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Are Adjustable Beds Good For Parkinson’s Patients

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Theraposture: Rotoflex case study – helping Linda remain at home with Parkinson’s

Theraposture is a leading ethical adjustable bed and chair specialist that has been helping people with Parkinsons and other long term progressive conditions since 1981.

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Most Theraposture beds and chairs are perfect for their new owners and immediately make a huge difference. However on the rare occasion something is not quite right, options and solutions are always available.

We can either:


What Is The Best Walking Stick For Parkinsons Patients

In this guide, I have shared 3 different walking sticks, and all three of them have their pros and cons. However, if you want the best, I recommend Campbell Posture Cane which is the best Walking Stick for Parkinsons Patients due to its ergonomic design. If you want a Walking Stick with a Conventional design, you can go for Carex Folding Cane.

Sleeping In A Reclining Position

Sleeping in a reclining position is preferable for sleeping with lower back pain and/or sciatica. Specifically, pain that feels worse when standing up straight, and better when bending forward, is a sign that sleeping in a supported reclining position may be beneficial. Options for support while sleeping in a reclining position include:

  • Adjustable Bed. With this type of bed, the upper and lower portions of the bed can be raised and lowered in a customized fashion . There are many advantages to an adjustable bed, including the ability to easily raise and lower portions of the bed throughout the night. Adjustable beds are available at a variety of price points and designs.

Elevating the knees by placing a pillow under them, while at the same time lying flat on a bed, can also help relieve back pain caused by many conditions.

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Sleep Tips For Seniors

The good news is that certain habits can help anyone, seniors included, overcome some of these sleep challenges. These improvements to sleep hygiene include:

  • Exercising regularly
  • Going to bed at the same time each night and waking up at the same time each morning
  • Having a quiet, comfortable bedroom, including a comfortable mattress

Older people can easily convince themselves that they dont need a new mattress. Difficulty with mobility can make shopping at a brick and mortar store too taxing. Others may think a new mattress will cost too much money and may be reluctant to spend money on something theyre not sure they need.

But buying a new mattress doesnt have to be difficult or costly and could be the best investment in health seniors can make. Researching mattresses online before you shop will reduce the time spent trying mattresses in stores. Online mattress companies offer some of the best mattresses for seniors, delivered right to your front door or set up in your home, at prices that often beat those at mattress stores.

Should I Buy A Base With An Attached Mattress Or One Sold Separately

Best Bed for Parkinsons

While it might be tempting to buy a packaged deal because the upfront cost is lower, there are some compelling reasons for purchasing your base and mattress separately.

Heres why:

  • If youre shopping for a unit that has the bed and frame attached, youll find that your selection is limited. These limitations apply to both the style of your frame and the firmness options of the mattress.

  • If you want to replace it, youll be able to do it if the two pieces are separate. If theyre attached, and your mattress wears out, you may need to buy a whole new unit.

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    Sleep Comfort While Recovering From Spine Surgery

    Many patients recovering from spine surgery also find that lying on their backs with a small pillow under the knees is best sleep position.

    See Practical Advice for Recovering from Back Surgery

    Patients recovering from surgeryand anyone in need of extra cushioningmay benefit from adding a soft pillow-top to the bed as well.

    Using an adjustable bed or recliner is another option to enhance patient comfort during postoperative recovery. Recliners and adjustable beds not only make it easier for many people to sleep, they also make getting out of bed less of an ordeal.

    Are Adjustable Beds Worth It

    Many people find the investment in an adjustable bed worth the money since they provide a variety of sleep-promoting benefits. These bases make it easy to find the most comfortable position for sleep, and they also provide relief for sleep disorders like sleep apnea and conditions like acid reflux. While these bases are more expensive than other bed frames, they also contain countless bells and whistles to upgrade your nights rest, and for that, theyre usually worth the splurge.

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    Restless Legs Syndrome And Sleep

    Restless legs syndrome is an overwhelming desire to move your legs when youre awake. It usually happens during the evening and at night. Contact with bedclothes may feel uncomfortable. Rarely, your sleep may be disturbed because you have produced more dopamine than you need due to your Parkinsons medication. The effect is similar to restless legs syndrome, but the abnormal involuntary movement is due to your medication.

    Mental Illnesses Neurological Disabilities And Sleep

    Getting into bed safely with Parkinsons – Rotoflex bed by Theraposture
    • The Connection Between Sleep and Mental Health: Insomnia and other sleep-loss disorders affect people with many different mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, OCD and PTSD. This thorough guide from the National Alliance on Mental Illness covers causes, symptoms and possible treatment strategies.
    • Sleep Deprivation and Depression: Whats the Link?: This article from WebMD examines the relationship between depression and insomnia, and calls out some of the most effective antidepressant medications and non-pharmaceutical treatments available.
    • Sleep Disorders: According to this article from the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, mental health issues like anxiety and sleep disorders like insomnia share a complex, chicken and egg relationship the article goes on to explore treatment techniques for people with anxiety who experience insomnia, and vice versa.
    • Sundowning, Sleep, Alzheimers and Dementia: People with Alzheimers and other forms of dementia commonly experience sundowning, or behavioral problems that persist throughout the night. Learn more about sundowning and other dementia-related sleep disorders in this guide from the Alzheimers Association.
    • Sleep Disturbances: Published by the Parkinsons Disease Foundation, this article looks at some common sleep issues including sleep disruptions and daytime drowsiness that frequently affect people with the neurodegenerative disease known as Parkinsons.

