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What Supplements Are Good For Parkinson’s

Gut Microbiome Diet & Parkinsons Disease

The Best 3 Supplements for Parkinson’s Disease — L-Tyrosine, L-Dopa and L-Phenylalanine

The field of gut microbiome research has attracted much attention and interest in the last decade. Theres a growing body of evidence that links gut microbiome with health and disease, and supports the idea that Parkinsons disease may actually originate in the gut before spreading to the brain.

The human gut microbiome consists of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa that live on and inside our bodies and digestive tracts. These microbes have the potential to impact most of our physiological processes by controlling our food digestion, immune system, and central nervous system. Researchers have come to understand how microbes keep humans healthy and are also learning how microbiome imbalances may cause disease, affect brain health and contribute to neurodegenerative disorders.

The link between gut microbiome and Parkinsons disease may account for why many people with Parkinsons disease complain of constipation and other digestive issues for years before motor symptoms present. Research has shown that changes in the composition of gut bacteria can contribute to and may even result in the deterioration of motor skills. Gut bacteria may be releasing chemicals that over-stimulate parts of the brain leading to Parkinsons symptoms. Theres also evidence that people with Parkinsons disease have different gut microbiome to other healthy adults.

Benefits Of Vitamins In The Treatment Of Parkinsons Disease

Ying ZhangGuest Editor: Received


Parkinsons disease is the second most common neurodegenerative disease in the elderly, which is clinically characterized by bradykinesia, resting tremor, abnormal posture balance, and hypermyotonia. Currently, the pathogenic mechanism of PD remains unclear. Numerous clinical studies as well as animal and cell experiments have found a certain relationship between the vitamin family and PD. The antioxidant properties of vitamins and their biological functions of regulating gene expression may be beneficial for the treatment of PD. Current clinical evidence indicates that proper supplementation of various vitamins can reduce the incidence of PD in the general population and improve the clinical symptoms of patients with PD nevertheless, the safety of regular vitamin supplements still needs to be highlighted. Vitamin supplementation may be an effective adjuvant treatment for PD. In this review, we summarized the biological correlations between vitamins and PD as well as the underlying pathophysiological mechanisms. Additionally, we elaborated the therapeutic potentials of vitamins for PD.

1. Introduction

2. The Pathogenesis of Oxidative Stress in PD

3. Vitamin B and PD

3.1. Vitamin B3
3.2. Possible Neuroprotective Mechanisms of Vitamin B3 in PD
3.3. Clinical Studies regarding Vitamin B3 in PD

4. Vitamin C and PD

4.1. Possible Neuroprotective Mechanisms of Vitamin C in PD
4.2. Clinical Studies regarding Vitamin C in PD

7. Conclusion

Boosting Up Dopamine Level

The dopamine level in your body can be boosted up by very natural means. A healthy diet which includes a good amount of proteins, eggs, chicken, vegetables and fruits will help you increase the dopamine level of your body. Moreover, keeping yourself active by a regular exercise also helps in boosting up the dopamine level. To relax your mind mediation also helps. Mediation has been known to improve the focus of your mind and it does so by affecting the dopamine level.

However, there are things that might look like that they help in treating the dopamine deficiency are actually the things that make it even worse, caffeine comes on the top of these things. High-fat foods, loads of sugar and coffee might give you an instant boost in your energy, however, they badly affect the natural production of dopamine in your body and may affect the regular production of dopamine. Therefore, it is better that you avoid such foods.

Apart from the fruits, vegetables and chickens which means a healthy diet, you can also take best dopamine supplements to help you recover faster. There are many dopamine supplements available, however, it is better that you take your doctors advice first.

Mentioned here are some of the best dopamine supplements available in the market today.

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Foods Containing Nutrients That People May Be Deficient In

Some research suggests that people with Parkinsons often have certain nutrient deficiencies, including deficiencies in iron, vitamin B1, vitamin C, zinc, and vitamin D.

The above study points out that some of these deficiencies may be associated with neuroinflammation and neurodegeneration, which are key factors in Parkinsons.

Therefore, people with Parkinsons may wish to consume more of the following foods.

