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Medical Alert Bracelets For Parkinson’s Disease

Who Should Wear The Ice Id

Safety Clasp Bracelets for Alzheimers, Parkinsons, Autism and Dementia

We recommend everyone wear medical identificationn apparal, especially people taking certain medications or living with:

chronic medical conditions: asthma, ALS , alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, diabetes, , asthma, cancer, heart disease, obesity, epilepsy, kidney or liver failure, parkinson’s disease, vision or hearing impairment, substance abuse.

allergies: milk, egg, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, wheat & gluten, fish, shellfish.

Who Should Wear A Medical Alert Bracelet

As we age, we become more susceptible to injury, illness, and emergencies. As unfortunate a reality as this is, there are ways to combat it and address it head on. Medical alert bracelets, watches, and necklaces are all fantastic resources to help avoid stressful and dangerous situations.

Whether or not a medical alert bracelet is right for your senior is ultimately up to the senior themself and, if appropriate, the caregiver.

If you live with chronic illnesses, take medications, have allergies, or are otherwise at a higher risk for serious complications in the case of an emergency, a medical alert bracelet will likely be a fantastic tool for you.

Dementia Medical Alert Bracelets

A medical alert bracelet is an essential item for anyone with dementia. Medical alert bracelets provide basic important information that you or your loved one may not be able to provide otherwise, such as: full name, address, phone number, and medical conditions. If you have early onset dementia or are the primary caregiver for someone with dementia, you know how difficult even everyday activities can be. As the disease progresses, the burdens on caregivers get even heavier. Dementia sufferers become increasingly confused and agitated and remember less and less about their lives. In middle and late stages of dementia, patients are quite vulnerablemany forget their names and addresses. As memory fades, a medical alert bracelet becomes increasingly important, even lifesaving.

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Medical Alert Systems For Parkinson

Each year, around 60,000 Americans are diagnosed with Parkinsons disease, and 96% of them already passed their 50s. Currently one million people live with the disease, but the number is growing. Although Parkinson cannot be cured, the right treatment and devoted support can significantly improve the symptoms. This involves a dependable safety net stretched beneath the patient, where caring help is available non-stop, and using the help button doesnt require complicated actions. Medical alert systems are designed to fulfill these expectations, and provide peace of mind for every subscriber, no matter what kind of issues they face.

Health Care And Medical Alert Bracelets


As one considers getting a medical alert bracelet, whether it is simply for identification purposes or comes with a help button feature, it can range in price.

Some hospitals offer free medical alert bracelets if you call and ask, although they will most likely not have the emergency button or alert system attached.

You can also get more stylish medical alert bracelets that look like normal bracelets but are engraved. These range in price from just $20 to hundreds of dollars, just like fashion jewelry.

If you choose a medical alert bracelet that has a built in button to call emergency services, then you usually need to pay for the original price of the item, plus a monthly subscription, which can range from $20 to $50 a month.

While some health insurance may cover or reimburse the purchase of a medical ID bracelet, the patient may need to get written approval from a doctor or some other kind of documentation proving the necessity. If the bracelet wearer has a flexible spending account , most medical alert bracelets should qualify to be paid for using that FSA.

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What Are Medical Alert Bracelets

Medical alert systems typically come with button options that are wearable. Some of the most common options are necklaces, bracelets, and waist bands.

A bracelet, or wristband, is similar to a necklace except you wear it around your wrist. It looks like any other bracelet and can be made with plastic, rubber, silicone, or many other materials. The wrist band has a small button that you can easily press in case of an emergency.

A bracelet is connected to the base unit just like a standard pendant. That means that you have to be conscious of the range you have available. It is important that you know your range and if you are planning to leave your home, you have someone with you once you leave that range.

However, you can purchase wristbands that have a variety of ranges. You also have the option of purchasing a wristband that connects to the service through a cell phone tower. These wristbands allow you to go wherever you want to go, because if you have an emergency they connect you to agents via the closest cell phone tower.

Medical alert bracelets are strongly recommended for people with particular medical conditions. If you have any of the following conditions, you should look into a medical alert bracelet.

Who Needs A Medical Id Bracelet

There are many people who should consider wearing a medical ID bracelet in case they need to alert someone in a time of crisis. Whether you’re young or old, there is a myriad of health conditions that require special attention and care. With a medical ID bracelet, others will be able to quickly identify your specific condition so they can give you the precise type of assistance you need. Here are some examples of medical conditions that need a medical ID bracelet:

  • Drug Allergies
  • Food Allergies
  • Insect Allergies
  • Epilepsy
  • Special medications
  • Visual or hearing impairment
  • Mental disabilities or mental illness
  • Kidney failure
  • Surgical and cancer patients
  • Abnormal EKG

These are just some of the most common medical conditions where people should consider wearing a medical ID bracelet. Talk to your doctor and ask them if they recommend a bracelet and find out what type of specific information should be included.

