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Holistic Treatment For Parkinson’s Disease

How Is Diet And Parkinson Interrelated

Alternative Treatments for Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinsons and diet are interrelated. The diet in Parkinsons plays an essential role in treating Parkinsons symptoms as there are many dopamine foods for Parkinsons disease to get the nourishing diet for the same.

It is recommended that the people with Parkinsons illness should keep up a healthy diet regime, including the variety of whole grains, vegetables, milk, and dairy items, fresh vegetables, and protein-rich nourishments, for example, meat and beans. Additionally, consider including nuts, olive oil, fish, and eggs to your eating regime.

Thus, the right nourishments will likewise optimize your Parkinsons medication, which helps in keeping your bones healthy and helps to fight against constipation and maintain your overall general wellbeing.

Eating an assortment of nourishments will assist you with getting the vitality, protein, nutrients, minerals, and fiber you require in Parkinsons.

You should pick an eating regime with a lot of grains, vegetables, and organic products, which gives nutrients, minerals, fiber, and complex starches and can assist, you in bringing down your intake of fats in the body. In addition to this, reduce your sugar, salt and sodium intake, which helps in maintaining your BP levels.

Natural Treatments For Parkinsons Disease

What do singer Linda Ronstadt, former US attorney general Janet Reno, actor Michael J. Fox, heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali, and a million other Americans have in common? They all have Parkinsons disease.

Parkinsons disease is a tough diagnosis. The underlying pathology is death of cells in the substantia nigra, an area of the brain that produces dopamine, a neurotransmitter involved in movement. As levels of dopamine progressively decline, tremors, rigidity, and problems with gait, balance, speech, swallowing, mood, sleep, and cognition worsen.

Conventional Parkinsons Disease Treatments Not CurativeThe most common treatments are levodopa , a drug that is converted to dopamine, and carbidopa, which makes more dopamine available in the brain. Other Parkinsons disease therapies include dopamine agonists, which mimic the activity of the neurotransmitter, and medications that affect its breakdown or release. Theres also deep brain stimulation, which involves the implantation of electrodes in the brain connected to a device that generates electrical pulses that help reduce involuntary movements.

These and other conventional Parkinsons disease therapies are not curative. The best that can be expected is delaying degeneration and managing symptoms. The natural treatments for Parkinsons disease we use at Whitaker Wellness do not cure this disease either, or even eliminate the need for drugs. But they do seem to slow progression, improve function, and enhance overall health

Naturalremedy For Parkinsons #10 Foods You Must Avoid

There are certain foods that are known to worsen thesymptoms of Parkinsons and certain foods that are known to help. Healthadvocate, Dr Joseph Mercola, says that Parkinsons disease is primarily relatedto poor lifestyle choices, particularly poor dietary habits. Increasing yourbodys natural dopamine levels is also extremely important in your fight againstPD.

The foods and liquids you should be eating and drinkingmore of to help you along include:

· Clean Filtered Water Clean filtered water helpsto flush toxins from the body and hydrate the cells .Try and aim to drink at least two liters of water every day, and under nocircumstances drink tap water! Tap water is laced with toxic fluoride and otherchemicals and heavy metals so NEVER drink it. Buy yourself a good quality waterfilter. Its worth the investment.

· Whole Foods and Raw Foods Eat plenty oforganic mixed berries, green leafy vegetables, liver , fish,eggs, nuts and seeds such as chia and flaxseeds, along with plenty of herbs andspices. When it comes to buying any of these remember fresh is alwaysbest.

· Consume Lots of Probiotics Good gutbacteria are needed for strong immunity and healthy digestive function, whichin turn produces healthy brain and nerve function. You can learn how to makeyour own probiotic rich foods such as kefir, sauerkraut, kombucha and yogurt hereCultures for Health.

The foods you should be avoiding or not eating at allinclude:

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Increase The Intake Of Omega

Omega-3s are highly important in enhancing the levels of dopamine and decreasing the level of inflammation in the brain. Wild seafood is the best source of omega¬-3, and it must be consumed at least thrice a week, so that marked decrease in the symptoms of Parkinsons disease is possible. Nuts and seeds are other rich sources of omega-3, and they also reduce the symptoms of PD to a great level.

