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Adaptive Silverware For Parkinson’s

Bathing And Toileting Aids For Parkinsons Patients

Adaptive Utensils by Vive – Best Silverware For Tremors, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Parkinson’s, Elderly

The best solution for bathing is to add grab bars or tub rails. Installation is usually easy and the devices are relatively inexpensive. Use the grab bars or tub rails to steady yourself while bathing. In addition, add toilet rails around the toilet or raised toilet seats to prevent accidental falls when using the toilet.

Are Weighted Utensils Good For Parkinsons

Action tremors in the hands are a common symptom of Parkinsons. As mentioned above, this can make something as seemingly simple as just eating incredibly challenging.

To help with this, there are eating utensils made specifically for Parkinsons patients .

Utensils like this can assist to lessen the impact of hand tremors and give people a comfortable grip to eat without worrying about losing their grip.

So it is true that weighted utensils can help patients with Parkinsons disease, these instruments are perhaps the most essential assistive devices for their everyday tasks.

Because of the extra weight utensils, the weighted handle gives them an excellent grip and resistance against tremors to avoid shaky hands.

Vive Weighted Utensils Parkinson Spoon And Fork Set Plus Knife Adaptive Heavy 7 Ounce Weight Stainless Steel Silverware For Hand Tremors Adults Elderly Patients Pediatrics Children


  • DESIGNED FOR INDEPENDENT MEALTIMES: Providing greater independence at mealtimes, the four-piece weighted tableware set reduces tremors due to Parkinsons disease, ataxia, essential tremors and weakened grip strength. Restoring dignity and normalcy, the polished stainless steel utensils are styled to be inconspicuous for confident use at home and on the go.
  • VERSATILE FOUR PIECE SET: Designed for optimal functionality, the set includes a serrated table knife, a standard fork, tablespoon and soup spoon, the adaptive, weighted utensil set reduces spills, splashes and drops at every meal. The soup spoon also features a deep bowl to prevent spills and mishaps.
  • ERGONOMIC WEIGHTED DESIGN: Ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the hand, each piece of the adaptive set is weighted between 7.4 ounces to 7.9 ounces to provide extra stability for those with weak grip strength or limited dexterity.
  • DISHWASHER SAFE STAINLESS STEEL: Constructed with a premium stainless steel, the durable utensil set is also dishwasher safe for added convenience.
  • VIVE GUARANTEE: 60 day guarantee so you can purchase now with confidence.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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Best Parkinson Spoon In : Top 3 Choices For Every Budget

BUNMO Adaptive Utensils

Are you having trouble finding the best Parkinsons spoons?

Using the right spoon makes all the difference for Parkinsons patients, just like the right walking aid for seniors.

Fortunately, weve got your back with our amazing buying guide on Parkinsons spoons!

Check our quick list and comparison table for a quick guide. Read the review for further details.

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Liftware Steady Utensil Starter Kit

For people whose tremors have not yet worsened, this spoon is excellent .

You also get a soup spoon, a joint spoon, and a fork all together with this set. It is equipped with sensors to measure unconscious hand movements, a microprocessor, and a motor to counteract such motions.

More importantly, a liftware spoon can reduce trembling by as much as 70%.

Adaptive Utensils For People With Tremors And Weak Grips

Conditions such as arthritis, Alzheimers, and Parkinsons can make it hard to perform seemingly basic daily tasks, like eating. Its something you dont think about as an able-bodied person, but when the tremors kick in, your hands dont work as they used to and pain makes it difficult to move your fingers.

You could ask someone else to feed you and you could opt for simpler foods and a mostly liquid diet, but theres no need. With adaptive utensils, you can eat what you want and when you want, and youll have control over every spoonful.

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What Are The Different Types Of Tremors

To fully understand the arm movement assessment and how the weighted utensil works, I elaborated on common disease symptoms.

Ive included videos to help explain each one in a bit more detail.

Essential Tremor

Essential tremor common symptoms include trembling in the hands and arms that occur while moving or sitting.

