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Glove For Parkinson’s Tremors

Gyrogear Raises $43m For Its Medical Glove Which Aids People Living With Tremors

Parkinson’s disease: Gyrogear smart glove brings new solutions to control tremors

GyroGear, a UK-based neuromuscular medical device company, has landed $4.3 million in phase one of its seed round for the GyroGlove that supports people living with tremors. $1.41 million was received upfront from electronics manufacturer Foxconn Technology Group which led the round.

Participants in GyroGears second seed round will include the UK Government Future Fund and Singapores venture builder Fidelium Group.


According to GyroGear, the glove adopts the latest aerospace technology and satellite-grade mechanical gyroscopes to effectively curb hand tremors and restore normal hand function. The company states that despite its light weight, the GyroGlove is able to bring relief to its users and support them in going about their daily activities. People living with Parkinsons Disease or Essential Tremors will potentially benefit from the device.


The prevalence of Essential Tremors has been increasing steadily over eight years, from 2010 to 2018. There is no cure for it at present. Only one medication propanolol has currently been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration for its treatment. Although such tremors are often not considered life-threatening, it can affect the quality of a persons life severely if left untreated.



Innovation That Balances The Tremor And Doesnt Compromise Comfort

The Readi-Steadi® Anti-Tremor Orthotic Glove System is the worlds first fully customizable, hand orthotic invented and developed by occupational therapist and certified hand therapist, Krista Madere, for the management of mild to severe hand tremors associated with, but not limited to:

  • Parkinsons Disease
  • Cerebellar Tremor
  • Psychological Disorders

Readi-Steadi® gloves can be adjusted within minutes to match an individuals disease state, medication changes or other factors. Its low-profile, lightweight design allows for extendable wear time, preventing excessive muscle fatigue. Available in multiple colors and even waterproof options, Readi-Steadi® is ideal for all-day use in any private or social setting.

The Glove With The Backing Of Science

Designed by a leading orthopedic hand specialist, Bionic technology is totally unique in the marketplace. There is nothing like it. The difference is found in the design based on the anatomy of the hand and the science of ergonomics.

The Premium BeastMode Fitness Gloves were designed in conjunction with our hand specialist to provide the utmost in comfort, fit and performance. The natural fit design and anatomical pad system deliver more gripping power while helping minimize calluses and blisters. The Polytowel thumb and terrycloth pads inside the glove help manage perspiration while the Cool-On back and Lycra gussets provide breathability and flexibility.

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What Is The Saeboglove

The SaeboGlove is an innovative hand device equipped with a proprietary tension system that extends the clients fingers and thumb following grasping. The spiral forearm design supports and secures the wrist for individuals exhibiting wrist drop. To learn more about the SaeboGloves features, go to our product page.

The Glove Can Help People With Parkinsons Disease Overcome Their Tremors

A glove could block Parkinson

Adaptation of a reporting by Stuart McDill, edited by Alexandra Hudson for Reuters

UK startup has developed a glove with a built-in spinning gyroscope that it says can help people with Parkinsons disease and Essential tremor overcome their often debilitating tremors and regain control of their hands. Both conditions affect over 200 million people worldwide and can cause patients hands to shake so much that everyday tasks such as eating and drinking become difficult or impossible.

The focus of the GyroGlove is to return independence and freedom

For Parkinsons patients, essential tremor is quite a hidden disability. It heavily affects the quality of life as it makes certain activities rather difficult to be done on ones own. Besides, pain falls in and the whole experience can be exhausting.

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Cff 66 Lb Weighted Gloves

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    Who Can Benefit Most From The Saeboglove

    There are 3 groups of clients that typically qualify for the SaeboGlove:

    Mildly Affected Neurological Clients: These clients exhibit some finger extension, but not full. They may have used the SaeboFlex, but are no longer challenged by it. They may exhibit mild hypertonicity, but not enough to prevent them from extending their fingers to some degree. They still suffer from hand function impairment including fine motor control, weak finger flexors, and/or weak extensors. Numerous repetitions may be difficult due to weak finger extension strength and endurance. Thumb and index finger tone may be more prevalent. They are typically in the outpatient setting.

    Moderate/Severely Affected Neurological Clients: This group exhibits very minimal or no active wrist/finger extension and are very low tone or flaccid they are not impeded by hypertonicity. They are typically in the inpatient setting. A majority will require electrical stimulation with the SaeboGlove.

    Orthopedic Clients: This group typically has a diagnosis of radial nerve palsy/brachial plexus injury/fractures. They exhibit wrist drop and lack finger extension strength.

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    Weighted Gloves For Fitness

    The weight resistance on the POWERFIT fingerless training gloves strengthens hand and arm muscles, while the foam gel on the palm side of the gloves provides protection from calluses and blisters. POWERFIT gloves have four-way nylon stretch fabric provides durability and flexibility during movement.

    There Are Up To 200 Million People Living Globally With Essential Tremor The Potential Medical Application Is Huge

    Gyroscope Gloves Reduces Hand Tremors For Parkinson’s Patients

    How can it help improve the quality of life of people with Parkinsons?

