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Parkinson’s Awareness Week 2022

Non Motor Symptoms Include:

Parkinson’s Disease Exercises: LSVT LOUD Vocal Therapy
  • Attention Deficit
  • Difficulties planning and carrying out ordinary tasks

The motor symptoms of Parkinson’s are based around involuntary movements or rigidity . The impact of these motor symptoms in the day to day life of a person with Parkinson’s are immense this awareness event aims in part, to make more people understand the severity of these symptoms.

For example, a person may not be able to perform a simple activity like crossing the road in case their ‘feet freeze’ making them unable to walk. When shopping, they may be unable to take money out from a purse or wallet to pay for items due to involuntary arm and hand movements.

Symptoms are unpredictable and can vary on a time scale as short as one minute.

Many people who have heard of Parkinson’ disease associate this condition with the physical symptoms of tremor or rigidity. These symptoms may be shown as head bobbing or other sudden involuntary jerking movements. World Parkinson’s Day aims to make more people aware of the non motor symptoms.

How Did The Idea Of The Spark Come About

In August 2021, a partnership of groups and individuals dedicated to campaigning about Parkinson’s see above got together and agreed that World Parkinsons Day needed greater impact, coordination and recognition.

There was a call for submissions, asking members of the global Parkinsons communities to submit ideas and inspiration for the logo. A design was chosen that the group felt reflected the spirit of Parkinsons, but would also work effectively in multiple design and national settings.

Navigate Your Pd Future

Whether you’re newly diagnosed or have been living with Parkinson’s for a while, were here to support you as you navigate your PD future.

The Parkinson’s Foundation Helpline has answers to all your questions. Our Helpline specialists are here to support you in any possible way. Reach out to us at 1-800-4PD-INFO .

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Million Worldwide In 20211

Every day, we want to feel life in all its colours and shades. But for people with Parkinsons, life is different. There are support groups and therapies that can improve their quality of life and help them feel more independent again. Many teams are committed to helping make life easier for People with Parkinson’s and everyone else who is affected by the condition. So, if youre living with Parkinsons, youre not alone.

The right treatment may help control Parkinsons symptoms.

On World Parkinsons Month lets combine our efforts to raise awareness for this disease affecting millions of people worldwide.


This Event Begins In 246 Days Time


Parkinson’s Awareness Week aims to raise awareness about this potentially devastating condition.

During this week, individuals are encouraged to hold their own event with family, friends and colleagues. These events support the awareness and research work for Parkinson’s UK .

Funding is needed for vital research work into the causes and treatments of Parkinson’s Disease. Parkinson’s UK also works to support those living day to day with this condition.

Each year Parkinson’s Awareness Week focuses on a different aspect of this condition. For example during 2014, the main focus was ‘Control’, which raised awareness about how people with this disease control and live with the symptoms and progressive nature of Parkinson’s.

Another focus of Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Week is to increase media coverage of this condition. The greater the coverage the more people know what it is like to live or care for somebody with Parkinson’s Disease.

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Support For People With Parkinsons Disease

ND Care & Support is an award-winning care provider you can trust. We believe everyone deserves to live as independently as possible in the comfort of their own home, and access to high quality care and professional support and this includes those with Parkinsons disease.

Our private care packages can help you or your loved ones live the lifestyle you choose. Well work closely with you to create a bespoke and flexible care plan for you and your family through our wide range of services:

  • Personal care
  • Domestic and personal affairs support
  • Support with hospital appointments
  • Community care and support with trips and social outings
  • Companionship on holidays

In 37 People Alive Today In The Uk Will Be Diagnosed With Parkinsons In Their Lifetime Parkinsons Uk

Parkinsons Awareness Week is a week in which people come together to raise awareness about Parkinsons.

This years theme is #StartAConversation

Parkinsons disease is a condition in which parts of the brain become progressively damaged over many years. The National Health Service

Parkinsons & The Access Card

Here at The Access Card, we support many cardholders to help them discreetly communicate the barriers they might face when out and about or visiting shows, events, or tourist destinations and have provided some more information about some of the typical access requirements we have processed.

Everyone is different and experiences their needs in different ways, but here are some examples based on our experience.

Standing & Queuing

Whether you have difficulty with physically being in a queue for a significant period of time, difficulty with the concept of queuing, or have difficulty with being in a queue/ crowded spaces, the standing & queuing symbol can be added to your Access Card to help communicate this access requirement.

Different providers have different systems in place to facilitate this access requirement.

For example, Thorpe Park accepts Access Cards with the Standing & Queuing symbol as proof for a Ride Access Pass.

What is a Ride Access Pass?

Level Access

Different providers have different systems in place to facilitate this access requirement.


Different providers have their own ways of accommodating this access requirement.

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Hold Your Own Physically Fun Fundraiser For Parkinsons

Join our Parkinsons Fundraising Team by holding your very own physically fun fundraising activity this week. This can include: walking, running, cycling, dancing or whatever you like to raise money for vital Parkinsons services.

