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Best Parkinson’s Doctors In Houston

Look For A Parkinsons Specialist

Parkinson Treatment by Best Neurologist and Neurology Doctors in Mumbai

Both general neurologists and movement disorders specialists care for people living with Parkinsons. It takes about 12 years in the U.S. to become a general neurologist a doctor who works with brain and central nervous system conditions. This includes a four-year undergraduate college degree, four years in medical school and three to four more years of specialized training in a neurology residency. General neurologists typically work in a hospital, or private or group practice. Some neurologists treat many people with Parkinsons and are knowledgeable about the disease. However, most neurologists have diverse practices, of which PD represents only a small percent.

Most movement disorders specialists are neurologists who have completed another one or two years of movement disorders training, a neurology sub-specialty. Movement disorders specialists may see patients in a private practice or at university medical centers. They often perform clinical or basic science research in addition to caring for patients. They may also teach doctors who are becoming specialists.People with Parkinsons may constitute 50 percent or more of a specialists practice. With this level of experience, a movement disorders specialist will be more familiar with the range of available Parkinsons medications, how they work and possible side effects. A movement disorders specialist is also more likely to discuss the role of clinical trials.

Finding The Right Doctor

Managing Parkinsons disease well can be challenging. Finding a doctor whos well-versed in PD and will help guide you on the journey makes it easier.

Its natural to begin by discussing initial symptoms with your family doctor or internist, who may refer you to a general neurologist or one specialized in movement disorders to rule out Parkinsons.

The Parkinsons Foundation recommends people diagnosed with PD seek out a movement disorders specialist one who can become a key player on your healthcare team. For people living far from an academic medical center or a specialist in private practice, we recommend a knowledgeable, nearby general neurologist for most of your care and then traveling a longer distance two to three times each year to see a specialist. Finding a specialist can seem like a daunting task, but it doesnt have to be. The Parkinsons Foundation can guide you step by step through the process of finding one.

What Is The Best Treatment For Parkinsons Disease

According to the experts at the Mayo Clinic, there is no cure for Parkinsons disease. There are many organizations such as the Michael J. Fox foundation started to find a cure for Michael J. Fox Parkinsons funding research for a Parkinsons cure. Currently, doctors specializing in Parkinsons disease, such as renowned expert Dr. Fazzini, prescribe the best medicine for Parkinsons disease symptom control as the best treatment for Parkinsons disease.

Dr. Russell Blaylock, the renowned Neuro-Surgeon, states that the medication for Parkinsons mainstay Parkinsons treatment that most patients will receive will almost guarantee that they will get worse in 2-5 years, and it even appears that Parkinsons medication speeds the deterioration!

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Finding The Right Movement Disorder Specialist

Having the right partnership with your doctor can make a difference, not just in managing your Parkinsons symptoms but also in how supported you feel overall. Its important for you to feel confident in that relationship and to have access to a treatment team that meets your needs.

Finding a good movement disorder specialist is a lot like hunting for a good dentist or a good mechanic: You need to ask around. Your primary care doctor or neurologist may be a good place to start. Or ask people in your support group, if you attend one, whom they see. You can also try contacting one of the national Parkinson’s organizations.

In choosing a doctor, consider how much the doctor knows and how well the doctor listens. Remember, no two cases of Parkinson’s disease are alike. Having a doctor who understands this, and who listens to you, is crucial.

With any Parkinson’s doctor, you are a partner in your care. Educate yourself about PD. Parkinson’s is different for everyone, and you can’t get the best care unless you’re specific about what you are experiencing. It’s okay to ask why particular treatments or therapies are being recommended , and it’s okay to get another opinion.

The MDS Movement Disorders Specialist Finder can help you locate a doctor in your area.

Parkinson’s Is Known As The Tremor Disease Are There Parkinson’s Patients Who Do Not Have Tremors Could Dbs Be Helpful In Those Patients

Parkinson Treatment by Best Neurologist and Neurology ...