    Our core objective is to restore quality of life via control of the hand and affected limbs. For instance, by stabilising the hand, we enable an immense range of function that is often taken for granted. From eating to writing, to cooking to inserting a key into a door, to retrieving coins to pay for groceries.

    What is the potential medical impact on lives?

    There are up to 20 million people globally living with Parkinsons disease and 200 million with essential tremor. If GyroGear is able to better the lives of these individuals, our technology can be scaled to many further applications, including those outside healthcare.

    Wearable tech is becoming more and more popular why is it the way to go for treatment of conditions like Parkinsons?

    As mentioned, there is a gulf between medication and deep brain stimulation that we seek to address. However, it is critical that innovators today be careful not to develop technology simply for the sake of doing so. The person, and the value we can add to his life, has to be our ultimate focus.

    So whats next and when can people expect the GyroGlove to be available?

    Were currently integrating the various components into a singular unit. Its looking promising! Were aiming for release next year if all goes well, but cannot be more specific than that.

    What are your hopes for the future of GyroGlove?

    This article was updated on 29 July 2015

    The F Factor

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    Essential Tremor Suffers Get Relief From Gyroglove

    Parkinson’s disease and essential tremor are both nervous system disorder that affects movement. A technology out of England is helping patients regain control.

    Gloves with built-in spinning gyroscopes are helping people with Parkinsons disease and essential tremor regain control of their hands.

    Sue Whitehouse and Dr. Faii Ong with gyrogloves

    Sue Whitehouse and Dr. Faii Ong

    Both of the conditions can cause patients hands to shake so much that everyday tasks such as eating and drinking become difficult or impossible.

    Sue Whitehouse was diagnosed with essential tremor five years ago and now needs help with any action needing fine motor skills.

    Sue Whitehouse says, I cant paint my nails anymore, my daughter does them for me. I cant cut my nails I cant cut my toe nails.

    Sue Whitehouse, Cross Stitching

    Sue Whitehouse, Cross Stitching

    Gyrogloves developer, Dr. Faii Ong, was inspired to tackle hand tremors while caring for a 103-year-old woman in the hospital who was struggling to feed herself soup.

    Dr. Faii Ong, Founder and C.E.O. of Gyrogear, says, Its striking that even at medical school were not taught about this condition called essential tremor and yet there are millions, literally 200 million people globally living with this condition every single day of their lives.

    Mounted on the back of the hand, the gyroscope counters any tremor, smoothing out the shakes. Patients simply put it on and turn it on.

    Alan Schulte with weighted utensils

    What Is The Clinical Criteria For Saeboglove

    In order to qualify for the SaeboGlove, clients should exhibit some ability to squeeze. If the clients cannot squeeze , then electrical stimulation to the finger flexors to facilitate squeezing can be provided. In addition to demonstrating active finger flexion, clients should not exhibit spasticity in the hand. If clients demonstrate more than mild hypertonicity in the wrist and fingers, then the SaeboFlex would be required.

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    Developed Together With You For You

    The GyroGlove was developed closely with patients right from the start. Each feature goes through rigorous design, engineering, and testing processes, and is only included if it provides real, notable benefit.

    Join our email list if you would like to be part of the journey. Wed love to have you.

    About us

    Vibrating Glove Shows Promise For Calming Parkinsons Symptoms

    A glove could block Parkinson

    Kanwarjit Bhutani was 39 when he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. For a long time, only his family and close friends knew. That changed when, 10 years after his diagnosis, the symptoms worsened suddenly and he could no longer work.

    “I basically went into hiding,” Bhutani said for a recent Stanford Medicine magazine story about a vibrating glove treatment that has been shown in early trials to relieve symptoms of the disease.

    In the article — “Good Vibrations: Can Parkinson’s symptoms be stopped?” — science writer Holly Alyssa MacCormick, described how Peter Tass, MD, PhD, a Stanford School of Medicine professor of neurosurgery, and his team developed the glove, which delivers vibratory bursts of electricity to the fingertips.

    Parkinson’s disease attacks brain cells that make dopamine, a chemical that our nervous system uses to send messages between nerve cells for functions like movement, mood and behavior, the article explains. Symptoms — including tremors, muscle stiffness and rigidity, slow movement, loss of balance and difficulty walking — occur when groups of neurons abnormally fire in unison.

    A common treatment for Parkinson’s is to prescribe drugs that mimic dopamine. Another option is to prescribe deep brain stimulation, which targets abnormal brain patterns with electrodes that are implanted into the brain and linked to a pacemaker-like device.

    But both options are expensive and can have serious side effects.

    Illustration by Harry Campbell

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    The Science Of Spinning Tops

    The glove uses a surprisingly simple concept a spinning top to help steady the wearers hand.

    Spinning tops stay upright when they spin by converting angular momentum. This means they resist any input of force, such as tremors, immediately and proportionally.

    Thats exactly what were doing with the glove, except that we are hiking it up. Were spinning the disk faster than a jet turbine, at about 20,000 rpm and we are coupling that directly to the hand, says Ong.

