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Parkinson’s Disease Case Study Example

Nursing Case Study Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s Disease Gait – Case Study 20

Info: 1982 words Nursing Case Study 12th Feb 2020

Thomas Aitken

1) Introduction

The following discussion shall be about Parkinsons disease with an emphasis on the diseases association with John Magill. In Australia, deaths because of Parkinsons disease comprised 19. 8% of deaths from nervous system disease in 2010 . The aetiology and risk factors associated with the disease shall be discussed, in addition to its clinical presentation and the required essential physical assessments. Furthermore, the medical management of the disease shall be developed before concluding the discussion.

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Johns vital signs appear unremarkable although his respirations are slightly elevated which is most likely due to anxiety-worrying about medications. He has a sick wife suffering from multiple myeloma. This is a form of cancer that would reduce her ability to care for John. John may also be suffering from depression, as evidenced by his teary manner.

It was also noted that there was a skin tear to his right hip and that he started to cough when given a drink of water. There could be a risk of infection with the skin tear and the risk of aspiration due to dysphagia. He had a fall, suffered bruising, has tremors and moves slowly.

2) Possible causes / risk factors related to the health condition.

4) Discuss medical management including medications.

Causes Of Foxs Disease

  • According to Keveney the exact cause of Foxs disease was as a result of exposure to environmental and chemical toxin.
  • There are some other viewpoints concerning genetic factors.
  • However, the theories cannot be conclusively proven.

The events that led to the diagnosis of this disorder were scanted because Fox had led a private life after being diagnosed with the disease before he made it public . As much as the disease affected his individual ability, its exact cause as far as Fox is concerned was not known. Most people however believe that the exact cause of Foxs disease was as a result of exposure to environmental and chemical toxin. As much as this is a claim, it cannot be conclusively proven.

Case Study Of A Man With Parkinsons Disease

Paper Type: Free Essay

Mr Henderson has arrived in hospital after a history of falls at home and has just commenced a new medication regime.

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Visual cues could be stepping over a cue in the floor, for example tape can be placed on the floor in strips to help initiate in confined spaces when freezing has taken place. Tape can also be placed on the edges of stairs. Mr Henderson may also find useful to imagine he is taking steps up stairs and this may prompt movement. The nurse should ensure that the area is clutter free and this can exacerbate freezing. Auditory cues as the name suggests would indicate sound used to enhance movement. Metronomes have been described as a useful tool in support gait initiation. Counting out rhythms or singing and walking in time to this can be beneficial. Proprioceptive cues which means taking a step back before starting to walk rocking gently from side to side or marching on the stop before stepping.

Strategies can be adopted to improve the deficit before considering pharmacological methods such as recommending gradual compression stockings to improve venous return and therefore blood pressure. For them to work efficiently they much be measured and fitted to ensure the correct pressure is applied to the legs and ensuring that Mr Henderson is achieving recommended fluid intake of 1500-2000ml per day.

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Anne Hathaway Pelicula Donde Tiene Parkinson

Klobuchar thinks her husbands case shows why it is not yet time to reopen businesses or decoct restrictions on large gatherings. Sometimes the symptoms of dlb resemble those of parkinsons disease-such as a shamble pace, tremor, and problems with drive. Likely components of your direction plan would admit the following in #2-#6 under. Its a rule of thumb: you should be safest standing six feet asunder outside, specially once its long-winded. At the end of the spirit of the vicar of christ had wicked language problems caused by parkinsons disease. The distinctive symptoms of parkinsons disease are:. The gemini the twins and sir henry percy are crowding into the blank space, battling destruction eaters and trading quips, and just once it seems that things are heating up, they add up to a attrition halt.

For lesson, increased trips to the toilet at nox put persons with parkinsons at increased risk of waterfall, and could be indicative of a urinary pamphlet contagion . Specifically, researchers find that victimisation an mri political machine, they can faithfully measure changes in the part of the learning ability unnatural by pd as a marking for pd procession. Medicament is the reason the drug is stopped-up, mayhap untimely. I think that put more pressure on them because he played his card game from the start. May help treat symptoms such as tremors, inclemency, insomnia, dystonia, pain, or weight red ink. These are short-acting treatments that work in proceedings.

Parkinsons Disease Case Study Sample Essay & Outline


History of Present Illness

S.E is a business manager who explains that he has been experiencing shoulder pains and stiffness. He explains that the problem started six months ago. However, the his condition was previously mistaken for musculoskeletal and he was referred for physical therapist treatment. The patient now presents with a stiffness in the right shoulder extending into the elbow and a resting tremor in the right and left hand. He was referred to a neurologist and he was diagnosed with early Parkinsons Disease.

Current Medications

Ropinirole 5mg p.o TID.

Parkinsons Disease

Parkinsons disease occurs because of loss of dopamine a chemical produced by the brain that helps in facilitating movement. Furthermore, dopamine also affects ones mood. Thus, medications for the Parkinsons disease entail prescription of pills that replace dopamine in the body.