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Things To Consider In A Medical Alert Bracelet

Sharing medical history, allergies, or conditions with EMS personnel is crucial during a medical crisis. But if youre unable to communicate, medical alert bracelets do the talking for you. As you weigh your options, consider your lifestyle and whether or not you want a bracelet with preformatted engraving or one thats customizable.

Rely On Trained Response Agents

Hillary Clinton Parkinson’s Disease Bracelet – Exercises For Individuals With Parkinsons

The most useful feature of a personal emergency system is the instant access to a caring, competent monitoring service. All monitoring operators are well-versed in medical terminology, and they had their communication and emergency management skills trained to the maximum. Response agents can be contacted 24/7, and they offer assistance in non-medical related issues too. In case the patient feels ill, or needs the assistance of a relative, caring help is available with a press of a button. Most companies keep their subscribers data on file, including medical history, symptoms, and known diseases. Upon receiving an emergency call, they activate the file, and instantly know how to address the caller and what to do.

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The Importance Of Medical Id Bracelets

A medical identification bracelet is a voice, speaking on behalf of an individual when he or she is incapable of speech. Under emergency circumstances, it is critical that emergency response teams be able to quickly identify an individuals medical condition and allergies. Without proper ID, common symptoms can be misdiagnosed and appropriate care is jeopardized and delayed.

Wearing medical alert jewelry can speed the assessments made by first responders, and healthcare professionals agree that early identification of a medical condition or allergy can save lives.

Harmful medical errors can be avoided by simply wearing a brief description of a medical condition engraved on a Medical ID bracelet or necklace. Guided by this important information, emergency teams can immediately recognize a persons health condition and provide appropriate and time sensitive care. Emergency first responders are trained to look for a Medical ID when coming in contact with an individual.

Who should wear Medical ID jewelry? Anyone living with a chronic or rare medical condition such as diabetes, asthma, or a heart condition a person who is allergic to certain foods, drugs or insects and people who take multiple medications or blood thinners. For all of these conditions as well as others, medical alert jewelry is a vital accessory.

Anyone with the following conditions should always wear Medical ID jewelry:


Retail Customers: Why Choose Mediband

  • Comfortable and Easy to Wear.

Medical wristbands come in a variety of sizes. They wont irritate or chafe your skin. Therefore, you can feel free to wear them at all times. In fact, you may not even notice youre wearing it.

  • Strong and Durable Silicone Material.

Next, each medical band is made from medical grade silicone. This material is built to last. And that means you wont have to worry about breaking it, losing it, and other problems.

  • Clear and Easy to Read Text.

Our bracelets clearly display Alert! Parkinson’s Disease in clear text. Medical staff will have no problem reading this text. And that will ensure youll get the proper care in any emergency situation.

  • Low Prices with Quick Delivery.

Mediband wants everyone to have the medical wristbands they need for their safety. This is why we work hard to keep our prices low.

We also provide volume discounts for bulk orders. This makes them great for doctors offices, pharmacies, oncology departments, and more. Furthermore, our shipping options can get your wristbands to your door the next day.

  • Simple and Safe.

Mediband wristbands give you a simple and easy way to improve your safety. Just one wristband provides helpful warnings when you cant speak because of an emergency. Its the perfect way to protect yourself no matter what happens.

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What Is The Need For A Medical Alert Bracelet

People of all ages with certain medical conditions, allergies, or medication could benefit from wearing a medical alert bracelet. In a difficult scenario, in the case of an unconscious person, first responders or emergency personnel will know to look for indicators such as bracelets or necklaces to be sure they do not misdiagnose a patient or treat them with something that could be harmful, especially related to an allergy.

A paramedic knowing about these and other conditions right from the beginning could save the life of you or someone you love. Wasting time trying to identify the source of an injury or cause of an allergic reaction could make a huge difference in the efficiency of a patients treatment.

If ones medical alert bracelet does utilize a help button, response time could also improve recovery from a fall or other injury. If someone falls and loses consciousness while wearing a medical alert bracelet, simply having the information engraved there could save a life. If the bracelet includes a help button that calls a care center or authority, those who stay conscious but cannot get back up can ask for the help they need.

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    Custom Engraved Medical Alert Id Bracelets For Women

    Laurens Hope has 20+ years experience curating our line of medical alerts that appeal to women who need to wear a medical ID bracelet. We understand that since your ID is worn everyday theres an opportunity to use this medical alert to enhance and accessorize.

    Relaying your important medical details to a first responder is the most important function a medical ID bracelet can perform. The style of bracelet you choose to convey that info is a personal decision and the choices are endless.