Although it was defined as “shaking palsy,” a significant part of Parkinson’s patients may not notice tremors. Or tremor may disappear due to progressive stiffness and rigidity in the advanced stages of the disease. Contrary to the public thought that DBS is only beneficial for the tremor, this surgery also provides an even better clinical improvement for slowness and stiffness than its effect on tremor.

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The Benefits Of An Expert

General neurologists and specialists have a lot more experience diagnosing and treating Parkinsons than a general practitioner. Recent research underscores this point. A 2011 study showed that people newly diagnosed with Parkinsons who went to a neurologist lived longer than those who saw a primary care provider, they were less likely to need placement in a skilled nursing facility and they seemed less likely to have experienced injuries from falls.

Another study that year found that people diagnosed with PD by a neurologist were more likely to receive an anti-PD medication prescription immediately upon diagnosis the standard of care recommended by the American Academy of Neurology than those who were diagnosed by a non-neurologist.

Italy: Fresco Network A Parkinsons Network Of Excellence

The Fresco Network is a Parkinson’s Network of Excellence. It is comprised of multiple, independent medical sites that together provide high-quality, patient-centered and multi-disciplinary care to people with Parkinsons disease within a specific country or region. The Network demonstrates exemplary care, innovative research, a commitment to medical professional training and educating the community of people with and affected by Parkinsons.

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What Is Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is a neurological disorder that affects a patient’s ability to produce and control body movement. It is chronic and progressive . Usually affecting older adults, Parkinson’s leads to severe disability for some people, but others may suffer only minor motor disorders.

In Parkinson’s disease, a loss of neurons in the brain results in a reduction of the amount of dopamine, a chemical messenger that helps control muscle movement. Without dopamine, nerve cells cannot properly send messages.

Led By A Movement Disorders Specialist

Chiropractic Adjustment On Advanced Parkinson’s Patient For Relief/Mobility

With Parkinsons disease, choices made about treatment can have a major impact on the long-term course of the illness. Therefore, many physicians recommend that Parkinsons patients see a movement disorders specialist early in the course of the disease. Led by Dr. David Sommer, a fellowship-trained neurologist who is a movement disorders specialist, the Parkinsons Disease Center of Central Massachusetts can provide a level of care that truly makes a difference in the daily lives of patients.

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The Woodlands Neurologist Doctors And Specialists For Parkinson’s Disease

Type of Physician: Neurologist

What is a Neurologist? A certification by the Board of Psychiatry & Neurology practitioners focus on the diagnosis and treatment of all categories of disease or impaired function of the brain, spinal cord, muscles and nervous system, as well as the blood vessels that relate to these structures. The neurologist is often the primary physician but also serves as a consultant to other physicians and may render all levels of care, including the continuing care of outpatients and/or inpatients. The neurologist will often perform and interpret tests that relate to the nervous system or muscles.

Specialty: Neurology

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Parkinsons Help A Convenient Flight From Houston Tx

In 1995 Dr. James Farley founded the MFC Center for Health in order to help individuals with chronic conditions. He is a restorative medicine specialist with experience working with patients with:

  • Early Parkinsons
  • Early symptoms of Parkinsons
  • Patients in Parkinsonism treatment
  • Patients in various Parkinsons stages

He has consulted in cases involving over 5,000 patients and has provided treatment in over 225,000 cases.

Starting with a Bachelor of Arts degree at Ramapo College, he also received a Bachelor of Health Sciences from Park University. Then he achieved his Doctor of Chiropractic through New York Chiropractic College, having earned his degree with honors. His Masters of Science in Human Nutrition was awarded through the University of Bridgeport.

In addition, he is board certified in Integrative Medicine, and is a Member of the Endocrine Society, FOCIS, ANJC, IAFNR, IPMDS, IDSA, a Fellow of the American Institute of Stress, and a Diplomat of the Certification Board for Nutrition Specialists and the American Clinical Board of Nutrition from 1996-2002. He is also certified for his office in peripheral neuropathy.

