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Does Paraquat Cause Parkinson’s Disease

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Does Paraquat Exposure Cause Parkinson’s Disease?

If you or someone you know may have been exposed to Paraquat as a farmer, farm worker, herbicide applicator, chemical mixer, tank filler, agricultural pilot, or if you lived near crops treated with the dangerous herbicide, Cory Watson Attorneys will fight to get you the compensation you need for your injuries and suffering. Call now at 877-562-0000 or fill out our free consultation form. The lawyers at Cory Watson will evaluate your case 100% free of charge.

Cory Watsons dedicated, experienced lawyers have handled thousands of dangerous chemical lawsuits for decades, and we believe you shouldnt have to pay for a companys negligence. Our legal team is ready to help you get the compensation you deserve for the suffering you have gone through.


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The Tragic Link Between Paraquat And Parkinsons Disease And Torhoerman Laws Quest For Justice

EDWARDSVILLE, IL / ACCESSWIRE / December 31, 2020 / Paraquat is putting farmers and farming communities across the nation in danger. The herbicide has been directly linked to Parkinsons disease and has already been banned in many countries, including China, Brazil, and the EU. This begs the question of why farmers in all 50 states are still able to utilize the dangerous chemical. TorHoerman Law is on a mission to bring awareness to this dangerous chemical, the risks involved, and the legal options available to those who suffer from Parkinsons linked to Paraquat exposure.

Paraquat is a chemical agent used primarily as an herbicide in no-till farming. Its most commonly used as a spray, being a less labor-intensive alternative to discing/standard tilling farming. As more weeds become resistant to RoundUp, Paraquats popularity in farming continues to grow across the US. In 2017, the last year in which data is available, use was estimated to be almost 10 million pounds annually in the United States.

The dangers of ingesting the chemical are fairly well-known, as a dose of just 2.5 grams is lethal. For this reason, it has been the cause of death in multiple suicides and accidental deaths. The immediate effects of Paraquat are deadly, but the lasting effects of Paraquat exposure may pose an even more sinister threat to farmers, pesticide applicators, tank fillers/mixers, and the families living in and around farming communities.

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How Is Paraquat Utilized

Paraquat is applied directly to plants as a spray that kills the leaves with direct contact. The compound is inactivated when it makes contact with soil.

The pesticide is sprayed as a mechanism for clearing fields before crops are planted, as well as for the purpose of destroying marijuana crops in Mexico and the U.S.

According to the Unified Parkinsons Advisory Council, Paraquat is also used as an herbicide for weeds that have developed a resistance to Roundup and other glyphosate-based herbicides.

With $640 million in global sales reported in 2011, use of Paraquat has recently been experiencing a sales increase as a result of the rise in high-profile Roundup lawsuits, as well as an increase in the number of glyphosate-resistant weeds.

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What Is The Link Between Parkinsons Disease And Paraquat

The process of linking paraquat to Parkinsons disease has been long and drawn-out. Research suggesting a link between the herbicide and Parkinsons disease began more than a decade ago. Attention was drawn to this issue thanks to Environmental Health Perspectives. This study shows that American farmers using paraquat are twice as likely to develop Parkinsons disease compared to farmers that do not.

There is also research from Louisiana State University concluding that mere proximity to the fields using paraquat could impact a persons chances of developing symptoms of Parkinsons disease. The study reviewed the zip code of an individual and correlated it to proximity to crops that were treated with paraquat. The LSU study shows a plain link between the heavy use of paraquat and an increased risk in developing Parkinsons disease.

Scientists are still learning about the connection between paraquat and Parkinsons disease. Many of the studies on the relationship between this chemical and Parkinsons disease have noted that paraquat kills dopamine-producing brain cells. This could result in the serious consequences that many people are now facing.

File A Paraquat Claim With The Help Of Atraxia Law

Does Paraquat Cause Parkinson

With over 35 years of experience in assessing personal injury and product liability claims nationwide, the team of experts at Atraxia Law will carefully evaluate your situation and let you know whether you are eligible for filing a paraquat claim.

