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Parkinson’s Disease Disability Benefits Questionnaire

Please Answer A Few Questions To Help Us Determine Your Eligibility

Getting Higher Parkinson’s Disease VA Disability Ratings

Classic Parkinson’s disease is a degenerative brain disorder that primarily affects a person’s movement in its early phases. Although resting tremors are a well-known sign of Parkinson’s disease, the disease can also produce problems such as muscle stiffness, decreased coordination, difficulty standing and walking, and difficulty speaking clearly. These symptoms can make it difficult or impossible for someone to work. PD’s motor problems are related to a decrease of dopamine production in brain areas critical for smooth movements, but the underlying general disease is caused by an abnormal protein known as alpha-synuclein.

How Long Does It Take To Get Disability For Parkinsons

Unfortunately, there is no clear answer on how long it will take you get to get disability benefits for Parkinsons.

After your initial application is complete, it will take the SSA around 3-5 months to get back to you with a decision regarding your claim.

The exact time varies depending on the time it takes for you to get all of your medical records and information over to the SSA to make a decision.

If the SSA denies your application, you are able to appeal the decision, but that will prolong the time it takes for you get disability for Parkinsons.

The more medical evidence and documentation you have to support your claim with Parkinsons, the shorter time it could take for you to get the benefits you deserve.

Applying For Disability Benefits For Parkinson’s Syndrome

To apply for benefits, call the SSA at 772-1213. The SSA will make an appointment for you to apply over the phone or at a local SSA office. You can also apply online at if you are applying for SSDI only . Once your application is complete, your file will be reviewed by an SSA claims examiner as well as by a doctor specially trained in SSA’s medical rules. They will request records from your doctors, send you questionnaires to complete, or ask you to attend an examination by a doctor that they hire. Once the evidence in your file is complete, a decision will be issued. On average this takes four to five months, but it could take much longer.

Take our disability quiz to help you determine whether you qualify for benefits.

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Roles And Responsibilities Within The Mdt

The PD MDT composition and the roles/responsibilities of each member require clear definition so that they can work both individually and collaboratively to achieve a common set of treatment objectives. The involvement of different MDT members at any one time depends on the needs of the person with PD and their caregiver, and the stage of their disease. Effective interventions preserve the caregivers well-being, and allow people with PD to remain at home with appropriate assistance.

Ideally, various networks exist and interact within the MDT . In Denmark, for example:

  • A triangular network exists for day-to-day management between general community nurses, a key community nurse trained in PD who can answer most day-to-day questions, and a hospital-based PDNS.

  • A vertical network provides nurses in the community with access to expert advice and information from the PDNS and neurologist.

  • Horizontal networks in the hospital facilitate treatment of advanced PD between movement disorder specialists /specialist neurologists, gastroenterologists, and neurosurgeons, and between nurses from different departments.

  • Examples of multidisciplinary team networks aiming to provide comprehensive and collaborative care for people with PD.

    Notes: Network interaction within the PD multidisciplinary team in Denmark supporting information exchange about patients. The Rigshospitalet Glostrup model.

    Can Anyone Besides Va Physicians Fill Out A Disability Benefits Questionnaire

    Fillable Va Form 21

    Initially,, DBQs were intended mainly for use by VA staff or contract physicians when performing C& P Exams. However, the VA released new Public DBQs in March 2021, allowing veterans to give DBQs to civilian providers or other VA staff members for completion.

    Any VA disability benefits questionnaire completed independently of a C& P exam can be submitted as additional evidence in support of your claim or appeal.

    Although any civilian provider can complete a Public DBQ, its often best to have a physician complete a DBQ. The VA holds a higher view of DBQs filled out by physicians.

    Also, even if you submit a Disability Benefits Questionnaire as evidence prior to your C& P exam, your examiner will still complete one at your exam.

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    Information For The Veterans Community

    In this booklet, you will learn about PD, its symptoms, how it is treated, and the benefits available to you as a veteran of the United States armed services.