Simply speaking, there is no one out there providing the services we do. Your support helps people living with Parkinsons today, not tomorrow. Every pound raised will fundtherapies, mental health support, care, training, informationand non-pharmaceutical researchto curb the devastating progression of Parkinsons and enable people to live better for longer.

There is no cure for Parkinsons, which is why we need your support to enable people with the condition to live life to the fullest and to live better for longer.

Hold your own fundraiser this Parkinsons Awareness Week in just a few simple steps:

1. Decide on what you would like to do e.g a family cycle event, sponsored Nordic walk , Skydive etc

2. Download the following to help you with your fundraising:

3. Set you your Justgiving fundraising page.

5. Spread the word by sharing your event and our Parkinsons Awareness Week poster!

Future Of Pd Research

Michigan Parkinson Foundation – PWR! Moves with Katie Bourdeau, PT, DPT – May 9, 2022

Your participation in research can help us provide improved treatments and care for all people with Parkinsons today and create a future where no one lives with Parkinsons.

PD GENEration: Mapping the Future of Parkinsons Disease is a national initiative that offers genetic testing for clinically relevant Parkinson’s-related genes and genetic counseling at no cost for people with Parkinsons. Learn more and sign up today.

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What Causes Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s Disease arises due to a loss of nerve cells in the substantia nigra a part of the brain affected by Parkinson’s Disease. Nerve cells in the substantia nigra produce the chemical dopamine, a neurotransmitter, which transmits nerve impulses and allows signals to be sent to other areas of the brain which coordinate movement. A reduction in these dopamine producing cells causes reduced function in the areas of the brain responsible for coordinating movement. About an 80% reduction in dopamine will bring on the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease.

What are the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease?

Motor symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease include tremor, slowness of movement and stiffness or rigidity of muscles.

Non motor symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease may also be experienced. These include constipation, depression, sleep disturbances and urinary urgency.

These are often differences in severity and the type of symptoms displayed between individuals.

Join Us For Day Of Giving On World Parkinson’s Day

Rally your friends and family to take part in The Michael J. Fox Foundation’s Day of Giving and make a donation to support groundbreaking research. By coming together on one day, everyone can amplify their impact and propel treatments forward faster.

The research field and Parkinsons drug development pipeline are packed with more potential than ever before. The Foundation is focused on leveraging this momentum to translate the science into real results for people living with Parkinsons. More funding is needed to drive new and improved treatments to alleviate Parkinsons symptoms and slow or stop the disease altogether. Will you help us put Parkinsons in the past?

Donate now and join the conversation online using #ParkinsonsAwarenessMonth.Add Day of Giving to Your Calendar!

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Responses To Fighting Parkinsons And Parkinsons Awareness Month 2022 Part 3

  • Hi Val,

    Ah yes, I have had my fair share of lavatory issues too:

    Just south of Carmel-by-the-Sea on the west coast of California there is a beautiful state park named Asilomar a former upscale girl scout camp with big central lodge and lovely cabins. A boardwalk connects the lodge to the beach to protect rare and delicate plants.

    One day I found myself on the crowded boardwalk, desperately counting my steps as I made my way from the beach to the bathroom in the main lodge. When I looked up, I observed a couple exchanging wedding vows at the end of the boardwalk and blocking my way to the lodge. The hillside just beyond them was packed with wedding guests dressed in their Sunday best, looking for all the world like a choir of angels. Then they started to sing

    So what happened next?

    Fortunately my mind did not have time to terrify me with all the possible negative outcomes. I knew Id never make it to the lodge bathroom now, so I said to my wife, Cover my back! and dove into the nearest bush. Everyone on the boardwalk graciously ignored me and everything turned out fine!

    Lifes messy, but not totally unrecoverable!

    Have a glorious holiday weekend everybody!


  • Margaret

    Good for you Val so happy to hear you made it to church in spite of old Mr. P Every time something like this happens, I feel we are taking a giant leap toward recoveryHave a wonderful Easter!PsWe should all put together our stories of our personal bloopers we would probably laugh our way to recovery

  • Rick
  • Is There A Way To Prevent Parkinson’s Disease

    CNA Association

    At present there is no way to prevent Parkinson’s Disease. However, current research is focusing on finding a biochemical abnormality which all individuals with Parkinson’s Disease might share. However such findings would help more to predict not prevent Parkinson’s Disease. These biochemical abnormalities are known as biomarkers.

    If discovered, a biomarker could be found through a chemical test given to individuals who currently do not show any symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. Screening techniques could also be used to show the presences of a biomarker.

    There are rare cases where individuals have an inherited form of Parkinson’s Disease. With such cases researchers could test for known genetic mutations as a means to determine an individual’s risk of having the disease.


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    Today Is Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Day 2022

    In recognition to all of those living with Parkinson’s, here are a few facts that you may not know…

    Have a read through and remember that those with Parkinson’s may not show symptoms all the time.

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    Learn About Parkinsons Disease

    Parkinsons is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that reduces or kills the nerve cells in the brain that control movement. In terms of diagnosis, its the fastest growing neurological illness in the world and more than 10m people suffer from the disease worldwide.

