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Best Recumbent Bike For Parkinson’s

Best Recumbent Elliptical Reviews 2022 With Buying Guide

Recumbent bike and Parkinson’s disease

Recumbent ellipticals are an advancement over standing ellipticals. The best recumbent elliptical combines all the benefits of traditional standing elliptical machines with the comfort of a seat. It provides resistance training to more muscles, burns more calories, and gets better results than most exercise machines.

If you are looking to buy a recumbent elliptical, it is only natural to get confused by a large number of products available in the market. To make it easy for you to buy the best recumbent ellipticalfor 2022, we have reviewed 7 popular recumbent elliptical bikes in laymans terms. Read on to know more.

The Benefits Of An Exercise Bike For Seniors

To no ones surprise, rain, snow and dropping temperatures cause a drop in peoples activity levels. From falling ice to dangerously slippery sidewalks, the winter months can pose several barriers to outdoor exercise, especially for older adults . So, on the cusp of the Canadian winter, many of us are looking for safe and effective ways to exercise indoors.

Staying active throughout the colder months is essential for our healthit can reduce the risk of heart disease, control weight, reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol and improve mental health. While nature walks and treks to the gym may be less enticing in frosty temps, stationary bikes can be a convenient way to stay active indoorsparticularly for seniors.

Its good for lower body strength and cardiovascular fitness, says Dee Simpson, a 78-year-old fitness trainer and avid cyclist. Indoor cycling can improve muscle strength, increase gait ability, and even boost brain and memory functioning.

Because cycling is a non-weight-bearing activity, it doesnt put as much stress on hips, knees and ankles as jogging or running, says Simpson. This also makes cycling a good option for older people who have joint issues, says Dorothy Zammit Martaus, a physiotherapist at Torontos University Health Network who treats seniors. Furthermore, cycling can be beneficial to those who need help with certain forms of recovery, such as assisting with rehabilitation after a stroke.

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Nautilus R616 Recumbent Bike

The Nautilus R616 is another high-end recumbent exercise bike thats perfect for those seniors that want a quality machine without breaking the bank. Similar to the ProForm 325 CSX above, you should be able to nab one of these for just over $500 .


Similar to the two bikes above, this recumbent exercise bike has a nice and solid steel walk-through frame that provides good support to the shroud and aluminium sliding seat rail system. Weighing in at 97 lbs this bike is easy to move around, but still heavy enough to be sufficiently sturdy . As youll see, the rest of the components are also great quality.


With the pull of a lever, the seats aluminium sliding rail system is quick and easy to use to adjust the seat fore and aft. On top of that, it has an excellent range that allows for people of all different heights. Anyone from under 5 up to about 66 will be able to use this bike comfortably.

The seat itself has a vented back that provides good lumbar support, as well as a well-cushioned and contoured bottom to make your workouts cool and comfortable. Theres also a large water bottle holder attached to the back left of the seat, so you can get at your water or sports drink easily.

Ease of Assembly

Ease of Use

The oversized pedals with straps mean that even those with large feet will be able to get on and pedal the Nautilus R616 easily, and the weighted flywheel with eddy current resistance means that this is an exceptionally quiet and smooth recumbent bike.

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What Are The Theracycle Specifications

Theracycle 100

20 W x 44 L x 57 H 220 lbs. Boxed for shipping 240 lbs

The electrical cord on all models is 9-feet long.

The Theracycle is a custom product, made in the USA by hand in Franklin, MA.

We first speak with every potential customer to assess their needs. This allows us to recommend with confidence the model that will immediately bring you the best result. During this conversation, we can also determine if customization is necessary. Our sales specialists do not work on commission. They are well informed about your condition and truly want to help you live the best life.

To speak to a sales specialist, please call us at , MondayFriday from 8:305:00 EST.

During this call you will be asked for information on where to ship, the riders height and weight for fitting, along with a credit card, which will be held securely until your unit is produced. Lead times vary, your sales specialist will let you know the expected ship window.

After your order has been placed, you will receive a sales order confirming your sale and your Theracycle will be placed into production.

Once packed and ready for shipment, your credit card will be charged. You will then receive an email with a copy of the paid invoice, tracking information and a link to an informational page on our website with details on what to expect next.

Theracycle Therapy Products are made in the USA and shipped from Franklin, MA.

Q: How Long Should I Ride A Recumbent Bike

Recumbent Bike For Arms And Legs

A: Daily exercise is something everybody should aim for, but it’s often difficult to motivate yourself to go to the gym. With a recumbent exercise bike though, you can get a sufficient workout from the comfort of your home.

However, you might be unsure how much exercise to do, especially if you’re not used to doing any activity at all. As recumbent exercise bikes are cardio, the recommended amount is at least 30 minutes, as this will give you enough time to burn energy and get a sweat on. Of course, as 30 minutes is the minimum, you can go for as long as you’re able.

Despite this, you shouldn’t work yourself too hard, as this could cause aches and pain the next day. If you are not familiar with recumbent cycling or regular exercise, it’s best to start small, especially with the tension levels, and then gradually increase depending on what you believe you are capable of doing.