Parkinsons disease presents with various signs and symptoms. However, symptoms are different among patients. Some patients show early stages symptoms, while others start showing symptoms during the later stages. Normally, symptoms for the disease present in individuals who are aged between 50-60 years. Symptoms develop gradually and the close family may not notice anything wrong with the patient. Parkinsons disease can cause motor or non-motor symptoms. Motor symptoms involves symptoms that affect movement, whereas non-motor symptoms do not affect movement .

Motor symptoms

Non-motor symptoms


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Parkinson’s Disease Case Study

A second method of case designation was to arouse study referrals from kpmcp physicians treating parkinsons disease patients. Intropin protagonist medications can be victimised for people who have fretful legs syndrome, too known as wilis-ekbom disease. Custom case study on parkinsons disease topics. There are a few qualitative studies with patients with parkinsons disease and primary dystonia and some case reports, but there has been no qualitative study yet with patients suffering from psychiatrical disorders. Symptoms commonly seem bit by bit, and as the diseases progresses, it can intervene with daily activities, the nih says. Medically modification for impairment benefits with parkinsons disease. The final stage of the disease is rattling stark. Personal effects of dance on balance and pace in spartan james parkinson disease: a case study – view abstract. It may thence be prudent for a somebody who is experiencing only the non-motor symptoms of pd to start or addition their level of exercise.

Translating Discoveries To Treatments

Frances Jensen applauded the use of animal models to deconstruct complex diseases into component parts, but noted that it may be overreaching to expect an animal model to provide a systems-level phenotypic mimic of human disease. Given that these component mechanisms

Suggested Citation:Therapeutic Development in the Absence of Predictive Animal Models of Nervous System Disorders: Proceedings of a Workshop

may play a role in multiple diseases and may have characteristic imaging or biochemical signals, she suggested that the field may want to start cataloging these component mechanisms to accelerate translation of discoveries into novel treatments across a range of nervous system disorders. McCarroll agreed, noting that although mice may not be useful to establish efficacy at a global level, they can be used to demonstrate how something acts on cells and circuits, or show basic interactions among different cell types. Egebjerg added that a similar type of deconstruction at the clinical level could also prove beneficial as a step toward identifying which patients might benefit from therapeutic approaches that target particular mechanisms. Frank Yocca concurred, noting that from a pharmaceutical industry perspective, there may be no choice but to find common components among very heterogeneous diseases.

Suggested Citation:Therapeutic Development in the Absence of Predictive Animal Models of Nervous System Disorders: Proceedings of a Workshop

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Case Study Parkinsons Disease

Our Client

K is a 54 year old lady who was diagnosed with Parkinsons disease 10 years ago. She had been living on her own with the support of hourly carers, who were assisting her with meal preparation and domestic chores. She has a supportive family however they do not live locally, visiting whenever they are able. Her family have been particularly concerned about K living on her own, particularly as she has been having more challenges with her mobility.

K is a well-travelled lady with a love of fine art. She ran her own business and keeping her independence and privacy is very important to her.

Our Service

K was given the freedom to continue to go out on her own but agreed to keep the carer informed of where she was going and how long she was going to be. She agreed to have her mobile phone with her so that the carer could contact her if there were any concerns. However K and the carer got on so well, that very soon they were going on outings together and K was enjoying having the company and found that this reduced her levels of anxiety around falling making the outings far more enjoyable.

Our Success

We have now been providing care for K for 3 months, and K and her carer have settled into a comfortable routine. K has not had any further falls and is feeling reassured that there is always someone in the house should she need assistance.

Research Implications Of The Case Study

Parkinson’s Disease & Low Back Pain – Case Study 21

There are different implications of the research study because it gives us a good insight into the disease.

  • Michael Fox has become an eye opener to the whole world in a better way .
  • Doctors were able to understand how the brain works because this case gave them an opportunity to explore different things .
  • In fact, different research efforts increased doctors understanding of the brain function in one way or the other.

There are different implications of the research study because it gives us a good insight into the disease. Most notably, it should be known that the world was not paying good attention to the disorder prior to the case of Michael Fox. In this case, it did imply that there was more attention to the disease because people were able to know what it was all about. As time went by, there were more concerted efforts to find a good solution because patients who had been diagnosed with the disease needed care and attention .

This is what made doctors and researchers dedicate their efforts towards coming up with a long lasting solution to the disease. As much as there is limited information on such endeavors, this is a good step in the right direction. The most notable implication of this study is the fact that people should dedicate their efforts towards this disorder because Michael Fox was able to be an eye opener to the whole world in a better way.

