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Best Walking Stick For Parkinson’s

The Story Behind The Lasercue

How special walking stick helps Parkinson’s sufferers BBC News

We were inspired to design the LaserCue by Michael J. Fox. He encouraged us to make a version of our LaserCane® that can be retrofitted to any cane so you can benefit from this technology while using the cane of your choice. Through our collaboration we have created the LaserCue module that allows you to enjoy an easier stride, while choosing a cane to fit your needs and personalityfrom classy to bold, wood or metal.

We are proud that with every purchase of the LaserCue, a donation is made to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for helping in finding a cure for Parkinsons disease.

This is a breakthrough product for Parkinsons patients with freezing issues. I use it often and it always works great. I really think that this product could change and possibly even save lives.

-Michael J. Fox

Laser Cueing Has Been Proven Effective in Clinical Research

This study identified that the LaserCane was the most effective cueing device for people with Parkinsons disease compared to the other interventions tested.

Allied Health Research Unit, University of Central Lancashire, Preston, UK.

The current study demonstrates that adding a laserlight visual cue to a cane or walker can lead to a modest reduction in FOG and may substantially reduce the frequency of falls in PD patients with FOG .

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts, USA.

What is the LaserCue?

Product Information

Quality Assurance

Balance And The Brain

Difficulties with balance and walking are linked to the brain changes that take place with PD. For people who dont have PD, balance is automatic, a reflex. But Parkinsons affects the basal ganglia . To compensate, the brain assigns another brain area an area used for thinking to take over. The thinking part of the brain, mainly the frontal cortex, cant control balance automatically. The result: for many people with PD, balance becomes less automatic.

This means that when people experience freezing and fall, they cant adjust their balance automatically. Taking small steps to try and regain balance can make things worse, because it involves shifting weight with each step. The brain changes from PD inhibit their ability to take a big step to catch their balance and avoid a fall. For some, the drug levodopa can help prevent freezing, but does not improve balance.

A person whose balance is less automatic must pay more attention while walking. For everyone, walking slows down when were talking and thinking slows down when were walking. This is called the dual-task cost and its higher in people with PD. That tells us that people with PD are using more attention and more cognitive control for balance and gait.

Bigalex Folding Walking Cane With Led Light

When fitness and fashion combine, you get the name of BigAlex. There is no other brand that can design such poles with elegance as well as firmness. So, if you are searching for walking poles or canes for seniors, BigAlex is hard to miss.

You can easily walk outdoor and indoors with its collapsible design. Therefore, you can carry the pair of poles in your bag when you are out in the park or even at a party.

The poles are made with an alloy ball head shaft base and adonized aluminum stick. It promotes maximum capacity and firmness while supporting about 300 pounds of weight.

Now, it is easy to make adjustments in height with five different height levels. Furthermore, the pivoting base is made with plastic and al alloy ball head shaft to offer longer service years. The 360-degree free rotation makes it portable enough to use anywhere you want.

Lastly, the poles come with added protection in the form of anti-skid wear resistance. Thus, it makes it safer to use. Also, the LED light will prevent you from slipping in the darkly lit area.


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Who Can Use It

This high-quality In-step LserCane is designed for people suffering from gait problem due to Parkinsons disease. The cane is also useful for those suffering from ALS, stroke or other brain conditions. Even if you dont have any of the above-mentioned illness and simply want to improve your stride length, the In-step lasercane is a good choice for you.

Walking With Poles 101

Chalte Raho  Parkinsons Patients Walking Stick

If you currently use a cane or a walker to get around, I recommend that a physical therapist assess whether poles are a good choice for you and, if so, also assist in learning to use them properly. Using walking poles safely and correctly takes practice dont give up if it doesnt feel intuitive at first. The extra concentration and coordination needed may mean they are going to be especially beneficial once everything clicks and your brain learns this new skill.

Here are a few must knows before hitting the trails, road, sidewalk, or driveway:

  • Check for height adjustability: Most high quality poles have height markers so you can adjust the height of the pole to fit your body. Your poles should be adjusted to promote an upright posture without straining your back. If you are new to poling, you may want to start with a slightly shorter pole to make maneuvering easier.

  • Check the tips: Walking poles should be flat-tipped, not pointed like a ski pole, which is designed for use in ice or snow. You should inspect your tips regularly as wear is normal and tips should be replaced periodically to ensure a continued stable base.

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    Want To Give Pole Walking A Try

    There are many places that carry poles, including REI, outdoor retailers, ski shops, and more. You can also take a look at the Activator Poles from Urban Poling here. We gave a set to one of our very best volunteers Brenda Cain, and she LOVES them. Its truly amazing how much more mobile weve seen people become by simply adding poles to their daily routines.

