, but a spouse, care partner or friend has: pay attention to their comments. The sooner you get a speech evaluation and start speech therapy, the better.

Speech therapists work in many settings, including hospitals, outpatient rehabilitation centers and private practice offices. To locate one in your area, contact the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association at, or find a therapist certified in the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment by visiting

Ideally, you should see a speech therapist face-toface for a complete voice and speech evaluation and treatment. However, if a speech therapist is not available in your area, LSVT LOUD the most researched voice treatment for people with PD is virtually offered in select states. The speech therapist interacts with you in your home or office live through your computer screen.

Learn more about speech and Parkinsons by reading our free book Speech and Swallowing. Order online at or by calling our Helpline at 1-800-4PD-INFO .

Noted: Computer Need To Set Mic Input In System

Whats In the Box?

  • 1 X USB charging cable
  • 1 X User Manual

What if I cant Pair or not sound ?

  • Turn off the receiver and transmitter
  • Turn on the transmitterï¼Handheld microphone), blue light is on, long press â+ â to blue light flash
  • Turn on the receiver and wait for the connection
  • The blue lights of the transmitter and receiver stop flashing, the connection is successful.
  • How to do when the sound not loud?

  • Press the volume+ button on transmitter,and also adjust volume of amplifier device.
  • Make the distance between microphone the mouth more closer,and the microphone is point in the direction of the mouth.
  • Use multiple wireless microphone headsets at the same time

    If you need to use multiple wireless microphone headsets at the same time, please refer to the user manual for adjustment ï¼Part 4 Advanced Operations to 4.2 note B,Page 8ï¼, otherwise there may be noise or no sound.

    The first microphone switches channels once, the second microphone switches channels twice, the third microphone switches channels three times, and so on, to ensure that each microphone is not disturbed and has sound

    In order to make the wireless microphone Headset work normally, after receiving the product please charge it for 2.5 hours before using

    Consumer Alert

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    Social Impact Of Voice Problems

    Low-volume voice and other Parkinsons-related speech impairment can have a significant impact on members social lives. Has anyone else noticed that friends you have had for years no longer call or ask you to do anything? We never hear from people whom we thought were close friends. It is very isolating and hurtful. We wonder if it is because my husbands speech isnt very good, one MyParkinsonsTeam member shared.

    Another member added, When my facial expression is frozen and I cant turn my head and have trouble with speech, people think I am ignoring them.

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    Assistive Technology And Device Tips

    As you explore assistive technology, keep these tips in mind:

    • Many assistive devices are commercially available through major retailers and online.
    • Talk to your care team before using or purchasing medical-related equipment.
    • A written prescription may be needed for items such as a lift chair, walker, or wheelchair to be covered by your insurance provider. Your care team can help you navigate insurance reimbursement when applicable.

    For more detailed information, utilize this online list of assistive and adaptive daily living aids developed by Chicagos Shirley Ryan AbilityLab, an innovative, research-driven rehabilitation institution affiliated with Northwestern University, a Parkinsons Foundation Center of Excellence.

    How To Position The Microphones

    Personal voice amplifier  Parkinson

    See images of each under the IMAGES tab Correct positioning of the microphones is key to success of the amplification. The microphone should be 1 to 3 cm from the mouth.

    UNILATERAL EAR MICROPHONE: The ZX-61 unilateral ear microphone is discreet and skin coloured . It loops over the LEFT ear and can be adjusted with the flexible ear piece.

    HEADSET MICROPHONE: The best amplification results are achieved with this microphone positioned close to the mouth. The 10 cm gooseneck enables accurate positioning. The headband is worn at the back of the head and over the ears, and sits comfortably even with head movement.

    THROAT microphone: This is a contact microphone or transdermal microphone that uses a method of induction that picks up voice signals through vibrations in the neck. The result is clear communication without any background noise from the environment, although bodily noises, such as swallowing may also be amplified. This microphone has dual transponders for increased clarity.

    LAPEL/ hand held microphone: this is a small microphone with clip designed to be worn on clothing. We find that it is not close enough to the mouth when positioned on clothing, so is rendered ineffective. The microphone needs to be 1 to 3 cm from the mouth to be effective. The windsock adds to the apparent size of the microphone, but the actual microphone measures approximately 10mm in diameter.

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    Tip: Do I Have A Speech Or Voice Problem

    These are statements many people have used to describe their voices and the effects of their voices on their lives. Choose the response that indicates how frequently you have the same experience. .

    • It is difficult for people to hear me0 1 2 3 4
    • People have difficulty understanding me in a noisy room0 1 2 3 4
    • My voice difficulties restrict personal and social life0 1 2 3 4
    • I feel left out of conversations because of my voice0 1 2 3 4
    • My voice problem causes me to lose income0 1 2 3 4
    • I feel as though I have to strain to produce voice0 1 2 3 4
    • The clarity of my voice is unpredictable0 1 2 3 4
    • My voice problem upsets me0 1 2 3 4
    • My voice problem makes me feel handicapped0 1 2 3 4
    • People ask, Whats wrong with your voice?0 1 2 3 4

    To find your score, add up your answers. A score of 10 or higher indicates you might have a speech or voice problem that is affecting your quality of life and you should ask for a referral to a speech pathologist.