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Smooth Rider Ii Bike And Resistance Chair Exercise System

Similar to the Exnflex EF-250, this option doesnt require users to hop onto a tall seat. The Smooth Rider II Bike is an attachment for the Resistance Chair Exercise System and is perfect for resistance training for both upper body and lower body exercises. It has a digital cycle metre for speed, time and calories burned and an upright row bar for lateral pull and rowing exercises to do while cycling.

The resistance is adjustable and the bike attachment comes with an LED screen that shows time, distance and calories. I do high-intensity resistance interval training with mine at home, says 66-year-old physiotherapist Gwen Rose, who is also a distributor of the product in Canada. Roses 93-year-old mother is also a fan.

This option is ideal for small spaces because the chair and cycle can be stored separately.

$312 , $350

Best For Back Pain: Horizon Fitness Comfort R Recumbent Bike

  • Extra-large seat with lumbar support

  • Self-balancing pedals

  • Display lacks backlight

  • Flywheel is relatively light

Many recumbent bike riders are attracted to this style of aerobic workout because its kinder on back injuries and other issues. For folks looking to manage back pain, consider this comfort-focused bike from Horizon Fitness. The bike features an extra-large seat with lumbar support and self-balancing pedals for a smooth and stable ride.

The seat is easy to adjust horizontally, and the ergonomic handgrips ensure that you feel secure no matter where you are in your workout. The bike comes with 12 preset workout programs, and the LCD display shows your calories burned, distance, heart rate, speed, workout time, and more. The bike also has a solid maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds.

Maximum Weight Capacity: 350 pounds | Adjustability: Seat slides forward and backward | Resistance: Magnetic resistance flywheel with 16 resistance levels | Product Weight: 99 pounds | Dimensions: 65 x 26 x 53 inches

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Quick Answer: Does Riding A Bike Help Parkinsons

Researchers have found that exercise can help slow the stages of Parkinsons disease through high aerobic activities that require balance such as bicycling. In fact, riding a bike has recently been studied and praised for its neuroprotective outcomes for those with a neurodegenerative disease.

The Basic Elements Of Exercising With Parkinsons

Cycling with Parkinson’s on the Hase Kettwiesel recumbent trike

There are four core elements of exercise that are important for people with PD:

  • Aerobic e.g. brisk walking, stationary cycling activities that get the heart pumping
  • Strengthening e.g. using weights or resistance bands to improve muscle strength
  • Balance e.g. tai chi, dance to help you be more steady on your feet
  • Stretching e.g. mat exercises, yoga to provide flexibility
  • Including all four of these elements in your exercise regimen is ideal .

    Aerobic activity or high-intensity exercise may be particularly important for Parkinsons and general health

    High-intensity exercise has been formally studied in PD with impressive results. The Study in Parkinson Disease of Exercise Phase 2 enrolled 128 people with early PD, who were not yet on dopaminergic medication into three groups:

    • a high-intensity treadmill exercise group, in which people exercised at 80-85% of their maximum heart rate
    • a moderate-intensity treadmill exercise group, in which people exercised at 60-65% of their maximum heart rate
    • a wait-list control group

    After six months, the high-intensity group had essentially no change in their motor scores, whereas the control group had a three-point worsening of their motor scores.

    Currently, the SPARX3 trial is enrolling participants and underway. This trial is similar to SPARX2, but with a goal of studying many more participants.

    Forced exercise

    Cognitive challenges in exercise

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    Why Should You Consider Getting A Recumbent Bikes For Seniors

    Just like young adults, seniors need to exercise regularly. The need for physical motion and activity is higher in the case of seniors as when they do not indulge in physical activity, they can get dull, and lose flexibility.

    Cycling is a great exercise but you cannot expect a 60-year-old with knee pain to hop on a regular bike and take one or two rounds of the neighbourhood. This is where recumbent bikes play a major role. These bikes are designed to offer a high level of comfort and ease of usage to the riders. The step-thru design and the recumbent layout ensure that the seniors do not feel additional stress or tension anywhere else in their body except the part they are working on.

    These bikes provide a full-body workout, especially helping those who have knee issues or injuries. From healthy blood pressure to muscle toning and hand, leg, and mind coordination, a lot can be achieved while cycling on these recumbent bikes.

    Another reason why recumbent bikes are great for seniors is their tracking features and restraint levels. You can easily monitor how many miles you cycled r how many calories you burned while keep a track of your pulse rate, heart rate, and overall physical fitness. Depending upon the need and ability, you can easily set the resistance level and enjoy your type of workout at home.

    In case, you are looking for a vehicle for outdoor rides, check out thebest 3 wheel mobility scooters for adults guide.

    Mini Static Bike For Training Exercise Resting At The Couch Great For Individuals With Reduced Flexibility

    These types of pedelecs for the family area are very useful when it comes to moving your legs and you also have reduced mobility. Additionally it is ideal for the elderly as well as for those that need rehabilitation.

    In addition, it really is a practical option for those that would you like to pedal while working. Because of its size, it can easily fit under a desk.

