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Wheelchair For Parkinson’s Patients

Seca Electronic Wireless Chair Scale

Parkinsons Patients Regain Some Mobility With New Therapy

This newly designed daily living mobility chair has some advanced technological features that you wouldnt find in other chairs. Ergonomically designed, lightweight, this electric wireless chair offers excellent travel for your loved one who is at the late stage of Parkinsons disease or suffering from a severe motor disability.

It features a comfortable seat that provides a safe position, swiveling armrests make it easy to move the patient from the bed onto the chair scale and the adjustable footrests increase ease of operation. It comes with 4 smooth running pivoting wheels making use possible even in the narrowest of spaces.

The chair is equipped with a large LCD display unit behind the chair that makes it easy to read and the many functions and leaves nothing to be desired. Its ergonomically shaped handles let you push or pull the chair scale in any direction, while its 360° wireless technology transmits measurements to a seca wireless printer or a PC.

The overall frame of the chair is very strong, gives maximum stability, and can support the weight capacity of 660 Ib.

Dr Comfort Carter Mens Casual Shoe

Now, look at the best sneakers for Parkinsons patients that is Dr. Comfort Carter Mens Casual Shoe. These easy-to-care-for casual shoes will take you from day tonight. In addition, the Dr. Comfort Carter is a multipurpose, versatile mens shoe with outstanding foot protection. These shoes are both machine washable and durable as well.

The Carter is made of lightweight stretch Lycra with a two-way contact closure for further flexibility and stability. They combine the latest materials, technology, and craftsmanship to provide comfortable and high-quality diabetic shoes. In addition, Dr. Comfort shoes come with detailed designs, shoe changes, 3D technologies, and gel insoles as standard.

Mobility Aids For Those Living With Parkinson’s Disease

Mobility products can improve a persons quality of life dramatically through providing physical support.

At Wheelfreedom, we have supplied mobility equipment to people living with Parkinson’s disease for over 14 years. We pride ourselves in being trusted, knowledgeable, impartial, dependable and progressive.

Our team is made up of product specialists and engineers who have an exceptional understanding of health conditions and mobility solutions. We are able to provide a range of mobility equipment from basic non-prescriptive products, to prescriptive, bespoke mobility aids to suit your individual needs.

Whether you need a wheelchair temporarily following an accident, or require something longer term, we sell and hire the following equipment:

Below are some examples of products we stock at Wheelfreedom that may suit a person living with Parkinson’s.

Rollz Motion Rhythm Rollator

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Best Walkers For Parkinsons Patients

Parkinsons disease patients often face postural instability and difficulty in walking. The chances of falling and getting hurt increase as the disease reaches its advanced stage. To avoid any comfortable situation, patients are strongly advised to use walkers for indoor and outdoor use. Using the right walker helps them to walk independently without the fear of falls.

There are plenty of walkers available on the market and most often it becomes a difficult decision to choose the right one.

Heres a list of the 7 best walkers that will help you to choose the one that suits the best for your loved one suffering from Parkinsons disease or other mobility issues.

Strongback Mobility Excursion Chair

5 Best Wheelchairs for Parkinson

This stylish mobility excursion chair is specifically designed for people suffering from mobility problems due to Parkinsons disease or other related conditions.

A unique feature of this chair is its ergonomically curved frame design that may not be available in other traditional chairs. It supports the natural and healthy lumbar curve of the spine, thus preventing the user from slouching forward and squeezing spinal discs with a tremendous amount of unhealthy pressure.

The chair comes with adjustable back flaps that allow the user to easily adjust the location and firmness of lumbar support. It is equipped with swing away detachable footrests and armrests that are designed to fit under desks and tables. Moreover, the large 12 inch rear wheels for ease of use outdoors and on rougher terrain

The chair is ultra-lightweight, compact, and foldable. It fits easily into the trunk of your car. The overall frame of the chair is durable and gives maximum stability. It is strong enough to support a weight of up to 300 Ibs.

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How A Speech Pathologist Can Help

If you have noticed changes to your speech or swallowing abilities, you may need to see a speech pathologist . Items such as voice amplifiers can be particularly helpful for improving communication in people living with Parkinsons. A speech pathologist can advise you on communications aids as well as exercises and techniques related to speech and swallowing.

Drive Medical Bariatric Transport Chair

This bariatric aluminum transport chair is designed with little extra seat space and provides extra support for larger individuals suffering from mobility problems. It supports individuals of up to 450 pounds.

The chair comes with 12 inches rear flat-free wheels, swing-away footrests and fixed, padded, full-length desk arms for additional comfort. The wheels are strong enough to allow the chair to roll easily on any standard floor or outdoor rough surfaces.

The chair features a lever and companion activated wheel locks, ensuring the users safety. The attachable push bar with a padded foam grip makes it easy to push.

The chair is light, handy and easily foldable. It has a total weight of 36 Ibs.It comes with a seat belt and also two carry handles for when the seat is folded for storage and transport, making it easier to carry.