    *Please note that not all content is available in both languages. If you are interested in receiving Spanish communications, we recommend selecting both” to stay best informed on the Foundation’s work and the latest in PD news.

    Zygo Voice Amplifier Mini

    The ZYGO Voice Amplifier MiNi uses an 8-watt speaker to provide the loud, clear output required for high quality voice amplification. In addition, it has a LINE input jack that can be connected to the output of a Speech Generating Device for adequate sound levels in noisy environments.

    Use the belt clip to attach the ZYGO Voice Amplifier MiNi to a belt, pants, skirt, etc., or use the included neck strap attached to the two d-rings to carry the voice amplifier wherever you go.

    The ZYGO Voice Amplifier MiNi has a Lithium-ion rechargeable battery that provides up to 15 hours of operation from a fully charged battery.

    This small, loud amplifier comes with a high performance headset or lapel microphone, or you can buy it with both microphones.

    The ZYGO Voice Amplifier MiNi features:

    • Loud, clear output from the small, 8-watt speaker
    • Choose between high quality Headset or Lapel Microphone, or get both
    • Small size, very loud sound: 3.62″ x 2.83″ x 1.06″
    • Perfect for amplifying a communication aid’s or iPadâs output
    • Up to 15 hours from a fully charged battery
    • Belt clip and d-rings with neck strap included

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    Talk With Others Who Understand

    Voice Amplifier Gives Power To Your Voice

    MyParkinsonsTeam is the social network for people with Parkinsons disease. On MyParkinsonsTeam, more than 79,000 members come together to ask questions, give advice, and share their stories with others who understand life with Parkinsons disease.

    Are you living with low-volume speech? Share your experience in the comments below, or start a conversation by posting on your Activities page.

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    When It Comes To Speech Aids For Parkinsons Patients None Compare To Speechvive

    Historically, we had little to offer to our Parkinsons patients in terms of technology for communication. Options included voice amplifiers and augmentative and alternative communication devices. While voice amplifiers can increase the sound of a users voice, patients frequently abandon them because the aid is large and intrusive, and does not improve the clarity of their speech.

    Additionally, AAC devices remove the users ability to communicate with their voice. In turn, patients rely on a computerized technology for word and phrase production, which frequently leads to poor adoption and frustration by patients who desire to communicate verbally.

    Notice To International Customers

    On July 1, 2021, new taxation rules come into effect as part of the European Unions Value-Added Tax eCommerce package. eCommerce merchants must now register, and tax physical goods exported to the EU prior to shipment or the tax is passed on to the customer.

    While we value our international customers, the new regulations are burdensome for a small company like ours. As a result, we are suspending physical product sales to Europe and Great Britain.

    Our downloadable Voice Aerobics® DVD and Breathwork videos are still available for purchase.

    Please view those products to learn more or contact us directly with questions.

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    What Features To Compare

    Most voice amplifiers serve the same purpose to allow the amplification of a voice to be easily heard by many people within a large area. However, many of the latest voice amplifiers actually have many other abilities, including the ability to save and playback audio, save audio to external storage, link up with other A/V equipment, and more. If you are simply looking for a device to provide voice amplification, then most models should serve that purpose quite well. On the other hand, its best to be aware of the different capabilities of each model, and to know what to look for when choosing the right device for your needs. Here are a few of the common characteristics that one should be aware of before purchasing a voice amplifier.

    Battery life Since most portable voice amplifiers use battery power, the total length of battery life of the device is one of the most important things to be aware of. Voice amplifiers generally support a long battery life, but it is always best to check to see if the maximum battery life of the device you want to purchase will be adequate for your needs.

    Easy Audio Playback Along with the recording capabilities included with many voice amplifiers, being able to quickly and easily play back recorded or pre-recorded audio clips can add a huge impact on any presentation or performance. If this is a capability that you desire, then check to make sure that any voice amplifier you are considering for purchase includes it.

    How Can Listeners Help People Who Have Difficulty Speaking And Communicating

    WinBridge Voice Amplifier Speaker with Two Microphons Headset Mic and ...

    Here are some ways friends and family of people with Parkinsons disease can ease speaking and communication difficulties:

    • Talk to the person with Parkinsons disease face-to-face only, and look at the person as he or she is speaking.
    • Ask questions that require a simple “yes” or “no” answer.
    • Repeat the part of the sentence that you understood.
    • Ask the person to repeat what he or she said, to speak more slowly or spell out the words you did not understand.

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    Can I Benefit From Assistive Technology

    Answer the following questions to see if assistive technology may help you:

    • Can I communicate effectively and be understood by others?
    • Can I use my computer to read or type as effectively as in the past?
    • Do tremors impact my ability to type?
    • Do I have difficulty using a touch screen?
    • Am I having more difficulty remembering passwords?
    • Am I able to effectively control electronics within the home environment?
    • Have I experienced falls or loss of balance?