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Is A Therapy Unsafe If Its Not Statutorily Regulated


Not necessarily. Some complementary therapies are regulated by statutory law, including osteopaths, chiropractors and art therapists. This means that, in the same way GPs and specialists have to register with the General Medical Council, these therapists must register with a statutory regulator before they can practise. One reason for statutory regulation is the level of risk linked to a particular therapy. For example, the government considered regulating acupuncture, but took the view that because acupuncturists were well self-regulated, it wasnt needed.

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In Truth Its Not Magic At All

Of course, the kind of turnaround I experienced here does feel like magic.

Who wouldnt feel like theyve experienced something miraculous when an illness like this does an about-turn?

But everything I learnt from Jodi comes with sparkling scientific credentials.

Its researched knowledge from scientific establishments all over the United States, Europe and the world.

None of this program is controversial. There arent any scientists waiting to debunk any of this.

Because collectively this is their work. Jodi simply turned it into a set of 12 habits that thousands of us have used to treat a nightmare illness.

The only reason its not mainstream the only reason its only thousands of people who benefit from this rather than millions is because it involves some initial effort to take on these habits.

Yet once done its just so easy. And the reward?

Health. Pure and simple.

Symptoms Of Parkinsons Disease

There are several signs and symptoms that a person has Parkinsons disease. Some of the symptoms include:

Slower movement: Several people with Parkinsons have a shuffling gait, which means they move very slowly from place to place. Due to this slower movement, a person may experience more difficulty performing day-to-day tasks, which can make activities more time-consuming.

Tremors: Patients usually experience shaking in the hands, fingers or limbs first, and it usually occurs only on one side of the body. Tremors generally occur when the patient is resting, and stops when they perform activities. Pill-rolling, when the thumb and index finger move in circular motions, is a common characteristic.

Poor posture: Parkinsons can cause a person to appear bent over when they are walking. Balance can become an issue with the onset of this disease.

Speech changes: Lack of dopamine in the brain can create speaking issues, such as patients slurring their words, becoming monotone in voice or speaking slower or faster. On the other hand, some patients dont have any voice changes at all with Parkinsons.

Holistic Treatments for Parkinsons

There are several holistic treatments to help reduce the symptoms for Parkinsons disease. Some of the treatments include:

Treat Parkinsons at Angel Longevity

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Chinese Herbs For Parkinsons Disease

If youre suffering from Parkinsons disease and arent seeing results from the conventional method, Chinese herbs for Parkinsons disease can be helpful.Chinese herbs have various natural remedies for Parkinsons disease, and you might have to experiment with a few before finding a remedy.

In a clinical study of 115 Parkinsons patients, participants were provided with a combination of various Chinese herbs for Parkinsons disease, including gou teng for a period of 13 weeks. Results show that participants who took Chinese herbs for Parkinsons disease slept better and experienced more fluency while speaking than those who didnt take the herbs.

Chinese herbs for Parkinsons diseases can prove to be very beneficial without adverse effects. Some study shows that they can even improve the results from conventional medications. However, herbs do have a tendency to counteract some medications, so if you want to use this Natural treatment for Parkinsons disease, make sure to consult your doctor.

Can I Use Complementary Therapies Instead Of Taking Parkinsons Medication

Alternative Treatments for Parkinson’s Disease

Complementary therapies dont work as a replacement for Parkinsons medication. Stopping or making changes to your Parkinsons medication can be dangerous without the guidance of your specialist or Parkinsons nurse.

Generally speaking, the complementary therapies listed in this information are considered safe. But before taking tablets, pills or capsules, applying creams or drops or drinking teas, you should talk to your GP, specialist or Parkinsons nurse. This is because some herbs and remedies may have side effects or clash with medications youre already taking. Your healthcare professional may also be able to recommend a therapist, or advise you on other sources of information.

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency is the government agency responsible for making sure that medicines and medical devices work, and are safe.