    Theres no known cure for Parkinsons disease at present, but there are different medications, therapies and even surgeries that can treat symptoms. We do know that its more prevalent in men and it can present itself in many ways with 40 different symptoms, although an individuals experience of these can be varied compared to other people with the disease.

    Symptoms of Parkinsons disease include shaking or tremors, stiff muscles, unsteady or difficulty in walking, general slowness in moving and poor posture. These symptoms will gradually increase over time and can lead to other symptoms, such as slurred speech, difficulty swallowing and mental health conditions.

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    How Was The Spark Developed

    The Spark was designed in partnership with Franklyn , a creative studio based in Brooklyn, New York. The six-month effort was comprehensive and engaged a global community of organisations, people with Parkinsons and advocates. This was a tall task, as whatever symbol we crafted for the global Parkinsons community had to be simple, urgent, and tied to the condition itself. Creating a logo that is also customisable and truly open-source which means anyone can download it, draw it, draw on it and use it to tell their own stories is also what makes it powerful, personal and deeply emotional, said Michael Freimuth, Franklyn Co-Founder.

    What Research Is Being Taken Into Parkinson’s Disease

    Parkinson’s Disease & Medication – What’s New

    Research into Parkinson’s Disease broadly falls into two categories: genetic and environment research.

    Genetic research into Parkinson’s Disease has so far identified 9 genes linked to this condition. The parkin gene is the gene most commonly associated with Parkinson’s Disease. Scientific research aims to determine which factors are involved in the creation, maintenance and destruction of the dopamine producing neurons.

    Environment research into Parkinson’s Disease focuses on possible environmental factors associated with Parkinson’s Disease.

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    Parkinsons Awareness Week 2022

    Posted on 11/04/2022

    Parkinsons Awareness Week 2022 is underway and theres a whole host of educational activities for you to learn about Parkinsons Disease.

    Established by Parkinsons UK, this special initiative intends to raise awareness and support those living with Parkinsons disease and their loved ones.

    At ND Care & Support, we feel its important to be aware of the facts about Parkinsons disease and theres no better time to familiarise yourself with them than now.

    What Is Parkinsonism

    Other disorders and Diseases can also include the major symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. Parkinsonism is the term given to the collective symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease and other related Diseases. Often referred to as idiopathic* Parkinson’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease is the most common form of parkinsonism. Other types of parkinsonism include progressive supranuclear palsy and multiple system atrophy . Both progressive supra nuclear and multiple system atrophy are rarer conditions than Parkinson’s Disease.

    *idiopathic referring to unknown cause.

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    What Is Parkinsons

    Parkinsons is a progressive neurological condition people diagnosed with the disease dont have enough dopamine because specific nerve cells inside their brain have died. We dont yet know why this happens and currently there is no cure.

    Once diagnosed, Parkinsons can make simple, everyday activities very challenging for sufferers and rob people of their independence, relationships, and dignity. Without dopamine, people can find that their movements become slower and it takes longer to do things.

    Normal tasks like eating, getting dressed and using the phone or computer become difficult and frustrating.

    One in every 500 people is diagnosed with Parkinsons in the UK, there are 127,000 people living with the condition.

    How You Can Help

    The World Parkinson Congress (WPC) virtual conference took place May 17 ...

    The good news is, you dont need to be an expert to get involved and make a difference in someones life who is living with Parkinsons small changes to your own behaviour can make a big difference to the lives of those dealing with the condition by helping them to feel part of their local community again. Simple gestures can have a big impact heres five to try.

  • Put the kettle onShaking muscles can mean making a cup of tea is almost impossible. Offer to put the kettle on.
  • Let someone go firstParkinsons can make muscles feel agonisingly stiff, making simple tasks like packing shopping and standing in line difficult. Let someone go before you in line and give them the time they need.
  • Hold the door openWeak muscles and tiredness make even opening the door a challenge. Hold open the door for a stranger.
  • Help a neighbourSymptoms change from day to day for Parkinsons sufferers. Offering to do small jobs can make the bad days more bearable.
  • Let someone cross the roadStopping your car to let someone cross can be a huge relief for people with Parkinsons, who have slower movements and need more time to cross the road.
  • Do you know anyone with Parkinsons disease?

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    Best Time To Consider Dbs Therapy7

    5 Steps to check you’re eligible for DBS Therapy8,9

  • Youve been diagnosed with Parkinsons for at least 5 years7
  • Movement symptoms not adequately controlled with your current medication
  • You currently respond to Levodopa medication
  • Youve had movement symptoms for a minimum of 4 months
  • You have had side effects from your current medication
  • This Event Begins In 248 Days Time

    World Parkinson’s Day is supported by the European Parkinson’s Disease Association. The aim of Parkinson’s Awareness Day is to raise awareness of Parkinson’s disease, promoting a greater understanding of this condition and how it can affect a person.

    Parkinson’s is a disease in which nerve cells that deliver the neurotransmitter dopamine to other cells are reduced in numbers. As cell death spreads to ever larger parts of the brain more centers are affected. This results in an aggravation of motor and non motor disorders.

    Following a reduction in dopamine levels there are many non motor symptoms which can precede the onset of motor Parkinson’s disease for many years.

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