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No Spill Coffee Cup Parkinson’s

Spill Proof Cups For Older Adults

Cup for Dyskinesia from Parkinson’s Disease

In all my years working with older adults, I have seen no activity as important or social as dining. For those with unsteady hands, however, drinking can be a challenge. This is where spill proof cups come in.

Food brings people together. Its the table where memories are relived, advice is dispensed, and stories of the days happenings are shared. Meals easily serve as a bonding time for all who are seated around the board.

However, it can serve as something of a disruption to spill a drink all over the table, oneself, or worse, all over somebody else. Aside from the halt that brings to conversation, it can also be profoundly embarrassing.

For many though, they simply cant help it. As one gets older their susceptibility to several health issues increases, and for many, pain, essential tremors, poor range of motion, or just weakness can severely limit their ability to drink out of a regular mug or cup with ease. For these people, when they try, theyre liable to end up spilling their coffee all over themselves or all over elsewhere.

Spilling drinks is also common for everyone else. One British study found that Brits spill drinks, have food mishaps, or trip 100 times a year. Many adults might be better suited to carrying their cups different , but this isnt suitable for every situation.

The Hydrant 1 Litre With Straw

Created and developed by Mark Moran, the Hydrant is a water / drinks bottle with a twist. This drinking aid is a bottle with a unique one-piece cap/clip/handle that can be secured on to almost any equipment including beds, wheelchairs, bikes and more. The user can drink from the bottle with ease using the drinking tube that fits securely to the Hydrant bottle. Having this ability to drink through a tube means those that are weak or struggle to hold a cup or bottle can simply sip through the straw with ease. Not having to reach for a drink and having the Hydrant by your side helps to keep patients hydrated and comfortable.Much like the handSteady, the Hydrant provides independence so that the user doesnt have to rely on asking for help when they need a drink. The Hydrant holds 1 litre of liquid and the drinking tube includes a special bite valve that opens under pressure, allowing the user to drink at a comfortable pace. Once the bite valve is released, the tube closes to avoid leaking and spillage of liquids. 1 litre drinks bottle with bite-valve tube.

And Finallythirst Aid Helmet Drinking Hat

Contemporary style, ultimate functionality hands-free drinking aid the Thirst Aid Helmet

Or, if none of the innovative and practical drinking aids weve mentioned so far take your fancy, why not opt for the classic Thirst Aid Helmet?! Hat AND drinking aid in one, the Thirst Aid Helmet offers multifunctional practicality unrivalled by any other drinks-hat on the market. Hands-free hydration has never been so simple avoid spillages and unnecessary fumbling for the nearest beverage with your choice of bottle or can firmly attached to your head. The Thirst Aid Helmet allows you to holster either a bottle or can firmly to either side of your head, and once the drinking tubes have been inserted, you are left entirely hands-free for anything you desire. Ideal for sports events, drinking on the go or even relaxing at home, the Thirst Aid Helmet is the ultimate in style and functionality. This may seem like a bit of fun, but hey, if it works for you then why not?

Please tell us what is your favourite drinking aid in the comments below:

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Introducing Handsteady®: The Safe And Natural Way To Drink Easier Again

This ground breaking device that is changing the way people drink with less spills, more control and more comfort is called handSteady® – which is a cup with a unique Rotatable Handle and Hidden Lid.

handSteady® is designed to help you drink with dignity by looking as normal as possible.

You simply start using handSteady& reg cups, and within a day or so you’re likely to notice that you no longer have the difficulties with cups that may have been part of your life for so long.

handSteady& reg includes 6 innovative features…

How Does The Handsteady Work

Unbreakable Mug Cup Beaker Non Spill Parkinsons Disability ...

Often the most simple of ideas can revolutionise the world, and the handSteady is set to do just that. The handle of the handSteady cup is rotatable. This means that instead of having to hold a cup at an uncomfortable angle, the handle can be tilted to suit your specific needs.

The handSteady cup self-levels and will stay upright until youre ready to drink, no matter what angle you hold it at. You do not have to twist your wrist to bring the cup to your mouth helping to

The handSteady drinking aid stays upright, is easy to tilt and always keeps steady.

reduce pain. Other everyday cups force the user to keep the cup in an upright position, and if you suffer from tremors or muscle weakness or rigidity, this can often mean that spillage can occur very easily.

With the handSteady drinking aid cup, you no longer need to twist and bend your wrist to take a drink. The rotating motion of the handSteady handle means that you do not have to tilt your head backwards, or rely on elbow or wrist action to take a sip of liquid. The cup can be tilted using your other hand, your thumb or simply by using your lips.

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What Problems Do Parkinsons Patients Face

The most common and almost always the first symptom of Parkinsons is the uncontrollable and involuntary shaking and tremors of the hands and limbs. Understandably, this leads to problems in carrying out the simplest of household chores and even eating and drinking.

Many patients become frustrated when their intended hand movements misfire and involuntary tremors make it difficult to hold any object steady.