    Am I eligible for VA disability compensation benefits?

    You may be able to get VA disability benefits if you got sick, were injured or exposed to environmental toxins, or developed a mental health condition while serving in the military. Even if your disability did not appear until years after your service, you may still be entitled to benefits so long as you can show that your condition is service-connected resulted from an in-service injury, illness, or event.

    To be eligible to receive VA disability compensation, you must have:

  • served on active duty in the Uniformed Services, or served on active duty for training or inactive duty training, AND
  • received a discharge under other-than-dishonorable conditions .
  • In addition to meeting the above criteria, you must prove that your disability is service-connected i.e. was caused by or aggravated by your military service. To establish service connection, you must prove the following with relevant, credible evidence:

  • a current diagnosis of your disability by a medical professional
  • an in-service injury, illness, or event and
  • a medical nexus, or link, between the diagnosed disability and the in-service injury, illness, or event.
  • What determines my monthly VA benefit amount?

    The VA publishes information on its compensation rates online.

    Causes Of Parkinsons Disease

    In spite of decades of study, the causes of Parkinsons have yet to be determined. Many experts say that Parkinsons is caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors, but these vary case by case. Certain environmental factors, such as occupational exposure to chemicals, have been linked to Parkinsons.

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    A Lawyer Experienced In Disability Insurance Laws And Parkinsons Disease Can Provide The Support You Need

    Group LTD claims fall under federal ERISA law. When a group claim is denied, the information you present in your appeal to the insurance company will also be the basis for a potential lawsuit against the insurance company. An experienced ERISA lawyer is essential to your case.

    In a private disability benefits claim denial based on Parkinsons disease, state contract and bad faith laws prevail. In each case, our experienced attorneys are prepared to review your claim, explain your legal options, and help you get the compensation you deserve.

    Social Security Disability Insurance

    My benefits were cut – despite my Parkinson’s

    Social Security Disability Insurance is a government disability benefit program that is administered by the Social Security Administration . These benefits are paid on a monthly basis to disabled workers who qualify under the SSAs rules. Like any insurance benefits, the rules and stipulations are complicated.

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    Literature Search Strategy And Selection Criteria

    Studies were identified through a PubMed literature search using the following search terms: multidisciplinary/interdisciplinary/multispecialty AND Parkinsons disease AND study. This yielded 90 hits the abstracts were screened for suitability. Only studies investigating the impact of multidisciplinary care in people with PD were included. Reviews , nonrelevant articles, and studies in which only the protocol and study design were discussed were excluded from the results. The literature search was performed in July 2016.

    Service Connection Of The Veterans Parkinsons Disease Claim

    By the way did you know that the Veterans Law Blog publishes the definitive guide for Veterans that want to prove these 4 pillars in their VA Claim? You can take a look at the 5+ hour Training Video here there is no other resource that has more information about HOW to prove the 4 Pillars of a VA Claim than this video.

    Veterans with Parkinsons Disease must prove each of these 4 Pillars to prevail in their claim for service connection.

    Typically, the 1st and 4th elements are the easiest to prove: eligibility and effective date. When it comes to proving Service Connection of a Veterans Parkinsons Disease, or establishing the impairment rating for that condition, the journey can be a little harder.

    There are 5 Paths to Service Connection I encourage Veterans with Parkinsons Disease to use as many of the 5 Paths as they can.

    A Veteran is not restricted to choosing only 1 path in their VA Claim.

    If you would like to learn more about the 5 Paths to Service Connection as well as other information that isnt published anywhere else on the internet be sure to check out the 5 hr training video: How to Prove the 4 Pillars of a VA Service Connection claim.

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    A Long Term Disability Attorney Can Help

    If you are suffering from Parkinsons and need to file a long term disability insurance claim, a specialized attorney can help. A long term disability attorney can advise you on leaving work protected, gather your medical records and evidence, and prepare the strongest claim possible to ensure your best chance of getting the long term disability insurance benefits you need.