The process is quite complex and it will require minimal involvement on your part and a family member can help you with the process. We are aware that people who struggle with Parkinson’s disease often have difficulty in clearly explaining their circumstances of paraquat exposure.

We will assess your circumstances of exposure, as well as other essential aspects that will determine whether you qualify for filing a paraquat claim, such as the severity of your brain disorder and the medical expenses incurred by it. Eventually, you will know with certainty whether you are eligible for filing a paraquat claim.

We will subsequently guide you to a lawyer whose main area of practice is toxic exposure so that you can obtain the financial compensation you are entitled to from the liable manufacturers. For additional information, please feel free to contact us and we will gladly answer your questions.

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Is There Any Safe Way To Use Paraquat

Since the most toxic method of exposure to paraquat is swallowing, preventing this from happening is key to safe use. Because any amount of paraquat is dangerous when swallowed-even a minute amount-tamper-proof product packaging can help safeguard against it.

The safest way to use products containing it is by certified application technicians. EPA guidelines restrict its use to these professionals, even banning even their assistants and other non-licensed agricultural workers from using it. In addition, safety precautions to take before use of paraquat-containing herbicides and pesticides can include:

  • Covering the skin and hands during use
  • Removing protective clothing after use
  • Not pulling contaminated clothing over the head
  • Quickly and thoroughly washing exposed skin
  • Wearing eye protection and avoiding contacts

Contaminated clothing should also be disposed of immediately in sealed double bags. Paraquat users are cautioned to dispose of other items that come into contact with contaminated clothing, as well.

What Is The Current State Of The Paraquat Litigation

Nearly 700 Paraquat lawsuits across the United States have been consolidated into an MDL out of the Southern District of Illinois under Judge Nancy Rosenstengel. Hundreds more are expected to join.

Starting in 2023, the first of six bellwether cases will go to trial. And the result of these bellwether trials will set the tone for settlement negotiations with the remaining hundreds of MDL plaintiffs.

Plaintiffs in Paraquat lawsuits are alleging some or all of the following five causes of action:

  • Breach of Implied Warranty
  • Loss of Consortium2
  • Note that there are several dozens of Paraquat cases in state courts as well, including California, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Washington.

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    Paraquat Is Used In Many Ways

    To understand how exposure to paraquat can be common, it is helpful to understand how this chemical is used. It is frequently used during the production of numerous crops, including peanuts, strawberries, grapes, and almonds.

    One of the reasons that use of paraquat has increased so dramatically in recent years is that it has proven to be effective against weeds that developed a resistance to other herbicides like glyphosate.

    Many of the risks of paraquat have been known for years. This substance is already limited by the EPA and labeled as a restricted use pesticide. That means that there must be special permission to purchase and use paraquat. Despite these limitations, contact with this substance is possible for people other than the workers handling paraquat directly.

    Have You Been Exposed To Paraquat

    CAUSE of PARKINSON’S DISEASE is REVEALED – Paraquat is Linked to Causing Parkinson’s Disease

    If you have developed Parkinsons disease, or symptoms, due to paraquat exposure, you likely have grounds to file suit against the paraquat manufacturers who harmed you including:

    • Chevron Phillips Chemical Company, LLC
    • Drexel Chemical Company
    • HELM Agro US, Inc.

    According to the National Law Review, the first of these lawsuits was filed in October 2017 in Illinois. Our legal team at Wilson Law, P.A. is proud to announce that we are accepting cases in North Carolina and will file paraquat lawsuits for residents suffering catastrophic injury due to toxic exposure. There are several different herbicides throughout the nation that contain paraquat, the most common of which is Syngentas Gramoxone SL 2.0 Herbicide. Para-SHOT, Helmquat, and Devour are other common weed killers in which paraquat is an active ingredient.

    To learn more, please visit our paraquat litigation page here.