    We offer a popular line of fashionable womens interchangeable medical ID bracelets. These consist of a custom engraved medical ID bracelet tag which can be attached to any bracelet you choose. This mix and match approach allows you to add more bracelets to your collection without requiring the purchase of a new tag. It also allows you to update your ID tag with new medical information without losing the use of your bracelets. Interchangeable medical ID bracelets can be beaded, made from silver, gold or rose plated chains, designed with crystals and stones, as well leather and silicone. These are great for women looking to update and stay on trend with their medical ID bracelets.

    Our other bracelet type is non-interchangeable. This is simply a bracelet where the tag is permanently attached to the band. Oftentimes, these medical alerts are made to be waterproof and suitable for 24/7 wear as the materials dont require any extra special care.

    Why Are Medical Ids Important

    This is why medical IDs are so vital to people with serious health conditions the information contained on a bracelet, pendant or tag can alert emergency personnel to their particular sensitivities or vulnerabilities and help save that persons life. Without a medical ID to direct them, medical personnel simply have to treat patients like anybody else, unaware of their particular medical history.

    Medical mistakes are disturbingly common in hospitals, too. As many as 98,000 deaths occur each year due to medical mistakes. A congressionally mandated study from 2008 found that 1 in 7 Medicare hospital patients experienced at least one unintended harm that extended their stay, required life-sustaining treatment or resulted in death. Those are disquieting numbers, but you can significantly reduce the likelihood of medical mistakes by wearing a medical ID that will alert healthcare providers of your condition and prevent serious medical mishaps.

    There are a number of medical conditions for which children and adults often wear medical ID tags for. Since everyones health is different, the vital medical alert information they indicate on their IDs differs, too:

    If you or your child have any of the above health conditions, you may want to talk about which health alerts are most relevant to EMTs, emergency room doctors or other medical personnel in case of a serious medical event. You can then make sure to include that specific information prominently.

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    How Can I Alert Medical Providers That I Have Dbs In An Emergency Can Mammogram Be Done

    It is important that your medical provider be aware that you have DBS since there are some procedures that can not be performed if you have DBS. Examples of procedures that are not safe to be performed with DBS are body MRI, certain types of cautery and diathermy It is recommended that your doctor call Medtronic Inc. clinician support services 707-0933 before any procedure to review if there are any concerns or interactions with your device.

    One way to alert clinicians that you have DBS in an emergency situation is to wear a medic alert bracelet. This bracelet can be inscribed with important information such as allergies and a statement that you have DBS. You can include the emergency clinician support phone number and warnings such as MRI and diathermy contraindicated.

    Mammograms are often a concern because they are done close to the battery site. Mammograms can be performed as long as the technician avoids compression of the battery which is usually located just below the clavicle in the chest. It is important not to compress the battery or extension wires. Breast MRI can not be performed. Diagnostic ultrasound of suspicious breast lesions can usually be performed if needed but once again the ultrasound probe should not be used over or directly adjacent to the battery. Your technician should call the Medtronic customer support number listed above for more specific guidance.

    Divoti Filigree Medical Alert Id Bracelet: Best For Quick Delivery

    Health Alert: Parkinson’s Walk

    * price as of post date. Read full disclaimer.

    Get the best of both worlds with the Divoti Filigree Medical Alert ID Bracelets durable stainless steel design and gold-plated sheen. The Divoti features an open cuff thats adjustable and easy to take on and off. Elaborate vine details offer a stylish touch to an otherwise traditional piece of jewelry.

    And this is the only medical identification tag weve found that offers two-day processingsome can take weeks to process. While the open cuff makes it easy to put on, this medical alert wristband can get caught on things and warp the bracelet. And the inscription is on the inside, so medical personnel will need to take off the cuff to find your information.

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    The Benefits Of Wearing A Medical Id Bracelet

    If you’re in the middle of an emergency, there is a good chance you may not be able to speak for yourself. With a medical ID bracelet, the information included on the bracelet tells medical professionals, emergency medical technicians, and the general public about any medical conditions you currently have. Not only will this help alert people to your medical issue, but it can help doctors make a more accurate diagnosis if you need to seek treatment. For those with common ailments like a breathing disorder, a medical ID bracelet will help to keep doctors and nurses from making an accidental misdiagnosis.

    In order to get the help and care you need as quickly as possible a prompt diagnosis is required. If you’re wearing a medical alert bracelet, healthcare professionals will have immediate insight into your condition and what they can do to give you fast, effective treatment. When you wear a bracelet, it also protects you against the possibility of harmful or dangerous medical errors. Most emergency responders are trained to look for a medical ID bracelet as soon as they’re able to assess a patient. Not only does the bracelet increase your chances of getting prompt treatment, but it also increases your chances of survival. Another benefit of wearing a medical ID bracelet is that it could reduce or eliminate trips to the hospital and help you prevent small issues or injuries from becoming something more serious.

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