    Riemer Hess has been helping disabled professionals and executives successfully receive their benefits for over 25 years. Our disability lawyers will tackle your unique case with our proven strategy. We know how to bypass an insurance companys roadblocks and protect your financial future. Call us today at 297-0700, or click the button below to schedule a free consultation.

    What If My Claim Is Denied

    VA Form 21

    If the VA denies your claim, they will note the reason on the Rating Decision. Claims are most often rejected for lack of medical evidence. In this case, youll need to file an appeal and submit further medical evidence to support the claim.

    once they correct the gaps in their claim and fill in the missing elements such as complete medical evidence.)

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    Looking For Specific Direction On Your Va Disability Claim And Disability Benefits Questionnaires

    Regardless of what state you live in, its important that you pursue the monthly compensation payments due to you for disabilities connected to your military service.

    Most veterans are underrated for their disabilities and therefore not getting the compensation they deserve. At VA Claims Insider, we help veterans understand and take control of the claims process so they can get the rating and compensation theyre owed by law.

    Our process takes the guesswork out of filing a VA disability claim and supports you every step of the way in building a fully-developed claim so you can increase your rating in less time!

    If youve filed your VA disability claim and have been denied or have received a low rating or youre not sure how to get started reach out to us for a FREE VA Claim Discovery Call, so you can FINALLY get the disability rating and compensation you deserve. Weve supported more than 15,000 veterans to win their claims and increase their ratings. NOW ITS YOUR TURN.

    Va Disability Compensation For Veterans With Parkinsons

    What are Veterans Affairs disability compensation benefits?

    VA disability compensation benefits are monthly, tax-free, benefits that are paid to U.S. military veterans with disabilities that are connected to their active duty military service. These benefits are administered and paid by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs .

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    Free Case Evaluation For People With Parkinson’s Disease

    All too often, claimants are denied Social Security benefits based on missing, inaccurate, or incomplete paperwork. As a result, the applicant must then begin on the arduous disability appeal process. Unfortunately, the this process is long and slow, resulting in excruciating delays.

    A Social Security Disability lawyer can make sure you have the documents you need the first time, saving you the hassle and the delay of a lengthy disability appeal process.

    To speak with a qualified Social Security Attorney about your chances of getting Social Security benefits, request a free disability evaluation today.

    If I Use A Dbq Will I Still Need A C& p Exam

    VA Disability Ratings for Parkinson’s Disease

    Most VA disability claims will require a C& P exam in order to reach a favorable outcome in which you win the claim with the highest rating possible.

    However, in some cases, the use of a DBQ or independent medical opinionalong with enough other supporting medical evidence, personal statements, and buddy letterscould provide enough information for A VA rater to make a decision without the need for a C& P exam.

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    How Do I Get Approved For Disability Due To Parkinsons Disease

    The symptoms of Parkinsons can vary drastically in nature, severity, and frequency. Due to the somewhat unpredictable clinical presentation of Parkinsons, just being diagnosed is not usually enough to receive long term disability benefits. Instead, the insurance company will look to see how your particular symptoms impact your ability to work.

    The insurance company will assess your Parkinsons by considering your:

    • Motor functioning
    • Treatment.

    Service Connection For Parkinsons Disease

    Some former service members may be eligible for direct service connection, meaning something happened in military service that caused your Parkinsons or the disease was first diagnosed or manifested during service. This service connection is not easy to prove and will almost always require an independent medical opinion to show that you were beginning to show signs of Parkinsons during service or a particular chemical you were exposed to caused the condition.

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    How Do I File A Claim For Va Disability Compensation Benefits

    Timing: Typically, the VA cannot grant service-connection for a condition if there is no formal diagnosis on record. However, Parkinsons disease is an exception to this rule. Parkinsons is diagnosed by exclusion, meaning that a formal diagnosis is issued only when all other possible diseases have been ruled out. The VA determined that veterans should not have to wait for their condition to worsen before filing for benefits. Therefore, if you have documented symptoms of Parkinsonism but have not yet been officially diagnosed with Parkinsons, you can still receive service connection for Parkinsons disease. If this is the case, do not delay filing for VA compensation until you have a Parkinsons disease diagnosis because, if VA grants you service connection, they will pay your benefits starting from the date they received your claim.