Other symptoms, which progressively appear in Parkinsons patients are slowed body movements, stiffness in the hands and legs, and difficulty in maintaining body balance, proper posture and standing straight.

The Story Behind Our Search For A Solution

I first became interested in creating a solution for people who struggle with normal cups when a close family member developed a tremor. I could see how this would affect his quality of life and I wanted to do something about it.

So I spent 4 years working with health professionals and individuals with a range of conditions to come up with, test and refine a solution that was BOTH safe and effective.

Finally, all of the hard work, testing and research paid off…

We discovered a completely natural way to making cups easier to use that didn’t involve a change in medication, expensive trips to the doctors, and didn’t carry any harmful side effects.

Just a simple drinking cup but with a range of unique features.

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Have You Ever Experienced This Before Spilling Your Drink In A Restaurant

… staining your top, drawing attention from others and feeling stressed making it harder to enjoy your meal out?

If you can relate to this, you could find the following really helpful.

In this article, youll discover:

  • How to stop spills effortlessly
  • The number one type of cup you must avoid using if you want to drink with confidence
  • Our step-by-step process to drinking easily despite tremor, pain, limited dexterity, weakness and other challenges

Tremor In His Hand No More Spillages

No Spill cup in Use

Louise said, “handSteady was purchased for my grandfather who has tremor in his hand which is is very conscious of.”

Whilst he was not thrilled with the thought of using a different cup from everyone else, he is now thrilled with the ease of drinking this cup has provided him.”

“He loves it and is grateful there are no more spillages.

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Hear The Stories Of Just A Few Of The Many People It Has Already Helped

Will handSteady work for you?

Some people use the cups just some of the time such as when their symptoms are worse or when theyre travelling. Whilst others find them so helpful that they use them all the time!

Here are a few case studies of people just like you, who were suffering with finding normal cups difficult to use, but are now able to drink easily again…

Feature : The Hidden Lid

The Hidden Lid sits on the rim of the handSteady cup and is discreet to preserve your dignity.

The lid reduces spills… keeps drinks hotter for longer… reduces speed of liquid flow… has a straw and drink hole…

It is easy to insert and remove – just push onto your cup in the desired position to insert, then push up to remove.

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Why We’re The Ones To Help You To Drink Easier

My name is Chris Peacock and Im the CEO of handSteady Ltd, a company specialised in helping people to drink easier in new ways by manufacturing and distributing the one of a kind handSteady cups.

handSteady is used by many people all around the world and is recommended by health experts. The invention is patented and studies have proven its effectiveness in addressing difficulties faced with conventional cups.

We and our handSteady solution have won awards from Dyson, the Guardian, Lord Snowdon and Help the Aged. We’ve also been featured by the media.

Fixtures For Your Home

How low

Touch lights can be turned on by tapping. Rather than fumbling with a switch in the dark, you merely push the dome of the light to turn it on.

The light costs $12.99 and comes with a timer that you can set to turn off after either one or five minutes.

Luckily, my mom is around to help my dad with awkward light switches. But using a touch light could help him to maintain some independence.

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Can You Imagine Never Having To Worry About Spilling Your Drink Or Staining Your Clothes Or Furniture

What would that do for your quality of life?

We suggest you pay close attention to what is shared in this article.

It could mean the difference between drinking confidentally or continuing to feel anxious when using a cup, especially in social settings.

Because, youre about to discover some essential principles for making drinking easier in a new way that youll be able to put into action right away.

Perhaps youll feel like youve tried everything under the sun when it comes to making drinking easier and for one reason or another you cant seem to stop spills in a dignified way.

Youve likely been disappointed that no matter how hard you try to drink normally like you used to, you havent seem to have fond a solution.

Well, by the end of this article, youll see a tested and proven approach to stopping spills.

The Benefits Of Using A Handsteady Cup

Having problems with the simple act of drinking can cause many people to feel embarrassed and self-conscious. Having little control over your movements can cause drink to spill easily, staining clothes and furniture. It is for this reason those with certain health conditions feel anxious about going out with friends and family to drink in public. However, the design of the handSteady provides not only a practical and effective drinking aid, but also a piece of mind for those that use it. The assurance that drinks will no longer spill due to tremors or muscle weakness can provide independence and dignity, whilst providing an easy and comfortable drinking experience.

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Feature : The Rotatable Handle

Unlike other cups, the handle on handSteady can smoothly rotate 360 degrees. In a moment you’ll see how it works.

But, in summary, the Rotatable Handle lets the cup self-level and self-stabilize, so you can hold it in comfortable and stable positions where tremor is less…

… you can then tilt it with more control by pivoting it with your mouth, hand or thumb.

The handle also allows you to drink without bending your wrist, lifting your elbow or leaning your head back as far.