Some complementary therapies may not be safe during pregnancy. So its essential that you tell not only your GP, specialist or Parkinsons nurse but also your complementary therapist if youre trying for or expecting a baby.

Its not always easy to tell what is or isnt safe and many organisations offering therapy give the impression of being reliable even when theyre not.

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How I Treated My Own Brain Deterioration

Everything I did to restore my own brain health I learned from a natural health practitioner called Jodi Knapp.

I discovered Jodi on a local health forum some years ago. She works with people using natural approaches to reverse illnesses which were caused by natural causes.

Which is, in fact, almost every illness known to man.

Her philosophy is simple: disease always has a cause.

If I have pain, a deterioration or some painful or deadly affliction there are reasons why I have it.

It doesnt just happen.

Understand those reasons and we have ways of reversing whats gone wrong.

Jodis incredible success rate at treating allegedly untreatable illness comes from her starting at the illnesses first causes.

Those causes are always natural causes. She tackles them and changes lives.

Over The Counter & Complementary Therapies

People with Parkinsons who seek relief from their symptoms may decide to explore complementary therapies, which can support or complement traditional medicine. While there are many kinds of complementary medicine, this section focuses on herbs, vitamins and supplements.

Page reviewed by Dr. Chauncey Spears, Clinical Assistant Professor and Dr. Amelia Heston, Movement Disorders Fellow at the University of Michigan.

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Symptoms And Warning Signs

Symptoms of Parkinsons fall into two major categories: those related to motor functions, and those related to changes in someones mood. The four most common signs and symptoms of Parkinsons disease include:

  • Trembling: This usually presents itself in the arms, jaw, legs and face.
  • Rigidity: Most patients experience stiffness of the bodys core as well as their arms and legs.
  • Bradykinesia: This is the term for slowness of movement. Some patients pause or freeze when moving without being able to start again, and others begin to shuffle when trying to walk.
  • Postural instability : This results in loss of strength, loss of balance and problems with moving muscles or coordinating body parts.

Other symptoms that can also occur, which often impact someones moods and other behaviors, include:

  • Sexual dysfunction

The Complementary And Natural Healthcare Council

10 Natural Remedies to Treat Parkinsonâs Disease

The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council was established with government support to regulate some therapies.

Therapies regulated by the Council include:

  • Alexander technique
  • Reiki
  • Shiatsu

The list of CNHC-regulated therapies discussed in this booklet is not exhaustive. Because registration of these therapies with CNHC is voluntary, not all the practitioners of the therapies are registered. To find out more and to see the full list of CNHC-regulated therapies, visit their website.

Other complementary therapies are gradually moving towards a system of stricter self-regulation. See below for more information on professional associations.

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The Difference Between Alternative And Complementary Medicine

The terms complementary medicine and alternative medicine are sometimes used interchangeably. However, they refer to different concepts.

Alternative medicine is used in place of traditional medical care. It has not necessarily been tested in clinical trials. Complementary medicine is used along with traditional medicine.2

There have been research studies on many CAM practices to determine their effectiveness in treating many conditions, including Parkinson’s disease. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration does not review CAM therapies.2

What Are The Causes Of Parkinsons Disease

Parkinsons disease is a continuing, non-curable, chronic, progressive neurological illness that affects about 1 million Americans. Parkinsons disease affects a small, dark-grey-colored area in the brain called the substantia nigra. The substantia nigra produces dopamine that the brain uses for its functionality. Dopamine is a natural chemical transmitter that spreads messages among the nerves that regulate muscle movement, as well as those involved in the brains pleasure and reward centers. As we age, it is normal for cells in the substantia nigra to die. This process occurs very slowly in most people.

However, in some people, the loss of Dopamine happens quickly, creating the onset of Parkinsons disease. When 50 to 60 percent of the substantial nigra cells are gone, a person starts experiencing the initial symptoms of Parkinsons disease. Thus, a deficit of Dopamine is one of the causes of Parkinsons disease.

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Our Natural Remedy To Cure Parkinsons Disease

Parkinsons disease is a progressive nervous system disorder that affects movement.