    Organize your thoughts: When you are ready to apply for VA benefits, it is a good idea to take a moment to think about your symptoms and how they impact your daily life and your ability to work. Also, think about what aspects of your active-duty military service caused your illness/injury and disability. It can help to write yourself a note about this so it is in the front of your mind throughout the process.

    Complete a claim form: Begin the claim process by completing a VA form 21-526 or VA form 21-526EZ. Both forms include instructions on when and how to use them. Here are links to VAs website where you can download the forms:


    What Happens If My Physician Recorded False Information

    Parkinson Disease Disability Benefits

    On rare occasions, a physician may accidentally record false information in a Disability Benefits Questionnaire. If this happens, youll need to provide evidence that the recorded information is inaccurate. You can use official test results and additional medical records as evidence.

    If the information you provide is enough to prove the physicians reports were incorrect, the VA will not use the incorrect recordings to determine your disability rating.

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    Veterans With Parkinsons Eligible For Tdiu

    If your service-connected Parkinsons keeps you from working, benefits may also be available under a unique rating called Total Disability Based on Individual Unemployability . Under this program, the VA pays 100% of total disability compensation to veterans who are unable to earn a living, and whose service-connected disabilities are not rated as 100-percent disabling. You want to be sure to file for TDIU as well.

    What Treatment Does My Long Term Disability Insurer Want To See

    The insurance company will require proof you are seeking appropriate treatment fr ur Parkinsons. Even if your symptoms are stable, your long term disability insurer will want to see that you are regularly visiting your doctors and following their treatment recommendations.

    Parkinsons is treated most often with Levodopa , carbidopa, or a combination of the two called Sinemet. Your doctor may prescribe other medications that cause your body to make more dopamine. And your doctor may also prescribe medication that imitates the effects of dopamine or that stop your body from breaking down dopamine. Providing your long term disability insurer with proof of your prescribed medications is important. Your long term disability insurer will require that your doctor is regularly reviewing, and if needed, adjusting any medications you take.

    Your doctor may also refer you to a physical therapist to improve your balance and ability to move. Physical therapy may also include muscle-strengthening exercises to help you speak or swallow. Your long term disability insurer will require that you keep consistent appointments with your physical therapists.

    Other treatments may include deep brain stimulation, implants, or experimental treatments to spur the creation of dopamine. Again, your long term disability insurer will require that you are regularly visiting your doctors and that you are following their recommendations.

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    Why Is Veterans Parkinsons Disease Such A Common Diagnosis

    My client who served in the Philippines during the Vietnam War was diagnosed with what is informally called Young-Onset Parkinsons Disease at age 31.

    The average age at which most folks are diagnosed with Parkinsons is 58 years old one is diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinsons if they are diagnosed before the age of 50.

    The diagnosis of Young Onset Parkinsons is a frighteningly common occurrence in the Veteran community.

    Beyond that, traditional onset Parkinsons is increasingly common in the Veterans community. I think there are 2 major reasons .

    Here is one of those minor reasons: science is showing us more and more that there are early indicators for the diagnosis of a Veterans Parkinsons Disease: the VA Pacific Islands Health Care System concluded that individuals who have lost their sense of smell are 5 times more likely to be diagnosed with Parkinsons Disease in the future.)

    The First Major Reason for the increase in Veterans Parkinsons Disease is that so many Vietnam era Veterans were exposed to dioxin during their military service. .

    The VA has conceded in the past that Veterans exposed to Agent Orange have a 70% greater likelihood of being diagnosed with Parkinsons disease.

    In fact, Veterans who served boots on the ground in Vietnam are entitled to a presumption that the Veterans Parkinsons Disease was related to their military service.

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