What To Look For In Drinking Cups For Parkinsons Patients

Essential Tremor Drinking Aid No-Spill Cup
  • Grip / Hold: One of the main problems for Parkinsons patients is hold objects steadily, due to hand tremors. Therefore, features on the cup which assist to this end are highly appreciated like dual handles, or grooves for fingers to fit in snugly for a better hold, or matted handles for more friction and hence a better hold.
  • Weight & Material: The material of which the cup is made dictates the weight of the cup. The more lightweight the cup the better it is for Parkinsons patients. Cups made of ceramic are generally heavy and those of plastic is lighter.
  • Straw / Sippers: If your cup is equipped with a sipper, well, then you can be hands-free, or at least you do not need to materially lift the cup to drink from it. This significantly reduces the chances of spillage and frustration.

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Its A Recommended Solution For Drinkingeasier And No Prescription Is Required

Healthcare professionals all over the world recommend handSteady cups to their patients. Its a best selling product in Parkinsons UKs Daily Living Aids catalogue, who say the cup … can make easily enjoying cup of tea a reality once again for people with Parkinsons.

The National Tremor Foundation refer patients to the cups, who say, … incredibly useful for the act of drinking.

Health Design Technology Institute in the UK completed a usability study and said, users that the cup worked for felt safe and it reduced the risks of spillages.

Its injection molded and hand finished to exemplary quality ISO9001 standards – and its available without a prescription

Indian Designer Invents Spill

Inspired by an uncle diagnosed with Parkinsons, Indian product designer Mileha Soneji has created several simple products to help people with the condition.

Between 7 and 10 million people worldwide are living with Parkinsons — a progressive disease that attacks the nervous system and causes tremors, impaired balance and stiffness, among other symptoms.

Soneji, who comes from the city of Pune in India, watched as her uncle — once a fun-loving and energetic figure in her life — deteriorated in health after his diagnosis.

“He used to be the center of attention at all the family reunions, then he started to hide behind others, Soneji told HuffPost France. He hid from the pity he saw in peoples eyes.

Soneji took time to interview her uncle and observed him to better appreciate the difficulties he faces on a daily basis. During one of their conversations, he confessed that he had stopped drinking tea or coffee in public out of embarrassment.

Technology isnt always the solution.

– Mileha Soneji

Thats when the designer thought up the spill-proof cup. Her invention is curved inward at the top to deflect the liquid back inside the cup in the event of a tremor. It also has a larger-than-normal handle.

The key here is that it is not tagged as a Parkinsons patient product. It looks like a cup that could be used by you, me, any clumsy person, Soneji said in a TED Talk in February 2015. And that makes it much more comforting for them to use, to blend in.”

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A Handy Shopping Guide To The Ultimate Anti Spill Cup And Disabled Drinking Aids

From cups with straws and lids to a two handled mug that can be sipped, there are lots of options on the UK market. The right choice depends on the specific needs of the individual but here are our recommendations.

  • This is one of the best cups for disabled adults who need to drink without sitting up fully.
  • Its also great for people who cant tip their heads back to drink.
  • One of the few drinking cups with lids for specific use with a standard bendy straw .
  • This drinking cup with straw can be used with both hot and cold drinks.
  • A good size at 200 ml. Not too heavy but doesnt need lots of re-filling.
  • Made from excellent quality long-lasting materials.

Introducing Handsteady: The New Way To Drink Easier

No SPILL Cup on Behance

This revolutionary product for difficulties caused by tremor, pain, muscle weakness, limited dexterity and other challenges is called handSteady, and it’s a non-spill cup with a rotatable handle and hidden lid.

handSteady’s rotatable handle enables the cup to stay upright, steady and tilt easily without needing to bend your wrist or raise your elbow.

You simply start using handSteady& reg cups, and within a day or so you’re likely to notice that you no longer have the difficulties with cups that may have been part of your life for so long.

handSteady includes 6 innovative features…

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Now You Can Socialise With Confidence Again

handSteady cups help you live independently at home and socialise with confidence as they stop spills and are easy to use if you have tremor, pain, limited dexterity or weakness

  • Stops spills improves control and comfort
  • Stays upright and steady

Are you sick and tired of finding normal cups difficult to use?

Does it seem like no matter what you try – or how much you spend – you NEVER seem to stop feeling anxious when holding a cup?

Well, be sure to read this entire letter very carefully, because were about to show you how you can safely and easily STOP spills and stress with cups…

… and start feeling confident, dignified, relaxed and in control!

The Story Behind My Search For A Solution

I was inspired to create a solution for drinking difficulties when one of my closet family members started having a hand tremor. This made holding a cup tricky.

So I started thinking up ideas whist in London at the Royal College of Art doing a product design masters course.

It became clear that normal cups can be hard to use due to the handle being fixed in a single position. So, I created the concept of enabling the handle to rotate smoothly about 360 degrees.

A variety of people tested this, and the results were staggering. Not only did it help people with tremor in unique new ways, but also people with limited range of motion, muscle weakness and wrist and finger pain.

I then developed, tested and refined the design with 35 health experts and 72 people with health conditions.

Finally, all the hard work paid off!

We made carefully crafted changes to the design of drinking cups to bring back the joy of drinking in new ways that would be impossible to achieve any other way.

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