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    The Relationship Between Parkinsons Disease And Sleep

    Its unclear whether poor sleep causes parkinsonian symptoms to worsen or whether worsening parkinsonian symptoms cause poor sleep. In many cases its likely a case of bidirectionality, with each one exacerbating the other.

    Fragmented sleep and sleep deprivation appear to leave the brain more vulnerable to oxidative stress, which has been tied to the development of Parkinsons disease. Parkinsons disease is not usually diagnosed until individuals have developed sufficient motor symptoms, by which time a significant portion of brain cells have already been damaged. If poor sleep quality or having sleep disorders foreshadows the development of parkinsonian symptoms, these could be useful in early diagnosis of the disease.

    More research is needed to clarify the multifaceted relationship between Parkinsons disease and sleep. A better understanding of this connection may offer medical experts the unique opportunity to screen at-risk individuals and perhaps delay the onset of the disease.

    What Is The Best Walker For Parkinsons Patients

    If you are looking for the best Walker for Parkinsons Patients, I recommend you to go for Drive Medical Folding Walker. The best thing about Drive Medical Folding Walker is that its extremely lightweight due to its aluminum frame. Also, it comes with a foldable design, which makes it easier to carry it while traveling.

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    Increasing Your Time Asleep

    Reducing the amount of time, you spend in bed awake can help strengthen or re-establish the triggers for sleepiness.

    If you are not sleeping, it may be tempting to stay in bed until you fall asleep. This may help in the short term however it is not effective in the long run. As you spend longer in bed, sleep becomes more broken and restless with the risk of insomnia symptoms continuing. Even if you dont think youre spending too much time in bed, there is no reason to stay in bed if youre not asleep.

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    Memory Foam And Natural Latex Mattresses: The Best Mattress Types For Neurological Disorders

    Theraposture Rotoflex bed: help with Parkinsons ...

    While it is almost impossible to categorize one mattress option as being the best option, in a wide variety of cases, I often recommend either a memory foam mattress or a natural latex mattress, because of the cradling and calming nature of these components.

    Memory foam, for example, is a kind of polyurethane foam that most people are familiar with, and because it is excellent at relieving pressure and distributing weight away from the body, it often relieves restlessness and can induce deeper sleep.

    The secret that lies inside memory foam is that it is an open cell foam. This means that as pressure is applied to a section of cells, air is squeezed slowly from one to another. The signature melting in sensation that memory foam provides is caused by air being moved around through microscopic openings.

    Its also excellent for people who are either bed bound or spend the vast majority of their time in bed.

    This is due to the ability of memory foam to reduce the incidence of bed sores, since it spreads pressure and weight laterally, rather than down, where pinpoint pressure can cause tissue damage.

    Memory foam has multiple advantages in addition to pressure point reduction for patients suffering from neurological conditions.

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    Nectar Premier Copper Mattress

    Nectar is a well-known name in the Mattress industry, and the company revolutionized the industry with its advanced mattress designs. The company offers 3 different mattress options, but the one Im recommending is Nectar Premier Copper Mattress, which is a memory foam mattress, and its also the most comfortable Mattress of the bunch.

    The unique thing about this Mattress is that it comes with heat-conductive copper fibers, which make sure that your body heat stays balanced and it doesnt disturb your sleep.

    On top of that, it comes with a thick base that properly provides support to your back and muscles so that you get better sleep and wake up fresh without fatigue.

    Another reason why you would want to consider Nectar Mattress is that it offers a lifetime warranty and 365-Night Home Trial, which you wont see from other mattress companies out there.

    Naturalremedy For Parkinsons #10 Foods You Must Avoid

    There are certain foods that are known to worsen thesymptoms of Parkinsons and certain foods that are known to help. Healthadvocate, Dr Joseph Mercola, says that Parkinsons disease is primarily relatedto poor lifestyle choices, particularly poor dietary habits. Increasing yourbodys natural dopamine levels is also extremely important in your fight againstPD.

    The foods and liquids you should be eating and drinkingmore of to help you along include:

    · Clean Filtered Water Clean filtered water helpsto flush toxins from the body and hydrate the cells .Try and aim to drink at least two liters of water every day, and under nocircumstances drink tap water! Tap water is laced with toxic fluoride and otherchemicals and heavy metals so NEVER drink it. Buy yourself a good quality waterfilter. Its worth the investment.

    · Whole Foods and Raw Foods Eat plenty oforganic mixed berries, green leafy vegetables, liver , fish,eggs, nuts and seeds such as chia and flaxseeds, along with plenty of herbs andspices. When it comes to buying any of these remember fresh is alwaysbest.

