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What Can Help Parkinson’s Disease

Risk Factors For Parkinsons Disease

How can changes to diet help people with Parkinson’s?

The cause of Parkinsons remains unknown, but several factors can contribute to its development, including a family history of the disease. Men are more likely to develop Parkinsons, and most people develop the disease around age 60 or older, although in 10% of cases it can begin as early as age 40.

How To Choose The Right Cbd For Parkinsons Disease

The use of CBD oil may be helpful in the treatment of Parkinsons disease. There are three types to choose from, namely, full-spectrum CBD oil, broad-spectrum, and isolates.

Full-spectrum CBD oil is the most recommended, as its use of all the ingredients of the cannabis plant is believed to produce an entourage effect.

The entourage effect is the synergy of the trace amounts of THC, flavonoids, fatty acids, and essential oils. These active ingredients work together to give maximum therapeutic benefits to users.

THC may cause a high on users. Drug tests can also detect it. Patients who want to avoid this risk may use broad-spectrum CBD oils. This type of oil contains all the ingredients of a full-spectrum oil except for THC.

PD patients who want to use pure isolated cannabidiol may avail of CBD isolates.

Causes Of Parkinsons Disease

At present, we do not know the cause of Parkinsons disease. In most people there is no family history of Parkinsons Researchers worldwide are investigating possible causes, including:

  • environmental triggers, pesticides, toxins, chemicals
  • genetic factors
  • combinations of environment and genetic factors
  • head trauma.

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More Questions To Contemplate

Christiansen emphasized that exercise is not a replacement for medications that effectively manage Parkinsons disease, notably carbidopa-levodopa and dopamine agonists, which are a group of drugs that fire parts of the brain that are normally charged by dopamine. However, he added, exercise could help people safely avoid the side effects of these medications, at least temporarily.

It would be impactful if we could possibly delay the onset of symptoms, and/or decrease the dose of medications, Christiansen said.

He added that SPARX3 will also examine a host of potential secondary outcomes of regular exercise, including improvements in quality of life, cognition, walking, fitness, and quality of movement. Researchers will also scrutinize blood biomarkers that are indicators of inflammation and changes in the nervous system.

In fact, the SPARX3 trial launch only begins to answer many questions about the promising but emerging benefits of exercise for Parkinsons disease patients, Christiansen said.

Were hopeful that both groups will show the benefits of exercise, but we dont know if it will be one or the other or equal, he said. He noted, for example, that its not a good thing if patients spend so much energy on their exercise regimen that they have little left over for activities in the community.

We dont know if more intense exercise is better, he concluded.

For more information on the SPARX3 trial, contact study coordinator Katherine Balfany at or 303.724.9101.

Help Them Feel Normal

A novel tool to help gain deeper insight into Parkinsons ...

A disease like Parkinsons can interfere with the normalcy of someones life. Because people may focus so much on the disease and its symptoms, your loved one may start to lose their sense of self. When you talk to your loved one, dont constantly remind them that they have a chronic disease. Talk about other things like their favorite new movie or book.

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Volunteer To Help Out

Everyday responsibilities like shopping, cooking, and cleaning become much more difficult when you have a movement disorder. Sometimes people with Parkinsons need help with these and other tasks, but they may be too proud or embarrassed to ask for it. Step in and offer to run errands, prepare meals, drive to medical appointments, pick up medications at the drug store, and help with any other day-to-day tasks they have difficulty with on their own.

What Causes Parkinson Disease

Parkinson disease arises from decreased dopamine production in the brain. The absence of dopamine makes it hard for the brain to coordinate muscle movements. Low dopamine also contributes to mood and cognitive problems later in the course of the disease. Experts don’t know what triggers the development of Parkinson disease most of the time. Early onset Parkinson disease is often inherited and is the result of certain gene defects.

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How The Ketogenic Diet Changes Brains With Parkinsons Disease

One of the first studies that provided validity to the idea that the ketogenic diet can help with Parkinsons disease was a study conducted on mice treated with MPTP. MPTP is a toxin that specifically targets the neurons involved in Parkinsons disease, leading to neuronal damage and symptoms that mimic the disease.

To test the effects of the ketogenic diet, the scientists fed the mice with Parkinsons disease the ketogenic diet and looked at what it did to their brains. They found that the ketogenic diet was protective against the damage done by MPTP and reduced inflammation in the relevant areas of the brain.

To confirm that these positive effects are transferable to humans, the scientists decided to put the diet to the test in Parkinsons disease patients. In this study, seven patients with the disease volunteered to follow a ketogenic diet for 28 days at home.

Only 5 out of the 7 completed the 28 days, but the results showed a positive impact on many common Parkinsons disease symptoms. This included a reduction in resting tremors and rigidity and improved balance, gait, mood, and energy levels.