Additional symptoms also occur as head tremors and can also cause a shaking sound if the voice box is affected.

Check out the video below for examples:

Dystonic Tremor

As NIH explains, a dystonic tremor occurs in people who are affected by dystoniaa movement disorder where incorrect messages from the brain cause muscles to be overactive, resulting in abnormal postures or sustained, unwanted movements.

NIH goes on to explain that this type of tremor is most common in young to middle-aged adults and that it can affect any muscle in your body.

This video does a good job of explaining it:

Cerebellar Tremor

Cerebellar tremors are easily seen and occur typically after a purposeful movement. Think pressing the button on your phone or typing on your keyboard.

Damage to the cerebellum the part of your brain responsible for most basic muscle movements- causes these types of tremors.

Its typically caused by strokes, tumors, and degenerative disorders like MS. Also, alcohol abuse can cause chronic damage to the cerebellum.

The video below focuses on this type of tremor in relation to Parkinsons disease.

Psychogenic Tremor

Parkinsonian Tremor

Parkinsons Swivel Handle Eating Utensils

Smart utensil counteracts Parkinson’s hand tremors

These specialty utensils, a swivel fork and a swivel spoon, have a unique swivel mechanism that allows the bowl of the spoon and the tines of the fork to stay level when in use. Swivel limiters in the utensil prevent excessive rotation or swing and allow users with hand tremors to eat without spilling the food. The finger indentations on the smooth, vinyl handles provide a comfortable and non-slippery grip during the hand-to-mouth motion. The best thing about these adaptive eating utensils is they enable you or your loved ones with Parkinsons disease to eat independently without the help of a caregiver. They are made of quality stainless steel, dishwasher safe, and BPA free. Sold separately!

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Kinsman Keatlery Weighted Utensils:

  • Prevents shaky hands from affecting the ability to eat independently, making mealtime easier for those with limited grip, weak hands and weak wrists, limited mobility, and trouble with functional movement.
  • Non-Slip, Wide Grip: Each of our weighted adaptive utensils features a wider ribbed handle with raised, textured grips to improve control and dexterity.
  • 4-Piece Set: Every order comes with four eating utensils, including a fork, knife, dinner spoon and a soup spoon. A very helpful set of built up utensils that cover a wide range of meals.
  • Built With Durability: Along with a food-grade safe silicone handle, each utensil is made with high quality stainless steel that is dishwasher safe.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! – We are so confident about the quality of our products, we will refund your purchase if you are not satisfied.

Kinsman KEatlery set of four pieces each, which includes: knives, forks and spoons, is ideal for use on all types of dishes. This set offers an elegant style for a discreet dinner. Designed to resemble the quality of everyday dishes, these heavy utensils help stabilize your hand while you eat.

It is a complete Parkinsons toolkit. Youll want to spend some time getting used to the utensils because the more you train with them, the less difficult it will be to eat. This set may take a little longer to get used to, but it offers a fantastic ability to control all the movements you need while eating.



  • Its a little more expensive.

Special Supplies Adaptive Utensils

If youre looking for Parkinsons spoons that are within any budget, you should take a look at Special Supplies and their Adaptive Utensils Kit.

For starters, it includes four eating utensils a fork, a knife, a dinner spoon, and a soup spoon to cover all your meal needs.

Moreover, all the utensils are wider to counteract tremors in people with Parkinsons or arthritis and have ribbed handles with texture grips to increase stability and hand control.

More importantly, each utensil is made of stainless steel, which ensures durability and functionality. You can also toss the spoons in the dishwasher when youre done eating without damaging them.

The Special Supplies Adaptive utensil kit is also available in two colors black and grey to match your kitchens interior.

However, the utensils are non-weighted, which is a slight disadvantage for people with Parkinsons. But the ergonomic design ensures that four utensils fit well into the hand and dont slip.

Still, the handles are far too wide for some users. They also note that the silicone part of the spoon smells terrible.