    · Consume Lots of Probiotics Good gutbacteria are needed for strong immunity and healthy digestive function, whichin turn produces healthy brain and nerve function. You can learn how to makeyour own probiotic rich foods such as kefir, sauerkraut, kombucha and yogurt hereCultures for Health.

    The foods you should be avoiding or not eating at allinclude:

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    Physical Disabilities And Sleep

    Parkinsons Bed
    • How to Sleep Better: Daytime and nighttime interventions are included in this guide from the Healthy Aging Rehabilitation Research and Training Center, which notes that roughly 40% of people with physical disabilities also experience sleep problems.
    • Get the Sleep You Need!: Published by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, this detailed guide discusses how people with MS can identify a sleep disorder and adopt healthy sleep habits. The NMMS site also features a helpful video tutorial on this subject.
    • Cerebral Palsy and Sleep Issues: This article from Cerebral Palsy Guidance lists some common reasons for sleep problems in children with CP including chronic pain, acid reflux and respiratory issues and offers some interventive advice for parents.
    • For Muscular Dystrophy Patients, Targeted Therapy for Sleep Disorders Helps: This 2017 article from Sleep Review explored some cutting-edge ways that doctors are helping muscular dystrophy patients address their sleep problems. The article notes that 18% of MD patients have OSA, 27% have respiratory failure and 30% experience regular daytime sleepiness.
    • Hypermobility Syndrome: This guide from looks at the condition known as hypermobility syndrome, which typically affects people who live in wheelchairs disrupted sleep is one common symptom of the condition.

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    Natural Treatment For Parkinsons #3 Turmeric And Otherherbs And Spices:

    A recent study published in the journal Stem Cell Research & Therapy, foundthat the extracts in turmeric, particularly curcumin and the newly discovered Ar-turmerone,can regenerate a damaged brain and reverse neurological disorders. Researchers said Ar-turmerone is a promising candidate to supportregeneration in neurologic disease. Michigan State University researcherBasir Ahmad also found that a compound in turmeric may help fight Parkinsonsdisease by disrupting the proteins responsible for the disease.

    Another study published in the Pharmacognosy Magazine found that tumeric can prevent and evenreverse the toxic effects exerted on the brain from fluoride exposure. Fluorideis a nasty and dangerous heavy metal that destroys brain cells and the intricateworkings of the central nervous system. Fluoride poisoning has also beenimplicated in the development of neurological diseases such as Alzheimers,Parkinsons, ALS and multiple sclerosis. 7

    Turmeric is also a very potent anti-inflammatory spice. Because Parkinsons is aninflammation type disease, turmeric will help immensely. A heaped teaspoon ofhigh quality turmeric powder taken 3 times daily in asmoothie will do the trick. Just make sure you combine it with 10-12 blackpeppercorns for enhanced absorption Turmeric is also fat soluble so youll need tocombine it with some coconut oil, red palm oil or fish/krill oil as well.

    Mattresses And Mattress Accessories

    Next, lets look at some specialized mattresses and mattress accessories that can help disabled sleepers.

    Due to the prevalence of incontinence and nocturia among disabled individuals, waterproof mattresses are widely used in nursing homes and long-term care facilities across the country. These mattresses are usually made of vinyl/PVC, polyurethane and other slick, durable materials that do not absorb urine or allow puddles to accumulate. When properly cleaned on a regular basis, these mattresses will not stain or acquire a bad smell over time. Waterproof mattress covers, duvets and pillowcases are also widely available.

    Often used in hospitals and rehabilitation clinics, specialized air mattresses are designed to improve circulation in people with bloodflow impairments and maximize comfort while sleeping. These mattresses may also prevent conditions that arise from prolonged bedrest, such as shearing or bed sores.

    Mattresses made of ultrasoft materials such as memory foam or latex mattresses create a contouring surface that is designed to cradle the sleepers body and relieve pressure points. These conditions may be ideal for people with certain physical disabilities, or other sleepers living with high levels of chronic back, shoulder and/or joint pain.

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    What Types Of Mattresses Are Best For Seniors

    Seniors trying to get a good nights sleep often have a number of obstacles standing in their way, including pain, body temperature, and limited mobility. Heres a look at how different types of mattress materials stack up:

    Memory foam

    One of the common challenges for seniors is dealing with pain while they sleep. If youre a senior with arthritis, back pain, or other joint pain, high-density memory foam mattresses with a medium to medium-firm level of firmness could be the solution.

    Top memory foam mattresses do a fine job of providing pressure relief and helping keep your spine aligned in a neutral position. Most are usually lightweight and easy to set up.

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    Hybrid mattresses, or mattresses made of innerspring and foam, may be the best of all worlds for many seniors.

    The best hybrid beds combine the firmness and push-back of an innerspring, making it easy to move around and get out of bed, with the hug of a foam mattress to relieve pressure points, which are important to people with aching joints. Coil support cores allow for significant airflow keeping sleepers cool and comfortable naturally.

    Latex Foam

    Natural latex foam mattresses provide seniors the benefits of memory foam without some of the drawbacks. Latex provides the hug and contouring of memory foam without sleeping hot.


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