Foods containing iron

The following foods are good sources of iron:

  • certain fortified foods

The Pathogenesis Of Oxidative Stress In Pd

Natural Supplements for Parkinson

Oxidative stress refers to the imbalance between the oxidation system and antioxidant system, resulting in excessive accumulation of oxidative substances, such as reactive oxygen species and reactive nitrogen species . ROS include superoxide anion radical , hydroxyl radical , and hydrogen peroxide RNS include nitric oxide , nitrogen dioxide , and peroxynitrite . The antioxidant system mainly consists of two subtypes: enzymatic antioxidant system, including superoxide dismutase , catalase , and glutathione peroxidase , and nonenzymatic antioxidant system, including vitamin C, vitamin E, glutathione, melatonin, alpha-lipoic acid, carotenoids, and trace elements copper, zinc, and selenium.

Oxidative stress plays an important physiological role in the organism. For example, phagocytic cells kill pathogenic microorganisms, participate in detoxification and enzymatic reactions, and synthesize some essential biologically active substances. Meanwhile, it can as well cause damage to the body, such as cell membrane destruction, protein denaturation, and nucleic acid changes.

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The Best Dopamine Supplement Available

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Dopamine is a neurotransmitter thats an essential part of how we feel, our moods, and our overall mental health and a dopamine supplement may help if you have impaired production.

There are various situations where someone might have a dopamine deficiency or low dopamine levels. As such, we review our top 8 picks for the best dopamine supplements of 2021.

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Impact Of Diet On Parkinsons Medications

Taking certain foods may interfere with the efficacy of drugs used in Parkinsons disease. This is especially true for high-protein foods. Their consumption may affect the bodys ability to absorb levodopa, which is the most prescribed drug in Parkinsons disease. Its therefore good to take levodopa 30 60 minutes before eating the high-protein foods.

However, for some patients it causes nausea, and taking levodopa on an empty stomach might not be a good idea. In that case, taking levodopa with a small snack can enhance the absorption of the drug in the blood.

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Best Vitamin D: Source Naturals Vitamin D

Interacting with more than 30 different tissues in the body and affecting more than 1,000 genes, Vitamin D is important for many body processes, not just maintaining bone health. Research on Vitamin Ds role in mental health disorders and symptoms is still emerging. In animal studies, Vitamin D has been shown to be protective in the dopaminergic pathway.

For anyone who has a hard time swallowing pills, Source Naturals Vitamin D3 is for you. These Vitamin D3 liquid drops provide 2000 IU per serving however, for those that want more or less Vitamin D, dosing can be adjusted directly by the user by increasing or decreasing the amount of drops consumed. Free of yeast, dairy, corn, soy, wheat, egg, and gluten, this product is an excellent choice for those with food allergies or intolerances.

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Nutrigold Turmeric Curcumin Gold 500 Mg 120 Vegan Capsules

My Parkinson’s Supplements.
5.0 – Great stuff

Curcumin is supposed to have a lot of health benefits, such as preventing inflammation, helping with digestive issues, being an anti-oxidant, preventing some types of cancer, treating Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, treating diabetes and even treating depression. This phytosome form enables increased absorption of curcumin to a level 29-fold higher than that of traditional curcuminoid products.

5.0 – Tumeric Curcumin Gold

I am 59 years old and recently read about Tumeric Curcumin Gold and its benefits. Especially important to me: stopping malignant and non-malignant tumors and lessening the chance of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. I Googled this product and prices for tumeric curcumin and believe NutriGold provides high quality supplements that are affordable.

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Vitamins C And E Tied To Lower Risk For Parkinsons Disease

Consuming foods high in vitamins C and E may help protect against the onset of Parkinsons later in life, a Swedish study suggests.

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By Nicholas Bakalar

People who consume a diet rich in vitamins C and E may be at reduced risk for Parkinsons disease.

Researchers followed 41,058 Swedish men and women for an average of 18 years, gathering data on their health and diet. They assessed intake of vitamins C and E as well as beta-carotene and a measure called NEAC, which takes into account all antioxidants from food and their interactions with each other.