Parkinsons disease is the second most common neurodegenerative disorder after Alzheimers disease. Today, many laboratories and researchers are looking to improve the treatments already available to slow the progression of Parkinsons disease. They regularly offer new drugs ( levodopa , selegiline , azilectand new therapies. Unfortunately their treatments are often ineffective and they lead to disastrous side effects for the health of the patient. These drugs are unnecessary because they only fight the symptoms of Parkinsons disease, not the causes. If you have Parkinsons disease, or have a loved one who suffers from it, here is a natural, effective remedy without side effects that will allow you to cure the disease away from all those heavy chemical drugs. This natural treatment is the best for treating Parkinsons disease. It stands out because it is completely herbal and we see the patient and the family as a whole. Trust us ! It is the miracle solution to naturally cure Parkinsons disease.

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Description Of The Hm Formulas

Alternative Treatments for Parkinson’s Disease

Fourteen studies reported a wide range of TCM formulas, including Bushen Huoxue granule , Zengxiao Anshen Zhichan 2 capsule , Zengxiao Anshen Zhichan 2 granule , Zhichan decoction , Zhichan granule , Guilu Dihuang capsule , Jiawei Liujunzi Tang granule , Yangxue Qingnao granule , Congwu Qufeng granule , Yishen Chuchan decoction , Naokang granule , Guiling Pa’an capsule , and Guiling Pa’an granule . The ingredients of TCM formulas in each included studies were presented in Table 2. A total of 52 herbs were used in these TCM formulas. High-frequency herbs in HM formulas were ranked in Table 3. The top 11 most frequently used herbs were Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae , Radix Paeoniae Alba , Ramulus Uncariae Cum Uncis , Radix Rehmanniae , Herba Cistanches , Radix Polygoni Multiflori , Rhizoma Ligustici Chuanxiong , Fructus Corni , Radix Angelicae Sinensis , Rhizoma Acori Tatarinowii , and Radix Astragali seu Hedysari .

Table 2. Ingredients of TCM formula.

Table 3. The 11 high-frequency used herbs for PD in the 14 trials included.

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Special Diets For Parkinsons

Certain foods, vitamins or special diets are sometimes recommended as being beneficial if you have Parkinsons. You should always discuss any special food or diet with your doctor or dietitian as there is generally no scientific evidence to support these.

Broad beans are reputed to help Parkinsons symptoms as they contain levodopa but unfortunately this is in such small and variable amounts that they cannot be effective. The quantity that would necessary in order to obtain an effective amount of levodopa would probably cause illness or other side effects.

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Massage Manual Therapies & Alexander Technique

Anecdotally, PD patients have described transient improvement in stiffness and posture after massage therapy. In observational studies of massage for PD, improvement in gait speed as well as subjective selfconfidence and well-being have been described. Similarly, Japanese massage was associated with improvement in gait speed and shoulder range of motion in an observational study of 10 PD patients. Alexander technique uses hand contact to assess and manipulate changes in muscle activity by addressing the relationship between thought and the resultant muscle activity. Stallibrass et al. published the only RCT of massage and Alexander technique in 93 subjects with PD followed with biweekly sessions for 3 months. Compared with a no intervention group, only the Alexander technique participants improved on self-assessment disability scores and depression ratings. More objective motor assessments were not performed. On the other hand, one study that did look at objective motor outcomes was conducted by Craig et al.. They demonstrated that neuromuscular therapy, a technique similar to massage but which relies on direct compression of trigger points, was more effective than relaxation at improving motor UPDRS scores in 36 PD patients over a 4 week intervention period.

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Using Alternative Medicine For Parkinsons Disease

As with conventional medicine, no type of alternative therapy has been found to stop the progression of Parkinsons disease. If youre interested in using alternative medicine as part of your Parkinsons disease treatment program, talk to your doctor about which alternative therapies might be helpful for you. Self-treating and avoiding or delaying standard care can have serious consequences.

Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is intended for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for advice, diagnosis or treatment by a licensed physician. It is not meant to cover all possible precautions, drug interactions, circumstance or adverse effects. You should seek prompt medical care for any health issues and consult your doctor before using alternative medicine or making a change to your regimen.

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