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Man With Parkinson’s Stops Shaking

The sickness is reasoned to be at stage 2 even if there is an peanut symptom on the side of the body that was symptom-free earlier. It can likewise pass off, for instance, later. Those with more strict covid-19 were more likely to experience a neurologic change. Although a number of medications are put-upon by doctors, the all but usually put-upon medications are. Use of the voice box and muscles in the pharynx are lost, causation the problems with words and vocalizations, swallowing, mastication and spittle control. Over time, we had make out to like, respect, and trust dr. The chair of neurosurgery at the university of toronto, andres lozano, offers a striking look at emergent deep mentality foreplay techniques, in which a woman with parkinsons at once stops shaking. Because they are very twins with very genomes, it may seem to be a mystery story that only jack is sick.

A Case Of Parkinsons Disease With No Lewy Body Pathology Due To A Homozygous Exon Deletion In Parkin

Krisztina Kunszt Johansen

1Department of Neurology, St. Olavs University Hospital, Trondheim, Norway

2Department of Pathology, St. Olavs University Hospital, Trondheim, Norway

3Department of Neuroscience, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway

4Department of Medical Genetics, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Academic Editor:


Parkinsons disease is a clinical diagnosis based on the presence of cardinal motor signs, good response to levodopa, and no other explanations of the syndrome. Earlier diagnostic criteria required autopsy for a definite diagnosis based on neuronal loss in the substantia nigra pars compacta and the presence of Lewy bodies and neurites. Here, we present a patient who developed parkinsonism around the age of 20, with an excellent response to levodopa who, at age 65, received bilateral STN deep brain stimulation . The patient died at age 79. The autopsy showed severe neuronal loss in the SN without any Lewy bodies in the brainstem or in the hemispheres. Genetic screening revealed a homozygous deletion of exon 3-4 in the Parkin gene. In this case report we discuss earlier described pathological findings in Parkin cases without Lewy body pathology, the current diagnostic criteria for PD, and their clinical relevance.

1. Introduction

In this report we present EOPD carrying homozygous Parkin deletion of exons 3-4 with no LB pathology at autopsy.

2. Case Report

3. Autopsy Findings

4. Discussion

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Case Study Analysis Of Parkinson’s Disease Using Rlt Model

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive disorder of affecting the nervous system and its associated organs. The symptoms of this disease develop gradually and can start with a barely noticeable tremor in the hand. Some of the associated symptoms of this disease are: tremor, bradykinesia , rigid muscles, loss of unconscious movements, impaired posture and balance and speech alterations.


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Strengths And Limitations Of This Study

  • This study explains how good-quality social care, delivered in a timely fashion may have a positive impact on health, and prevent untoward events.

  • Criteria are highlighted that are indicative of good-quality social care specific to people with Parkinsons disease.

  • Findings illustrate how the costs of health and social care may be reduced by delivering good-quality social care in an integrated manner. Further health economic studies are required to test these claims.

  • The research indicates how health professionals can be instrumental in early detection of and signposting to social care.

  • The study focused on the experiences of those in receipt of social care in England, however, the messages are likely to be of interest to other audiences currently reviewing or testing different models of health and social care integration.

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Parkinson’s Disease Case Study Quizlet

Discourse medicinal drug regime, overall, for the nigh part, the john r major. According to information promulgated in the diary clinical neurology, photo to smoke cause of death, solvents and pesticides increases peoples risk for parkinsons disease by 33 to 80 percentage, medical daily reported. As mcconnell later explained, we knew we couldnt stop the agendum, but we cerebration we had a chance of creating a national debate nearly whether all of this excess was appropriate. the coaches and the constitution they have a go at it i love it here. Myself, on with two other patients, divided our narrative virtually acquiring transmitted examination that helped raise flags on authoritative wellness issues. As for whether hes owning existence 60: hades be on stage at the strand house in house of york, penn, and says there is goose egg i would sort of be doing than playacting as he celebratesor avoids. People with parkinsons harness the superpower of medicine to plug in, move with others. With his baby as his editor in chief, andron besides is preparing to write his book, no limits, which he hopes will help others who have a diagnosing of yopd. Okay, that wasnt truly a role that was just fallon. Atomic number 19 is essential to decently carry nerve signals in the body.

Parkinson’s Disease Case Study Example

Freshly a lot of media attending has been centered on a new study that reported the transposition of lost intropin neurons in a mouse model of parkinsons, which resulted in the chastening the connected behavioural/motor issues. People living with parkinsons disease have alone inevitably and challenges. The cane is powered by two aa batteries, which last for 6 months. ) is an independent, non-profit research establishment that has defined collaborations with a variety show of universities, research organizations, hospitals, biotech companies, and other spirit skill organizations to execute find research to key novel drug targets and modernise modern technologies, with the elemental end of translating these discoveries into individual wellness care. This lap results in the disease existence known as a spectrum disease. He has been cited as an stirring by rappers such as ll cool j,. People with parkinsons disease set to find better deep nous stimulant access, spheric bc, feb 5, 2019 .

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