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Benefits Of Exercise For People With Parkinsons Disease

Exercise has been shown to have several significant benefits for people with Parkinsons disease. These helpful effects seem to stem from two specific neurological changes that occur when you work out:

  • The release of a chemical called dopamine: This positively impacts your movement, mood, and sensation of pain.
  • Growth and change in the cortical striatum:This is an area of the brain that controls your voluntary movements.

These two exercise-related changes can result in many concrete advantages for people with Parkinsons, including:

  • Improved balance
  • Reduced sleep disruptions

Clothing For Parkinsons Patients

Parkinson patient from wheelchair bound to walking normal in 2 months

Clothing for Parkinsons patients Easy grip arthritis or Parkinsons pull on pants are just one example of many adaptive choices for Parkinsons patients. Magnetic closure shirts are also another great choice. Depending on the level of complications, there are numerous other choices in back opening shirts, tops, blouses, dresses and sleep wear. Elder Wear makes easy on and easy off your daily experience!

The example pants we describe here for men or women are soft knit, wide legs elastic waist pants. They are very easy to self dress or with assistance. The two-tone waist band design makes it easy for you to identify the back and front of the pant. The pant waistband is elasticized, and handy side pockets provide added convenience. Ideal for people with limited hand dexterity and terrific for both independent dressing or assisted dressing. The pull up pant features two grips-one on each side which allows the pants to be easily pulled up. So soft, comfortable and easy to get on, these pants will be an everyday favorite.

Search in Shop By Need under Parkinsons for the best results or shop by adaptive men and women.


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The Bottom Line On Wheelchair Use

The World Health Organization estimates that about 10% of the worlds population suffers from a disability. Furthermore, of those, another 10% would benefit from access to a wheelchair. WHO also states that access to assistive mobility technology is a human right.

This is essential because access to wheelchairs, whether manual or automatic depending on the need allows people with disabilities to function in society. Wheelchairs allow users to work, care for themselves and others, and accomplish daily living tasks independently.

For those who struggle daily with mobility impairments, using the right chair makes a world of difference. Manual, automatic, reclining, tilting, and standing wheelchairs have a huge impact on the quality of life, independence, physical and psychological health for people with disabilities.

If you or a loved one are affected by any of the conditions mentioned above, please contact us today to see how a Redman® Power Chair can help YOU!

Up Walker Large Posture Walker Mobility Aid

Like other standing walkers, this stands-up walking aid is designed in a way to provide increased stability and safety for Parkinsons patients who have difficulty walking.

But the good thing about this walker is that it has an adjustable armrest support feature. This provides additional support for patients with weak upper body or stooped posture. The padded armrests are height adjustable and extend or shorten, to provide comfortable support. The handgrips easily pivot for optimal wrist position.

The walker also comes with padded handles to help patients transition between sitting and standing easier and safer. It also has ergonomic hand brakes that allow the brakes to be easily locked and provide better control. Whereas, the comfortable fabric seat with a backrest provides a helpful seat when needed.

Its four large 8-inch, multi-terrain rubber wheels allow the walker to navigate smoothly on all outdoor surfaces such as grass, gravel, and even snow. And about its overall frame it is light, sturdy, and highly durable. You can take it with you outside of your home, walking around, and enjoy the outdoor scenes.

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Youyun Men Casual Footwear For Elderly

Looking for shoes for Parkinsons sufferers? Try Youyun mens casual footwear for the elderly. It comes with a wear-resistant non-slip sole and anti-slip particle layer. That increases friction with the floor, holding the surface firmly and providing steady walking. In addition, the easily portable instep upper is extendable to the toe portion. That can be fixed firmly to provide stable walking for adults.

The flying weaved upper with stretch cotton makes this shoe ideal for elderly Parkinsons patients. In addition, its built-in Velcro straps design provides maximum comfort and support for adult users. It fits perfectly around the ankle and ensures durability as well as stability. You can get these shoe sizes according to your or your loved ones actual size. It is suitable for Parkinsons wheelchair users as well.

Disability Aids That Make Living With Parkinsons Disease Easier

5 Best Wheelchairs for Parkinson

Life with Parkinsons Disease can be a big change, making you feel scared and lonely. However, as discussed in our recent post on living with Parkinsons Disease, it is still possible to live a relatively independent lifestyle.

Following on from that advice, we wanted to bring your attention to 8 of the best disability aids that can make life with Parkinsons Disease easier to manage. From larger disability aids such as recliners to simple tools to help you unplug household items, each of these will ease your life in one regard or another.

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Revo 360 Slim Daily Living Wheelchair

If you are looking for a high-quality narrow width, the ergonomic daily living chair that also serves as a wheelchair for your loved one, think about this one. This ultra-mobile wheelchair easily navigates limited spaces and tight corners. It can even fit through bathroom doors.

The chair is only 21.5 inches wide and is specially designed for easy mobility in limited home spaces. It comes with a generously padded 3-inch high seat cushion that has a front edge with a waterfall design to help reduce stress on knees and improve leg circulation.