Over the course of the study, published in Neurology, there were 465 cases of Parkinsons disease.

After adjusting for age, sex, B.M.I., education, smoking, alcohol consumption and other characteristics, they found that compared with the one-third of people with the lowest intake of vitamin C or E, the one-third with the highest intake had a 32 percent reduced risk for Parkinsons disease. Those in the highest one-third in consumption of both vitamins together had a 38 percent reduced risk. There was no effect for beta-carotene or the NEAC measure.

Still, she said, Implementation of a diet that includes foods rich in vitamins C and E might help protect against the development of Parkinsons later in life. In any case, its never wrong to implement a healthy diet.

Dopa And Dopamine In Ten Single Strains Of Intestinal Bacteria Treated With Bbr In Vitro

Ten strains of intestinal bacteria , Pseudomonas aeruginosa , Staphylococcus aureusE. faecalis , E. faecium , E. coli , P. mirabilis , S. epidermidis , L. acidophilus , and Bifidobacterium breve ) were cultured overnight in the appropriate medium. These bacteria were diluted to a final concentration of 3×108CFU/mL and incubated with blank solvent , BBR , and BBR for 12h. Then, the contents of dopa and dopamine were analyzed via LC-MS/MS 8050. The sample processing procedures were the same as above. Four kinds of single intestinal bacteria were selected from the ten kinds of single strains above and incubated with BBR for 6, 12, and 24h. Then the levels of dopa and dopamine were determined quantitatively by LC-MS/MS 8050. The sample processing procedures were the same as above.

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Essential Core Nutrients That Support Dopamine

Everyone is looking for the magic bullet, the one pill that will make them feel better fast.

But no supplement formulated to increase dopamine can take the place of missing essential nutrients.

You will give any dopamine-boosting supplement you take a better chance to work by simultaneously addressing these basic nutritional needs.

Vitamins D and B6, Magnesium, and Omega-3 Fats

Deficiencies of vitamin D, magnesium, and omega-3 essential fatty acids are surprisingly common, and each can contribute to dopamine deficiency.

One omega-3, DHA , may be the single most important nutrient you can take for brain health throughout all stages of life.

It facilitates neurotransmitter activity and increases the number of neurotransmitter receptors, allowing the brain to optimize its use of mood-boosting brain chemicals, including dopamine.

Vitamin B6 is an important cofactor thats essential for dopamine synthesis.


Its now known that there is two-way communication between the bacteria in your intestines and your brain.

More than 50% of your dopamine resides in your intestines and probiotics can increase dopamine production there.

So far, theres evidence that dopamine can be synthesized by gut microbes of the Bacillus and Serratia genera and the species Lactobacillus plantarum.

Summing Upthe Best Dopamine Supplements Of 2021

Natural Supplements for Parkinson

Dopamine is a critical neurotransmitter that plays an essential role in our mental health as well as our physical health. When you have low levels of dopamine, you may experience a loss of motivation, symptoms of depression, and an inability to focus. It can also lead to low libido.

As with any supplement, speak to your doctor before you try any dopamine supplements listed above.

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Jarrow Formulas Citicoline Supports Brain Function 250 Mg 120 Caps

4.0 – Promising

Citicoline was originally used in the treatment of strokes. Since then it has been touted as a remedy for age related memory lsoss as well as a treatment for everything from brain trauma to Parkinson’s. the supplement itself is simple ato take. I observed no negative side effects. My mother had a stroke and I am interested in anything that could possibly prevent that happening to me. I have a good memory so I can’t rsay I’ve seen any difference with respect to that. I have been sleeping better. I am an exceptionally light sleeper and it is rare for me to get uninterrupted sleep. This does seem to help with that. Jarrow is a reliable company and I have had good results with other of their supplements. so while I can’t report any definitive benefit, I am not yet done with the bottle and it holds promise.

5.0 – An amazing brain

This is an incredible supplement for Parkinson’s disease. It helps my medication last about 3x as long and has helped in reducing my symptoms significantly. Also helped a friend of mine who had complications from a concussion. An amazing brain supplement

5.0 – Citicoline Benefits are well Worth a Try

Product works fine, however, it was for my husband who had Parkinson’s related Dementia. Unfortunately, he passed on 6/22/13 from complications with Parkinson’s.