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Avoid Food/drinks That Make The Tremors Worse

Too much coffee can make any person shake from hands to toes. So, if you have Parkinsons, you should avoid caffeine as much as possible since it can make your shaking worse.

You should also remove chocolate and other foods/drinks containing caffeine from your diet.

Also, pay attention to what you eat and how it influences your tremors so that you can adjust your diet.

Why You Should Buy The Best Silverware For Parkinsons Patients On Amazon

Adaptive Eating Utensils by Celley for Parkinson

There is a reason why many people prefer buying products from Amazon. Despite being a credible platform, Amazon has a variety of laptops and also works directly with manufacturers. This means that instead of purchasing your laptop from a retailer, you get it directly from the manufacturing company.

Amazon serves as a third-party and works with various manufacturers across the world. The good thing about Amazon is that it offers a perfect guide about each type of laptop.You will see a clear description of each Silverware For ParkinsonS Patients. This makes it easy for you to make the right decision.

For instance, the guide has information regarding the specs of the Silverware For ParkinsonS Patients you want such as brand, size, function among other features. In case you want a Silverware For ParkinsonS Patients with specific features, then Amazon has the best search tools. All you have to do is to key in the features you prefer and a list of laptops will appear on your screen.

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Pulse Brands Adaptive Utensils:

  • Prevents shaky hands from affecting the ability to eat independently, making mealtime easier for those with limited grip, weak hands and weak wrists, limited mobility, and trouble with functional movement.
  • Non-Slip, Wide Grip: Each of our weighted adaptive utensils features a wider ribbed handle with raised, textured grips to improve control and dexterity.
  • 4-Piece Set: Every order comes with four eating utensils, including a fork, knife, dinner spoon and a soup spoon. A very helpful set of built up utensils that cover a wide range of meals.
  • Built With Durability: Along with a food-grade safe silicone handle, each utensil is made with high quality stainless steel that is dishwasher safe.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! – We are so confident about the quality of our products, we will refund your purchase if you are not satisfied.

If youre looking for adaptive utensils to use with someone with a shaky hand, you might want to consider this set of Pulse brands. This pulse adaptive utensils set will reduce the burden on your loved one and make them focus on their food in addition to the tremors.

It is a complete Parkinsons tool kit with two spoons, a fork and a knife. We highly recommend this set as the utensils are loaded with huge large silicone handles which are easier to grip.


  • It is not suitable for an extreme case of tremors.

A Spoon For People With Parkinson’s

For those with hand tremors, mealtimes can be moments of frustration rather than enjoyment. Can a high-tech spoon help?

I have very clear memories from when I was a girl of my grandpa sitting at the table, hands fluttering wildly, struggling to get a spoonful from his plate to his mouth without making a mess. His Parkinson’s disease made what should have been a relaxing, comforting meal with family into a stressful battle with his own body.

A new spoon from Lift Labs may help others who suffer from hand tremors that make eating difficult. The spoon counteracts the movements of a wavering grip, reducing the shaking by 70 percent.

A video from Lift Ware shows how it works:

Sara Hendren, an artist and researcher who runs Abler, a site devoted to adaptive technologies and prosthetics, likened the Lift Ware spoon to an “edit” of more familiar flatware. “This kind of ‘edit’ extends self-feeding for its user,” she wrote to me over email, “and maintaining that kind of autonomy can be very significant to one’s own self-perception and the perceptions of others. After all, the experience of change in a person’s ability is registered as much in these qualitative ways as it is in hearing the results of lab tests.”

In a sense, all technologies are “assistive” technologies — eating hot soup with one’s bare hands does not sound particularly effective, nor pleasant. We have invented spoons to extend our limited abilities.

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Liftwares Smart Utensils Cancel Out Hand Tremors And More

February 14th, 2018Cici ZhouExclusive, Neurology, Rehab

For most people, meal time is something to look forward to. But for the millions of people with hand tremors and irregular hand movements caused by Parkinsons disease, essential tremor, spinal cord injuries, or just old age, using utensils can turn an enjoyable meal into a frustrating experience.