    Best Walking Sticks For Seniors: Walking Tips And Tricks

    When you think of walking sticks, the image that pops up instantly is of an elderly, white-haired lady or gentleman, hobbling along, bent over, with a sturdy cane for support. But that picture doesnt give you the whole story. Todays seniors believe in living life to the fullest, and that age is just a number. They can continue to socialize and indulge in favorite hobbies with a little support from the right accessories and assistive aids. Apart from support, you will find the best walking sticks for seniors useful when you travel.

    Airports have notoriously long lines and vast areas to cross before you board or alight from your plane. Floors in public places are certainly not designed with skid-proofing in mind.

    And if youre a senior who leads an active, outdoor life, your stick is your reliable companion on hikes, treks, and even on a leisurely after-dinner stroll.

    Youll find a bewildering array of sticks to select from when you set out to choose one for yourself. They could be stylish, high-tech, foldable, made of luxury woods and embellished with expensive metals, highly decorated or plain and functional, double up as an umbrella or a convenient seat, your sticks can be personalized with your monogram or family emblem, they may conceal a sword or gun for protection or even hold a peg of your favorite drink inside!

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    What Is The Best Walking Stick For Parkinsons Patients

    In this guide, I have shared 3 different walking sticks, and all three of them have their pros and cons. However, if you want the best, I recommend Campbell Posture Cane which is the best Walking Stick for Parkinsons Patients due to its ergonomic design. If you want a Walking Stick with a Conventional design, you can go for Carex Folding Cane.

    Choosing A Walking Stick

    Walking and Parkinson’s: Matt’s tips on being out and about

    When choosing or adjusting your stick, wear your usual footwear. If you stand with good upright posture the handle should line up with the bump at the bottom of your wrist bone, with your arm hanging naturally at your side. This will mean that your elbow bends slightly when you hold the handle.

    If you dont have much upper body strength, choose a stick that is light and easy to move forward in time with your stride. You may find the heavier three- or four-footed sticks are more difficult to move forward and may trip you up. Choose a handle that is a shape and size that lets you grip it as strongly as you can.

    Walking sticks are tested to a maximum weight, so check that yours is appropriate before buying.

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    Which Types Of Exercise Are Best For Parkinsons

    It is important to state upfront that there is no one best type of exercise for people with PD. It is most important to choose an exercise regimen that you enjoy, and will continue to do.

    However, beyond doing exercise that you will stick with, there are some additional concepts to consider when designing an exercise program for someone with PD.

    What Is The Evidence To Support Nordic Walking As Suitable For People Living With Parkinsons

    There been several specific research studies published on Nordic Walking and Parkinson’s. All the results have been promising with significant improvements in different aspects.

    • Significant improvements in quality of life
    • Increase in walking speed .
    • Increased stride length, postural stability and improved gait pattern .
    • Nordic Walking is associated with improvement in cognitive aspects of movement preparation .

    Effects of a flexibility and relaxation programme, walking and Nordic walking on Parkinson disease. Reuter et al 2011

    This research study involved 90 Parkinson’s patients who were experiencing mild to moderate effect. It aimed to assess the effects of doing regular exercise for people with Parkinson’s and whether Nordic Walking is more effective than normal walking. These patients were randomly allocated into one of 3 training groups:

    • Nordic Walking 3 x 70min sessions a week for 6 months.
    • Walking 3 x 70min sessions a week for 6 months.
    • Flexibility and relaxation exercises 3 x 70min sessions a week for 6 months.

    The results showed that all three groups were similar at assessment, and there was a good compliance with all three groups with all patients attending at least 70 of 78 training sessions.


    Pain was eased by both the Nordic Walking and walking groups.

    Parkinson Diseasespecific Disability

    Quality of Life

    The Nordic Walking and walking groups felt that their memory had improved and concentration.



    Key Points

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    Benefits Of Nordic Walking For Parkinsons

    Nordic walking amplifies the movement of ordinary walking in order to produce gains in speed. This high-intensity exercise has even more cardio or aerobic activity than hiking, but it can still be carried out on a variety of surfaces and terrains by anyone who can walk regardless of age or fitness level.

    Multiple studies conducted around the world have shown that people with Parkinsons who participated in Nordic walking programs saw improvements in their gait, balance, posture, flexibility and mood.

    Similar to hiking with trekking poles, Nordic walking requires two specially designed, hand-held walking poles that act as levers to give you a springy, lengthened stride. But unlike normal hiking sticks that you stab ahead of you as you walk, you push back on Nordic walking poles, rotating your shoulders and hips, and propelling your body forward.