    Regaining The Upper Hand In Life

    Before the invention of the Readi-Steadi® glove, the only adaptive devices were available to counter the effects of tremor, such as modified pens weighted utensils. These tools have proven very beneficial to counter tremors, but most are task-specific, costly, and are far from subtle. The Readi-Steadi® glove is different because it is a wearable device that reduces tremors in all situations where hand control is crucial.

    If you are living with hand tremors, and are tired of feeling frustrated with and or embarrassed by physical limitations associated with your hand tremors, the innovative Readi-Steadi® Anti-Tremor Hand Orthotic System could be the way to regain your confidence and enjoy life again!

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    She Has Those Really Bad Shakes Theres Nothing We Can Do

    A 103 year old lady in a London hospital was slowly wasting away. She was growing increasingly frail, and losing a significant amount of weight.

    Our founder, Faii Ong, a recent Medicine graduate, was a member of the team assigned to her care. Puzzled by the above,they wondered: was it a disease, something malignant, or an undiagnosed or unknown condition?

    It became crystal clear when Faii decided to check in on her during his lunch hour. She had spent half an hour eating a single bowl of soup except her hand tremors had sent everything down her front.

    After cleaning her up, Faii asked the nurses what they were doing to treat her tremors. They replied, Well, shes a hundred and three, forgets you in five minutes, has those really bad shakes, and her medications have stopped working. Theres nothing we can do.

    Shocked at the inadequacy of available treatments, Faii resolved to develop one himself.

    Remembering the gyroscope toys of his childhood and their current applications in aviation and electronics, he realised the same technology could be used to stabilise the hands.

    Thus, GyroGear, and the GyroGlove, were born.

    Reliefgrip Gardening Gloves Patented Innovations

    Gloves that give people with tremor a helping hand


    ⢠Strategically placed relief pads help even out the surface of your hand and assist in the displacement of pressure when gripping any tool.

    ⢠Terrycloth micro-pads on the inside of the glove keep your hands cool and dry so you can finish even the longest outdoor project.


    ⢠Lycra motion zones over the knuckles and between the fingers allow for maximum breathability.

    ⢠These motion zones promote fit and comfort that is not offered by any other glove in the market.

    ⢠Adjustable Velcro cuff allows customization of desired support and comfort levels.


    ⢠Silicone fingertips provide increased durability in areas prone to wear and tear.

    ⢠Made of premium Cabretta leather for maximum comfort and durability.

    ⢠Washing Bionic Gloves enhances durability and helps maintain suppleness of leather.

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    Inspired By An Elderly Patient

    As a medical student, Ong witnessed first hand the debilitating effects of tremors, and was inspired to find a solution after seeing an old woman struggling to eat.

    She was trying to drink soup and then everything went down her front. So I spent the next half an hour cleaning her up, and I asked the nurses why they didnt do anything. And they said shes 103 theres really nothing we can do.

    Not to be deterred, Ong founded GyroGear in early 2015. The team is made up of volunteer students and graduates specializing in electrical, mechanical and biological engineering.

    The entire thing has only been possible because of the team Its a good mixture, says Ong who, himself, is just finishing medical school.

    Sandwich Generation: High Tech Glove Treats Parkinsons Patients Across The Pond

    LEEDS, England Doctors in London say gloves with built-in spinning gyroscopes are helping people with Parkinsons Disease and Essential Tremor regain control of their hands.

    Parkinson’s Disease makes everyday tasks difficult and nearly impossible for some patients. “To me it’s a big thing not being able to put a bit of make-up on and not to be able to put a necklace on and change my earrings. If I want to change my earrings I can’t do it unless there’s somebody here to help me. I just can’t get them in and out. I can’t paint my nails anymore, my daughter does them for me. I can’t cut my nails, I can’t cut my toe nails,” said Essential Tremor sufferer Sue Whitehouse.

    Dr. Faii Ong is the founder and CEO of Gyrogear.It’s striking that even at medical school we’re not taught about this condition called Essential Tremor and yet there are millions, literally 200 million people globally living with this condition every single day of their lives. And, it’s fatiguing.There is stigma with it. There is a huge amount of disability associated with it, and yet it is not necessarily addressed. It is not necessarily recognized or supported you see,” said Dr. Ong.

    For now, Dr. Ong is putting his medical career on hold to develop the product, which he hopes will be given medical approval in the United States and the European Union next year.

    In Other News

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    Many Conditions One Solutionideal For Both Neurological And Orthopedic Clients

    Features & Benefits

    • Spiral forearm design that secures the wrist in a functional position.
    • Tensioners are located at the IP joints of the fingers and thumb to assist with extending the digits following grasping.
    • Individual Tensioners can be removed to customize assistance based on the clients needs.
    • Numerous-sized Tensioners included to accommodate various finger lengths.
    • Full joint finger motion possible to maximize functional performance.
    • Silicone-covered finger tips to improve traction during grasping.
    • Non-slip liner to minimize migration.
    • Glove includes Lycra material for expandability.
    • Palm exposed to increase breathability and ease of donning.
    • Lightweight and comfortable.



    Clients that may not be appropriate for the SaeboGlove typically exhibit one or more of the below:

    • Severe joint deformities in the hand or elbow.
    • Significant arthritis.

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