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The Future Of Functional Medicine Treatments For Parkinsons Disease

Drugs and surgery are not the only options. Guided by the functional medicine approach, Dr. Ken Sharlin has developed an advanced protocol for Parkinsons disease called Brain Tune Up!. Over five to eight months, participants are equipped with the tools they need to boost their well-being and re-imagine the trajectory of their health for the rest of their lives.

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How Doctors Diagnose Parkinson

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Understanding Parkinsons Disease Through A Functional Medicine Framework

Dr. Ken Sharlin is one of the only functional medicine doctors that is also a neurologist. With this background, Dr. Sharlin aims to uncover the root cause of diseases and disorders like Parkinsons to help patients improve their quality of life without drugs or surgery.

When examining PD through a functional medicine lens, its crucial to understand the concept of Lewy bodies. Composed primarily of the alpha-synuclein, Lewy bodies are aggregates of proteins that accumulate in the brains in those with PD.

Some evidence suggests that PD may start in the gut, where patterns of inflammation trigger the formation of these protein aggregates. These then travel through the vagus nerve to the brain, where they accumulate and destroy the dopamine-producing nerve cells.

This holistic framework for the disease involves other factors, too, such as the minimization of mitochondria , toxin exposure, and hormone imbalances.

Symptoms Of Parkinsons Disease

How do you know if you or a loved one has Parkinsons disease? A diagnosis of Parkinsons disease can be made by a healthcare provider, but there are several symptoms that can be early warning signs. Having one of these symptoms is usually not a cause for worry, but if you or a loved one shows more than one sign, its time to see the doctor.

The physicians at Mischer Neuroscience Associates, affiliated with Memorial Hermann Health System, share early warning signs that you should not ignore.


Slight shaking or movement in your finger, hand, chin, lip or leg while you are at rest

Trouble Moving or Walking

Difficulty or straining to empty your bowels

Masked Face

An expression on your face that does not match your mood, including having a serious, depressed or mad look when you are feeling happy. This can also include blank stares or reduced blinking.

Stooping or Hunching Over

Changes in your posture, including leaning, slouching or not standing up as straight as you normally do

Dizziness or Fainting

Feeling dizzy or faint when you stand up, which may indicate low blood pressure, can be linked to Parkinsons disease.

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Jessica Truelove Ms Cnp

Jessica Truelove graduated from Miami University in 2006 with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. She graduated from The Ohio State University in 2015 with a Master of Science in Nursing and became certified as an Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner. She began working at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center in the Department of Neurology in the autumn of 2015. She received specialized training with the Cognitive Disorders and the Movement Disorders divisions. She is part of the research team in both divisions. She is a member of the International Movement Disorders Society, American Academy of Neurology, American Association of Nurse Practitioners, and Ohio Association of Advanced Practice Nurses.

Whats New In Parkinsons Treatment

Top Tips from Living with Parkinsonâs Disease and Dr. Michael S. Okun: Part 2

We dont focus on how to cure Parkinsons. We focus on how to address the early warning Signs of Parkinsons disease such as tremors, loss of smell, trouble sleeping, stiffness walking, constipation, dizziness, poor posture, and poor appetite.

HealABILITY is a Neurobiomedicine Functional Restoration Program, based on pioneered research by Dr. Mark Hyman and Dr. Amy Myers in Functional Medicine, that identifies 8 root causes of neuro- degeneration and puts in place a custom treatment plan to prevent further decline and restore energy, movement, and other functions for patients in the Early stages of Parkinsons disease to mid stage Parkinsons .

Let Dr. Farley and his incredible staff help you find solutions and treatments that you didnt know existed. Treatment for Parkinsons disease, and treatment of Parkinsonism are just some of the treatments we specialize in.

Please contact us today to see why Dr. James Farley is one the most sought out thyroid specialists and doctors specializing in Parkinson disease in the country. We look forward to answering any questions you have. We are here to help.

