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Laser Cane For Parkinson’s

Why Is There A Need For Bedroom Safety Products

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Keeping our elders safe in the bedroom often gets neglected. They need help in getting in the bed and out of it. They even need assistance while in bed. Almost 15% of the accidents in the bedroom are due to fall from the bed or the chair Bedroom safety is of paramount importance and more so if you have an elderly person at home. This is why we, at ElderEaseTM bring to you a collection of products for this purpose. This collection includes a wide range of bedrails which prevent falls in the bedroom.

Lasercane For Parkinson’s And Other Neurological Conditions

Walking can be smooth again with the LaserCane! Simply take normal steps as your LaserCane projects a bright red line across your path. The laser beam is a safe, obstacle-free visual cue, which can enable Parkinsons patients and others to break freezing episodes and increase stride length. The LaserCane is perfect for those seeking minor walking support with freeze-reduction technology.

The LaserCane is

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How To Use It

The In-step LaserCane is very easy and safe to use. Its not different in any aspect from other normal cane when it comes to use it for walking. Simply put pressure on the cane, takes a step over the laser beam line, pick the cane up off the ground and moves it forward, and take the next step. Its that simple to use.

It is very light and you will feel like using a normal stick. Plus, you can easily adjust the height according to your comfort. This is just another reason this cane is so convenient and a must have if you have an abnormal gait pattern.

The cane is powered by two AA batteries, which are easily replaceable and last for half a year.

Who Can Use It

Parkinsons Laser Cane â Advanced

This high-quality In-step LserCane is designed for people suffering from gait problem due to Parkinsons disease. The cane is also useful for those suffering from ALS, stroke or other brain conditions. Even if you dont have any of the above-mentioned illness and simply want to improve your stride length, the In-step lasercane is a good choice for you.

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What Is The Importance Of Bathroom Safety Items

Do you realise that bathroom is the most visited place in your residence. And, it is the most accident prone site in your home. The slippery surface may not bother a normal person. But, as one grows older the need for bathroom safety items to prevent slips and falls becomes more and more important. At ElderEaseTM we have a range of products like stools, mats, standing supports, and security pole with curve grab bar to prevent falls and accidents in the bathroom.

The Importance Of Walkers For Senior Citizens:

With age your mobility may get affected, causing a hindrance to your free movement. This may happen due to imbalance, reduction of physical strength, poor vision, or other such commonly faced obstacles by the elderly. The need of assistance and support at this point in one’s life becomes imperative. This is why ElderEaseTM brings to you a range of walkers for senior citizens. With these, not only will you overcome the natural obstacles posed by age but also be independent and walk with ease.

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How It Is Different

Most devices that provide sensory cueing/feedback for FoG are research devices. Many of these methods are not portable and cannot be used outside the lab environment. Additionally, most devices use cues of a single type: visual, auditory or tactile. Some portable devices are already on the market such as Agilitas, Path Finder, Walk to Beat and Walk Aid. However, as far as we know, no device on the market exists that integrates all three forms of sensory cueing to overcome FoG. Our Parkinson Smart Cane integrates visual, tactile and auditory feedback into a self contained, portable device.

How Does It Help Parkinsons Patients

Parkinson’s Laser Cane

Parkinsons disease occurs as a result of the death of certain cells in the brain. These cells produce a chemical called dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter responsible for controlled movement. It is due to the deficiency of dopamine that severely affects the brains ability to send movement signals to different parts of the body, including the legs. As a result, the patients get tired quickly and experience trouble walking. Most often, they stop suddenly whilst trying to step forward, this is called freezing. This sudden freezing can be hazardous for patients as it can make them fall and cause serious injuries.

The basic science behind the In-step LaserCane is the projection of visual cue in the form of a laser beam light, which sends a message to the brain to allow the leg to move forward.The laser line automatically projects right in front of the leg as soon as the cane comes in contact with the ground. This bright laser line serves as a safe, obstacle-free visual cue, which prevents falling and help Parkinsons patient to begin the step by stepping over the line. The laser line disappears when the cane is lifted and reappears when it touches the ground again for another step thus allows the patient to step after step and restore the normal walk.

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Laser Cane For Freezing Anyone Tried This

refer to…. walker or cane..primarily used by PWP.. helps normalize walking and increase your stride.. Helps with freezing.. my MDS mentioned it yesterday. I ordered one. Has a 2 week money back guarantee. I just wondered if anyone else had tried the walker or cane..for freezing

oh! that seems like a pretty cool idea! wonder how it really works. I was told early on by a physical therapist person that when I experience a freezing moment, that I should imagine walking up steps. It helps some.

My problem is that i seem to freeze with every step outside the house. Inside i have à little more control..stress makes my feet go crazy.. stickimg with every step.i take. I. hope this works too.. supposed to retrain the brain

I used to have mega issues when the flooring pattern would change: like when you enter a building from the outside and there is this little vestibule area. I would totally freeze up let us know how the cane works for you.