Although this is a very promising study, it is too small of a sample size to assume that everyone affected by the disease will get the same benefits.

However, the ketone levels didnt seem to matter as long as the subjects were in ketosis.

Assembling Your Care Team

Regular Exercise Can Help Control Parkinson’s Disease, Research Shows

Assembling a team that will provide you with physical and emotional support and adapt to your needs over time is one of the best ways to remain healthy. Parkinsons disease is complex and requires an interdisciplinary approach to care. The care team may include, but is not limited to:

  • Movement disorder specialist
  • Rehabilitation specialists including physical, occupational, and speech therapists
  • Nurse

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What We Know So Far

  • We’ve uncovered clues to the causes and genetic involvement in Parkinson’s.
  • We’re figuring out the chain of events that leads to the damage and loss of brain cells.
  • We’re working to advance new treatments and therapies.
  • We’re exploring repurposing drugs to help manage some of the more distressing symptoms, like hallucinations and falls.
  • And we know that, although people with Parkinson’s share symptoms, each person’s experience of the condition and response to treatment is different.

Now, the science is ready for us to develop the new treatments and cure that people with Parkinson’s so desperately need.

Research takes time but if you have Parkinsons, you need better treatments now. Thats why weve launched the Parkinson’s Virtual Biotech to speed up the most promising potential treatments. The more we can invest, the sooner we’ll get there.

Is Parkinsons Disease Inherited

Scientists have discovered gene mutations that are associated with Parkinsons disease.

There is some belief that some cases of early-onset Parkinsons disease disease starting before age 50 may be inherited. Scientists identified a gene mutation in people with Parkinsons disease whose brains contain Lewy bodies, which are clumps of the protein alpha-synuclein. Scientists are trying to understand the function of this protein and its relationship to genetic mutations that are sometimes seen in Parkinsons disease and in people with a type of dementia called Lewy body dementia.

Several other gene mutations have been found to play a role in Parkinsons disease. Mutations in these genes cause abnormal cell functioning, which affects the nerve cells ability to release dopamine and causes nerve cell death. Researchers are still trying to discover what causes these genes to mutate in order to understand how gene mutations influence the development of Parkinsons disease.

Scientists think that about 10% to 15% of persons with Parkinsons disease may have a genetic mutation that predisposes them to development of the disease. There are also environmental factors involved that are not fully understood.

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If You Notice This In Your Mouth Get Checked For Parkinson’s

Because Parkinson’s disease is considered a progressive motor disorder, its symptoms typically start small and become more pronounced over time. While some patients’ PD journey begins with a telltale tremor, others may experience subtle non-motor symptoms instead. Experts say that there’s one such symptom that you may notice in your mouth which could indicate a PD diagnosisand though it flies under the radar for many PD patients, it’s known to occur in up to 80 percent of cases. Read on to find out which symptom you may notice in your mouth and what to do next if you spot a problem.

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The Takeaway Should You Use Ketone Boosting Supplements Or Ketogenic Diet For Parkinsons Disease

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Aids in Parkinson

The current evidence suggests that the ketogenic diet will provide the best results for general health and Parkinsons disease symptom relief. If a strict ketogenic diet is too much for the Parkinsons patient, then try increasing carbohydrates little by little to help them find a keto carb limit that allows them to produce ketones while making it feasible for them to stick to the diet for the long term.

However, just because the diet is more effective doesnt mean you should ignore ketone boosting supplements like MCTs and coconut oil. Adding ketone boosting supplements to your daily routine will only boost your results, so feel free to include them in your ketogenic diet.

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How Is Parkinson Disease Diagnosed

Parkinson disease can be hard to diagnose. No single test can identify it. Parkinson can be easily mistaken for another health condition. A healthcare provider will usually take a medical history, including a family history to find out if anyone else in your family has Parkinson’s disease. He or she will also do a neurological exam. Sometimes, an MRI or CT scan, or some other imaging scan of the brain can identify other problems or rule out other diseases.

What Causes Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinsons disease occurs when nerve cells in the basal ganglia, an area of the brain that controls movement, become impaired and/or die. Normally, these nerve cells, or neurons, produce an important brain chemical known as dopamine. When the neurons die or become impaired, they produce less dopamine, which causes the movement problems of Parkinson’s. Scientists still do not know what causes cells that produce dopamine to die.

People with Parkinson’s also lose the nerve endings that produce norepinephrine, the main chemical messenger of the sympathetic nervous system, which controls many functions of the body, such as heart rate and blood pressure. The loss of norepinephrine might help explain some of the non-movement features of Parkinson’s, such as fatigue, irregular blood pressure, decreased movement of food through the digestive tract, and sudden drop in blood pressure when a person stands up from a sitting or lying-down position.