The chair features extra-large 20 inch rear wheels that can navigate both indoor and outdoor terrain. The sturdy steel base and medical grade 5-inch diameter front casters of the chair provide easy movement over glide over on any surface.

Pressure Relief & Waterproof Fabrics

Particularly with non-ambulatory clients, pressure relief and waterproofing are key things to consider when specifying a care chair. People with severe Parkinsons can be sat down for hours and hours every day.

This makes them much more susceptible to pressure injuries. Wherever possible, we always recommend built-in pressure relief cushions.

Waterproof fabrics are also something to be thought about when specifying for non-ambulatory clients. Parkinsons Disease can often cause incontinence, and so ensuring that the chair is covered in a waterproof fabric can be particularly useful.

As mentioned before, Parkinsons can be presented in an array of ways. It varies massively from person to person, and of course youll also find that your clients will vary between needing a riser recliner and care chairs.

Parkinsons is a disease that varies massively from client-to-client. Its also progressive, and so will gradually get worse over time. With that in mind, its best to choose chairs for people with Parkinsons that offer flexibility and can be altered for changing needs over time.

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Esright Fabric Massage Recliner Chair

If you are looking for a simple, compact, and high-quality electric massage recliner chair, this could be the one you can think of. It serves the best in your dining room or living room.

The recliner comes with a wide sitting base and soft fabric material with a supportive back and extra-wide padded armrests for ultimate comfort. It has a reclining angle of 140°. The recliner features 2 vibration intensity, 5 massage modes, and 8 vibrating massage nodes for the back, lumbar, thigh, legs.

The side pockets on the right side of the chair allow you to keep remote control and other small things within your reach. With its remote control, you can easily recline and lift the chair.

When it comes to the overall framing, the chair looks very stable, secure, comfortable, and easily cleanable. Its crafted in a way that supports a weight of up to 330 lbs.

The recliner is handy and convenient. You can change its position and place it at any corner in your living room or bedroom. Its assembling is also easy and it shouldnt take more than 15 min.

What Are The 5 Stages Of Parkinsons Disease

Parkinson disease patients can now regain mobility

Parkinsons disease is categorized into 5 stages.

  • Stage 1 Its the initial stage where a person experiences mild symptoms restricting the daily activities.
  • Stage 2 Its the second stage where a person experiences the worst symptoms, such as tremor and rigidity.
  • Stage 3 Its considered the mid-stage of the disease where a person experiences loss of balance and slowness of movements along with previous symptoms.
  • Stage 4 At this stage, things start to get severs, and a person will need help to walk.
  • Stage 5 Its the last stage where the person suffering from Parkinsons is unable to stand or walk. At this stage, a person would need a wheelchair for movement.

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Easy Fold And Go Walker

If youre looking for a standard lightweight walker that is ideal for traveling and has an affordable price, think about this Easy Fold and Go walker. This newly designed mobility aid opens and folds up easily for stress-free portability. This easy-to-use rolling walker, with its sturdy design, allows users to walk with confidence, outdoors and indoors!

This walker is so portable that with the lift of a finger, the Easy Fold and Go Walker easily folds allowing it to be stored in a car, shopping cart, the overhead compartment of an airplane, or discreetly by the users side when not in use.

When it comes to the overall framing, the walker looks very stable, secure, and easily cleanable. Its crafted in a way that supports a weight of up to 400 lbs.

The walker has a height adjustment feature that allows the walker height to be easily adjusted to accommodate users from 4 feet 10 inches to 6 feet 8 inches tall. The 6 inches swivel wheels and rear easy-glide feet allow the user to easily maneuver the walker.

Do I Even Need A Wheelchair

If you can’t walk without assistance or only go a few steps before having to rest, a travel wheelchair can be a smart option. Even if you don’t use a wheelchair at home on a regular basis, or even at all, and instead rely on a cane or walker, you may benefit from a travel wheelchair while you’re away from home.

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Types Of Walking Sticks

Wooden sticks these have a set height and usually a curved handle.

Metal sticks these can be extendable , folding, collapsible, and three- or four-footed. They can have moulded or curved handles.

Elbow crutches some people find using two elbow crutches gives more support than a pair of traditional walking sticks, but crutches may not suit everyone.

Walking sticks with folding seats these are larger and heavier than most other walking sticks, so may not be appropriate for everyday use. They might be useful for shopping or in social situations where where you want to take lots of breaks.

Lasercane these are designed to help people with Parkinsons who experience freezing. The Lasercane projects a red laser beam onto the ground in front of your feet when walking. This cues you to step over the light when your feet freeze.

Some people find a Lasercane very effective, but it can be difficult to see the laser beam in bright environments, such as outdoors on a sunny day.

Nordic poles these thinner, longer, lightweight poles are used for Nordic walking. In this style of walking, the specially designed poles help you move forwards. They often have replaceable tips to suit different surfaces, such as pavements or soft ground.

For more information about Nordic walking, contact British Nordic Walking or Nordic Walking UK.

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