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    How Does Paraquat Exposure Cause Parkinsons Disease

    Posted on 15th March, 2021

    Particularly, agricultural workers have a 250% greater chance of developing this disease than the general population.

    However, you may wonder how paraquat exposure contributes to the occurrence of this progressive nervous system disorder.

    Paraquat is incredibly effective in destroying weeds and grasses that are resistant to glyphosate because it causes oxidative stress. Basically, it breaks the oxygen atoms from the cell molecules and kills them on a molecular level.

    When a person inhales paraquat mist or when the herbicide is absorbed through the skin, it travels through the lungs or the stomach and subsequently damages a part of the brain medically known as the substantia nigra pars compacta.

    This part of the brain is responsible for producing dopamine, a neurotransmitter that plays a crucial role in how we experience pleasure.

    It also enhances our unique ability to think and plan. Medical studies conducted on animals found that when paraquat reaches the substantia nigra pars compacta, it depletes the cells that release dopamine and the same effect is believed to occur in humans when they are exposed to this herbicide.

    Is Paraquat Still Used In The Us

    Yes, paraquat is still widely used in the United States in spite of its connections to Parkinsons. Although the European Union banned the herbicide in 2007, and China began a phase-out in 2013, paraquat use remains strong in the U.S.

    The number of pounds of paraquat used on soybean fields was up by more than fourfold over the past decade, according to 2017 Department of the Interior data. In addition to soybean crops, paraquat is commonly used to kill weeds on cotton, corn, and wheat crops, as well as in orchards. This same data estimates that U.S. farmers currently use more than 10 million pounds of paraquat each year. The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinsons Research claims that, Despite its well-documented harms, paraquat use in the United States is at an all-time high over the past 25 years. U.S. Geological Survey charts back this claim up and estimate a nearly 300+ percent increase in use between 2009 and 2017.

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    Can Parkinsons Disease Be Prevented

    Sadly, no.

    It is not possible to prevent Parkinsons disease, but some believe that lifelong healthy habits may reduce ones risk of developing the condition. Some medications may also relieve some of its symptoms.

    In some PD patients, particularly those who are at the late stage of the disease, surgery may be an option to help improve symptoms.

    Some experts also advise doing rpeventive measures such as wearing gloves and other protectvie equipment when applying pesticides as it may help protect you against the disease.

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    Paraquat Can Kill Instantly

    Does Paraquat Cause Parkinson

    One study on the paraquat link to Parkinson’s found that 3 of 544 cases of Parkinson’s disease were associated with paraquat inhalation. All three sufferers had a history of contact with the herbicide before their diagnosis.

    Unlike other herbicides, this weed and grass killer can kill a subject instantly when swallowed or cause Parkinson’s disease through long-term exposure.

    Over time, slowed mobility and stiffness develop in the patient. Parkinson’s disease gradually progresses since it has five stages. The earlier stages are less noticeable, but the victim’s quality of life and mobility suffer as they go to the later stages.

    Here are some motor and non-motor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease patients experience:

    • Change in speech patterns and general speech
    • Hunching forward
    • Frequent shaking and tremors in hands
    • Notably slow mobility

    A 2018 study found that farmworkers using hazardous Paraquat were 2.5 times more likely to suffer serious health problems and develop Parkinson’s disease.

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    Deadlines Associated With Paraquat Lawsuits

    Each state has a different statute of limitations to bring a paraquat lawsuit. If you fail to file a lawsuit within the statute of limitations, you are unlikely to be able to recover any compensation, no matter how strong your case is. And bringing a paraquat lawsuit is not the kind of thing you do at the last minute.

    A good paraquat lawsuit attorney needs as much time in advance of filing as possible to build the foundation of their clients case. Proving that paraquat led to your Parkinsons disease requires lengthy investigations, medical documentation, lab tests, expert analysis, expert testimony, and more.

    It is best to contact a lawyer as soon as possible after your Parkinsons diagnosis. The sooner they can begin working on your case, conducting an investigation, and building the link between your exposure to paraquat and your Parkinsons disease, the better chance you have of receiving compensation.