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    Is Riding A Bike Good For Parkinsons

    Exercise is very beneficial for Parkinsons and is incorporated into every treatment regimen since this may slow the progression of symptoms. Regular exercise can improve mobility, balance and mood for people with the disease. One particular activity that is proven to be very successful is bike riding.

    Eat Drink And Be Merry

    The Beauty of an Exercise Bike for Parkinson

    What you eat and drink have a big impact on your ability to live well, and the dietary choices you make can help you reduce or avoid secondary Parkinsons symptoms such as constipation and keep you energized and healthy overall.

    However, when were talking about exercise, especially if its intense, its a little more complicated. Thats because some Parkinsons medications or the progression of your Parkinsons can raise your dehydration risk. That can be a huge problem if youre on a bike because dehydration can lead to confusion, weakness, issues with balance, low blood pressure, and more.

    To complicate matters even more, some people with Parkinsons experience bladder problems such as a frequent and urgent need to urinate even when their bladder isnt full. This isnt ideal when youre out for a long ride.

    This doesnt mean you shouldnt ride. It just means that dialing in your diet and hydration plan can make your ride a lot more fun and even more importantly, safe.

    If you dont feel dialed in on your nutrition yet, here are a few resources to help you out:

    Article: The 17 Most Commonly Asked Questions About Parkinsons Nutrition

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    Excy As An Exercise Bike For Parkinsons Disease

    by excy | Jun 15, 2017 | Butt Seriously: The Science of Exercise., Uncategorized |

    When 76-year old Bob who lives in Woodinville, WA was diagnosed with Parkinsons Disease in March of 2016, one of the first things his doctor said to him was that exercise was the best way to slow the progression. Bob, no stranger to the power of exercise, started distance running when he turned 40 and ran five marathons from 1982 1986 . Hes always been health conscious and dove into the research about exercising with Parkinsons disease and the benefits of using an exercise bike for Parkinsons disease, as well as other Parkinsons disease-related exercise equipment and approaches to stay active and a lead healthy life.

    Similar in quality to higher-end exercise equipment like SciFit, Biodex, Theracycle, and more, the portable Excy cycling system offers a full body workout, but integrates thousands of dollars of equipment into a small portable footprint. This includes capabilities of a gym quality recumbent exercise bike, upper body ergometer, and full-body resistance trainer. The difference is, ours is portable and rugged for indoor and outdoor workouts anywhere.

    Whats The Connection Between Cycling And Parkinsons

    In 2003 Jay Alberts, PhD, Cleveland Clinic, was riding RAGBRAI on a tandem bicycle with Cathy, a person with Parkinsons. After they had been riding together for a few days, he noticed a significant improvement in her physical abilities, most notably her handwriting. As Cathy wrote postcards to her family from across Iowa, Dr. Alberts observed that her handwriting became more controlled and legible. This led to Dr. Alberts wondering whether exercise, specifically cycling, helped improve function in a person living with Parkinsons.

    This discovery served as the inspiration for a groundbreaking research study by Dr. Alberts and movement disorder neurologist, Dr. Bas Bloem, Radboud University. Funded by the Davis Phinney Foundation, the outcome of this research completely reversed the common practice of prescribing rest for Parkinsons. Doctors now routinely prescribe physical activity as part of Parkinsons therapy, leading to a much higher quality of life.

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    Which Specific Memory Form Is Disturbed In Parkinsons Disease Patients

    People with PD experience a wide range of cognitive impairments in this review we will focus on memory impairment in PD and specifically episodic memory, which are memories of day-to-day events of life. Importantly, these memory impairments severely impact the lives of patients and caregivers alike.

    Buying Guide For Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes

    Parkinson’s Exercise Cycling

    If youre interested in exercising at home, an exercise bike is certainly at the top of the list for aerobic or cardiovascular workouts. But if you have a bad back or other joint issues, it isnt always the most comfortable machine to use. Thats why a recumbent exercise bike is an ideal alternative, offering all of the benefits of a traditional exercise bike but with an eye toward comfort.

    Choosing the right recumbent bike for your home gym can be difficult because there are so many to choose from. You have to know which size, seat design, resistance levels, preset programs, and other features to look for if you want to find the best option for your workout needs.

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    Design Of Seat And Pedals

    In general, there are two main parts that you need to take more concentration on because of their direct effect on utility.

    The first one is a seat, where you sit on all the time exercising with the bike. You can choose one padded with foam for comfort and adjustable for moving around your house if necessary. Since it is a recumbent exercise bike, the seat is equipped with a backrest to allow your back to lean on it. While you are doing workouts with repeated legs and inside muscles, your body can be too hot to sweat. Consequently, the design of mesh with lumbar support aims to increase airflow, prevent overheating.

    Plus, the handlebars attached to the seat should feature soft foam padding with a non-slip grip to limit accidents. They also have dual pulse sensors for real-time reading on the machines LCD monitor.

    The second one is a pedal, which the foot places on to circle the flywheel to create energy-burning calories. In terms of appearance, it is necessary to have surfaces highly textured to avoid slipping during workouts. These pedals feature how high it is to fit with users, whether their legs are in line with the seat or with the bodys natural position.

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