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Movement Disorders Subspecialty Clinic

The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, Movement Disorders group , is the largest movement disorder clinic in Texas and Louisiana. Led by the Division Director, Mya Schiess, MD, our team provides comprehensive, compassionate, and progressive treatments. The movement disorder clinic offers care at three separate outpatient clinics and two teaching hospitals for over 6,000 patients, the majority of whom have Parkinsons disease, Parkinsonian Syndromes, tremors, Dystonia, ataxia, motor system dysfunction, or Huntingtons disease.

Our mission is to offer individualized care that empowers patients and allows them to live their lives to the fullest, and to provide exceptional state of the art care for patients and families. Our multidisciplinary clinics include expertise in neurosurgery, psychiatry, neuropsychology, genetic counseling, social work, gait and balance rehabilitation, sleep medicine, and specialized programs in physical, occupational, and speech therapies.

Conditions we treat:

Our physicians specialize in diagnosing, treating, and managing the following conditions:

  • Ataxia
  • Dementia with Lewy bodies
  • Multiple System Atrophy

Support For People With Parkinson’s Disease

If a patient wishes, the Movement Disorders team maintains an ongoing relationship that includes follow-up appointments with physicians and advanced practice providers to monitor the condition as it progresses. Family members are included in discussions about the goals of a patients treatment and rehabilitation program. Caregivers have access to services such as psychological counseling, support groups, and educational programs.

UT Southwestern also hosts an annual Parkinsons Disease Patient and Caregiver Symposium for patients, their families, their caregivers, and anyone interested in learning more about the disease. The symposium reviews the latest clinical treatments, ongoing research projects, new drugs, and leading-edge developments that are on the horizon.

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Some Of The Services Offered At The Parkinsons Disease Center Of Central Massachusetts Include:

  • Prescription medication management
  • for motor symptoms
  • for non-motor symptoms
  • Physical therapy to build and maintain strength and mobility
  • Guidance on diet and exercise
  • Referral to clinical trials
  • Care coordination with home health agencies
  • Referral to community support groups and organizations
  • Care coordination with mental health providers
  • Deep Brain Stimulation
  • Botulinum toxin therapy for dystonia and severe drooling
  • We look forward to working with you and showing you why so many Parkinsons disease patients turn to us for care that meets the highest standards.

    About Patrick J Karas Md

    Find a Parkinsonâs Expert

    Patrick Jacob Karas, MD isa neurosurgeonwho practices at Patrick J. Karas, MD Practicelocated at 7200 Cambridge Stin Suite 9AinHouston, TX 77030 .

    Dr. Patrick J. Karashas 8 yearsof experience in neurosurgery.


    Patrick J. Karas, MD earneda degreeof aDoctor of Medicine.

    Licenses and Affiliations

    Patrick J. Karas, MD has been registered with the National Provider Identifier databasesince April 18, 2013,and his NPI number is 1205270477.

    Book an Appointment

    To schedule an appointment with Dr. Patrick J. Karas, please call 789-1862.

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    Effective Care And Advancing Research

    Parkinsons disease is a progressive, degenerative disorder of the nervous system that causes people to gradually lose control over movement and other functions. The cause of PD is unknown, and currently there is no cure.

    The physicians in UT Southwesterns Movement Disorders Clinic have advanced training and significant experience in managing PD. Our team collaborates with specialists across the medical center to help patients continue living their fullest possible lives, through a combination of treatment and rehabilitation.

    UT Southwestern offers coordinated care for patients with Parkinsons, providing the full range of services and support needed to diagnose this illness and manage its symptoms and complications.

    Parkinsons Doctor A Convenient Flight From Houston Tx

    Finding new approaches to the treatment of chronic issues and diseases such as treatment Parkinsons Disease and the treatment of Parkinsonism is the goal of healABILITY as offered at the MFC Center for Health. Dr. James Farley is an expert treating patients with many types of conditions and is one of the best doctors for Parkinsons disease. His approach is to find KEY connections between symptoms and the body as a whole. This unique approach is designed to create a happier and healthier person.

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