Many brain cells of people with Parkinson’s contain Lewy bodies, unusual clumps of the protein alpha-synuclein. Scientists are trying to better understand the normal and abnormal functions of alpha-synuclein and its relationship to genetic mutations that impact Parkinsons disease and Lewy body dementia.

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Optimise Your Diet Reduce Your Toxic Load

While the cause of Parkinsons is not known, environmental toxins such as pesticides and herbicides are implicated. Researchers have found levels of these chemicals to be higher in the brains of Parkinsons sufferers and incidence of Parkinsons is higher in areas with greater use of these chemicals. It makes sense to avoid any environmental toxins that you can. Also, consider your intake of dietary toxins such as alcohol and caffeine avoiding or reducing these may reduce the load on your bodys detoxification pathways.

What Medications Are Used To Treat Parkinsons Disease

5 Ways a Vegan Diet Can Help Parkinson’s Disease

Medications are the main treatment method for patients with Parkinsons disease. Your doctor will work closely with you to develop a treatment plan best suited for you based on the severity of your disease at the time of diagnosis, side effects of the drug class and success or failure of symptom control of the medications you try.

Medications combat Parkinsons disease by:

  • Helping nerve cells in the brain make dopamine.
  • Mimicking the effects of dopamine in the brain.
  • Blocking an enzyme that breaks down dopamine in the brain.
  • Reducing some specific symptoms of Parkinsons disease.

Levodopa: Levodopa is a main treatment for the slowness of movement, tremor, and stiffness symptoms of Parkinsons disease. Nerve cells use levodopa to make dopamine, which replenishes the low amount found in the brain of persons with Parkinsons disease. Levodopa is usually taken with carbidopa to allow more levodopa to reach the brain and to prevent or reduce the nausea and vomiting, low blood pressure and other side effects of levodopa. Sinemet® is available in an immediate release formula and a long-acting, controlled release formula. Rytary® is a newer version of levodopa/carbidopa that is a longer-acting capsule. The newest addition is Inbrija®, which is inhaled levodopa. It is used by people already taking regular carbidopa/levodopa for when they have off episodes .

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Learn Everything You Can About The Disease

Parkinsons disease is a movement disorder. If youre a caregiver for someone living with Parkinsons, youre likely familiar with some of the symptoms of the disease. But do you know what causes its symptoms, how the condition progresses, or what treatments can help manage it? Also, Parkinsons doesnt manifest the same way in everyone.

To be the best ally for your loved one, learn as much as you can about Parkinsons disease. Do research on reputable websites like the Parkinsons Foundation, or read books about the condition. Tag along for medical appointments and ask the doctor questions. If youre well informed, youll have a better idea of what to expect and how to be the most help.

Eat Plenty Of Protein But Not With Levodopa Medications

If youre taking a levodopa medication, your doctor may tell you to avoid protein when taking your meds. Both animal and plant protein can interfere with the absorption of levodopa medications.

But you should still eat plenty of protein. Just be strategic with the timing. Dont take levodopa medications with meals, Dr. Gostkowski says. Its best to take it on an empty stomach either 30 minutes before your meal or an hour after eating.

If you get nauseous from the medication, eat a small amount of starchy food with it, such as crackers. Make sure whatever you eat with your medicine doesnt have protein. Its a misunderstanding that people with Parkinsons should avoid protein, Dr. Gostkowski says. You definitely need protein in your diet. Just dont eat it when youre taking your levodopa medication.

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The Cause Of Parkinsons Disease

Due to the complexity of Parkinsons disease, the cause has yet to be elucidated. However, we do know that it results from a complex interplay between genetic and environmental factors that affect numerous cell processes.

In general, most of the issues that are experienced by people with Parkinsons disease seem to be caused by nerve cell damage and cell death as a result of mitochondrial dysfunction and oxidative damage. More specifically, the mitochondrial dysfunction and oxidative damage cause the deterioration of dopamine-producing cells in the substantia nigra, a part of the brain that plays a vital role in reward-seeking behavior and movement.

As the dopamine-producing cells continue to get damaged, the person will experience many of the common symptoms of Parkinsons disease, like:

  • tremors
  • depression
  • pain

The disease is usually diagnosed once the first motor symptoms are noticed . As the disease advances , the non-motor symptoms become more troublesome than the motor symptoms as the patients cognitive function and will to live deteriorate.

However, not every patient follows the same course after they are diagnosed. There is a great variability between patients in the progression of the disease. The one consistency between patients is that the current drugs available to treat Parkinsons disease lose their effectiveness over time and can cause undesirable side effects.

Best Cbd Oils For Parkinsons Disease

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