    Improve The Standard Of Care For Your Parkinsons Patients

    Have more than one intervention in your clinical tool kit when developing your patients plan of care. Like traditional speech and Parkinsons voice therapy programs, SpeechVive is accepted by most insurance providers.

    • Increased speech volume and intelligibility for patients when utilizing their voice.
    • Expanded scope of care for your patients with Parkinsons disease. Spend more time addressing other impacts of Parkinsons your patients may be experiencing.

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    What Changes Can Occur

    There are several ways PD may affect speech:

    • The voice may get softer, breathy, or hoarse, causing others difficulty hearing what is said.
    • Speech may be slurred.
    • Speech may be mumbled or expressed rapidly.
    • The tone of the voice may become monotone, lacking the normal ups and downs.
    • The person may have difficulty finding the right words, causing speech to be slower.
    • The person may have difficulty participating in fast-paced conversations.1

    Some of the medical terms that describe the speech changes that can occur with PD include:

    • Dysarthria, which is a motor speech disorder or impairment in speaking due to PD affecting the muscles required for speech
    • Hypophonia, which means soft speech, is an abnormally weak voice caused by the weakening muscles
    • Tachyphemia, also known as cluttering, is characterized by an excessively fast speed of talking and a rapid stammering that makes it difficult to understand the person speaking2,3

    Zygo Wireless Voice Amplifier: Great Sound Amplification With No Strings Attached

    Voice Amplifier

    The ZYGO Wireless Voice Amplifier uses an adaptive 2.4GHz digital technology with an auto-pairing system to push sound from the clip-on lapel microphone to the 12 watt remote speaker, resulting in loud, clear, high quality voice amplification. The Wireless Voice Amplifier is compatible with the wireless mic and wired microphones.

    Use the removable clip to attach the Voice Amplifier to your belt so the sound projects forwards, or set the speaker farther away so that it is easy for your listeners who may not be right next to you.

    The system comes with two microphones. One is a clip-on wireless microphone transmitter with on/off switch, volume up/down buttons, external microphone input jack 3.5mm, mini-USB 5VDC input for charging, and a slot for a lanyard to connect. The second is a wired headset microphone that can be plugged into the amplified speaker, or it can even be plugged into the wireless microphone transmitter so you can still set the Voice Amplifier in front of your listener up to 65 feet away!

    The Wireless Voice Amplifier has a high capacity rechargeable Lithium Ion battery that provides up to eight hours of operation from a fully charged battery. It can also be used to power other devices from a USB port. The transmitter has its own rechargeable Li-Ion battery.

    This system comes complete with amplified speaker, wireless clip-on lapel microphone transmitter, headset microphone, belt clip, neck strap, power charger, and USB cable .

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    Free Yourself From Wires

    Hand-free wireless microphone system, no complex set up. 100 feet stable wireless connection at open area, loud, clear and high fidelity sound. Headset and handheld 2 in 1, with removable ear hook,use whichever style you want.

    How do you pair the uhf microphone headset to the speaker?

    • 1. Turn on the speaker, short press the M key to change into UHF mode.
    • 2. Long press the M key for about 3s with Prompt Tone UHF waiting for connection.
    • 3. Turn on the headset microphone
    • 4. Long press the WIFIsignal button for 3 seconds, pairing is successful with a voice prompt UHF is connected

    And if you need to use the Bluetooth and mic at the same time. Please follow the below steps after you have successfully paired the microphone.

    • 5. Sort press the Mkey of the speaker, Prompt Tone Bluetooth is waiting for connection
    • 6. Turn on the Bluetooth on your smartphone, the Bluetooth ID is SD-M800, and connecting it.

    Wireless Connectivity

    You can stream your favorite music from any type of Bluetooth mobile device.Instantly connect to your smartphone or tablet from up to 100 feet away. What is more,you can amplify your voice and play music at the same time.

    Voice Recorder

    Notice: Please insert a TF card/ USB disk and plug-in wired microphone first when using it as a recording device.

    USB Power bank

    You can even use the M800 wireless bluetooth voice amplifier to charge your tablets, smartphone in a pinch, no need to worry about your devices dying when you enjoy your music

    If I Have Parkinsons Disease What Kind Of Speech And Voice Problems May I Experience

    If you have Parkinsons disease, some of the voice and speech difficulties seen include:

    • Softened voice. Reduced volume to your voice.
    • Speaking in an unchanging pitch .
    • Having a hoarse or strained quality to your voice.
    • Having a breathiness to your voice. Breathiness in the quality of your voice that is easily heard by your listeners. It takes more effort and energy to speak. You run out of gas as you speak.
    • Trouble clearly and easily pronouncing letters and words.
    • Tremor in your voice.
    • Using short rushes of speech.
    • Loss of your facial expression.

    If you have Parkinsons disease, you may not be aware of the problems with your spoken communication. Changes in the quality of your voice may be the first sign of speech problems followed by the inability to have fluid speech and clear and distinct speech sounds. Speech problems that are severe enough to reduce your ability to be easily understood usually do not occur until later in the course of Parkinsons disease.

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