Liftware hopes to resolve that frustration. The companys two products, Liftware Steady and Liftware Level, are both specialized eating utensils consisting of a handle and a detachable utensil head . Liftware Steadys handle has an on-board computer that detects tremors and then adjusts the utensil head to move in the opposite direction, while Liftware Level has internal motors that can adjust its position to accommodate larger movements such as hand or arm twists. As a result, both devices keep their utensil heads level in the face of unintentional movements.

Liftware was founded in 2010 and was acquired by Verily, Alphabet Inc.s life sciences research division, in 2014. We reached out to Anupam Pathak, PhD, founder of Liftware and Technical Lead at Verily, to ask him about Liftwares beginnings, its technology, and its future.

Medgadget: How did Liftware start? What was the inspiration?

Medgadget: How does the technology work?

Medgadget: At what stage is Liftware today, in terms of customers reached?

Medgadget: What are some of the biggest challenges facing the Liftware team?

The Best Parkinsons Spoons In 2021 With Reviews

“Smart” Spoon for Parkinson’s Sufferers

At first glance, Parkinsons spoons might not very different than ordinary utensils. However, these stabilizing spoons are usually wider and heavier than normal kitchen utensils.

Its normal for these spoons to feel strange when you grasp them for the first time. Its going to take a little bit of time for you to get used to their shape and weight.

As such, try using these spoons for at least a few weeks before you decide that theyre not the right fit for you.

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What Are Adaptive Utensils

An adaptive utensil is one that has been specially designed to meet the needs of someone with tremors, dexterity problems, and other issues. They contain features that help with a host of problems, including:

  • Weighted Handles: Extra weight is added to the handles to help offset the effects of tremors. It aids with something known as proprioceptive feedback, loosely defined as the bodys awareness of its own position in space. These handles have a major impact on tremors in patients with Parkinsons Disease.
  • Easy Non-Slip Grip: A larger handle that is easy to hold, especially for patients with arthritis, and features a non-slip material.
  • Rocker Knives: Uniquely shaped knives that allow for easier cutting for people who suffer from dexterity issues and have a weak grip.
  • Bendable Utensils: These utensils can bend in several ways and require less wrist activity when moving from the plate to the mouth.

What Are Weighted Utensils

Weighted utensils for tremors stabilize hand and arm control for Parkinsons patients or a related health condition.

Breakthroughs in treatment like the Parkinsons spoon highlights how it can improve the patients quality of life by providing them independence at mealtimes.

Today, it is now easier to receive expert care and find such adaptive technologies in the market!


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  • Tremor Fact Sheet | National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. 2021. 2021.

Do you have any questions about how the Parkinsons spoon works? Any tips? Share below.

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Mobility Aids And For Parkinsons Patients

Parkinsons patients who have problems with walking or standing, should consider investing in a mobility walker or rollator. They both are designed to help you steady yourself while walking or standing, and the rollator offers a convenient seat for resting.

These are just a few adaptive devices to aid Parkinsons patients. The use of these enable users to maintain their independence to perform daily living activities for themselves. There may be times when assistance from a caregiver or family member is required. In those cases, dont hesitate to ask for help.

How Is Tremor Treated

UrbanRed Weighted Utensils for Tremors

While most tremors are incurable, there are ways to manage symptoms. In certain circumstances, mild symptoms do not necessitate treatment.

Finding the right treatment requires precise cause identification. Treatment for serious health problems can occasionally alleviate or eliminate tremors.

Once diagnosed, your doctor determines the best course of action. Theres really no one size fits all Parkinsons treatment.

Some patients do well with physical therapy and lifestyle modifications, while others require surgery.

Regardless of treatment though, doctors often recommend certain aids to help make life easier. Among them, the Parkinsons spoon.

Weighted utensils are one of the most essential aids for those with Parkinsons disease. Given the weight of the utensils, it keeps your hands from shaking.

These Weighted Utensils include ergonomic designs that help alleviate tremors, giving more muscle strength, and assists those with sensory problems to have postural control.

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