    Once you push your body past the pole, you must let go of the pole grip to get the pole further back behind the body and for the pole to become an extension of the arm. There are plenty of online tutorials you can watch that will paint a clearer picture.

    Nordic walking takes some getting used to. But once you nail down the technique, it can improve fitness in the same way that running doesonly its easier on the ankles, knees and hips and therefore has a lower impact on the joints.

    How Does It Help

    Buy Parkinson

    Walking in itself is great for your overall health, improving your bodys use of the heart and lungs, lowering cholesterol and blood pressure and helping blood sugar regulation. Nordic walking in particular can help you maintain a better posture and keep you more upright. At the same time, taking longer strides can gently stretch your limbs and keep your body rotated, which can help you loosen up and improve your coordination. If you feel that you tend to walk slower and take smaller steps, Nordic walking creates a steady beat to improve your pace. It can also make exercise fun and social when done in a group.

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    Wheelchairs: Choosing The Right One

    As PD advances, a wheelchair may become a necessity. It is important to know what to look for when picking the chair and who on your comprehensive care team can help you make this decision.Here are a few tips to guide you through the process:

    • Schedule an appointment with your occupational or physical therapist to find out which chair best meets your needs.
    • Check with your insurance company to learn about covered services in your plan. Not all wheelchairs will be covered.
    • Try to pick a lightweight wheelchair, as they are easier to lift in and out of the car. Depending on your needs and your caregiver situation, you might want a wheelchair with more features for the home and a lighter, even foldable, wheelchair for travel.
    • Choose a reclining chair back, which is helpful if making posture changes, have low blood pressure or need to rest during the day.

    How It Is Different

    Most devices that provide sensory cueing/feedback for FoG are research devices. Many of these methods are not portable and cannot be used outside the lab environment. Additionally, most devices use cues of a single type: visual, auditory or tactile. Some portable devices are already on the market such as Agilitas, Path Finder, Walk to Beat and Walk Aid. However, as far as we know, no device on the market exists that integrates all three forms of sensory cueing to overcome FoG. Our Parkinson Smart Cane integrates visual, tactile and auditory feedback into a self contained, portable device.

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    Buying A Walking Frame

    If possible, try lots of different styles to see which allows you to walk most naturally.

    It may be possible to borrow or be given a walking frame through the NHS, either from a physiotherapist, a Parkinsons clinic or your GP surgery. Mobility shops and larger pharmacies will stock a range of walking frames that you can try to find out which is most comfortable and provides you with the right level of support.

    You may find it useful to have 2 or even 3 walking frames so that one can be kept on each level of your house, and possibly another stored in your car boot for use away from home.

    Some people with Parkinsons don’t want to use a wheelchair all the time, but have one at home for if they are having a bad day or in their car for when they go on longer outings.

    Some people also find wheelchairs a good way of exercising because they can push it and sit in it when they get tired. Manual wheelchairs may be moved by the person sitting in the chair or pushed by someone else . In both cases, the person moving the wheelchair will need a fair level of strength and fitness.

    Poles And Parkinsons: How Pole Walking Can Help You Live Well With Parkinsons

    How special walking stick helps Parkinson’s sufferers.

    If you love walking, running, and/or hiking but are starting to worry about your balance, walking poles might be the perfect tool for you.

    We recently sat down with Mandy Shintani, the co-founder of Urban Poling, to talk about the benefits of walking poles for people with Parkinsons.

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    Black Diamond W Trail Trekking Poles Alpine Lake Can Be Used In The Following Weather Conditions:

    • Warm
    + 20 work days

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    Kinggear Adjustable Cane For Men & Women

    What are the most important factors you need to consider while choosing the best walking sticks? The support and posture are what you need to look for while purchasing the best walking canes. KingGear Adjustable Cane is what can provide you to support that you need to improve the posture.

    The lightweight and sturdy walking stick help you to maintain balance and stability with convenience. It is made from aluminum so you get the best and highly durable walking stick.

    The sticks have the ability to support 250 pounds of weight. Though the walking sticks are lightweight, they are built to be strong and long-lasting. Further, you can adjust the height between 4 feet 9 inches-6 feet 2 inches. Thus, you can improve the posture with a simple adjustment of height according to your requirement.

    For more comfort, the handle is curved and made with a padded grip. The wrist straps allow easy grip and security over the handle and your hand. Also, the strap makes it easy to hang the cane anywhere when you arent using it.

    To prevent falls and trips, the cane comes with slip-resistant rubber tips. The rubber tips come with an anti-marking feature that protects the floor from any scratch or markings. Also, the base comes with pivoted quadruple that will improve the traction and allow the walking stick to handle your body.


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