Snap. I have a u-step walker loaned to me by the NHS. Mine doesn’t have a laser but I find kicking a football into the walker helps me to get going. I don’t use it outside the back garden. When I’m out I have a wheelchair or scooter or hang onto my husband for dear life. If I get stuck he puts his foot out and I just step over it and get going again! It’s frustrating but I’m getting more used to it. I don’t have a tremor.Do you?

I wear reactolite type specs

Just a thought.

Wheelchairs: Choosing The Right One

As PD advances, a wheelchair may become a necessity. It is important to know what to look for when picking the chair and who on your comprehensive care team can help you make this decision.Here are a few tips to guide you through the process:

  • Schedule an appointment with your occupational or physical therapist to find out which chair best meets your needs.
  • Check with your insurance company to learn about covered services in your plan. Not all wheelchairs will be covered.
  • Try to pick a lightweight wheelchair, as they are easier to lift in and out of the car. Depending on your needs and your caregiver situation, you might want a wheelchair with more features for the home and a lighter, even foldable, wheelchair for travel.
  • Choose a reclining chair back, which is helpful if making posture changes, have low blood pressure or need to rest during the day.

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Walking Therapy Aid For Parkinson’s


  • Worlds smallest folding walker for stress free travel
  • Walker folds in seconds with the lift of a finger
  • The smaller base makes it easy to fit throughout tight spaces
  • Easy-glide feet for trouble free maneuvering over all surfaces
  • Adjust height with the touch of a finger
  • Contemporary Look – 3 Stylish Colors: Regal Rose, Cobalt Blue, and Black Walnut

Buy Products Online For Senior Citizens In India At Eldereasetm

Buy Parkinson

ElderEaseTM is a specialty eCommerce store that offers a variety of products meant exclusively for the elderly. We believe dependence related to old age can be overcome and we offer affordable solutions so that you can remain independent and live life with comfort and dignity. Our focus is to care for seniors and we are fully committed to shoulder this responsibility. This is why we have set up this e-shop where you can buy products online for senior citizens in India. Let age not be a barrier in leading a worry free and independent life. With ElderEaseTM enjoy your life to the fullest and expect more with ease.

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The Story Behind The Lasercue

We were inspired to design the LaserCue by Michael J. Fox. He encouraged us to make a version of our LaserCane® that can be retrofitted to any cane so you can benefit from this technology while using the cane of your choice. Through our collaboration we have created the LaserCue module that allows you to enjoy an easier stride, while choosing a cane to fit your needs and personalityfrom classy to bold, wood or metal.

We are proud that with every purchase of the LaserCue, a donation is made to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for helping in finding a cure for Parkinsons disease.

This is a breakthrough product for Parkinsons patients with freezing issues. I use it often and it always works great. I really think that this product could change and possibly even save lives.

-Michael J. Fox

Laser Cueing Has Been Proven Effective in Clinical Research

This study identified that the LaserCane was the most effective cueing device for people with Parkinsons disease compared to the other interventions tested.

Allied Health Research Unit, University of Central Lancashire, Preston, UK.

The current study demonstrates that adding a laserlight visual cue to a cane or walker can lead to a modest reduction in FOG and may substantially reduce the frequency of falls in PD patients with FOG .

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts, USA.

What is the LaserCue?

Product Information

Quality Assurance

Why Choose Eldereasetm

  • We offer the most dependable and affordable home safety solution for seniors and elders.
  • We save you from the hassles of visiting a brick-and-mortar store and provide all the products online.
  • Every product on our website is of the highest quality and very affordable.
  • And whats more, you can have these products delivered to your doorstep.
  • This is a bargain you cannot afford to ignore. So, trust ElderEaseTM and go for a buy now.

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    How It Works

    The device is an instrumented cane. It uses a combination of force sensitive resistors on the cane handle and an inertial measurement unit to detect the Freezing of Gait. When freezing of gait is detected, the device uses three methods to give sensory feedback to the patient. A laser pointer with a cylindrical lens projects a guiding line on the floor to give visual feedback. A buzzer embedded in the cane handle generates a beeping tone to provide auditory feedback. Three vibration motors are used. One is embedded into the handle of the cane. Two are embedded into a strap-on cloth cuff that is attached at the calf. The vibration motors play back an adjustable rhythmic beat.

    What Is In

    Laser Cane For FOG | Parkinson’s Diseases by Dr Naveen Thota

    In-step LaserCane is a high-quality cane made in the USA. This is by far the best walking stick designed for those suffering from walking disability due to Parkinsons disease, ataxia, and stroke. It has enabled thousands of patients to walk independently.

    It looks like other normal cane in structure and shape. However, unlike other traditional cane, it comes with a laser line cueing feature which helps in breaking the freezing episodes and improve stride length of patients. The inside of the cane is filled with wires and laser components, which are well-protected by high-quality stick material.

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