    Update From Our Cso: Pesticides Paraquat And Parkinsons

    We are 100+ years since the publication of James Parkinsons essay the Shaking Palsy describing his eponymous disease. Yet, aside from a small number of individuals who have clear genetic causes to their disease, we still do not know the reason why the majority of people develop Parkinsons disease .

    Based upon current research, scientists believe that Parkinsons is most likely caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. The interactions between genes and the environment can be quite complex. Some environmental exposures may lower the risk of PD, while others may increase it. Learn more in our article, Pesticides and Parkinsons: Time to Strengthen Epidemiology.

    Specifically, as researchers, we need to better understand the predisposition to develop Parkinsons based on a persons genetics and environmental factors. One thing science has shown is that the exposure of certain chemicals in pesticides can lead to people having an increased risk developing Parkinsons. However, it is important to note, that even when a pesticide is linked to Parkinsons, not every person exposed to certain chemicals in pesticides will go on to develop this life-changing disease.

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    What Are The Stages Of Parkinson’s Disease

    Because it is a degenerative brain disorder, Parkinson’s disease causes symptoms that increase in frequency and intensity over the years. There are 5 stages of Parkinson’s disease and, with each stage, the progression of the condition will become more apparent:

    • stage 1: during this stage, people experience mild symptoms that do not usually interfere with their daily life, such as a tremor on one side of the body or a subtle change in how they walk.
    • stage 2: in the second stage, the symptoms worsen, resulting in a tremor in both sides of the body and thereby causing difficulty in performing daily activities.
    • stage 3: during this stage, people lose their sense of balance and, as a consequence, move considerably slower, with falls being more frequent and daily tasks such as eating or changing clothes becoming more difficult to perform.
    • stage 4: in the fourth stage, the symptoms become debilitating and the sufferer will no longer be able to live alone, as they will require the assistance of another person to perform daily tasks
    • stage 5: during this stage, which is the final stage, people experience severe symptoms, including stiffness in the legs that prevent them from walking or standing, and will require permanent assistance in performing their daily activities.

    Is There A Cure For Parkinsons Disease

    Paraquat Herbicide Exposure and Parkinson’s Disease

    Parkinsons disease is chronic and incurable. Its symptoms, however, can be treated and managed to improve your quality of life after being diagnosed. For example, speech therapists can help mitigate the diseases impact on your speech. Similarly, physical therapy can help with balance and mobility issues.

    Your health care professional can also prescribe medications to help alleviate symptoms. They include medications that:

    • Your brain can turn into dopamine
    • Treat persistent nausea
    • Mimic dopamines effects
    • Prevent dopamine loss

    Because symptoms can worsen over time and medications can become less effective, your doctor may change or alter prescriptions over time. They might also recommend specialized surgery to provide deep brain stimulation.

    Acceptance, coping, and family support will play an important role in how your lifestyle is affected after you develop Parkinsons disease. The goal of your treatment plan is to manage Parkinsons symptoms since the disease has no known cure.

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    Why Plaintiffs Are Filing Paraquat Lawsuits

    Since the original lawsuit filed in 2017, dozens more plaintiffs have come forward to tell their stories. There are approximately 736 lawsuits in multidistrict litigation . The cases are currently in pretrial proceedings in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Illinois.

    Paraquat Parkinsons lawsuits claim that plaintiffs exposed to Paraquat have developed serious health complications, including Parkinsons disease. When Paraquat comes in contact with the mouth, stomach, or intestines, it can cause direct damage. As the chemicals move through the body, they damage and destroy healthy cells.

    There is considerable research linking Paraquat exposure to Parkinsons disease. In 2017, the Unified Parkinsons Advocacy Council sent a letter to the Environmental Protection Agency calling for the ban of the herbicide. Research published in various journals also points to the link between Paraquat and Parkinsons disease, including research in the National Institute of Environmental Health Services, The American Journal of Epidemiology, and JAMA Neurology.

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