5.0 – Good product, Good Brand

Natural Remedies And Treatments For Parkinsons Finalnote

So there you have our top 10 natural remedies andtreatments for reversing Parkinsons disease. We believe this is one of the most informative andthorough health articles on this disease youll find anywhere on the internet. Ifyou follow these 10 tips to-the-letter and continue to use them consistently,we guarantee that in 3-6 months time you will be truly astounded at themiraculous level of improvement youll see. In 12 months time you will scarcely recognize yourself! . But of course, you must stickwith them and follow through with each remedy every day if you want them towork. We sincerely hope you do.

Good luck and best wishes.

P.S. Because Parkinsons is closely linked to Alzheimers disease and actually goes under the dementia umbrella, we recommend you take the time to read our Powerful Natural Remedies for Dementia and Alzheimers article for a more complete and comprehensive understanding on the causes and treatments for these diseases. You can click on the link below to go there

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In Summary Reduce Your Stress

The most important thing we can do for our long-term health, both physical and cognitive, is to reduce the stress in our bodies. All stress physical, emotional and chemical causes inflammation and long-term damage throughout the body.

Whether youre seeking Parkinsons prevention techniques or ways to alleviate symptoms, any of the above dietary and lifestyle practices can have long-term health benefits. Drinking green tea, eating organic, local vegetables, and regular aerobic exercise all significantly reduce the long-term cumulative damage done by stress.

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What Causes Parkinsons Disease

Vitamins, supplements, & other drugs for Parkinson’s disease – 2017 Parkinson Symposium

Parkinsons comes under the dementia umbrella. Its adegenerative disease of the nervous system that causes a loss of motor skillsand intentional movement. When someone has Parkinsons, the part of the brainthat controls muscular movements and mood function doesnt receive enough ofthe crucial dopamine chemical. Without enough dopamine, bodily movements,learning abilities and mood levels are severely affected. So-called normalfunctions such as speaking, writing, swallowing, walking and sleeping become difficultto perform. These challenges, combined with a lowering of mood levels is whymany Parkinsons patients suffer with depression.

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Benzylhydrazine And Blma5 Inhibit Intestinal Bacteria In Vitro

The intestinal contents of three male SD rats were collected and added to 20mL of sterilized anaerobic medium per gram of intestinal contents. After mixing and filtering, the intestinal contents were incubated for 1h at 37°C, and the corresponding concentration of benzylhydrazine was added at final concentrations of 0, 50, and 100µM. The samples were incubated for 12h at 37°C under anaerobic conditions. Each sample was diluted by 103, 104, and 105-fold. Then, these samples were coated on nutrient agar plates and cultured at 37°C overnight. The colonies were counted and calculated according to the dilution factor. The experimental procedure to test the effect of BLMA5 on inhibiting the growth of the intestinal bacteria in vitro was consistent with the above.

Principles Of Supplementation In Parkinsons Disease

Parkinsons disease is not a condition you should manage yourself at home. You must take the help of a medical practitioner and seek appropriate treatment.

Supplementation falls under complementary and alternative therapies, which means that it is to be used along with or after trying medical treatment. Consult with your doctor before using any supplement regimen.

Supplementation in Parkinsons disease relies on 4 pillars:

  • Reduce Parkinsons Risk:It seems that once the Parkinsons cascade is set in motion, it is difficult to control it. But there are a few nutrients that are associated with a lower risk of developing Parkinsons. So they may help in prevention.
  • Slow Down Parkinsons Progression:Reducing oxidative stress and free radical damage in the brain cells will help. Can we use antioxidants for that? Unfortunately , nature has protected our brain through something called the blood-brain barrier, which is a layer of cells that shields the brain from many undesirable substances in the blood. It allows only certain nutrients to get into the brain. So we need those antioxidants that can cross over the blood-brain barrier. Not all of them do.Cell mitochondria need various nutrients for their proper functioning. Can we restore the impaired functioning of the neuron cell mitochondria?
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